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  1. We love drugs in the Shire, have they thought of entering Kurnell, could pull into the leagues club on the way through and get a fresh batch from the gazelles boot.
  2. and dont get me wrong happy to stand corrected but I've never seen a local coffee drinker contact the local paper to say they are going to have a cup but I have seen a local triathlete do that to say they are racing.....lol
  3. Disagree totally, but when the two come together....BOOM
  4. they wouldnt change taupo, its thats wide its almost like having a lane to yourself
  5. Oompa Loompa


    whadyareckon... 3-3 and to the final game at jurassic park, would be a fairy tale.
  6. My dentist was a bit amazed at my pain tolerance deterioration over six months.... after a lengthy interrogation with drills and bright lights, BOOM with the if you want to keep drinking it, buy a bag of straws and bypass the teeth...... and on your way out, grab a pile of those sensitive teeth toothpastes on the counter and work out which one is best for you......
  7. Weak as piss, ironman is about the survival of the fittest which includes a physical swim. Just a joke how they continue to soften the sport, this is the worst decision since they pissed on their own history and left Waikiki in 81. On a serious note, anything that makes it more enjoyable for a majority of people is a good thing regardless of the sports history and mass starts... the days of Ironman being a single day challenge are long gone with the elites only taking 8 hours so if they can improve the customer experience through changing the swim a tiny tiny little bit, that's great. Three cheers for IM
  8. and sugar should be taxed too
  9. Does the cider vinegar eat your teeth ? ie have you been to a dentist pre and post the cider. just curious, was doing a squeeze lemon or lime in water and went to the dentist... in 6 months I went from a hard arse to needing drugs..... lol black coffee too, you dont realise how sweet milk is ,until someone buys you a coffee with it in, mind you youre not really drinking coffee if you put milk in it..lol.... guess the secret is not to drink it in the first place.
  10. Oompa Loompa


    Certainly was over when in 87 Bird said you cant come back from 3-1......... it wont happen again for 50 years
  11. actually racism in the shire works like a wave, its like a massive wave at waterfall and cronulla and by the time you get to tom uglies bridge its like a wave stopping/ turning up the beach and going back out to sea, still there but hardly noticeable....lol
  12. yep. exactly right. and as for the original post, just change your name to steve smith or bob brown and watch the price come down compared to some middle eastern name. i go through airport security with a middle eastern bloke a bit, we joke before we go through who is going to get the extra check at the end and let me tell you, it aint the white anglo male....... even since it went to auto pick after julie bishop whinged and whined. racism is everywhere in Australia, certainly worse in some areas then other, 110% its worse where I live then where I work in sydney.
  13. car companies are doing that now, certainly gio is as my daughter took out a policy this week ($800 cheaper at the gio then nrma re that other thread you had). its same for points re loss of licence, if someone drives 5000km or less probably should only have 5 points or something to lose their licence rather then the full whack as they drive less and have less skill/ time at the wheel to practice/ get better.
  14. people that exercise do a lot injuries, joint replacements, bone breaks, heart attacks, mental health, diet issues like anorexia and bulmia. That mercer guy, pop, dead. Welch, carney. Don't think its straight forward otherwise they would weigh you and charge accordingly to fat. There are whole suburbs in sydney you will die ten years earlier just because of where you live, those people must save us money as they are checking out rather then having ten years of medical aid. A guy that sits at a bar and necks a beer is inherently safer and at less risk then someone that rides a bicycle on a sydney road or mountain bikes down a dirt track....
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