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  1. Anyone had any experience with this bike bag?
  2. Anyone had any experience with this bike bag?
  3. I worked out my bag has nearly $1000 in gear in it!! I'll see if I can get a response from them tomorrow. Not happy!!!
  4. Did anyone not get any of there bike or run bags back?! I couldn't find my red bag with all my bike gear in it from transition, I searched twice and they took my name and number down and said they would call me. The girl taking down names and numbers had a few people written down who were missing bags. Not surprisingly I haven't received a call and I've tried chasing them again with no reply...
  5. That water was so bad I was debating pissing in a cup and drinking my own urine....
  6. I didn't say it would be an easy trip! Skybus to city with bike and luggage would be ok - the tram to st kilda wouldn't be fun! If it was me I would catch a cab.
  7. The skybus from the airport to spencer street is a good quick service. From there you can take the 96 or 112 tram to St Kilda, or take a cab.
  8. Thanks for the input, sounds like for a lot of people its a backup plan which sounds like a good idea! This was my other concern, I don't want to stop for 10 mins waiting for my bag to be found!! Anyone have any problems?
  9. Hi, IM Melb will be my first ironman in a long time. Just wondering - how/if you use the special needs stations on the bike and run? - Does it take long to pick up your bag? Keen to hear peoples strategies as mine keeps changing! I only have a 1 bottle cage up front and 1 bottle cage at the back so I was thinking of putting two (hopefully cold) bottles in my special needs bag. Thanks!!
  10. If it makes you feel better I would be happy if I could do your times :-)
  11. TPP MxWalker Nick777 Bozza ltrevask PortRooster Mrando Tivale Pete Symo Toolish Tinman2 Cape_Horn Stikman Smiffy Joostoz Swanny POT gregb secteur pave Must tri harder Froudie nuked AndyBoy25 bigempty
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