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  1. northstar


    I’ll second that. Fantastic spot
  2. northstar

    Turning Forty

    That our home pool. And by home I mean closest at only a 50 minute drive. Very hard to get out of the hot pool - particularly at this time of year.
  3. northstar

    Achilles Tendonitis

    Are there any 'guru's' in Brisbane for sorting this?
  4. northstar

    Tim Reed to race HOTW

    That's lucky for Gundy - he'll get it all to himself!
  5. northstar

    Rio 2016

    As a card-carrying fat bastard and contender for worlds slowest runner, it amazes me watching that men's 800m final - the winner wouldn't have blown the steam off his dinner as he crossed the line. Is that normal? Or should I just accept that not everyone could power a mid sized wind turbine after any run of over 100 metres?
  6. northstar

    Accommodation in Sydney this weekend

    We regularly do the 90ish km loop on a sat or sun without seeing a single vehicle on the road - at most 4 or 5 cars/trucks. Yes - tight-knit in that we're all fat bastards and our cycling gear looks exactly that
  7. northstar

    GPS tracking devices for the elderly???

    Wonder if one of these would work. Meant for pets but sound like they would do the job. Problem would be somebodies got to remember to swap the batteries. http://www.podtrackers.com Ps. No affiliation
  8. northstar

    Link Quits

    Who'd be a Wallaby supporter at the moment? Thumped on tour by everyone, just par performances at home but with a squad of individuals who could beat any team on the planet if they'd just play like a team. Consistency a big issue and I don't think Link quitting does anything to remedy that. How about getting rid of the few idiots that consistently show themselves to be d**kheads and get a bit of discipline and pride in the jumper back. Look at the AB's - Cruden is late for the bus and misses the flight, sorry champ you're on the bench for the next little bit. Doesn't seem to happen to our blokes. Other than that, cracking game last night and shows the potential we have.
  9. northstar


    Had the same blue one at about the same age. And the tears are from remembering the jarred wrists and loose teeth from riding the rough little bastard in the paddock! And yes - North Star is where the local is.
  10. northstar


    The z50j. Almost shed a tear.