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    IM Malaysia 2015

    Hi all. Just found out about course change (from this forum - no notice from Ironman yet!!) I have booked at the Bayview Kuah but will have to change this. Has anyone got any advice for hotels? I am thinking it is best to look around Pantai Cenang close to the finish - hopefully there will be transport to the start on race morning?
  2. rennie


    Thanks for the advice! Will most likely be Cairns due to work anyway. Yarrabah -hahahaha! A good hill ride from Cairns though!
  3. rennie


    Just returned to this site to post a similar question! Also if you had the choice of Cairns or Townsville, where would you move? Any local triathletes: which is better for training?
  4. GET A MRI!!! I had very similar symptoms diagnosed by 3 physios & a sports doc as an adductor strain. After no real improvement for 6 months, insisted on a MRI which detected a stress fracture of the femoral neck. I am (was?) also training for Melb IM - hopefully we will both get there Tim B (need to take rest seriously with this injury - risk of hip replacement!).
  5. Have been off running for about a month with what my physio had diagnosed as retrocalcaneal bursitis (have never felt the problem swimming or riding and have been increasing the volumes for both) Went to a sports medicine clinic tonight for a full workup of problem - inc x-rays and ultrasound. Ended up having a cortisone injection into the very distal achilles tendon sheath (under ultrasound) as this was very inflamed (bursa & tendon itself are fine). Doc has advised that it should be okay to do my planned 200km audax ride this Sat as problem has never bothered me cycling. Has anyone here experienced any side effects on returning to normal activity straight after a cortisone shot???
  6. Keep going - it does get better!! Yes, you do have your tough days, which sometimes makes you want to give it in (currently experiencing the 'real' tough as a London supply teacher myself). But on the whole I have found teaching to be a very rewarding job - both in the classroom and out in terms of the lifestyle that you can live. You could get much worse (my previous career as a vet) -teaching is a job that allows you time to train & race! Maybe you just have to find another school that suits?
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