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  1. I have swum as late as May in the river but after that it got too cold even with a wetsuit. My wife always points out that 2-3 swims a week will never get me there and to look at the kids punching out somewhere between 5-10 hours per week. She's right but life, kids, work and her also wanting to be able to train in the mornings means additional swims just can't fit in the schedule. I'm a crap triathlete anyway so it shouldn't matter but it would be nice to enjoy rather than endure swimming. Back to the topic at hand - There's a girl out here that is getting long distance coaching from Sydney and her improvement has been noticeable. Accountability for making sure there's consistency and purpose to training and someone checking that you're actually getting out of bed and doing the sessions can make a big difference to a lot of people.
  2. The trouble for me with swimming is that I only have access to a pool over summer. Every September the same old retarded dugong comes out of hibernation and thrashes around the pool complaining about swimming. By March I'm starting to get somewhere and then the pool closes.
  3. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that's felt that little stab of disappointment about not getting a pretend bike in a virtual world 😂
  4. So long as you have also completed the Everest challenge. I was wondering why I didn't get the Tron bike at 50,000m of climbing and discovered I hadn't selected the Everest challenge. Now up to about 80,000m and only 30,000 to go........
  5. I don't get it? There's also thousands of replies - how are you supposed to read the whole thread.
  6. Gundy

    Hell of the West 2019

    If anyone is hanging around on Sunday afternoon you will find me in the front bar of the Royal Hotel where I will be shouting beers
  7. Who has entered HOTW this year? I'm doing the swim and bike in a team after training was disrupted by a fall off my bike in December. I can report that, like all of Australia, conditions are currently toasty but at least the zero chance of rainfall means that it's a dry heat as I find that humidity is a killer. I swam in the river on Thursday morning and the water temp and quality are both beautiful. Was discussing entry numbers this morning with the President/Race Referee and they're down a touch so would love to see another 20 (is another 50 too many to hope for?) entrants. Hit me up if you're thinking of doing the race but have been hesitating for some reason. We can get most things (including accommodation) sorted. I believe that @hey_burgs has entered so I'm hoping to finish my ride in time to see him finish his run 😀
  8. 2018 was pretty good except for 2 little interruptions. For some reason I lost all motivation in august and fell off my bike in December. Other than those 2 months I've been consistently active and managed to stay reasonably fit which for me is the point of all this. Swim 2018 - 88.7km (2017 - 69.3) Cycle - 3,877km (2017 - 5,802) Run - 827.5km (2017 - 387.2) Total hours - 237 (2017 - 255)
  9. Gundy

    Training Question

    Do you have clashes with yours and your wife's schedules impacting on training? I found that a smart trainer and Zwift as a game changer for our family. Both my wife and I like to train in the mornings and this became impossible once we had kids. That was until we got onto Zwift and now we just take turns with who gets to go out into the real world for swimming/running/whatever and whoever is left behind can do their cycle sessions.
  10. Gundy

    Training Question

    Most people can get up at 5am and get in a good training session (except Kieran who works crazy early apparently) without missing too much on the home front. I find it's better to do that and be back for breakfast with the kids and leave evenings available to help with the arsenic hour in the lead up to kids bedtime. I sort of followed a cookie cutter internet program for 2 x cairns 70.3s and went great (for me). You're not going to win but you'll be fit, healthy and keeping in good with the wife because it's not massive hours. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/kpdocshare/Training_Plans/Your_Best_Ever_703.pdf
  11. Don't forget to mention that you're a triathlete and have recently done an ironman. Guaranteed to get any job once they know that........ Some really good advice in some of these replies.
  12. Gundy

    Zwift New York

    Had a go this morning with the Glasgow Green Cycle Club group ride. Definitely not flat and felt I was working harder than I do on that ride in Watopia. Didn't get much of a chance to look at the scenery anyway!
  13. Make some time when you next visit so that you can come in and do a mini tri with the Goondi Tri Club on a Sunday morning
  14. What on earth were you doing at Croppa Creek? I think I know whose paddock that is and @northstar lives just down the road.
  15. The $1500 I spent on my kickr 3 years ago is still the best value spend I've had on any triathlon related purchase.
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