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  1. Originally Loompaland, now I live in a chocolate factory.
  2. The besmirching of an entire triathlon club. As CTC alumni, I’ll say it, I’ll second you. “I have been besmirched”. May the hordes of other CTC members and alumni join us in declaring our besmirching.
  3. Cometh the man, cometh the hour. Jabbs in king. Dunno what he wrote but all hail the king.
  4. No need to put your hand up, unless their in it for nice titles, they will be asking you to be President. Drain the swamp, make triathlon great again.
  5. Well it is Saturday, is the swamp drained yet?
  6. Before the evolution of the sport to these lofty heights, we had the original ironman, our very own AP, with his worming. Nothing better than a good worming for peak conditioning.
  7. Did Stikman win yet ? Waiting for this result is slower the Brexit?
  8. yes, yes we did... well not us, but our great, great...... grand parents, adam and eve did. Live with the guilt, live with a heavy heart, turn to the arts to overcome, quote shakespeare - wherefore art thou T rex?
  9. Bullshit, the pod hit the earth, adam and eve got out to dead dinosaurs.
  10. Yes, we were all on mars, and we stuffed the climate there so we escaped in a pod, landed on earth, the two passengers were Adam and Eve, mad rooters, and the pod wiped out the dinosaurs and that’s basically when it all began on earth, an incestuous beginning but what a beginning.
  11. Sounds like a tory right wing anointing of unrepresentative swill rather then allowing the members self determination. Could be how you wrote it though. Make Triathlon Great Again...... return the sport to the members, support democracy, vote stikman. The people’s president, the true president, the president in waiting, the president of the people.
  12. I remember when we intervened on one prominent race director in nsw, that is no longer involved in the sport, and will remain nameless. He was making serious coin on swim caps, t shirts and hoodies provided as part of the entry process. Good luck on that value proposition for the members.
  13. Rugby League is simply the best.
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