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    Trannies Strava Page

    I'm visiting the inlaws at Mudgeeraba next week. I wasn't going to take my bike because traffic scares me, but if you wanted to go for a ride I'll throw it onto the car.
  2. Did a group training ride with Lionel Sanders on Zwift this morning. Interval session that finished with 6 x 30 secs at 130% of FTP. Lionel decided to go all out and was pushing over 600watts!!!!! He was conversing via text and seemed like a very cool guy.
  3. Gundy


    I'll buy the some beer for any visiting trannies
  4. Bit light on the running in 2017 because my wife seems to have all mid week mornings booked leaving me mainly on the windtrainer. Swim 70km Ride 5800km Run 387km Had about a month around August September where I lost my mojo and then a couple of weeks overseas where no training happened. Otherwise it was a reasonably consistent year for me of staying fit and healthy.
  5. Gundy

    Your 1st race

    Robina enticer tri in 2006 http://forums.transitions.org.au/topic/18609-gatorade-tri-at-robina-400154/?tab=comments#comment-238144 That 400m swim looked like such a long way when I was standing on the bank. Still shit at swimming but have progressed from BOP to MOP on a good day.
  6. I've got sympathy for any race directors that have to deal with things on the day that impact on the intended course. It's a major pain in the bum that creates a whole extra amount of work for the organising committee and volunteers, and results in annoyed triathletes. Basically no upside or silver lining to be found anywhere.
  7. Timely article in The Australian http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/the-times/study-finds-new-zealands-water-far-from-pure/news-story/d8c47ad6a103aa7a081b214ee246dde4 Might be behind a paywall but essentially "New Zealand’s rivers are increasingly polluted. New data suggested that it was not safe for people to swim in 60 per cent of its rivers and lakes" "The inquiry’s report, released on Wednesday, said that intensive farming had increased the risk of contamination from animal faeces and from nitrates in urine. The authorities fear that contamination of drinking water “of sufficient severity to garner international media attention” will damage food exports and tourism, which rely on the country’s “clean, green image”."
  8. Gundy

    IMWA 2017

    I don't seem to be able to see any splits on someone I'm trying to follow in both the ironman and the 70.3 race. Anyone know if there are tracker issues on the Ironman site?
  9. Re - the price increase. I would like something for households with multiple accounts. But I'll keep on using it. I wish that I had thought of Zwift. I'd love to be in the ownership group of that business. I believe that the product they've got is good enough that most of those whining don't want to pay more but know deep down that they won't actually leave.
  10. I tried that once too. What a mistake!! Need a different cassette on if I'm going to try that again.
  11. Gundy

    WTB - Garmin 500

    Don't worry - Found one on Bicycle Marketplace. All sorted.
  12. Gundy


    Be good to see you out racing the HOTW again Speedy Steve. 25 consecutive years Al! Amazing. For everyone else that's still thinking about entering the Early Bird entries close this Friday at 12 midnight. There will also be a Super Saturday of events for those that might be coming out to support but don't want to do a long course triathlon. 5km and 10km runs and an enticer distance triathlon that will be run at the end of the kids triathlons.
  13. What are you talking about? Inverell is close and handy for me.
  14. Gundy

    WTB - Garmin 500

    Anyone got an old Garmin 500 they want to offload? Would love it to come with a cadence sensor if possible. Thanks!
  15. I've seen him on Zwift a fair bit lately both running and riding.
  16. You just need to buy the trainer and sign up to Zwift and you will be functional with any of those devices. You don't have to pair Zwift to Strava or anything like that. You can even delete your rides when you finish rather than have them saved within the app.
  17. Camelfoot - Talwood Picnic Races August 2013. Good times
  18. https://www.runsnowdonia.co.uk These guys have been doing it for at least 10 years.
  19. I did a VO2Max workout on Zwift this morning and it nearly killed me. There really is nowhere to hide. If the program says you must hold 310watts, you have to put out 310 watts or stop. 15 min warmup. 4mins @ 120%FTP / 4 mins @ 40% FTP. Repeat 5 times. Warmdown. Failed the last interval. I'll be pissed off if that isn't improving my cycling.
  20. Bored@work - Milk crates to free up your dining chairs and to classy up your lounge room ha ha Crowies crushed nuts - you need to download the app.
  21. My setup (if the photo attachment works)
  22. Zwift mobile link i went to great expense and built a computer stand next to my bike out of 3 milk crates. Easy enough to reach the keypad but out of sweat range.
  23. It would be another player. I see a runner most times that I'm on Zwift these days but it's still a novelty
  24. Don't know about Chromecast. I've just got an HDMI cable from the laptop to the TVs screen. The Zwift app on your Iphone can be used as a game controller so long as they're sharing the same wifi signal. So turns/uturns, giving ride ons, switching views etc, power ups etc. i think if you join a race/ group ride you lose the ability to make turns for the duration of the race so that everyone follows the same route. You will get that ability back once the race is finished. You do know that the arrows on your laptop keyboard will also make turns?
  25. Hey Goughy - Do you mean that the Toowoomba tri Club is going to travel to Goondi for a Sprint Distance race or are you counting the HOTW?
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