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  1. Loftus loop

    I live at loftus. just cross the highway from the railway station at the lights on the highway, go south -the gutter ends after about a 20mtrs, go in the bush, head southish, follow your nose, tracks everywhere. You cant really get lost as its bounded by residential, road, tram tracks, railway line.

    Yes, dunkirk is excellent.
  3. Any races on? (prep for Port Macq)

    Might not help in terms of Tri but if it's Unicorns closer to Sydney, many sutho shire triathletes have always enjoyed the Unicorn Hotel in Paddington after play closes at the SCG.
  4. hong kong - stuff to do

    I got back this morning, thanks bored, foz, customer. Actually did a day or two of Foz's as written. Not sure about 18 month old, just cant offer an opinion either way but you would have three full days. I think it would be better than Bangkok and KL but probably personal opinion. Bangkok to me is a great spot if over 18 and I have mixed feeling to KL, have loved it and hated it. To be honest, 3 day side trip, have a look at siem reap, I did that ex Singapore once and loved it. Hired a private tour of the temples one day which I think was about $80US for 5 and a minibus. Has night markets, and pub street which is cool to eat at and you are seeing one of the goto places of world heritage. Can be really hot at wrong time of the year. re Honkers, Octupus card, foz said put $500HKD on it, spent about $470. Could easily have spent more on it as its accepted all over the place, even getting into the races. Airport to hotel, caught the A21 bus which stopped right out the front. $33 each way, easy as. Did Big Buddha, Peak, Stanley, star ferry, all the markets -ate in temple st markets a bit, it was very convenient to hotel and I like those dingy street restaurants, went to macau which was awesome, loved the old area, st pauls and the fort, ended up ducking over to shenzen which was a bit of waste of time but would have been awesome if I wanted a watch, sunglasses or a bag. Pretty much did the top 15 on trip adviser. Rode a ding ding. Hiked dragon back. Happy Valley Wednesday night - my god, what a night out. Only bummer with that is winning on your last night in hong kong and getting cash you dont want - tough problem. Every bar/ beer tent there accepted octupus card too, but my balance was low and I was getting rid of cash. Didnt do disney or ocean park. Upgraded on points to business class coming home which was good. Oh... and Im standing watching the 8pm lights on the Harbour, there is an older American that served in Nam, from portland, oregon, talking to two Australians in front of me. I'm standing silent. Anyway, American is reliving R&R in Sydney in 1969 asking about Kings Cross now and telling how it was, and telling the two Australians about the love of his life, Rosemary, who he had a wonderful week with and never saw again. I couldnt help it. I say Heh mate (obvious Australian accent), Im from Sydney, my mum was Rosemary and I was born in 69 - Dad ? He looked in absolute shock, my wife and the other two Australians started pi$$ing themselves laughing.... Anyway, he was a good bloke and had a chuckle once he realised I was joking.
  5. CLIF BAR set to fuel IRONMAN Oceania Multisport series

    Lol, yes, I just like their vegan options which I doubt will be on course. You however have the bees knees, the alpha product, and I wouldn’t use anything else in an Ironman.
  6. Holiday Hawaii - 7 days June/July

    Pearl Harbor too, think everybody that goes there should pay their respects at least once. think you have to book direct a bit out or do a tour company. beauty of Hawaii is its tropical meets first world. It will never be Asian tropical paradise but it is what it is and that’s why it’s a tourist Mecca.
  7. Holiday Hawaii - 7 days June/July

    Standard Tourism 101 for O’ahu id put this first, just a great day - railway trail to the top, smash yourself, then walk back down to the bay across the road. Uber out there though there is a Bus. Or hire car. Crater trail free, charge for the bay. Very easy walk from trail down to the bay. Diomond Head Hire a car and do north shore. Swim of the front of Waikiki. Oh, Swim - look up Waikiki swim club and email them, very acomadating. May take a week or two to get back to you but they will. yardhouse sports bar, good one across the road too, American name

    Grimsby is next level, awesome flick.
  9. CLIF BAR set to fuel IRONMAN Oceania Multisport series

    Good move by Ironman, good to see.
  10. Hawaii Missile alert

    I had a mate In Waikiki in the same boat.... suggest there will be some interesting insurance claims tried. Not sure Id tell a seven year old, guess you don’t know what you’d do until it happens.
  11. Is this true? Berlin Wall.

  12. Hawaii Missile alert

    Probably not, probably just sack the person responsible. I love the screen grab of all the messages then this was my phone “when I woke up now”.... slept through it all but heh, I’m going full media.
  13. Settled or Invaded

    The real Australia Day is July 30, that’s when it was first created as a fund raiser for our diggers in the Great War. Can rewrite history all we like, but I’m with our diggers - July 30 until we become a republic. https://www.awm.gov.au/articles/blog/the-other-australia-day-30-july-1915
  14. Trump is the President

    Coffee enema anyone ?
  15. Cost of events

    That's all right, you are allowed to disagree, it is a forum. I'll book ten air fares now and fly ten peeps down to do a club race.... ah fark it, all ten just told me they prefer the $529 return special to Beijing ex SYD on the red roo rather than flying to Melbourne for a club race. Tough market, maybe next time.