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  1. Willie goes down - again

    That sucks mate, sorry to hear about the injuries and the bike. Good work fronting-up to the low-life sh*t head. Hope that footage nails the idiot, especially the failure to understand road rules and right of way!
  2. RunWith Opening - 13th January, 2018

    Hey Willie, tried to send you personal message but says you can't receive them.
  3. RunWith Opening - 13th January, 2018

    Will do mate.
  4. RunWith Opening - 13th January, 2018

    Good luck Willie! I'll pop in and have a look around and can say confidently l'll be a customer. Quick question: do you have the capability to bring products to a pop-up market (gazebo, table)? My company, once a week, opens up a marketplace on campus (over 6000 staff on the campus). Just wondering if you can promote yourself by having a stand there and selling some wares. A bike shop does it once a month, so why not your run shop. If of interest I can see what the process is to get you a slot and l'll help you set up on the day (even in my suit).
  5. Mobile phone cradle and GPS

    Macally is the brand of my mount.
  6. Mobile phone cradle and GPS

    Went to get keys to get better photo...
  7. Mobile phone cradle and GPS

    Uber drivers can't use Google Maps due to the licensing costs (so an Uber driver told me). Below is the mount I use (quick photo through window as didn't have keys with me). Very adjustable and sticks extremely well. Can even be rotated to landscape. I've tried a few and this works best.
  8. Leg shaving....

    Cream when long and then a quick razor stroke every so often in the shower. I did it as I hated rubbing sun cream in through the hairs, and actually like the feel when riding without hairs. Feels weird first time when putting the jeans on. I do the full legs so it doesn't look like you're wearing hair shorts.
  9. Trannies Strava Page

    If you need a 'second' from any current members of the Strava group to help, let us know mate.
  10. Christmas & New Year

    Cheers Roxii, really appreciated. It was tough but was lucky to have some great company. Counting days until I see them for new year.
  11. You at our Ops Centre there much mate? I'm helping to host some visitors there in the new year as a show-and-tell kinda thing. If you're around will happily buy the coffees.
  12. Christmas & New Year

    LoL! Thank's Cranky, means a lot - and I know what you mean.
  13. Do we work for the same company?
  14. Christmas & New Year

    I've written this and deleted 3 times...my first without my boys being with me on Christmas day and the first without a call to my mother... ...but I spoke to them, ate a load, made too many amazing espresso martinis, cooked some awesome food, including for two 90+ year olds who told me it would be their last Xmas, in a good and entertaining way, and I actually spun my legs on my new Cycleops Hammer...Plus I turned a non-cyclist into a cyclist by buying them a bike...won trivial pursuits...and I went to bed a little pissed and awoke with a Boxing Day hangover (ok, it was a lot more than a "little pissed")!
  15. Trannies Strava Page

    I'm just outside that top 30 H - but yeah there are a shed load of people on it. Why would you join a group you have NFI about?