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  1. Wife is in while I get left behind to take Miss 5 to the Kindy Disco. It's called parenting not babysitting apparently.
  2. Gundy

    Wahoo Kickr

    I'd save the money and get the older model. Either way a kickr is awesome and the best value $ spend I've made on cycling/triathlon.
  3. I've been trying to get thongs in our race pack for years!!! Richo are you reading this?
  4. Well done Downesy. That's a great result. I think I can remember seeing you handing out flyers at Mooloolaba years ago promoting the very first Hundy. You should be proud of what you guys have created.
  5. OK - So better to be a little more conservative in my intervals and less recovery rather than max effort intervals and longer recovery???
  6. Did a 7km interval session last night consisting of warmup, 4 x 1km intervals with 2 min recovery, and warmdown. Managed 3.49, 3.47, 4.08 (slight uphill and a couple of turns), 4.05 (definitely dying on this last one). Really tried to think about form and 'light touch'. Will get a long slow run done on the weekend and work out a plan for next week's intervals.
  7. What do you call a long slow run for a 5km program?? 1hr? 2hrs?? For pacing I call my slow runs somewhere between 5.30-6.00min/km pace
  8. Thanks all for the responses. Some good stuff for me to program into my watch. I turned my Monday night Hash run into a warm up and then 10 x 400m with 1 min slow jog recovery. Couldn't see my watch when I was doing the 400's but it turns out I was about bang on 4min/km pace. So I think that's an ok starting point. I'll increase the repeats over the next few weeks and try and get them a bit quicker and with slightly shorter recovery so that I'm closer to Ruleys suggested 400m session. Really appreciate everyone's feedback!!
  9. No hills around here but the 400m/800m is probably what I'm looking for. I have previously done Mona's fartlek a bit and also 16 x 30secs on with 30secs recovery. I did 6 x 2 mins at 'required race pace' with 30 secs recovery last week and that hurt. I think maybe needed a bit more recovery initially.
  10. Did my first parkrun the other day and had a bit of a crack and ran 21.22 which my memory and strava tells me is a PB. So I'm going to try and get it down to 20.00 over the next couple of months. I'm going to try and do this on 2 or 3 runs a week that are in addition to 2 or 3 rides a week. Question is - what would be the best bang for buck in terms of running intervals to do each week??
  11. Do you mean Vic country?? Bikeline in Toowoomba stock them and can do them delivered.
  12. Just because some people will slag off the kickr and tell you just to use a powermeter and dumb trainer I will give the counterpoint. Zwift has completely changed my desire to go riding in winter. It also gives me hills when I live somewhere where a 80km ride will only give me 20m of altitude difference. The epic KOM in Zwift with the radio tower added on is a tough climb (500m of climbing I think) that has really added a new dimension to Zwift. If you don't have a smart trainer you will think Zwift is a bit of a gimmick. It is the app controlled resistance that makes it enjoyable and an immersive experience. I've got at least 6 other people onto Zwift with a smart trainer in the past 6 months and they all reckon it's good too.
  13. So to answer your questions To set benchmarks you need to do an FTP test. Zwift has a couple of versions and Sufferfest has 'Rubberglove'. Once you've got your FTP all of your workouts will be adjusted/based off this number. Zwift is great for punching out miles with a few hills and group rides. It's become my default app with the kickr. Otherwise I use trainerroad to run my sufferfest workouts. I think they're better interval training than what is provided through Zwift. Although I did the McCarthy workout in Zwift this morning and it nearly killed me. You can create your own workouts in both Zwift and Trainerroad but in Zwift you will get some virtual scenery and other riders to look at while doing the interval. You will need a good internet connection for Zwift but hotspotting your phone works well and it doesn't use much data.
  14. The Cockroaches were playing at my first B&S - Moree 1992. They've changed a bit since then.
  15. Gundy

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Skel - maybe rain = heavy shoes and this is causing some the issue with your calves?? Try some saltstick tabs if you haven't. I don't care if the science isn't settled on them because I reckon they help.
  16. Is this what Roxii wants people to test? No need. I had one thrown in with an online order the other day. Was running out of steam on a 3 hour windtrainer session and cracked the SIS whey protein gel. It's the closest I've come to falling off a windtrainer through a combination of shock/surprise and confusion at what on earth I'd just put in my mouth. Curdled, lemon flavoured arse is a better description.
  17. Gundy

