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  1. Is it April already?
  2. At lot of the amalgamators have listings from wholesales that advertise cheap rooms they don't actually have. So you can make a booking on the website but it can take up to 48 hours for the actual booking to be made with the hotel and by then the hotel doesn't have any rooms. I have found this more of an issue overseas than in Australia. Like Dalai and Ex I now use the amalgamator to find options and contact the hotels direct. They will usually do a better price just to screw the websites.
  3. Naut

    Tour de Cure

    Watched it with a couple of mates that were on the ride.
  4. It maybe my hatred of riding Beach Road shining through, but I find it a pretty uninspiring course. Also lapped courses bore me
  5. Just saw this, it is pretty funny for a big bike brand. Up there with Sagan doing donuts.
  6. Naut

    Festive 500

    Hit 530kms yesterday and I am done for the year. Went for a swim this morning for something different.
  7. Naut

    Now that's a crash

    If he had a freehub I reckon he could have saved it
  8. Where did you go? What did you do (other than what I can read on the screen)?
  9. Just remember not to bury yourself until you hit those last two kms and don't stop to fill up your bottle at the spring 😁
  10. Doesn't help if you accidentally sort a single column instead of the whole sheet, or so I have heard 🙄
  11. They talked about this in relation to the BMC steerer tube recall on a recent Cyclingtips podcast. https://cyclingtips.com/2019/11/cyclingtips-podcast-carbon-forks-keep-breaking-why/
  12. Naut

    Giro Della Donna 2019

    I heard a similar story from the guys I know that rode it, lots and lots of flats on the gravel. Everyone said Voss was awesome.
  13. Naut

    Giro Della Donna 2019

    Looks like the weather is going to play nice this year too. Should be great
  14. Naut

    Giro Della Donna 2019

    Yeah, I will probably give it a miss. I have ridden to the top of Donna return from home so I can definitely ride it another day. @surfer I haven't ridden the Sat but they did a cyclecross race one year and it looked fun. If I had a gravel bike I would be keen to do both days. Did the damage riding home on a bike path, another path came in at 90 degrees which created a hump in the path. The hump was much steeper on the far side than I expected and i got airborne and landed badly. Lowest grade fracture with minimal displacement so no surgery but I still have a bit of healing ahead.
  15. Naut

    Giro Della Donna 2019

    I have experience dry and wet and dry is definitely more pleasant. Although i prefer the gravel in the wet as it weirdly feels safer. Tempted to give it a go as it is still fun at cruise speed, but I am a bit concerned my elbow won't be ready to hang onto the bars by then.
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