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  1. My mate sent me this photo of the swim course the morning after.
  2. McCrystal works full time in a jewellers and has a young family. Doesn't really have any sponsors outside of his local butcher.
  3. Swim cancelled completely now. Cancelled swim is the biggest threat to the sport. I had about 3 cancelled on me last year.
  4. Swim has been shortened due to cold water.
  5. In the hall of fame http://www.triathlon.org.au/About/Latest_News/_LITTLE_OLD__STEPHEN_FOSTER_STANDS_TALL_IN_THE_HALL.htm
  6. 40 hours. I know of one Australian triathlete who used to do 1000km a week riding.
  7. Wouldn't say it's colossal mileage for a pro rider
  8. How hard is it to switch stem height on a speed concept?
  9. I remember Benali from the 90's playing for Southampton, but I knew every premier league player in the 90's/00's. He also raised money by running to every premier league ground in the country.
  10. You typed the question out on your work computer and then copied across didn't you?
  11. If you are going over 13 hours in an ironman there's no way you need your watch towards the end because you're most likely walking
  12. Never had an issue with the battery on my 735??
  13. What does the 935 do that the 735 doesn't? What's the expected price of the 945?
  14. Thanks for sharing
  15. The amount of scorn and ridicule he receives from some I wouldn't blame him for ****ing off
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