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  1. etiennevt

    Busso 2019

    I'm doing Busso in May.
  2. etiennevt

    Busso 2019

    Doing Busso again next year so booked $75 seats from Melbourne to Busso a few weeks back, adding luggage (30kg) and extra leg room brought it in at around $200 return, can't beat that!
  3. Glad it has survived, we will be back next year as we really enjoyed the event this year.
  4. Love mine, I've had no issues since I bought it at the end of last year. It's very quiet, my drive train and my heavy breathing is the only thing I hear. I had Kickr V1 for many years and I could not tell the difference ride feel wise. Bought it when pushy's had a 15% off site wide so great value for money. I do all my training on it so it gets a lot of use.
  5. etiennevt

    Race Result Pages

    For Ironman races The Obsessed Triathlete
  6. I had the same issue, rang them, then sent a photo of the HRM and proof of purchase. Had to return the original strap they then sent a new one.
  7. etiennevt

    Froome GONE

    Interesting read https://cyclingtips.com/2019/06/the-weekly-spin-putting-chris-froome-crash-conspiracy-theories-into-context/
  8. Is your Ant+ stick reasonably close to the Kickr, I believe that if you have them too far apart then you may experience dropouts. I have a Macbook Pro with an Ant+ stick about 1m away from my Kickr and I have no issues on Zwift.
  9. Ross Kinsella from https://freedomsm.com.au/ is located in Ringwood.
  10. +1 upgraded my Kickr V1 to the Core during the black Friday sales, so far I'm very happy with it and it makes no sound.
  11. etiennevt

    Hoka vanquish = ?

    What size are you? I have a brand new pair of V2''s size 11.5
  12. Sarah True talking about her new Shiv
  13. For all of us that can't afford to buy one we can always try and win it via zwift:
  14. For most of us that is a lot of money to spend on a bike, but triathlon is filled with a lot of very successful people especially in the older age groups, to a lot of them $14K would be like us spending $2K on a bike. I don't think they will have any trouble selling the first 500.
  15. I think I read somewhere it goes around the bottom bracket and up the down tube. Not sure how difficult it would be to take out and reinstall for cleaning. Takes a little effort to suck the fluid out of the current bladder so unsure how hard it would be from the back of the bike, but maybe gravity makes it easier.
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