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  1. Is your Ant+ stick reasonably close to the Kickr, I believe that if you have them too far apart then you may experience dropouts. I have a Macbook Pro with an Ant+ stick about 1m away from my Kickr and I have no issues on Zwift.
  2. Ross Kinsella from https://freedomsm.com.au/ is located in Ringwood.
  3. +1 upgraded my Kickr V1 to the Core during the black Friday sales, so far I'm very happy with it and it makes no sound.
  4. etiennevt

    Hoka vanquish = ?

    What size are you? I have a brand new pair of V2''s size 11.5
  5. Sarah True talking about her new Shiv
  6. For all of us that can't afford to buy one we can always try and win it via zwift:
  7. For most of us that is a lot of money to spend on a bike, but triathlon is filled with a lot of very successful people especially in the older age groups, to a lot of them $14K would be like us spending $2K on a bike. I don't think they will have any trouble selling the first 500.
  8. I think I read somewhere it goes around the bottom bracket and up the down tube. Not sure how difficult it would be to take out and reinstall for cleaning. Takes a little effort to suck the fluid out of the current bladder so unsure how hard it would be from the back of the bike, but maybe gravity makes it easier.
  9. etiennevt

    IM Oz Vs IM Nz

    I enjoyed both races: Swim: NZ - the lake is amazing to swim in crystal clear water, if the wind is blowing it can get pretty wild on the lake, mass start which is not a problem as it's wide enough not to get beaten up. There is a long run to transition from swim exit. PM:- I enjoyed the swim including the weir crossing which is something different, rolling start which I enjoy, gets very shallow in some sections Winner - NZ Ride: NZ - undulating for the first part out of town but then flat in the valley, road surface mainly country chip mix with not a lot of pot holes from memory, wind can get up on the second lap of the bike most often a head wind on the way back to town PM - worst road surface I've raced on thus far, lots of pot holes and country mix in sections as well Winner - NZ Run: NZ - challenging run course, it doesn't look like it from the profile but it's an undulating run with lots of twists & turns PM - flat run with one hill, I found it easier than NZ Winner - PM For spectators you can't beat Port Mac especially on the run were they can see you multiple times per lap when running around the Caravan Park. Lots of support from locals at both races but I feel there is a better finish line atmosphere at PM, it was a lousy afternoon/evening in NZ when I did it so that would have reduced the number of people at the finish line. You can't go wrong with either race.
  10. etiennevt


    I've been using it since July and it's been great so far, I really like the fact that you can customise the blend, for me it was important to control flavour strength, carbs, and sodium levels which you can adjust to suit your needs. Not having to worry about carrying and taking gels is a big plus. As others have mentioned give Jase a call and he will sort you out.
  11. etiennevt

    Scicon Sale

    Impressive, was the saddle & handlebars still attached to the bikes or did you have to remove those to lower the height of the bags? Normally only two of us so we don't need anyone in the back seats. The fact that you don't need to disassemble the bike is a big attraction. So do you think it's a problem with Scicon bags in particular or soft bags in general? I've traveled to Europe, NZ and within Australia with the EVOC and never had anything break thus far touch wood. I can just fit my EVOC in the back of our VW Tiguan standing up, with the Scicon like AA7 I would have to load it in on the angle which makes it harder to fit in the other luggage, we normally get someone to drop us at the airport so we have someone in the back seat for the trip to the airport.
  12. etiennevt

    Scicon Sale

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm looking at the Scicon AEROCOMFORT TRIATHLON 3.0 TSA BIKE TRAVEL BAG, at 98cm tall it's 18cm taller than my current EVOC. I think this would be a problem especially when trying to fit it into a hire car, it looks like it would be difficult to fit the bag in anything but an SUV. I can fit the EVOC in the back seat of a Camry for example without any problem. I would appreciate anyone willing to share their experience if you own a Scicon bike bag.
  13. etiennevt

    BB30 convertor

    I just buy mine from here https://neopro.cc/collections/praxis-works
  14. etiennevt

    BB30 convertor

    +1 for Praxis I've been using one on my bike for a few years without any problems.
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