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    SK - Lots of people will tell you that cramping is merely a sign of muscle fatigue but I know that some people (I'm one of them) are more prone to cramping than others. I often cramp when pushing off the wall at the pool and have to not push too hard in even a mini tri when first getting off the bike in case my calves go. Saltstick tabs are what I use in longer races and I don't care what people say or even if it's just a placebo, because they help me. Magnesium is the ingredient that apparently has the most benefit. I took 3 over the course of the bike and then another 3 over the course of the run.
  18. Gundy

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    So I'm back at home again after completing the 70.3 on the weekend. Very happy with my race, particularly given that conditions were pretty challenging at times. I'm fairly certain that I was the only person to wear a transitions cap in the race. Think I got a couple of 'Go Gundy' shoutouts from other Trannys (Andrew??) but hard to know because I was also wearing the Goondiwindi tri suit. - 5:33 overall which put me at 374 overall and 51 in AG. I did a 5:41 last year (522 overall and 76 in AG) and would have loved to crack 5:30, but the swim stopped that plan. - 43.03 swim which was a full 6 mins slower than last year. Combination of chop and garmin reading 2.1km for distance is the reason I guess. I was fairly accepting of the conditions but, once I was in recovery and started hearing everyone else talk about how tough it was, joined in the chorus of 'toughest swim ever' enthusiastically - Slow transition because it was about 7km long and I was stuck behind lots of others trying to get out. - 2.45 ride which I'm stoked about (379 overall and 54th in AG). I've spent up on a TT bike and a kickr trainer in the last 12 months so happy to see a 15 min improvement in time over last year. Just rode to HR and I was pleased about how I managed to maintain my form for most of the ride. I very nearly crashed on one of the corners coming onto the Esplanade because my rear wheel slid out on a painted arrow. Just managed to keep everything upright but was more luck than good management. I saw a girl that had crashed in that exact spot when I ran past there on the run 20 mins later who looked to be in a bad way, so thanked my lucky stars again. - 1.54 run which is bang on target. Ran a 2.01 last year and had targetted a 1.55, so really happy to hit that. Was getting tough at the end but was nice to be maintaining my pace better than the others around me. The rain made it hard because of heavy soggy shoes, but maybe that's better than running in hot and humid conditions with full sun beating down on you?? Overall - tough but good day. Really happy with my pacing throughout the race and my nutrition plan also seemed to work. It's the first time I've been able to keep cramps at bay through a combination of the above and lots of salt tabs. You're always going to be a bit of the poor cousin when doing a 70.3 at the same time as the IM, but I was bloody glad I was only doing the half when i finally reached the finish chute!! Well done to everyone that competed. Not sure if i'm committing to next year because I'm trying to get the wife to compete instead of me. Will see what happens. Cheers Gundy.
  19. Thanks guys - My contents insurance doesn't cover my bike but I'm not changing insurers because my policy is excellent for other farm related things. However they were very helpful and could include my bike as a 'Specified Item' for $280 per year. Even better than that I can cancel the Specified item bit of the policy on my return from Cairns and they will pro rata out the payment which means it will cost me less than $10!! Winning!! Roxii - I've had a quick look at No Worries Insurance and it looks like really good value travel insurance. Thanks for that.
  20. Gundy

    Anyone ride on Zwift?

    Id be happy to do it but only once I'm back from Cairns.
  21. I've looked at this before and come up with nothing. All I really want is a policy that covers my bike while in transit in Australia and also covers the rental car excess fee. Anything???
  22. Gundy

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Good point Cottoneyes - I forgot about Boomi but academic for this race now ha ha. It will be right. My swim will be pretty ordinary no matter how much training I do it seems. For me, I just need to not stress about it and focus on keeping on turning the arms over at my own pace. Actually that's me for all 3 legs - ignore all the speedy people coming past me and concentrate on my own square metre.
  23. Gundy

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Training had been pretty good except for swimming which has been a non event because the nearest open pool is 120km away. I've done a couple of dam swims but it's gotten too cold for those in the past few weeks. Cycle training has actually been reasonably enjoyable with some long rides on Zwift leaving me quite bike fit but nervous about downhills in the real world I've been trying to keep a cold at bay for a couple of days but I think that I'm winning the battle. Packed up my bike yesterday and have removed the rear derailleur for the first time in my life. Fingers crossed it all goes back together again on Friday when I arrive.
  24. Gundy

    Cycling kit

    I'll vote for Ale as well. Really nice gear and appears to be lasting well. Can get some good pricing on Wiggle. I would say that the sizing is on the smallish side. i.e. I'm a large when I usually wear a medium (I'm 184cm tall and weigh 80kg).
  25. I was cycling back between Palm Cove and Cairns quicker than the traffic last year and I'm slow.
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