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  1. TenPints

    Charity Beer Tasting - Tour de Cure Fundraising

    Thanks all for the support and donations, really appreciated it. Just come back from a stint on the road and playing catch up, so apologies for delay replying here. I'm locking in numbers in 30 mins for catering, we have 29 coming so far. Willie, Nealo, any chance of you making it? Will pm you both now.
  2. G'day Trannies! To help raise funds for Cancer Research, I'm riding the Tour de Cure from Foster to Sydney at the end of the month. To help with the fund raising I'm hosting a beer tasting at The Endeavour Tap Rooms at the Rocks in Sydney. The founder and head brewer will be talking about the beer we're tasting and the brewing process. Tasting paddles and food included in the price. 16th Oct, $85.00 a ticket. I hope some of you are interested in coming along. If so, PM me and I'll send a detailed invite. Cheers!
  3. TenPints

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    You bloody legend! Great job out there FP! Makes you a little bit Welsh finishing that race!
  4. TenPints

    Thoughts please .... on how to improve my life.

    People above making sense Rimmer. That lifestyle is a challenge - I did it for a while, luckily not flying but a 3 hour train ride early Monday to London and then back on a Friday to the midlands - you are so right that it changes your friend-landscape. It seems to me you made a lifestyle choice, but tried to maintain as much from the 'old' as possible. It's time to change the 'old' fella - easy to say sitting half a world away, but with the imminent arrival of a new bundle of joy (massive congrats), that 'old' will become ever harder to maintain. If I can be blunt, I see a serious challenge ahead: partner becoming a partner and the career requirements that brings; in-laws being relied upon more and more for baby-care; you away during the full work-week; renovations inevitably falling behind. From experience, the partner will see all that travel as 'escaping' fatherly duties. I fly a lot, and got flak this morning: you're ok, you'll be in the hotel tonight, enjoying room service (I won't, I'll be in the pub), and I'll be here with baby... I made a choice to leave a good job for a new challenge to remove my international travel, and I've recently made another choice to cut down on my triathlon, I've stacked-on weight, miss the training terribly, but hey-ho, something had to give to balance new baby, 2 elder sons and a promotion bringing in significantly more workload. To me, from my 10,000 foot perspective the answer is obvious. You've made the lifestyle choice, it's time to make a brave career choice - those young years go so fast my friend, don't miss them. Explore as many options as you can to sustain the business, without the travel (e.g. could you hire someone on-the-ground in London, so you only travel once a month; shift your expertise from consulting to recruitment as you know the game and that might mean less travel - I'm obviously spit-balling without knowing the details of your business, so my apologies). Good luck with everything Rimmer. My final thoughts around this are, that it's better to make a decision, than to keep pontificating about needing to make a decision.
  5. TenPints

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Mae dy Nghymraig yn dod ymlaen. Cymer bwyll yfori a pob lwc hen ffrind! Go good FP, I'll speak to the Welsh weather gods and sort out that weather. Everytime I see pictures of the place, brings back memories of Sunday school trips! Take care out there fella!
  6. TenPints

    nick kyriois

    I read the reports on what the umpire said, and immediately thought that it was out of order. That's a coach's job, not a match official's - and the evidence of the effect it has is clear: he turned the game around and went onto win. Perhaps the take-away from this, is that he needs more direct feel-good-motivation. Was he a spoilt child growing up?
  7. TenPints

    IM Wales prep question

    It's Wales! Go sit in a fridge and pour water on your head...it's all about conditioning! Go good my friend!
  8. TenPints

    New IMWA swim course = chaos?

    Agreed Stikman. Was keeping an option of Busso in the back pocket as a return to the long game, because of these two things...and sharing a bunk bed again...
  9. TenPints

    Whatever happened to Niseko

    Always enjoyed having a beer with Niseko.
  10. TenPints

    Mobile plans - which one?

    2Gbps at the Mac Park trials. 16Gbps at the games. Did you visit the tent?
  11. TenPints

    Mobile plans - which one?

    Yep, very true. It's a new technology, so perhaps I should have said "pretty special (for us city dwellers)" 😉
  12. TenPints

    Mobile plans - which one?

    That was Telstra, you should have gone to the Optus demo at the Comms games. The 8K streaming over the 5G network was demo'd as people drove around in a van. Plus a whole load of other applications, with it utilising the full 5G capability (live displays of the speed being achieved) - there was even a tower constructed with the 5G units installed\, so definitely not lab-based connectivity.
  13. TenPints

    Mobile plans - which one?

    As a heads-up, Optus is continuing a significant investment into rural Australia - a Billion dollars is committed to improving and expanding the network. To demonstrate the $ needing to be invested, over 3.6 Billion has been invested in coverage since 2015. Also worth remembering when talking about "the big boys" the actual difference between Telstra and Optus. Telstra have about 40% of the mobile market, Optus about 24% (then Vodafone around 14%). Outside of these three, the other providers are Virtual Network Operators that run over the Optus/Telstra/Vodafone networks. As we're talking about mobiles - 5G is going to be pretty special! 4.5G is about 1Gbps when stressing the gauges. 5G can hit 16Gbps. To give a comparison for those with 4K televisions: 5G can stream 8K content over the mobile network. Range is shorter, and there's plenty of work to do on the devices themselves, but 2019 should see some roll-out.
  14. TenPints

    Let's talk Hematocrit Levels

    Thanks fella, my small country is very proud of our Geraint - loved the Welsh flag and the mic drop! If the session into the early hours of this morning is anything to go by, then there is no chance of alcohol levels changing - out again tonight and then a rugby club charity event Friday afternoon. So glad us Welsh have 4 livers!
  15. TenPints

    Let's talk Hematocrit Levels

    I think I was 52 when I had my blood work done - blech, hate doing it...will see if I can find the results to double check...