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  1. Movie Icarus 9/10

    I watched it the other night and really enjoyed. Agree with above as wanted to see the doping angle, but still found the intrigue of the govt sponsored doping program very interesting...and the IOC decision disgusting (all over again)...men in blazers...grrr
  2. Utopia

    I was on a panel this evening and at drinks before we kicked off was talking to a QLD govt employee...one of the first things they said was "have you seen Utopia?"...I will watch asap.
  3. Lifesavers are being sued

    I think it's to make the focus about the employer and not the employee. E.g. Personnel Department going to Human Resources - it changed the mindset to that of being about the company, not the individual.
  4. Uber v Cabbies

    Would love to stay and have a few beers mate, but 9pm flight back to Sydney as have early morning ride tomorrow. I'll be back soon...
  5. Uber v Cabbies

    Use Uber all the time, the receipts even upload automatically into the Concur expense system, so not only do I not have to pay when I want to jump out of the car, but my EA doesn't have to hassle me about receipts! Same as others, Sydney cabs smell, are in shag order and are dodgy drivers - and would never pick me up for trips to the pub when I lived out in the suburbs. Uber: clean, polite, offer me water and gum. I've had a few muppets in terms of picking me up (going the wrong way, and a 2min wait turns into a 10, or just go to the wrong place), but in the main, I think they are great! I just caught one from Brisbane airport to the city about an hour ago, great service from the fella.
  6. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Not sure I agree with you there goughy on the above discussion between trinube, monkie and myself. It is directly relevant to ssm (I keep going to type s&m...). The discussion was in relation to someone voting y/n on the issue of ssm, and the external influences that was causing them to vote that way.
  7. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Mate, read my argument properly. Nowhere above have I commented on which way she should vote - she can vote how she likes. What I am arguing, is that based on her religious position, as that is what seems to be dictating how she should vote, she wants to deny same-sex couples the opportunity to marry. That is intolerance, it's an intolerance towards other people's freedom to choose to marry. She can absolute vote that way, and nowhere have I said she can't, but that doesn't escape that fact that her vote is an attempt to deny a group of people an opportunity to do something others can do freely within Australia. No analogy is frivolous when it helps articulate a point - I chose pizza/pineapple because it has already appeared in this thread, and I think it illustrates the issue of toleranc /intolerance well when it comes to one person's ability to influence the freedom of choice of another.
  8. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Not sure I understand your point Ex-H. Are you saying that if someone voted for an MP that would vote 'no', is by association a bigot?
  9. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    LoL! That's the problem, in this case the government isn't making a bloody decision! I am not talking about her being intolerant towards those voting differently to her, and I am not being intolerant of her way of voting. What I am talking about is her position of intolerance towards same-sex couples who want to marry, and countering your point that she isn't intolerant. For example, pineapple on pizza. I am tolerant of people who like pineapple on pizza, but I don't want it on my pizza. So, if we had a vote that said "should people be allowed to choose whether to have pineapple on their pizza", even though I disagree with pineapple ever being on a pizza, I would vote 'yes', as I am tolerant of people who like pineapple on pizza and support their equal right to choose their own pizza toppings. If I voted 'no', then I am intolerant of people who want to have pineapple on their pizza, because I am trying to take the choice away from them.
  10. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    You know the answer to that FP my mate!
  11. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    You do not believe that equality in marriage is right, fair or just? It's not name calling! It's applying a definition to her position. She will vote to support intolerance. I.e. supporting the denial of equal rights to a group of individuals - ergo she is intolerant towards the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Simple.
  12. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Sorry mate, that makes no sense. She is intolerant, as she is using her vote to DENY a right to a group of individuals. A yes vote is the complete opposite as it is countering discrimination (intolerance). She is bigoted, as her fundamental belief is guiding her over and above what is actually the right, just and fair thing to do.
  13. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with you trinube. For example, I disagree with you on the above. She might be a kind, compassionate person, but that doesn't exclude her from being a bigot. If she votes not to give a group of people equal rights to the rights she herself enjoys, as a direct result of her beliefs, then by the very dictionary definiton of bigot, I'm afraid she is one.
  14. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Bad day out for me. Sore throat and under the weather and my hip injury flared-up straight from the start. Had no go in me at all. 70:17 - gutted.
  15. Lifesavers are being sued

    Back in my days on Mountain Rescue, a casualty was found who had already passed on. The radio call detailing the find was intercepted and that person went and told the family that their loved one had been found alive and well. Mountain Rescue got sued by the family, not the heart less dick head. Another time I worked for hours on a casualty in shit conditions high up the moutain, but lost them (saved two other with hypothermia). Hours later after eventually getting off the hill, wet, cold and hungry, I had to go through the hoops to ensure that should the family want to sue all information was available...WTF!