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  1. I was assuming he meant that Lutscher CCW (counter clockwise) lead in is the worst one as it's steeper!
  2. Zwift Innsbruck Lutscher badge this morning. Bit mean of them to only start the route once you've climbed up the KOM for the first time. Did 31km in 1:15 with 833m of elevation. Happy to see that my second time up the KOM was within 30 seconds of the first time up.
  3. I did the Half PRL (which is a misnomer because it's considerably less than half the Full) on Saturday and was sick of that loop after 4 times. Bit nervous about doing it 11 times!! Well done FP.
  4. 4 horseman ride is almost exactly double Surrey Hills so I'm thinking that will be 4 hours for me. Uber Pretzel and PRL Full will be over 6 hours I think. I'm interested to see how FP takes at 2.2w/kg because I think I'll try a similar strategy
  5. Surrey Hills this morning 48km with 1000m of climbing in just under 2 hours. Wife did the ride with me and it was nice to have some real rather than virtual company. Almost felt like a proper ride being able to chat as we rode side by side on our trainers.
  6. Watopia Mountain 8 this morning. 33km with 692m elevation in 1:22. Some connection issues for some reason today. Usually very reliable so not sure what was going on. NYC Rising Empire yesterday. 21km with 394m elevation in 42mins. NYC Mighty Metropolitan & Richmond Cobbled Climbs on Sunday. Total of 32km with 458m elevation in 1:11 on Sunday. The London Pretzel on Saturday. 58km 481m elevation in 2 hours. 17 routes to go which means there's not many more that I can do before I have to attempt the ones I'm dreading.
  7. Out and Back route completed. 43km in 1:27 with 335m of elevation. I did the first hour as a workout using the McCarthy Special which nearly killed me. Was actually a group of 5 of us doing the workout using the meetup and keep everyone together functions. It worked really well.
  8. 1hr 26 min for 25km with 1060m of climbing on Watopia - Road to sky route completed.
  9. If it's not the dodgy login double session thing it could be your Ant+ dongle. I had one go bad and give me a similar frustrating ride with lots of drop outs (also after about 2.5 years coincidentally). Drove me mad trying to work it out until I put in the new dongle and hey presto everything worked again.
  10. Yep. Supposedly 14 days straight with 1 lap completed (it doesn't say lap of what) although mine popped up as soon as I logged on on the 14th Day (which happened to be this Wednesday)
  11. 2 x laps of the Richmond UCI course in Zwift this morning. 35km in 1hr 5min. Did it as a group ride with 5 friends using the Keep everyone together feature.
  12. Let us know how you get on. Good luck!
  13. In these corona virus restricted travel times, I thought this was going to be about sitting on a wind trainer for 6 hours. 550km in one go sounds nuts to me but good luck.
  14. How the ex coach of the Springboks rugby team gets featured in a thread on a triathlon on the Sunshine Coast is beyond me as well
  15. It's not just the full PRL. The Four Horsemen, Mega Pretzel and Uber Pretzel are all scaring me as well!
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