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  1. I like to stare at a blank wall. Bunch of weak willed ninny’s the rest of you.
  2. Military lining the course at IM Vietnam 70.3
  3. Was just saying the same to my mate today on the bike. He’s a freak, one of the greatest of all time and will cement it with a Kona win. I wouldn’t write him off for a 3rd Olympic gold either. 😮 Doesn’t back down from a challenge and always gives it his all. How many other pros can say the same?
  4. So much for not being able to handle the heat and iron distance.
  5. HB is one of the worst places I’ve visited in Australia. Hasn’t left the 70’s. Food was shocking too.
  6. My man doing 16kms a week beats your man doing 8km a week with all the technique you want. I'd put my house on it.
  7. Don’t agree. Yeah you can make adjustments to technique and you might gain the odd second here or there. But you get the volume up around the 15km mark and you’ll take huge chunks of time off, talking 10’s and 20’s per hundred. Just my experience. I never got noticeably quicker with more technique work. I also noticed my technique naturally improved significantly with the additional fitness, my form in the water was much better than I could ever achieve prior. For the record I brought my swim times down from 3:00/100 to 1:12/100 over the sprint distance.
  8. Lots on here won’t agree but forget technique for now. Double your swim volume for the next 6 weeks in a swim focus block and see where your times are then.
  9. My mate sent me this photo of the swim course the morning after.
  10. McCrystal works full time in a jewellers and has a young family. Doesn't really have any sponsors outside of his local butcher.
  11. Swim cancelled completely now. Cancelled swim is the biggest threat to the sport. I had about 3 cancelled on me last year.
  12. Swim has been shortened due to cold water.
  13. In the hall of fame http://www.triathlon.org.au/About/Latest_News/_LITTLE_OLD__STEPHEN_FOSTER_STANDS_TALL_IN_THE_HALL.htm
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