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  1. Had a nice close up look at a dirt ground full of leaves, logs and rocks when I decided to faceplant the MTB off a 1m high bridge in the skills park today while clipped in. All good though, just some scrapes and bruises!
  2. I had one main goal for the year which I've just ticked off: sub 3:30 OD tri (3:22 at Moo the other week). I've now entered SC 70.3 and set myself the goal of sub 7hrs (never quite made it yet, this will be attempt #6). My other goal (as it is every year) is to lose weight. I want to get under 90kg and under 30% body fat. Recently had a DEXA scan which showed i've dropped 3.4% body fat over the past 18months despite gaining 1kg so pretty stoked with that.
  3. Nice to see Kirra Seidel nabbed a 3rd in the women's! Aussie's on the male and female podiums!
  4. Challenge Batesman Bay was my first HIM and a gorgeous location, was disappointed it did go strong over the years
  5. CarpeDiem

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Oh wow, I've never raced an Athena wave that hasn't gone in the first 1/3 or so of waves! Interesting to know. Yep, entry fee is the same. As Jess said purely due to us having to weigh in to prove we're *cough* appropriately sized!
  6. CarpeDiem

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Agreed MissJess. I know everyone's just having a bit of fun but some of us would do anything to not qualify as an athena or clydesdale. Yes, it's true we could choose to just race our age group but if I have a race offering me a category where I will get a slightly earlier start time to give me more of a chance to make cut off and be racing against (some) people who are equally athletic then i'm going to take it.
  7. CarpeDiem

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Yep, been weighed last 2 Noosa's and Moo.
  8. CarpeDiem

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I'm in. Really hoping this weather cools down. Not too sure about Moo but it is stupidly hot and humid in Hervey Bay at the moment. If Moo is as hot as Noosa was I'm going to be on struggle street! My own fault, should train more. I haven't swum since Noosa 😶 Defo not going to be a wetsuit swim!!! Haha some of us do! But probably only because I won a 2xu voucher a few years ago and have done a few interstate races!
  9. As an emergency services worker of nearly 10 years I can honestly say alcohol is a much bigger issue in Australian society than drugs and I think part of this issue is because alcohol is legal and "accepted" by society. I have been assaulted 3 times while on the job-2 of those had nothing but alcohol on board (the third had both alcohol and drugs). I have been to people as young as 12 who are drunk all the way through to their 90s, it is not one specific cohort that has issues with alcohol, it's across all ages. I personally drink, most weeks I would have maybe 2-3 standards, and when I was younger I certainly binge drank like many young people do. I have a real issue when people tell me "oh that's just so and so, they get a bit angry when they drink rum", or "you can't blame them, it's just the alcohol". No, take responsibility for your own actions. You put the alcohol in your body so have the balls to admit fault when you screw up because your intoxicated. And if you know drinking makes you angry/violent, etc, then don't drink!
  10. Well I didn't really set specific goals for 2018...I had a couple of loose ones but nothing concrete so for 2019 I'm going to set specific goals and see if then maybe I stay on track a bit better: 1) Sub 3:30 at Mooloolaba Tri 2) Run 5km fun run in inflatable T Rex suit and raise funds for charity 3) HB100 sub 6:15 (dependent on some family planning goals!) 4) Spend more time with my fiance
  11. I have often also thought about this. For me it would be: Swim: anything. I enjoy flat or a bit of surf...not washing machine Noosa kind of conditions though! Bike: Flat or small undulations (ie. NOT Matthew Flinders)...I coped relatively ok with Port Mac and the SC 70.3 2017 course but any more than that and i'm screwed (read too fat too climb) Run: Flat...this body was not designed to run and does not need hills making it worse!
  12. I managed 25min on the WT and 1km swim...motivation is just severely lacking these last 12 months.
  13. I've struggled with my weight for so many years (over 12-15 years now), up and down, up and down. 82.5kg is my best, 109kg is my worst. Currently sitting at 97kg (175cm tall) and have been for about 12 months. Would love to get back down to around 85kg. For me it's my eating that sabotages it and I find it so reassuring to hear other people say that they 'just can't stop' and 'hate' themselves for it because that's me to a tee. And i've always felt like it's a failure of mine (and I guess it kind of is still) and that I just don't have enough willpower. But for some strange reason knowing i'm not the only one makes me feel better. 🤷‍♀️
  14. I love a good "keep up the work" or something along those lines and I am well and truly BOPer. I also hand it out especially to those who look like they're struggling. Not a fan of the "looking good" comments as I agree with everyone else...I am not looking good. And unless i'm in the last km DO NOT tell me i'm nearly there. I'm fat...and I hate running. I am not nearly there unless it's the last km!
  15. First sprint: Sep 2013 First 70.3: March 2014 First IM: Dec 2014 Since then i've done a total of 3-4 sprints, 2 ODs, 5 HIMs and 1 IM.
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