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  1. That is assuming it is a single person
  2. Did the 1:20 on the way to work this morning. Had to drop in Belgrave for coffee and pastries as Proserpina was closed. 75kms of bliss rather than a 37km mind numbing commute.
  3. You guys need to move to Melbourne. Anything under 5kms is just a bump, not a climb. I sometimes do the 1 in 20 on the way to work, 1 ~ 20 min climb beats doing any kind of repeats.
  4. I bought a 235 at $249 at Rebel a bit over a year ago. First time I have seen them this cheap since then.
  5. Naut

    Formula One 2019

    My parents are off to watch Monaco and Spain this year. They have done Belgium in the past and maybe a couple of others?
  6. I only race myself and I haven't won yet.
  7. Work on your peripheral vision. Then you can fake the hamstring tear just before they make the pass and claim it went just as you were about to surge.
  8. I saw a good post that pointed out that in a crit when one grade catches another, the grade being caught is obliged to pull over and let them through. Sounds like this should have occurred.
  9. Nah, most were done by 1pm. Wasn’t too bad until I started the 40km ride home with a full backpack
  10. Screw IM, the A race this year is tomorrow. Corporate Triathlon - the premier triathlon for bike helmets worn backwards
  11. I think you can do a lot of it on bike path
  12. Agreed, wildlife is one of the biggest risks, right up there with tradie utes. I don't like the Yan Yean reservoir option due to traffic, Melba Highway also scares the crap out of me if solo. I do like Kinglake, across to Kinglake West then drop down to Whittlesea and back that way.
  13. The good news is you are in one of the best areas in Melbourne for riding. The bad news is there are very few flat roads. For a solid, flat TT effort you really need to head out Plenty Road to Whittlesea. Personally I don't like riding that road for traffic reasons, but I know some very good triathletes that use that road for their long sessions. If you want to do SE efforts, then I have seen plenty of people head up Kinglake on their TT bikes. When I was training for IM I used to head down to Beach Rd, 150kms would take me just past Frankston before I turned.
  14. Naut

    How to improve the run?

    This silent, unspoken partnership that I love with running or riding (seems to be mostly running). There have been a few events where I have hugged complete strangers after crossing the finish line because we both know that we couldn't have achieved what we did without each other.
  15. Naut


    I keep meaning to send this to vegans I know. https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/botany/plants-feel-pain.htm
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