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  1. Bought a scratchie. If I win a thousand bucks I'll come. I'll buy one every week and just train as IF I had signed up for IM (so I don't) First scratchie, won 3 bucks back so now I can buy 3 of them! Who knows 🤣
  2. I'd love to be there for the big trannie reunion. Plenty of time to train still. But those $926 would hurt me much much more than the pain on the day.
  3. I would almost be tempted. But no IM for me until an entry fee like that causes financial anxiety. I'm just not quite there yet. 2020 looks much better.
  4. oooh, a challenge like this could be a good motivator...
  5. Cadbury Caramilk is coming back. The only way is up for me!
  6. humdrum

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    Specialized seems to go same size as Shimano. Pearl Izumi runs smaller. Northwave as well. Bummer, I have a pair of Pearl Izumi in 41 I don't use (I only reviewed them here for 1 IM) but they might be a tad small. I wear 40 in Shimano and Specialised, run in 40 2/3 runners. Consider using a road shoe. They are often more comfortable, and really, how much time do you really safe...
  7. humdrum

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    what size are you?
  8. Timely topic! Whenever I get to go on a work trip and there is a lot to see and photograph, I look into upgrading my camera because I didn't learn how to use the previous one properly 😆🙄 Bought a Sony a6000 about 5 years ago, liked it but wasn't wow, and missed the feel of an SLR. Bought a Canon D750 but apart from those rare trips, never used it. Then the trips dried up for a couple of years... last year went back to the a6000 (still cost the same, probably even more expensive), and swore to myself I'm just gonna keep it and run it into the ground, and take it wherever I can. Well, I haven't used it for some time again... Now I might be going away again in October, and it will definitely require a zoom lens (only got the 18-50 or whatever it is) - and looking at cameras online makes me wanna have something fancier as always! But I won't. Get the lens, maybe a couple of filters, and actually try and learn to use it. Anyone know any good online reads or tutorials? Landscape, buildings & sights and wildlife might be on the agenda.
  9. humdrum

    Challenge Roth 2020

    I was a volunteer in 2000, and that was the last year of it being IM. 150000 spectators on course, now propably even more. I know I'll go back one day...
  10. humdrum

    Challenge Roth 2020

    You practically get carried up.
  11. head north a little until you hit the River Torrens, then turn left or right...
  12. I also have these from way back reviewing them for Roxii. Size 41, I normally wear 40 to 40.5. No cleats. Pay for postage?
  13. I'm cleaning out preparing for a move. Anyone want one or all?
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