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  1. Yes please, I was just about to order one! I’ll PM you my address
  2. For sale is a bike that outperforms most nations space programs. This thing rides like a high speed train with a rocket strapped on. You’ll be smashing PBs in local TTs and tris in no time! The bike is a 100% race ready Giant Trinity SL0, size small, this includes EVERYTHING you need for a perfect race, bike, power meter, race wheels, adamo saddle and bottle holders. · Specs Size small (fits me perfectly and I’m 180cm – more aero that way) · Dura Ace Di2 7970 with all the shifting options and sweet, slick, aero junction box integration (pictured) · Ultegra 6800 165mm cranks with stages power meter for that sweet open hip angle and faster run splits · Flo 60 wheels with alloy braking track so you can actually stop in the wet · Adamo saddle · Carbon Gorilla cage at the rear with CO2 holders · Fiberglass cage between the bars · Suupppeeerrr comfy Cee Gee arm pads for ironman racing · EXTRAS: extra nose cones (small and medium), spare saddle (carbon railed Fizik), Di2 charger, extra arm pad risers for the less flexible amongst us · BONUS: Scion bike bag to travel with this bike to exotic races, this bag means you can leave the bars on making this bike really easy to travel with to races. All of this free speed can be yours for only $2200 (OBO), pickup in Ashfield, Sydney or shipped at buyers expense
  3. george-bob

    Wollongong 2015

    I'd recommend a wetsuit, it'll almost certainly be wetsuit legal so you might as wel join in!
  4. george-bob

    Wollongong 2015

    The swim is great, sight off the wall on both the way out and in. Very pleasant swim. The ride is very fast and flat, with one short bump. The run is the worst leg, it's partly on grass and off camber for a chunk of it. Great race, very fast.
  5. Another thing, put your runners under your towel, then just yank up your towel and they are dryish and ready to put on.
  6. Brake earlier on the bike. The wet will kill breaking power. Feather the breaks before you grab a handful to clear water off the rim.
  7. Speedbumps, just like Kurnell The only roads which are any good around there are too big to be closed for a triathlon...
  8. I did a biathlon at Iron Cove once, I would not recommend swimming in that part of the harbour. As a guess: swim in iron cove, T1 at todd park, bike along henley marine drive, up barnstaple road, out to iron cove bridge, turn before the bridge and do another lap, T2 at tood park, run around bay run. I can't imagine any ride around there that would be any good...
  9. Jesse Thomas moving to Dimond is surprising. It sounds like Specialized had a 'full service' model with all sorts of other bonuses (things like wind tunnel testing and sport scientist access) it doesn't seem like something an athlete would want to give up!! Edit: yep, looks like Jesse had an offer from Specialized on the table and went with Dimond. That is an impressive vote of confidence!
  10. Centennial park is the start of rides for a lot of bunches, its maybe 10km North of Coogee. From the park it is 90km return to waterfall, this is a staple ride for pretty much every bunch. If you head up there around 6am you will be able to find a bunch to jump onto. Otherwise within the eastern suburbs area there are plenty of good rides, the loop from centennial to la perouse heads down Anzac parade and isn't too bad early in the morning. You can come back up along the beaches and take in a few short sharp hills.
  11. Flo 60 set, got them used and cheap ($500 with new tires and cassette) off Facebook. Rock solid, clinchers and aero enough for me. The alloy breaking surface means I use them as training wheels regardless of weather.
  12. george-bob

    Cycling nicks.

    You can get assos on special for less than $150 off torpedo 7, they will last ages and will be comfortable. That is value in my mind!
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