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  1. Yupp, I agree. I can see how you can get carried away with the idea of being sponsored. but it definitely has to work both ways. This Adidas thing is a bit different though, and I train and race with them anyways.
  2. That suckcs. But out of curiosity, shouldn't you have tried the shoes before being sponsored? Not all shoes work for everyone, am I right?
  3. Hey triathletes! I'm part of a contest by Adidas to be selected as a bran ambassador for 2014, we're down to three male finalists. It would be of great help if you could clikc on the Fb link below and give the picture a big, helpful "Like!" this takes only a second! https://www.facebook.com/soymaratonista/photos/a.10152221545348232.1073741962.137576833231/10152221545563232/?type=1&permPage=1 Thanks a lot! Sebastian
  4. What, a nuclear reactor?!? That's hardcore. But is that even legal? I would imagine the government going all "Jason Bourne" on him lol. But seriously, that's beyond my understanding how someone can even begin to think about building something like that
  5. Very helpful article, I will forward it to my dad and see what his reaction will be. hehe
  6. +1 How can you forget the first you fall on the side your leg is clipped on while standing...it's the milestones that count!
  7. I thought Pantani held the record with 46:something, from 1994. I think I read it in Science of Sports
  8. Haven't see this latest episode, but I that show is damn funny! They're not to popular here in Mexico for some reason though...
  9. Boardwalk Empire The Sopranos Breaking Bad Mad Men Vikings Suits Entourage and my latest obsession: House of Cards
  10. It's one of the best blogs out there. Great reading material!
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