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  1. If you still have it, photo of the little blackwood prism please ?
  2. Mate...... renewed a property insurance in February 2019 on a property through CBA insurance for $1400. Changed the ownership structure in March 2019. totally owned property before and after, no mortgages so rang re the policy and ownership change. Had to cancel it, rather then just transfer it across which sh!tted me as the GIO has just let me do that with other stuff but this was CBA.....long story short, now $1900. Questioned on the $500 increase in less than 30 days, did I say 33% more in less than thirty days, unexplainable...... needless to say, I changed companies. Was just dumbfounded.
  3. any of the major parties that will form government promising anything in this space re the nsw and /or federal election ?
  4. Love the amount of sponsors, shame its changed. And I guess Saturday arvos were a lot quieter with no shopping etc. Have to wonder how much todays society is impacting regardless of population increases and the opportunity it presents for growth. oh, and love the prizes, money, trophy and sash.
  5. General rule of thumb in the shire for years, has get swim fit, and the rest is easier. the training group environment that has replaced the club structure in many places is also a great addition, tends to get athlete all pushing each other along with less waiting but the clubs still have a place as everyone has to start somewhere, people age etc. At least thats the shire experience over the last 15 or so years. And the training groups either do their own swim coaching or farm it out to a swim coach like mick. Was in Launceston the other morning and noticed a local training group all driving each other, exactly how the groups in the shire work, so its probably fairly common these days though people on here do indicate the vic triathletes are fairly club focused as opposed to training group focussed. Online will never be as good as face to face in my view, but in saying that, if you dont have optionS locally, online would seem smart to hold yourself accountable to yourself and I guess as the sport morphs into more trainer sessions and treadmill sessions, as the tech improves and people get more time poor, remote with work, online probably catches up a fair bit.
  6. AP would be good, his tri gold posts are still gold. Love a bloke that has been there and done it all, and also works for a living.
  7. Insane, Must have been just about every school kid in Australia and one or two adults.
  8. Can’t remember first LP, think I had shares in Gymea record bar. First CD I bought was The Triffids Calenture.
  9. Amazed at all the Mick Jones love. Great to see.
  10. A year in the top 40 this record. Insane how many they sold.
  11. Ring me tomorrow if you get stuck or text through the questions. I know peeps.
  12. Sanctioning approves all races, would not be an oversight....unless of course nobody runs the sport.
  13. They were sh!t. Barry Russell didnt go quick enough, his ghost was still in the machine. The Chad, Ive seen coaches never pick players again for that...disgraceful. And Gal, happy to give him the benefit of the doubt as he has been a great servant to the game but was disappointing. Dugan has to end out on the wing too. We miss the spark that seggie has given us seasons past - just another reason to thank barry russell.
  14. Done further south at that time like new york city, had 18 degrees and t shirts, to snow leaving madison square garden over the two week period. you wont avoid cold, especially the more north you
  15. Great to see you back, it reads like the caravan has done wonders which is good news, top spot. Be careful on those roads down there, plenty of boats on trailers that come back in a bit quick and roos early morning that can do anything. That 4am wind trainer sounds where it is at but nothing replaces the feeling of freedom on the road. Welcome.
  16. looking forward to friday. barry russell gone, clean slate, all up up from here with just footy, cant wait.
  17. latest howie games with ben graham is good. so was warnies. bit disappointed with thorpies one, could tell he had a sheet to remind in places. mundines was ok. still reckon jack jones one is one of the best and deanos, longleys, oh I could go on. lets face it all pretty good, just some are real good.
  18. strength is important the older you get, the paddles is a no brainer re swimming.
  19. amazes me the genetic card these peeps are dealt. not dead, not not able. It is quite amazing they not only still want to do it, but can do it. just sensational.
  20. Interesting Govt won't do pill testing to save lives, but will do random breath testing to save lives.
  21. There had to be one that did, somewhere, some place...lol. Yes, peer pressure is huge.
  22. But that’s just it isn’t it, our society dictates and reinforces that normal people drink. From the advertising in News and Fairfax right through to cultured society with their bubbly and Sauvignon Blanc. I know the athletic community is probably an outlier in terms of societal norms re drinking as they get up the next day, but most of society smashes it with just about every town in Australia having multiple ways to buy it from over a bar, to a bottle shop right through to home made. Sad thing is it’s easier for kids to buy drugs in 2019 then it is a beer. Not saying either is right but I’d prefer a kid to have a beer then take drugs.
  23. Good stuff, glad he hasn’t lost it.
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