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  1. This club sounds like a triathletes dream, based on above they not only own the book of excuses but wrote them. No need, to yell mechanical here or feign injury. And nobody carrying a besmirchment from thirty years ago. Sounds perfect, join them.
  2. Oompa Loompa


    lol.....most of the people I went to school with who dopers rather then drinkers, went onto join the police force. Not all but a high proportion. Fuller's interview is just bizarre, comes across he has no ownership or responsibility. Police should have mandatory drug and alcohol testing at the start of every shift.
  3. Yes, not many use it but they have s social membership, was about $5. Could be free now with no membership cards to be produced and posted and for people like yourself it should be free- same as they do for TO’s. Or could have gone up too. Will be on their website. You can also set up a multi sport division in your club and bi pass compulsory membership and return to the sports roots, it’s not advertised but it’s possible. TriNSW helped me do that a few years ago when I asked about how they deal with one of two clubs in NSW that are more then Triathlon. Basically two divisions, Triathlon and a multi sport division. Mind you when we advertised you could join us without joining the national association, they did ask us to remove the posts after some complaints from other clubs. Nothing like a bit of envy and other clubs looking at what other clubs are doing rather then looking inwards re themselves and addressing their own backyard. ...lol
  4. Compulsory membership killed the growth of the sport...going gang busters, sold out races then someone came up with an idea of growing themembership of the national association as the expense of clubs. Club members who didn't join the national association just walked away, lost and it was as high as between 60% and 80% at some clubs, I know my club at the time was one such. Great idea to try an increase sponsorship by showing large member numbers but when you punt the fringes of the sport, you end up with a free fall in membership like you have now as you killed the pathway of people trying the sport without commitment. Anyone looking at it, can see the sudden growth, with a current year on year decline and will question where the sport is headed. Anyone that understands the sport and people could tell you membership decline they currently have year after year was coming, is simply a natural default of the model chosen, bit like a pyramid scheme when you think about it. The sport will land at its right membership level eventually, not sure if 18/19's numbers are out yet but would be disappointed if its still in free fall membership wise like above, hopefully they've halted it or even improved it. I suspect they'll reach the decline point of compulsory membership at some with an ever increasing population in Australia. Triathlon will continue but it will never be like the times Roxii talks about above. It's still a great sport and deserves respect. Probably should explore its history a bit more like with what jabbs posted the other day...assuming of course you want to grow the sport. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. In jabbs we trust. Stuffed if I know why they dont beg him to take it over.
  5. Originally Loompaland, now I live in a chocolate factory.
  6. The besmirching of an entire triathlon club. As CTC alumni, I’ll say it, I’ll second you. “I have been besmirched”. May the hordes of other CTC members and alumni join us in declaring our besmirching.
  7. Cometh the man, cometh the hour. Jabbs in king. Dunno what he wrote but all hail the king.
  8. No need to put your hand up, unless their in it for nice titles, they will be asking you to be President. Drain the swamp, make triathlon great again.
  9. Well it is Saturday, is the swamp drained yet?
  10. Before the evolution of the sport to these lofty heights, we had the original ironman, our very own AP, with his worming. Nothing better than a good worming for peak conditioning.
  11. Did Stikman win yet ? Waiting for this result is slower the Brexit?
  12. yes, yes we did... well not us, but our great, great...... grand parents, adam and eve did. Live with the guilt, live with a heavy heart, turn to the arts to overcome, quote shakespeare - wherefore art thou T rex?
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