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  1. Naut

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    Still had my obligatory bad maths moment. At the 40km mark I looked at my watch and it said 3:52. Had a brief “can I still go sub 4 hours?” moment of excited. Then worked out it was back to back sub 4 min/kms and I was current doing 6 min/kms and I was already thinking about walking again. Excitment over
  2. Naut

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    Well I had the shocker I deserved, first time over 4 hours. It was a different experience though being a bit further back. Lots more walkers, people going down with intense cramp, etc. Once the 4 hour pacer came past, I switched off and just enjoyed myself. Didn’t go as deep as I do most years, couldn’t see the point. Conditions were great, except a couple of points where the wind kinda sucked.
  3. Naut

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    I think I got all the necessary excuses in there.
  4. Naut

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    Who’s in? I am lining up for #7. Did my calf about 6 weeks ago. Tried to run twice since then and it has gone badly. So this is going to be a day, unfit slog with the potential of going very wrong. On the up side, looks like the weather will be great! Edit to say - I am also doing my first run in brand new shoes of a different style to what I am used to just to add to the degree of difficulty. So if you are in Melbs tomorrow and see a mushroom cloud in the sky tomorrow, that was me blowing up
  5. Naut

    Australian Survivor

    Brian lost it when he didn’t split the votes evenly and Sharn had the surprise idol. Shane has been awesome, but Sharn has played almost faultlessly and deserves the win. She came back from the dead so many times!
  6. Naut


    Coffee at Mercedes Me at the Rialto. Sleep in. I'd offer to meet you for lunch, but the city will be a struggle. Crown have a nice pool for relaxing. Do the big wheel thing, just make sure you only look out the city side.
  7. Naut

    How would you pace this run?

    Flat out from the gun, then when you start to tire - GO HARDER!
  8. Naut

    Cheap but decent drink bottles??

    Also the insulation takes up so much space you have to buy a 700ml sized bottle to get 600ml in it
  9. Naut

    Real Fridges of Trannies

    I think you need eggs. Why do you have two milks open?
  10. See that's the thing, if we agree that under normal circumstances on a relatively flat course, even splitting is the fastest possible way to go then banking doesn't really exist. Either you have the fitness to run your desired pace or you don't. Banking just means you will miss by more. This is just my opinion having run a few of these now. I have learnt a lot of lessons the hard way.
  11. Banking does not work. Your best result will be even spilts or slight negative. If you can’t get your time on even splits then banking wouldn’t have helped. Just be prepared to hurt in the last 10kms whatever you do. That’s my 10 cents
  12. Naut

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Thanks, that’s kind of the point I was trying to make 😊
  13. Naut

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Gotta be honest, I am no fan of this endeavour but I reckon this is turning into a game of stacks on. I’m not going to make any attempt to defend what she has done and how she has gone about it. I look forward to hearing about the amazing things everyone is doing to give them the confidence to lob that much criticism.
  14. Naut

    IM Wales prep question

    Nah, you’re still in the mental rehearsal phase. Training shouldn’t start for another 2 or 3 weeks.
  15. Naut

    Rim Brakes to Disc Brakes

    With enough gaffer tape and cable ties you can do anything.