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  1. I started my 'dedicated' Kona block the week after Gold Coast marathon. I had a real good block of 4 weeks, then decided to take it easy for a week as I got a bit of fomo and entered SC 70.3. I thought at this stage I'd ease off for a week, do 3 solid weeks then have a lighter few days either side of SC. 4 weeks later and the last month I've been sick for two weeks which resulted in zero training and then the sickness had a flow on effect in to work commitments which resutled in me not getting sessions done. Anyway this weekend is SC 70.3 and if I'm fully recovered from last weekends adventures on and around the toilet bowl I should be fresh as and equally as unfit. Prior to the past month I was hitting all time highs for bike ftp and my fastest ever 5km so who knows how this weekend will go. Fitness just doesnt disappear........hopefully After SC weekends will look like So theres still plenty of time and plenty of work to come. I don't mind leaving the training late, i feel it's almost like momentum. All rides since like june'ish have been on the trainer except for commutes becasue it's too f'ing cold and I'm enjoying sweating it up indoors. I fly to Kona 9 or 10 days before so I'll do one last 'long' ride over there, it'll be about 4 hours, no longer than that. It's primary purpose is to get a gauge on rpe to power in kona conditions.
  2. Run distance legit? Good progress for PJ
  3. prizna

    AP's training tip # 4

    If you're looking to me for an example you should probably aim higher. 😭
  4. prizna

    AP's training tip # 4

    So you've got time before the kids get up. Throw the kids in one of those bike trailer things, you'll avoid traffic and get training in. Become better at your job so you don't have to work as hard and can have lunch. Pick up kids, sweet another training opportunity. You can't clean or throw some washing on as you cook for and bathe the kids?
  5. prizna

    AP's training tip # 4

    Dan Plews was fastest ag overall at Kona last year. During his build for Kona 18 he had a wife, had a 6-12 month old, had a full time job at a university, consulted for another sporting company (can't remember what it was) and coached triathlon athletes. I believe he also had an injury. What I know is he got shit done and he had no time to complain about having no time.
  6. prizna

    AP's training tip # 4

    We all have families. We all have jobs. We all have 24h hours in a day. We all make choices.
  7. prizna

    AP's training tip # 4

    I think talent is over rated for Ag KQ. Talent is needed to be a good professional but ag KQ is pretty much just consistent work.
  8. prizna

    Port 2019

    See the weather in Port last night? It snowed!
  9. prizna

    IM Kona

    Toitle needs a hug 🤗
  10. Not to derail a thread but for clarity sake I was working 6 or 7 days a week, 60hrs over 5 is significantly harder!
  11. Do what you enjoy, lives change and people evolve. What you may have loved 10 years ago may no longer interest you, what may have been a priority 10 years ago may now be insignificant.
  12. So true! It's rare for a bunch to ride easy on an easy ride.
  13. RBR lives in Port Mac and confirmed they do have internet, he just has to go to the library to use it.
  14. prizna

    AP's training tip #2

    In the whole time I was there I never ran in the Yacht club. It's by far the most popular place for expats to run but I think it was like a 2.5km circuit with the out and backs. My frequent stretch was Koki markets around the headland to waterfront. I've done two stints with Xavier from Team Tri, both were very valuable however for me a large enjoyable portion of the 'tri challenge' is figuring. I also leverage a lot of RunBrettRuns knowledge, I tend to try and always go harder and RBR loves to slow it down so he brings a necessary balance. I've gone through periods of TP, spreadsheet and nothing. I'm doing Port Mac half as my next race, I started 'training' for it last week (by that i mean dedicated and with a purpose). My weeks will pretty much the same structure with varying intensity, duration and types of session depending on work and home commitments. Monday - Hard swim Tuesday - AM=Ride&Run - PM=Run Wednesday - AM=Ride&Run - PM=Recovery swim Thursday - AM=Ride&Run - PM=Run Friday - Swim (Easy or hard depending on fatigue levels) Saturday - Long ride, run off Sunday - Long run - afternoon swim (usually easy) Kudos where kudos is due the above structure is a week that Xavier put together that works for me and I've kept it. The reasons being, I'm a shit runner and I need to run more to get better. My lack of running history means I get run injured quite easily, he worked out frequent running combined with two full days off my legs worked best for me.
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