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  1. Crowies crushed nuts

    The POMS have another superstar

    Yee came off the bike in about 30th position on the gold coast and ran into 10th. From memory his run time would have been the second fastest split including the senior race. His run form is immaculate and different to all others.
  2. Crowies crushed nuts

    Geelong 70.3

    Very good time on that course, especially the run.
  3. Crowies crushed nuts

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    Can't go wrong at $700
  4. Crowies crushed nuts

    Fluid Intake and Cycling Performance

    The calculator doesn't appear to be of much use because their estimates are so wide eg. recommending consuming between 592ml & 1141ml per hour for me
  5. Crowies crushed nuts

    Coaches are amusing

    It doesn't.
  6. Crowies crushed nuts

    What training did you do today...

    On a mini break from triathlon, maybe a week or so. Have to say feel like absolute rubbish. Why is that?
  7. Crowies crushed nuts

    Coles Bay Half

    It’s a race that appeals to me but not sure on the logistics from Melbourne
  8. Crowies crushed nuts

    Jonathan Cantwell

    My best mate did the same, and so did his dad before him. His brother doesn't leave the house these days.
  9. Crowies crushed nuts

    Coach or not

    This is me
  10. Crowies crushed nuts

    Geelong 70.3

    Both turnarounds finished with an uphill.
  11. Crowies crushed nuts

    Geelong 70.3

    Did Geelong last year, didn't enjoy the run course at all. Doubt I'll go back.
  12. Crowies crushed nuts

    Let's play eyeball aero

    Looks like a reasonable position. Personally I would put saddle up and a bit more forward and extend the aero bars.
  13. Crowies crushed nuts

    Congratulations to the Prince

    2019 IRONMAN XC Full-Distance Events IRONMAN World Championship (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii) Slot Distribution Procedures XC Age Division Slot - A minimum of one (1) IRONMAN World Championship slot will be awarded to EACH XC Age Division. Each IRONMAN (140.6) XC Series event in 2019 will have two (2) preset Age Divisions: 49 and Under (includes both male and female athletes) 50 and Over (includes both male and female athletes) IRONMAN World Championship slots will be awarded to the athlete who has the best % finish (vs. starters in their traditional age group). 2019 Kona qualification, in the event an XC Age Division consists of more than nine (9) race day starters, an additional Kona slot will be added, totaling two (2) slots for that Division. The second slot will be awarded to the XC athlete that has the second best percentile finish (vs. starters in their traditional age group). EXAMPLE (IRONMAN) XC Age Division: 49 & Under Traditional Age Group Age Group Rank Starters in Age Group Age Group Percentile Athlete A F 40 - 44 20 149 13.423% Athlete B M 45 - 49 43 356 12.079% Athlete C M 35 - 39 37 264 14.015% PR Challenge Slot- One (1) additional IRONMAN World Championship slot will be awarded at each full-distance IRONMAN XC Series Event in 2019 to the athlete with the Most Improved Personal Record. To be eligible, XC athletes must have completed at least two (2) full-distance IRONMAN events (prior to the XC event you are competing in); your PR will be used from an event within the five (5) years prior to the upcoming IRONMAN XC event date. Since courses differ in degree of difficulty, races will be handicapped and PR times will be adjusted accordingly. Improvements in PR times will be calculated on a percentile basis. Beginning with the 2011 season and beyond, each XC athlete may win a PR Challenge slot only once. (2009 and 2010 XC athletes are still eligible to win the PR challenge slot, providing they have not won it again in the 2011 season or beyond). *Note: Winners of XC Age Division Slot(s) are ineligible for the PR Challenge slot. *Note: In the event there is no PR Challenge winner, The PR Challenge slot will be converted to an XC Age Division slot and awarded to the athlete from either XC Age Division that had the next best % finish (vs. starters in their traditional age group). *Note: IRONMAN World Championship Slots are non-transferable and may not be deferred to another year. Those athletes who win a slot must participate at the XC Series’ IRONMAN World Championship package and compete for the title of IRONMAN XC Series’ Athlete of the Year. *Note: Athletes with existing Age Group qualifying slots to the IRONMAN World Championship or IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship are ineligible for XC slots to those events. *Note: IRONMAN reserves the right to modify the roll-down procedure for XC IRONMAN World Championship slots Originally from: http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/organizations/ironman-xc/kona-70.3-wc-slots/ironman-world-championship-kona-hawaii.aspx#ixzz5UidQ7Zwm
  14. Crowies crushed nuts

    Congratulations to the Prince

    Looks like he won the Executive Challenge category. IRONMAN XC Events *IRONMAN World Championship 2019 IRONMAN XC Package - *IRONMAN World Championship *by qualification through the IRONMAN Executive Challenge series only Event Date: October 8 – 14, 2019 XC Benefits for the *IRONMAN World Championship Include: Additional On-Site Benefits Include: Guaranteed entry into the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Seven-day/six-night accommodations at the Courtyard Marriott King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel, Kailua-Kona (Ocean Front Room) An opportunity to win the title, ”IRONMAN XC Athlete of the Year” and be formally recognized on stage at the Awards Banquet Bike transportation (TriBike Transport) OR unpacking, tuning and repacking of bike (if shipped by another method) VIP registration/packet pick-up Race week and race morning access to VIP/Hospitality Suite (for athlete +3) IRONMAN XC Welcome Reception IRONMAN XC Breakfast, Strategy Session and Q & A with IRONMAN Pros and Special Guests Guided (air conditioned) tour of the bike course (including the climb to Hawi) Invitation to VIP Aloha Reception at historic Hulihe’e Palace (for athlete +1) IRONMAN XC Breakfast & Race Day Logistics Overview (for athletes and families) Special seating for E Komo Mai (Welcome) Banquet of Champions (Awards) (VIP Seating for XC Athlete +1 guest OR Preferred seating for XC athlete with 2 or more guest) Race Day VIP line for body marking Exclusive race day swim course viewing for XC guests from Zodiac Boats (space is limited) IRONMAN XC race day guide(s) Race day VIP seating at finish area for XC guests IRONMAN XC Awards Breakfast Special Seating at Awards Banquet (VIP Seating for XC Athlete +1 guest OR Preferred seating for XC athlete with 2 or more guest) Customized IRONMAN XC awards IRONMAN XC apparel & Team Race Kit Originally from: http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/organizations/ironman-xc/events/-ironman-world-championship.aspx#ixzz5UiYdqxTL
  15. Crowies crushed nuts

    Congratulations to the Prince

    Has anyone established exactly what this guy has won?