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  1. Gundy

    Best cheapest smart trainer for zwift

    The $1500 I spent on my kickr 3 years ago is still the best value spend I've had on any triathlon related purchase.
  2. Gundy

    Best cheapest smart trainer for zwift

    Wheel on versions are cheaper but I prefer wheel off. I only know Kickr models but I've got friends with cyclops versions that seem to work exactly the same. You can pick up a secondhand gen 1/2 kickr for $800-$1000. If you don't like it you will be able to sell it again for similar money. Brand new kickr snap at $750 works fine but I don't like wearing out my tyre, as well as checking the tyre pressure and making sure the tension knob has been applied the same each time you ride.
  3. Gundy

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    You get to know the climbs and how long you've got till the end. Alpe du Zwift counts down the corners ala Alpe d'Huez. I also find that I keep an eye on metres climbed and have a vague memory of how many metres are in the various climbs and do a bit of mental arithmetic.
  4. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    I was interested in a company called Johns Lyng Group (JLG) that is essentially involved in construction but specialises in clean up and rebuilding after natural disasters. Had a go at buying some shares a few weeks ago at $1.30 but they traded down to $1.32 and no closer so nothing happened. Now at $1.50 and I'm kicking myself. Now have the conundrum of whether I just give in and buy them at $1.50 or ignore them for a while and see if they revert back to some cheaper levels.
  5. Gundy

    Vietnam 70.3

    Wow - are the kids still young enough to be cool with the 'family outfit'? Classic!!
  6. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Sharemarket having a few tough days because of old Trumpys attempt at starting a trade war. Is this a correction and a buying opportunity or the beginning of the next GFC? I'm down a bit but glad that I'd lightened the load a few weeks ago. Should have sold all of my ANZ shares instead of just half (Wagners is what I bought with the funds from the ANZ sale and they've done very well) but that's the benefit of hindsight.
  7. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    CAT in the news today Riddos - Catapult Group to raise $25m Global sports analytics company Catapult Group International is raising $25 million through an underwritten institutional placement to fund growth. Investment bank Goldman Sachs is working on the offer at $1.10 per share, a 6.8 per cent discount to the company’s closing share price of $1.18 on Friday. On offer is 22.7 million shares or 13.2 per cent of issued capital. Proceeds are being used to growth the Elite sales team, accelerate Prosumer unit sales growth, invest in development of its Tactical product for the 2019 financial year launch and invest in other products in the technology stack.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-rzna9O0wM Morning TV at it's finest
  9. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Ha ha maybe I'm the shoeshine boy and don't realise it. We've definitely just seen that with cryptocurrencies. A lot of people with no idea having a crack at what I believe is the worlds biggest pyramid selling scheme to date.
  10. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    I'm winding down my exposure in shares a bit in the belief that something is coming out of the US/Trump that could be the trigger for a market correction. I've been having trouble finding shares that don't seem fully priced so maybe that's reason enough to take some profits and sit on some cash for a while. Sold my Suncorp shares on Tuesday at $13.95. So a nice cap gain of $1.10 + a dividend on that one. Waiting for some positive trading days and will sell a couple of other shares as well I think.
  11. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    I've thought of ASX a few times but never pulled the trigger. Looking at the share price today they would have been a great investment but currently all the recommendations are for a sell or that it's overvalued. So I'll wish you good luck on that one and leave it alone for now.
  12. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    I'm still nervous about the sharemarket. Sold some bank shares today just to reduce my exposure by a bit. No profit on those ones but no loss either. Lots of doomsayers out there at the moment. Interesting that Warren Buffett doesn't know what he's going to do with the US$116 billion is cash that they're currently sitting on because everything looks overpriced (this includes the extra $29 billion that Berkshire Hathaway is likely to gain from Trump's tax cuts). Of the 3 shares I initially mentioned 2 weeks ago - OFX $1.47 vs $1.45 2 weeks ago ($1.64 purchase price) - SUN $13.56 vs $12.85 purchase price 2 weeks ago - WGN $4.35 vs $3.91 purchase price 2 weeks ago
  13. Gundy

    Zwift rides - trannies regular ride

    I'd be keen. 5:15am QLD/ 6:15am Eastern daylight saving would be good timing for me .......................
  14. Gundy

    Plaster cast

    Hi Thommo, Gundy's wife here! That is a bit concerning that you had a sudden increase in pain. We usually use thermoplastic splints, which can be easily adjusted. Are you seeing a hand therapist in conjunction with your surgeon? My advice would be to get it checked ASAP. Hope that helps
  15. Gundy

    Plaster cast

    My wife makes a lot of casts for hand and wrist injuries. From overhearing her conversations and comments pain usually comes because the cast needs a small adjustment or the patient has been non compliant - ie not wearing the cast, overuse instead of rest, falling off a table when dancing drunk and landing on the wrist (that last one was only revealed by the patients partner not the patient complaining of the pain when there was none before )