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  1. Points required for world age group team

    Draft legal = more fun
  2. Pushing hard enough on the bike

    Just a couple? I'm easily up to 15.
  3. 40% off Everything Running Warehouse

    not off sale items....
  4. Tri Wyong

    I'm in.
  5. Canyon - Gizmo needs a bike

    A bit of a stretch saying value for money, they are pretty expensive for what you get. I froth over Canyons but recently bought new Giant roady due to the value. It's embarrassing to tell people but damn it rides nice.
  6. Super League Triathlon, Qualifier Series

    Not factual.
  7. Cam Wurf Kona write up

    hot roads? wind?
  8. Maggie season 2017

    How the **** does one get the front of your face?
  9. Where's Macca?

    True or false, why risk it? The USA justice system doesn't have the best reputation at getting things right.
  10. is training sterile for the IM these days

    WADA's present was also far less when allen/scott era guys were dropping those times. IM isn't sterile but a side effect of racing in those days may have left many sterile
  11. Kona race day thread

    Any chance you want to give us a run down on your day? Pre race thoughts/plans and how it all went down? Well done on qualifying, racing and performing.
  12. Kona race day thread

    You like the men's coverage? When does the women's race start?
  13. Ironman WC Stream time AEST

    Holy shit! Ironman have outsourced the tracking and it's working (for now)
  14. Ironman WC Stream time AEST

    Cameras need to signs more time on PJ