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  1. Got a mate that has a Moots in that bare metal grey, with white bar tape and white saddle. Looks awesome, but he is diligent on ensuring the tape is changed regularly.
  2. I think these people should be taking drugs so they don't care about their results as much. Different type of drugs though.
  3. I have the toe thingys, not convinced they do much.
  4. How often do they hold the Fortnite World Cup? If it is once every 4 years then it's more reasonable. If it is 4 times a year then it's out of control!
  5. I got given a short sleeve Gabba this year. Greatest thing I have ever owned.
  6. Naut

    Swimming to work!

    Don't the Clearance Divers do it all the time during their selection period?
  7. I heard this morning it wasn't Nibbles, it was one of his teammates
  8. I set a bunch of KOMs at Sandown behind the of an AMG. Changed it over to cross country skiing before I was crucified. No-one was going to believe the top speed came from a tailwind
  9. I have been messing around with https://www.rouleurderby.com/ this year. It's not specific to TdF but great because you can join anytime and update when you have time. We could create a transitions league.
  10. Naut

    Lama down a rabbit hole

    It was a great read and I enjoy the poddy, keep up the good work. Shimano’s response is quite concerning and made me wonder if they had thought it through before sending. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  11. So if you list to The Fit File podcast with DCRainmaker and our very own GPLama you will have heard the Lama mention being down a rabbit hole. Sounds like he struck the bottom and has published his findings. https://gplama.com/2019/06/29/shimano-crankset-power-meters/ So if you bought a Shimano based dual-sided power meter, could you return it under Australian consumer law as “not fit for purpose”?
  12. Naut

    Garmin Edge 530

    So I had a death in the family this morning when I closed the car boot on my trusty Garmin Edge 510 and killed 1/3 of the screen. I get a pretty good discount on Garmin stuff through work and am looking at the new 530. Anyone had any experiences with them? There was an issue with a sticky back button, but I believe that has been resolved.
  13. Having a dog inside and free to move around the house is some of the best home security you can get.
  14. Naut

    Pro cycling hours

    I read the total elevation and thought "why is he measuring in imperial not metric?"
  15. I bet on Carapaz in roulerderby.com I just need him to win the entire thing now
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