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  1. great read. thanks
  2. I believe the old 90rpm comes from cycling but remember we aren't cyclist we are triathletes. Ride what's comfortable and what you find produces the best run off the bike. I prob wouldn't ride 75 during training then chase (if you are) a higher number during a race though.
  3. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Under the terms of this selection policy, the TAAGC is not required to select the maximum of 25 males and 25 females to the team. Final team numbers are at the absolute discretion of the TAAGC. Given they make money off it they'll select 25 and I wouldn't be surprised if they 'find' a way to add more when they know how many OS competitors there will be. If you feel the need to go to Townsville as it'll be the only place you will get decent points you're not quick enough.
  4. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    25 spots per ag so if you're doing 3 events including one as the national champ. 3 top 8's will secure you a spot, have a look at previous times on the courses and I'd prob drop 3-5 minutes depending on depth of last years field
  5. Another AG race controversy

    Ugly people aren't successful on insta.
  6. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    It's the people that make the process.
  7. Pro women upset again. Twitter

    who are these girls?
  8. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    That works for you but what about those of us that walk the marathon?
  9. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    For a while yes but we don't talk about that as I'm an embarrassment to his record.
  10. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    There you go. Australias most tested athlete/coach clears the air.
  11. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    If you're referring the the Renee/pro4mance insta post I was then yes she was previously coached by him. I don't believe she is any more. Interesting though that he and now clearly his athletes are being tested. A reaction to the pro going positive? or maybe just that asada are testing the good age groupers and he produces a lot of good age groupers, so in turn lots of his athletes get tested.
  12. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    aside from the girly skipping bs i kinda agree
  13. Australian Triathlon Drug Cheats

    Does anybody know if there is a public list of all tests? Failures and cleans. Seeing a recent social media post of another melbourne age grouper being tested at the end of last year got me wondering just how much money could be better spent.
  14. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    180 is a soft number don't treat it too seriously. Personal MAF experiences are positive. It's rather simple, run easy and you'll be able to run often, if you run often and easy you'll run consistently, when you run consistently your run will improve. My tips, be patient and stick to a plan. Do not chop and change, give the plan time to work.
  15. Top Money Earners

    Mysoginist with your white male priviledge sitting there behind a keyboard denying that facts that us women are placed at a disadvantage from birth.