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    TV Shows

    Been back on a few planes lately. Enjoyed "ozark", amazed at "the defiant ones" - simply amazing lives, half way through "drug lords" and just downloaded "unsolved". I note a new season last chance U is coming, mind you season two wasnt near as good as season 1.
  2. Oompa Loompa

    Terenzo Bozzone hit by a truck

    nõt good, hope heals quick and well.
  3. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    Im just takin the piss, if I had the answer I'd tell them. Compulsory membership was always going to take the sport backwards and we are seeing that now as the peripheral that joined clubs and came in and out from the sport has diminished greatly. Fully accept the one off hit compulsory gave but you cant force growth, it has to be organic. The real issue is the value proposition, and there was some great work done re early entry when races sold out, but they dont now due to that compulsory model killing that peripheral, it just stopped the gateway into the sport. I hope they have the foresight to remove it and adapt to the market, then grow that value proposition. It is ok to change direction when you have data about membership numbers proving the direction is wrong...likes on social media is very different to people joining and supporting the sport. My view is my own and nobody else's and appreciate others have different views, but with an increasing population in this country and declining membership year on year, something is wrong. You cant achieve a different outcome doing the same old.... I'd undo compulsory and develop the value of membership and insurance isn't that.
  4. Oompa Loompa


    gees i enjoyed that shoot out
  5. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    54% who hoo.... well done everyone. Three cheers for Trannies and getting TA over the line, no going back to 49% now. Great job people. Really proud of you all, even the 46%. Just terrific what we can do when we dream and believe.
  6. Oompa Loompa

    TA being sued for race crash

    so just like Kurnell, hard core, not for women, tell your grand children stuff.....lol
  7. Oompa Loompa

    TA being sued for race crash

    If they are on wheels, the sport would have to have the same drafting rules for the paras as they do for the bike. Lawyers will eat this if it is same, same but different. Guess the sport has to argue drafting isn't about safety but to prevent advantage in terms of result. Fascinating case, dont agree with taking legal as you enter but people do it. Each to their own I guess.
  8. Oompa Loompa

    Plastic bag ban.....

    when I was little supermarkets had paper bags, crazy shit. and jewel in the capital, had an area where you went grabbed boxes and put your shit in them on benches.
  9. Oompa Loompa


    that pavard goal...my god that was good.
  10. Oompa Loompa

    Plastic bag ban.....

    I recycle a lot, have two large yellow council recycle bins and never fill my single half as big council red bin. I use the supermarket bags for bin liners etc and picking up the dogs shit when it out walking and needs to unload. I also use them for covering shoes when I travel and I also put my dirty clothes in them for washing when i get home. I havnt bought a newspaper for years. Guess I can buy other bags to overcome these uses but supermarkets getting rid of these bags just looks like a cash grab. Though if they stop selling garbage bags, newspapers and magazines, I'll believe their sincerity. ps. i still buy books in paperform both hardback and paperback... havnt quite to ebooks yet.
  11. Oompa Loompa


    Parkie, it was good but think rugby league is dead to me re surreal excitement. Nothing will beat 2016.
  12. Oompa Loompa

    Sharks vs Broncos

    Well dunno what happened as this wasn’t my usual source re all things sharks as it was the horse himself, and I don’t know the horse to ask why the month and not Monday as he said, but you read it here first kids, Woods is a shark.
  13. Well done, lucky TA didn’t ban you for having your zipper undone though I think there technical area has backed off on that.... lol serioulsy, great job.
  14. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    yeah, just hit sutho shire triathlon club on the club drop down, $10 and youll come back to $120-$140 plus $10. Spend 10, save a hundred, thats half a race entry at kurnell. SSTC will treat you like a number, like a nobody...just how you like it.
  15. Oompa Loompa

    Gwen running okay. New 5k PB.

