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  1. good point, if brownlee wins kona, will be interesting to see how it goes in grabbing media v's the epl and other sports. hope he does better then crowie, macca, jacobs did in Australia. biggest media the sport has had in this country in last ten years was abbott doing port mac. maybe they should send boris to Kona...lol. guess thats why they sell the kona specials on the fringe athletes...human interest rather then high performance is the main thing that rates to a mainstream audience when it comes to triathlon.
  2. another win...... raiders will be interesting, would hate to see a repeat of 1994 in Canberra, can still remember dave watson saving about ten trys that day. we need a 2016 semi final in canberra performance next weekend.
  3. with the lack of mainstream media interest in triathlon, the only way the sport survives is via age groupers and volunteers supporting.
  4. thats a pretty good deal with accom included. reckon those legacy chasers would be better doing that then doing legacy, unless they are seeing the world race by race.
  5. He names them in the podcast, all better then him according to him
  6. This is from when the dogs coming last destroyed our season
  7. Lol. Imagine getting an Avocado.... next level. On a very serious note, there should be something, it is after all a national championship. Don’t have national championships if we don’t want to celebrate our sport and it’s people.
  8. http://www.theshovel.com.au/2019/08/16/jones-says-he-was-misinterpreted/?fbclid=IwAR0eL35sxBftmlZC0XztfyKJPQc5bKO3qxq-UX1R0OrBdnU98r5g2b7n9fw
  9. went backwards, graham is on the line, xerri behind it.... the touch was irrelevant. very easy to see it went backwards with the chalk at his feet.
  10. only one away game left away at leichhardt...should help. warriors ran out of puff today, we go for 80 mins even if we do crazy stuff like kick on the third. not looking forward to the green machine at all.
  11. out of curiosity, who was the TA person that said "dont worry, we'll never do this again" back in April ? as for prizes should be a ribbon or sash or medal or certificate, think thats fair enough and anything extra like free race entries, shoes, shirts, grog, money should just be an optional extra - please note i left out water bottles and swim caps. Though when you think about it, the swim cap makes sense in the duathlon as you didnt get one because there was no swim. very thoughtful if you ever swim and dont have a cap. one of the guys in the football team i coach turned 19 the other day, the team chipped in and got him an avocado. he appreciated the thought and its often the thought that matters. lol.
  12. this too..... fibros v silvertail https://youtu.be/3EuU0Fw8h9A
  13. worth a watch if you get the chance, the movie, the final winter.... its about a long lost game called rugby league.
  14. says it here.... and doesnt count the "a grade games". 407. he also sat out a year to play for cronulla https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Sorensen
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