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  1. bafter

    Who is using a power meter to pace Port Mac

    Lostkiwi Was 81kg at pm and 78 at nz. Suspect Im not very aero. Had a bike fit done between the 2 but broke aero bar arm rest at 120km so had to sit up from there. Held same power on first and third 45km into breeze but speed dropped by 3km/hr - wind? Less people? Less aero? Or dodgy power meter?
  2. bafter

    Who is using a power meter to pace Port Mac

    Hi all - have followed site for a while but first post as relatively new to power and interested in application I race NZ and PM using power PM NZ Duration 5:20:05 5:11:18 Distance 178.93 181.04 Speed 33.5 34.9 Gain 1086 758 TSS 351.3 305.9 IF 0.81 0.77 VI 1.08 1.08 N Power 260 246 AV Power 237 227 Cad 80 78 Lost a bit of focus between the 2 and put on a few kgs (3 or so) - which could explain slower time but more power. Or is PM just a harder ride course?