    Hope she kills it, i like to see anyone that spent time in the gong going well.
  16. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    Back to 51%...... come on, we can do this, if we dream we can achieve anything.... 52% people, lets do this. Oh and just one correction re Kurnell being the home of the sport in Australia...... Yes, yes it is, but the heavy hitters, the powers that be all refer to it as the home of the sport in the world. When you go to San Diego, and peeps say what race have you done, and you go kurnell... they drop to their knees and pray. When you go full huichol, wether on or off reservation, and they go what race have you done, and you go Kurnell, a smoke signal of awe goes into the sky. when you go to london and knock back few gins with phil n liz at buckingham, and they go what race have you done, and you go kurnell.... Liz goes high 5, that's where great great great great great great grandfather george decided to claim Australia as his own. Yep, Kurnell is the home of the sport in World not just Australia.
  17. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    Fully owned..... on a positive note, the silence is deafening with facts from the annual report. On a second positive note, up to 52% now members, minus the 12 % from July 1.... thats a hard cold 40% that see value in joining TA on a triathlon forum. High 5, tremendous outcome, you have to remember in the 1970's this was zero. So this is 40% more then nothing that see no value in TA. Great stuff. On an even more positive note, how good is that, a 60% opportunity for TA to engage the sport, from July 1 obviously, to understand the sport and embrace the 60% of triathletes that dont bother with them. Sensational opportunity to embrace... I can see it now, sold out ironman the day entries go on sale..... Wouldn't it be great to say on my watch, Ironman sold out day one entries opened. Or on my watch, Kurnell was a four race series, or a five watch series..... Actually thats a bit hard, yeah, yeah, whilst i know people have achieved that previously, years after year, maybe we should just record our social media presence as a key metric rather then things like the number of kurnells and ironman selling out day one..... Be part of the solution, not the problem, join TA, enter Ironman day one like the old days and make Kurnell old school, with a race series of more then two races. #Maketriathlongreatagain #maketriathlonoldschool
  18. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    oh, thats just farked. 51.5% current members, 12.5% not renewing. 39% come July 1. That is a disgrace. All you triathletes on here should hang yourself in shame and given them the $120 or whatever it is these days membership fee with or without active. I know its exxie at $120 or whatever it is, for what you get but its your national association, its time to support them and get on board the future of our sport I know when I read TA annual report for 2017, referenced below, and noted the very small, almost minuscule travel bill of $1,029,500 for 2017, i thought to myself thats only 8529 memberships at $120. It really isn't much in this day and age. So get on board and support the sport and give them your $120. Be part of the solution, not problem. Ensure the glass is half full, not half empty. Support our sport in the only way possible, join TA at $120. http://www.triathlon.org.au/Assets/Triathlon+Australia+Digital+Assets/2016-2017+TA+Annual+Report.pdf p67
  19. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    But then it dropped, its now at 50%. Let's keep it there people... maybe even get it to 51%. I'm excited.
  20. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    That's what the ol attention seeker use to say... ring TA...lol. 49% now people..... lets get that 1%, we can do this...we can get it to 1 in 2
  21. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    up to 48% will join TA on this triathlon forum...let get it to 50% and 1 out of every two triathletes join the national forum that are interested enough in the sport to read this forum. Can I see another 2% please. Lets do this.
  22. Oompa Loompa

    I Believe

    Havent got time to read three pages but you've got soft........ too many competitors are carrying too much weight You would have just said they were fat once. lol. good post.
  23. Oompa Loompa

    Why can't we all just get along???

    Make love, not war.
  24. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    TA could change their name to the 46%, now that would be cool..... unless 47% of people on here joined them, then it would be dumb to be called the 46%. TA dont do dumb well, so maybe keep the poll at 46%.
  25. Oompa Loompa

    TA Membership time

    heh, if you're sick of getting reamed, turn off auto renew and join sutherland shire triathlon club. its only $10 and they dont do anything, as opposed to a tri club that does heaps but nobody shows up. still gotta join TA if you want the race discount thing. fastest growing tri club in the shire over the last three years. they do nothing and people join them, crazy world. sad days when less then 50% join ta on a poll on here. if they want to grow, they should do nothing too. people love people that do nothing...look at the homeless, people love giving them food and clothes... people just love nothing..... $10, you'd be a tight arse not to join for $10. and SSTC dont need members, so think long and hard if you really want to join a tri club and give people $10 for nothing, but christ its better then giving people $50 for nothing or worse $50 for something that you dont attend.