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  1. LFC Final 4 Champions, neck n neck EPL. Gee’s it good to see, Hope it continues.
  2. You don’t win premiership in April ......but you sure as hell lose them. Hope they turn the corner.
  3. Hired a car the other day and the car rental person said, your bags are like she does for a weekend.... we all just laughed as I handed over the credit card. Such merriment.
  4. Cool. That’s how it should be, getting as many people as possible to the races and doing the sport.
  5. Qantas has San Fran ex Syd for $949 return the other week. I know where I would be spending my first $900 bucks. In fact if I walked into a pub and asked the common person if they would pay $900 to do a 2 / 2.5 hour triathlon they would say no. It simply fails the pub test. If you are cashed up though, and it rocks your boat, why not.
  6. Can’t you just send a letter away for the foreign races and get a discretionary pick assuming they don’t have twenty peeps for the age group. It isn’t like it’s an exclusive team, by memory, they take the person who has done the most races on the point score if people are tied... if it was exclusive, they’d take the one with the least races for the most points. Memory off course, happy for someone with more time to dig up the selection policy.
  7. And if you do any of the trendy stuff like northern lights or anything like that, speak to the tour operators, they will often have real cold gear to use over the top of your cold gear. Icebreaker merino under shirts are real good stuff too, worth the money and warm and light as. Better then other brands I have tried and I mean heaps heaps better and I’ve been doing extreme cold since the 1980’s. Not just warmth but comfort on the skin with the merino and cut. Just a real good product.
  8. I’m in North America now (USA/ Canada), just left Alaska today. Have a couple of days in Hawaii when I get to heading home. First time I haven’t flown the red roo in as long as I can remember and flew Hawaiin. My gear at check in weighed 13kgs all up including my favourite rip curl jacket which weighs over a kilo by itself. My wife’s gear was 17kgs. I have a plastic bag in the bottom of bag with a pair of thonges, 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of budgy smugglers - that’s my Hawaii gear, 500 grams or so that won’t be opened to I get to Honolulu. I do travel a bit for work so use to travelling light. I also use laundry’s where ever I go overseas as well. Just drop it off and go back at the end of the day or if I jag one in a hotel, just do it when everyone else is a sleep but keeps the gear down.
  9. Would add, if she is flying Qantas, just social media Joyce with the story and ask. Airlines would love this story.
  10. This mob might be able to help, they reached out to Sutho shire tri club today so suspect doing the rounds. Might be a good option. https://freedomwheels.org.au/ no idea who she is flying with but I’d be getting onto them to see if the airline would help with a positive spin piece for them as well. They’re freight areas would be able to deal with this is 2 seconds if they get on board.
  11. Alot of triathletes at Prince Alfred park pool
  12. matty johns one with blocker roach is great. enjoyed it heaps. https://player.whooshkaa.com/shows/the-matty-johns-podcast-1 reminded of this long lost moment, that any of you who watched wild world of sports would remember
  13. ps.... the silver, curious whether your local doctor was still prescribing when you were young (pre it getting replaced by modern medicine) or its just something you picked up from the "health" industry.
  14. AP Interesting advice, love reading your views, it so easy for people to dismiss in this day and age as it does suit their unconscious and/ or conscious bias. I had eye surgery a few times and every time the doctor would smash the vitamin c into you 5 days before at extreme levels, always thought it was weird but it was in the doctors pre op instructions, so do, you do or get another doctor to do the surgery. Have no idea whether it worked but certainly didn't get sick and could see afterwards. If none of us look like you in our seventies, we should have followed..... and there's plenty that dont now much younger already, Respects.
  15. Braithwaite doing Horses at the Cox Plate with 30 000+ australians wedged in front of him is next level.
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