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  1. TenPints

    New road wheel manufacturer....

    Agree with this. My original TT brakes were rubbish, rear was impossible to use, front was next to useless. That old Canberra course where you descended into a right hand turn over the bridge, and the descent to the left-hander by Matt Flinders at IM Aus were dodgy moments. Fixed it by upgrading to TriRig brakes, but still not has good as the rims on my roadie.
  2. TenPints

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    I saw you out there Turts, making it look easy. Think we have one more in us? I'm wondering whether to head to Busso just to watch the end result of this endeavour... FFF - Go love every minute of it fella!
  3. TenPints

    New roadie options

  4. TenPints

    New roadie options

    Just been through this exact process myself... Walked away with a Pinarello Gan S...after leaving the dentist following emergency root canal work, crossing the road, and buying the beauty.
  5. This from an article I read I the Guardian today: However Bermon insists the issue was more prevalent than is realised. “We have a lot of athletes with this kind of condition. It is not just the one or two people you hear about in the media. In elite female athletics the number of intersex athletes is 140 times more than what you might find in the normal female population.” Nevertheless it remains a difficult and sensitive issue, and Semenya has born the brunt of it since she burst on to the world stage as a shy 18-year-old by winning the 800m at the 2009 world championships. That led to gender tests that were never made public but were alleged, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, to show she had no womb or ovaries but had internal testes.
  6. TenPints

    Yay me! I got all the old topics back!

    I am in the virtual world presence of a true tech genius...great work fella
  7. TenPints

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I was at the cycling (and out having a few) with Matt Formston, former World Record holder, Olympian and World Champion on the tandems. He was saying that the best bike was a combo of a Welshman and a Scotsman, but due to us competing independently, the combo was broken-up. My first ever trip to a velodrome, and was in the centre watching. Trying to find the place, actually took a wrong turn and ended up where all the athletes were warming up. Soon got thrown out though. It was well warm, good job the beer was cold!
  8. TenPints

    Commonwealth games chat.

    They did give us ponchos... although I didn't pay a cent so couldn't complain
  9. TenPints

    Referencing - APA style (any experts)

    Going back to my my masters...you can typically reference in your own style in the text (new paragraph as a block, in-line etc.). You can use [x] where necessary to alter the quote. You then footnote this (superscript with a 1, 2, 3 etc.) and then have the same in the footnote. You'll typically need author, title, page number but it can depend on what you're quoting (book, paper etc.) Importantly, if you reference a paper referencing a paper, note this...e.g. "according to XYZ referencing ABC"... I'll see if I can dig my requirements out as an example...it was a long time ago though... I'll also speak to some of the Professor's I work with on the research programs I lead and see if they have a reference document.
  10. TenPints

    The Great Transitions Beer Mile! (Port Mac)

    Now that video brought back happy memories. Took the bronze at that one (trophy still proudly displayed), even with a chunder at the end. Top tip: DO NOT go to the pub and smash pints of beer before the Beer Mile...you will see them again!! Must make an honourable mention to Stikman who hosts the Busso Beer Mile (threw-up at that one too). Foz in his crusader outfit was brilliant, still makes me laugh. IMOZ beer mile, when we had the stands packed was brilliant. Won Fashions in the Field that day! Stig was there in his finest, Jimbo as Superman, Ratdog and his legendary suit..bloody brilliant memories.
  11. TenPints

    Work stuff ups.

    Labouring in a steel factory to save for uni. Decided that I could also save time by loading two pallets onto my forklift one in front of the other. Front pallet snapped, shock-loaded forks, forklift went up on front wheels, steel sheets went everywhere, right royal mess! Every sheet destroyed, luckily didn't kill anyone (some people can really shift when they have to). Up-side: one of the (tosser) managers went mental, I was happy not to have ended up under the mess, told him where to stick it in no uncertain terms, and went for a cup of tea...factory hero for the day for having a go at management!
  12. Finalising my commitments... Opening ceremony, cycling, swimming, athletics, rugby 7s (oh yes)... Four presos, three dinners, too many customers, won'der how many beers I'll drink... Go WALES!
  13. TenPints

    Weird cop moment

    ...and those replies are why I love this place!
  14. TenPints

    Weird cop moment

    Waiting in a queue of cars today (in my car) on way to Club Champs. Bike cop blocks me in front and just stares at me, another comes alongside and stares at me. So, I wind down window and ask "what?"... both cops just stare (long enough to be really weird and hold up traffic)...and then ride off...WTF was that about???
  15. TenPints

    Tri bikes for Juniors

    My boys are taking part in the NSW Club Champs this weekend, their first triathlon, both on mountain bikes. I think to get the kids into the sport, gear should take second place. My thinking around this, is that if you introduce them to the whole gear perspective too soon (roadie, tri-suit etc. etc.), it puts pressure on them to perform, and perhaps the expectation of a result. I want my two to go around the course with a smile on their face. Funny side story, which kinda contradicts the above. My youngest was doing a duathlon, he was on a bmx/mtb cross with no gears. At the end he was quite indignant "they all cheated Daddy"..."why's that son?"..."they all had big bikes with gears, I couldn't go that fast"... My eldest was in desperate need of a new bike for the weekend, he's been riding around on one too small for ages. We were in the bike shop yesterday, pricing-up bikes - I did ask about the cost of a roadie in his size. The bike I'd get for my $ was incomparable in my opinion - a poor roadie, or an OK mountain bike, with the roadie being about 200.00 more!