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  1. Looks like Contador has taken the record. I saw it this morning and then went looking for confirmation this arvo and couldn’t find it. But it is back again so I assume it’s real.
  2. Naut

    Froome GONE

    If he stays at Ineos for the remainder of the year then I'm not sure we will see him at the Tour.
  3. Naut

    Formula One 2020

    Alonso back to Renault, not sure that is a good idea. By all reports he has been incredibly divisive in the past and I don't know that Renault and Cyril have the culture necessary to keep him under control.
  4. Naut


    If people weren't selfish morons there would be no need for security at all. Having soldiers guard citizens is pretty inflammatory, I can see why private security were chosen. Perhaps a bit more oversight in the future though.
  5. Naut


    It is also school holidays and a lot of people are keen to get away after a term of home schooling.
  6. Naut

    Dash cam advice

    My car has 360 camera coverage for parking, how long before these record to storage full time? When an impact is detected or a button pressed it could use the SIM onboard to upload to the cloud somewhere for later retrieval.
  7. They look ok, what is the fit like?
  8. I've thought about it, but I think it will well and truly exceed my boredom threshold. The Roam 400km+/10,000m vert ride sounds far more interesting.
  9. Naut


    It's almost like you guys don't believe in trickle down economics?
  10. Naut


    Saw Phil Gaimon posted it and gave Durianrider a spray calling him a racist misogynist. Made me like Phil even more
  11. Try 87kgs, can't wait to get back under 85kg. Short race this morning, 319 watts for just over 14 minutes. Woke me up but can't say I felt good.
  12. Have now clocked over 30 days straight of some form of training (run or ride) everyday. Might be normal for some but I very rarely do over 6 days straight. Getting a trainer and onto Zwift has been the solution, makes knocking out an hour's ride practical. If that hour includes some kind of race then it can become a pretty high intensity session.
  13. Ignoring all the other elements, it's amazing he and the team held it together to win for 7 years. There are so many things that could go wrong. Look at Cadel, he looks at the ground funny and gets a broken elbow. Froome had the year with the cobbles where he crashed before even reaching the stones.
  14. I kind of agree, there is nothing he can really do to fix the past so he is focusing on the future, can't argue with that. But he has that cult leader kind of personality and you can see he is doing it all again. There are a lot of things about him that are admirable and many things i despise but at the end of the day very little of it impacts my life.
  15. His shirt sleeves. Sure, from a distance while in a moving car
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