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  1. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    Only 2 more sleeps! In the car on the way down from the GC. Wife doing the 22 tomorrow before her and my daughter crew me in the hundred Saturday.
  2. part_time_tri

    UTA acquired by Ironman

    Is there end game the Ultra Trail brand? Including UTMB? Would be a said day for trail running.
  3. part_time_tri

    Men’s comm games tri. NOW 1pm it’s wet

    I was down there and it was a great day. Jake was flying on the run and just catching people so quickly. If only he’d made the first group on the bike.
  4. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    Somewhere along the lines (January) my wife decided she wasn’t ready for UTA 100 after a hysterectomy. So, we’ve swapped. She is doing 22 and I’m doing the 100. Training is going well. Who knows how long it will take me on the day 😂
  5. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    The family are heading down to UTA next year. Wife did the 100 this year and will do it again but not enter until closer to the date as she always ends up injured if enters too early. I am going to do the 22 as someone needs to look after Miss 6. Should be a good week!
  6. Looking forward to running Saturday. First have to move house tomorrow. Feel unprepared and hopefully don't lose any gear in the move 😄
  7. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    Got out this morning and went for an easy 9km around Urambi Hill. Maps.Me was my friend as even though it was very open, I struggled to spot some trail heads in some places and took a while to realise I was looking for gates half the time. Nice scenery though!
  8. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    I arrived in Canberra yesterday arvo so missed it by a whisker. Wife is down here for work so myself and little miss 6 followed for some sightseeing on school holidays. We are staying at tuggeranong, I'm going to look to do parts of that course for a 16km run Wednesday morning. Hopefully don't get lost. Had an easy 6km this morning around the lake. -3 a bit different to the usual training runs in the Gold Coast ?
  9. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    Wife did her first 100. Impinged her fat pas in the knee early so probably walked 20km more than would have. No buckle but finished!
  10. part_time_tri

    Trail Running

    Back in for Coastal High 50 this year. Looking forward to trying to better my 7.03 from last year.
  11. part_time_tri

    2017 Goals - What are they?

    Oh and maybe actually get time to swim and ride this year ð
  12. part_time_tri

    2017 Goals - What are they?

    Coastal High 50 - sub 7hrs. 7.03 last year, so hopefully it's not far away. Go sub 20 at Parkrun. 20.43 is pb in amoungst my big weeks training for Coastal. Not getting any younger though.
  13. part_time_tri

    What's with so many drownings? Nsw

    I wonder how many of the 5 could have prevented these... Fence the pool Shut the gate Teach your kids how to swim - it's great Supervise, watch your mate Learn how to resuscitate We must never lose sight of those. They work and they are important. As for such a large amount in NSW, such a large population. But still over that I'd say.
  14. part_time_tri

    Gold Coast to Brunswick heads

    Could always turn off at Kingscliff and take the Coast road down through Cabarita, Hastings, Pottsville etc. I've only ridden on the roads of Hastings and Pottsville when we went down camping and Tweed Enduro. You'll end up on Wooyung road which goes under the motorway and join the old pacific highway which will take you to Brunswick. I don't know whether it makes it longer or shorter. But I wouldn't want to be on the motorway this time of year.
  15. part_time_tri

    1991 ITU Worlds Finish

    I 'interviewed' Miles when I was in Year 5. My teacher's daughter was dating him. So she arranged for him to come in and we fired questions at him. Would have been 93 if my Maths is correct. A great memory that I look back on as something that has influenced my teaching career.