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  1. Wooden bike storage

    Looks like an awesome idea.I think the one from Peleton Cafe would sag over time due to the largely unsupported downward weight. Easily fixed with some cross-bracing and vertical support. Don't have any plans for one but it would be fairly easy to take this as a concept and develop your own. All the best with it and be sure to post a pic of what you end up with
  2. Hip Flexor issue

    Thanks Roxii Has anyone suggested bursitis?
  3. Hip Flexor issue

    Roxii - from the same area and looking for a physio. Who do you use?
  4. Kickr Trainer for sale

    what would postage to syd be?
  5. 2018 70.3 Australia Team of 2

    Hi All, Looking at entering 70.3 Australia in 2018 as part of a team and wondering if this can be done as a team of two. Im looking at doing the swim & bike and a mate of mine will do the run. Anyone know if this would be OK. Thanks RR
  6. 2017 IMOZ TV Coverage

    In past years, TV (I think channel 73) has reliably shown TV coverage of IMOZ 2 weeks after the event on a Sunday. Based on this, there should be something on this Sunday but I haven't been able to find it on the program. Does anyone have any further insights into this or know if and when this coverage will be shown? Thanks in advance
  7. New wheels req

    Mind lending me a set to test during Port IM
  8. Ironman Australia 2017

    Only had a quick look at the info recently posted on the webpage, but it looks like there is a voucher for dinner to the value of $30 as a replacement for the Welcome Dinner. Can't see anything to replace the Awards Dinner other than a function at the Beach House. Didn't think the Beach has was big enough to accommodate everyone
  9. Kickr for Sale in Perth

  10. Salomon Slab Skin3 Set 12

    Is the back reservoir/bladder included?
  11. Ironman Australia 2017

    Confused also - I thought this thread was about IMOZ 2017 Power stuff is cool and I like the banter, but perhaps the thread title needs to be changed
  12. Ironman Australia - Carbo/Preso changes

    Is it just me or: - Mike R not coming..... - Changes to Friday & Monday events.... --- How many more years has Port got this event for?? Whats the next change considering that IM is a business and changes are usually about saving money and doing things differently. We have already seen the consolidation of the Full and Half into the same day.....
  13. softride free to good home