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  1. Majority of people on here aren't in age groups where you can KQ off a 12 hour average.
  2. Errbody knows roll down isn't legit
  3. How long have you been averaging 16 hours a week?
  4. prizna

    Mooloolaba Tri

    They need more space to handle them
  5. I don't believe so. Would you care to explain why the hokas being awesome was exclusively drawn to the attention of 'ladies'? As far as I'm aware Josh identifies as a male so would it not be more appropriate to highlight the hokas for other males?
  6. Please don't assume sexual orientation, also please don't objectify men.
  7. prizna

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Thanks but do you know if it'll be a wetsuit swim?
  8. You old people like to complain a lot.
  9. prizna

    Mooloolaba Tri

    I'm in. Anyone know if it'll be a wetsuit swim?
  10. Because by comparison history has shown us that a 'young girl who looked 10-12' is physically inferior to a male of his age. This means that embarrassing for him when comparing his performance at x% of his maximum capacity to her performance at y% of her maximum capacity.
  11. I can't help much sorry, I rode off the road at a U turn at busso and nearly ate shit. My guess however would be, if confident enough a little bunny hop would get you up. My suggestion get in with a local cycling club, I know some in my area do skills sessions. Alternatively just ride the trainer then pray on race day you less 'special' than me.
  12. prizna


    Welcome back, there's still plenty of cocks around (myself included). You probably missed it but the long running 'what training did you do today' was inspired by your old threads and was titled 'in memory of coach@'
  13. Sucks you went down, sorry for that. However you ask what you're doing wrong. 1 and 3 sound like bike skills. 2 bit of bad luck/poor comms. 4-she said yes to turning right so I assume you turned into her and went down??? If the case why didn't you wait for her the inside bike to start the turn?
  14. Pretty sure munching on gels, lollies, infinit and pastries for 6 hours on Saturday mornings isn't good for you.
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