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  1. Sharks vs Broncos

    weakest finals series in the history of the game. lol - just a piss take gould style. 34 missed tackles and 17 handling mistakes cost the sharks the title.
  2. Super league is back

    who were the celebrities ? i know tom selleck, dan mac and sunny garcia have done triathlons ? Any of them ?
  3. Sharks vs Broncos

    boustead played 50 plus games in 78, one of the best interviews ever, even mentions bobby's brother in law
  4. Sharks vs Broncos

    boustead played 50 plus games in 78, one of the best interviews ever, even mentions bobby's brother in law
  5. Sharks vs Broncos

    cronulla sutherland asked to play easts on the same weekend we played at em at sutho no1 in 67 but the nrl said fark tradition.
  6. Happy Talk like a pirate day 2017

    old sckhool trannies, up there with friday funnies pre sandbox
  7. varying cost of Ironman Races

    old school.love it.
  8. ps. Ive done races where people die on the run, not just the swim. if you hang round the sport long enough, you meet people that will die. sad but true.
  9. well ill be farked. I thought I was Christopher Lambert.
  10. How healthy is Triathlon

    ive only seen the hyde park triathlon a few years back. it was remarkably different to australian triathlon with real people riding anything wearing anything. australian triathlon has a - you have all the gear to do, it just didnt seem that way in hyde park. it was still a everyday peoples sport. only saw one race but that was a massive difference to australia. it was good to see.
  11. Sharks vs Broncos

    week off would be good, get the players as fit as possible for the supporter. could put some sh!ts and giggles on from the bottom 8 teams for the supporters as well so there is something to watch
  12. varying cost of Ironman Races

    you might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment.
  13. varying cost of Ironman Races

    8% is ok, if the race was $80 you wouldnt blink. It's the race that charges $800 that creates the issue. Blame the race directors, not active. They only get 8 cents if the race is $1. Not their fault people charge and pay $800. If if you want the active fee to come down, include capped race entry prices in the national sanctioning process, after all race directors don't run the sport in this country and they'd accept being told the maximum they could charge for entry ...... lol. If a race is more than $100 it isn't sanctioned..... can see that happening .... lol