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  1. Hi everyone, I have just recently moved to Sydney (Potts Point to be precise) and I need your help on the following: My story: I am 31 that wants to start practicing triathlon. I am an average runner, I did some half marathons and marathons, but that's it. In terms of cycling I know just the basic. In terms of Swimming, that's definitely where I will struggle, I know how to swim, but... just, well, you understand. My short term goal: Be able to complete a small triathlon in 2013 and/or to improve my (lack of) skills in swim and cycle. My medium term goal: Half-Iron Man My long term goal: in 3 years time, to be able to complete the Iron Man. My schedule preference: I work mon-fri 8am to 5pm. I am available from then onwards. My problem: To find the most appropriate club near Potts Point or in Sydney that can help me to achieve these objectives. Yes, I know that it will be almost impossible and it will require lots of work. But I am committed and I just need a very good starting point. I have been searching on the internet and there are several websites with a list of all the triathlon clubs in Sydney. However I just need your honest opinion and experience on those clubs, since I have just recently moved to Sydney and I need some guidance. Thank you for your time! Manuel
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