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  1. Beth McKenzie IM Cairns

    so are we good to call her a cheat or do we have to go with ex-cheat?
  2. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    Shhh no one dare speak of the fact you walk a few hundred metres in the port swim.
  3. Gwen running okay. New 5k PB.

    you're still my hero
  4. 80/20 Running

    I find all running hard.
  5. HOTW

    FB cries in every post. Rog got kidnapped by his new born a while back. TC lives in the middle east so her intellect must be questioned.
  6. Husky Weekend

    A little more on the course summary for those new this year. Those doing the sprint, don't gas yourself too much on the swim. It's a solid set of stairs running up to transition. The bike roads a touch rough but just the usual for anyone riding small town/country roads. The course on the way out has elevation gained, the way return is more down hill, it's a little undulating but nothing big. The run, you'll leave transition and head down a little pinch of a hill, its mostly flat except for one more pinch. The tiny hills are just enough to hurt if you've gone too hard but nothing to fear if you've paced. Long course ride: The undulations on this course make it prime for going to hard. They aren't enough to concern you the first two times but you will definitely notice the sting in the legs on lap 3 if you've gone too hard. It's a course that is undulating but if you ride it smart/correct you won't need to leave your saddle. Long course run: Last year was 1km long so don't be shocked if it's slightly out... Flanman your pics have got me so keen!!!!!!
  7. Husky Weekend

    It seems we do the same races. In for Friday Swim, Saturday Sprint and Sunday long course survival. Super keen, this weekend is one of my favourites.
  8. DOMS

    get on the juice, you'll recover quicker and may be able to catch the germans
  9. TriCanberra

    Balmy 4.9 degrees on the bike this morning. Water reading will depend on how deep they go. The top metre of water will be 'warm' any deeper will be like ice.
  10. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/ultramarathon-racer-cheated-by-hiding-in-bushes-and-taking-shortcuts/news-story/37c49653cae5e36586ba6ebbab09dc06 getting some traction in press
  11. My Instagram

    And I see someone smart enough to use her looks to make some coin. Whats the difference between being genetically blessed with good looks and genetically blessed with a smart brain? As a woman who most of the time is all for lady powers why would you resort to negative associations rather than positive?
  12. My Instagram

    that's horrid. please return to private
  13. IMNZ 2018

    Can you bring back my soul?
  14. Help building a 70.3 plan

    nothing positive to add except i love that you know your ftp yet dont 'know' how to train
  15. Points required for world age group team

    Draft legal = more fun