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  1. Hi humdrum. I have been searching for those longer Vision screws for ages. I have the 25m spacer but cant fit them.

    Mike Del does not take them, I would love them for my Vision tribars.

    FYI - Vision does not stock them because they say they had a few failures with the 25mm spacers and the longer bolts ( - but i am prepared to risk it. 

  2. and I think I have many more even. Will check.
  3. I think I have some. Not vector but look exactly the same. vision?
  4. humdrum

    Geelong 70.3

    part of the road was also resurfaced within the last couple of years I was told.
  5. humdrum

    Geelong 70.3

    No wind up here whatsoever!
  6. Indeed I am. Would love to catch up! Flying in tuesday 16April in the afternoon, starting to ride wed morning. I've also been offered to stay with my WA touring buddy, so no pressure on that front. But if you guys are free that day or evening, let's do something. When I finish it's straight from Albany to the airport.
  7. I'm going over in April to ride the Munda Biddi from Perth to Albany. So excited! Has anyone here done it?
  8. Nah. Bikepacking or touring gives me far more enjoyment. For far less money.
  9. I am guessing Busso 15, that was my last race I think? Not used the helmet for anything else.
  10. I've pulled a bit on the straps and all seems OK, but you are right. Don't want to give it to someone and then it breaks or something. Rubbish it is!
  11. My old sperm helmet has this kinda air bubble. But it's not coming off anywhere in the sides. Still safe to use? Toss it? If still safe, does anyone want it?
  12. I'll start weighing in again from tomorrow. Might help me to kick those last few kgs. Had a bit of a break, but I'm so close to where I want to be, I will get there!
  13. Bummer Ah well, would still be keen for a group ride on my noisy oooold kickr.
  14. Just put in in the package with my shoes...
  15. I swam twice... Bike 9548 Run 975 Pretty good year for someone not training for anything. I reckon 2019 will be even better
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