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  1. Would definitely be interested in reading your post.
  2. Naut

    Sträva segments

    Pfft, it is at least 2 levels up from Olympics. Far more integrity in Strava efforts
  3. Is that the big difference? Being able to slip into your safety space just as the car arrives? I remember reading something about Mike Hall saying that, that he always left space and developed an instinct on when to use it to buy himself a little more room. I have always thought the radar was a bit of a waste, instead just always ride as if something is coming. But the enthusiasm on here is making me rethink my view.
  4. Amazing achievement! Huge congratulations to all involved.
  5. How fkn good is Lukey. Would be 1/4 as entertaining without him! His tribal council the other night was pure chaos wrapped around a plan that was quite well executed. Loved it!
  6. Naut

    Trek owners

    Going to first oversize bearings is a standard Trek recommendation for creaking bottom brackets on the Emonda. I have had it done on mine and to be honest it still creaks from time to time. Cycling Tips had a article not long ago about Trek moving to threaded BBs. My next bike will have a threaded BB, I just think press-fit are destined to creak at some point in their life.
  7. Love this event, would really like to have a crack. Unfortunately personal circumstances make that impossible at the moment, but maybe one day.
  8. All good, we found an AirBnB in freshwater. Thanks for the advice, looked like it was going to be Manly and a bus for a while there. Swimming really wasn’t an option 😁
  9. A family member needs to spend about 5 nights at the South End of Curl Curl next month and we are struggling to find accommodation. She doesn't want more than a 15-20 walk to South Curl Curl Rockpool or a pretty simple bus journey. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of hotels/motels and AirBnB options are super expensive. Anyone got any suggestions or experiences in that area?
  10. I used to play footy with a couple of guys that swore by a couple of cans of JB & coke before a game.
  11. Got a mate that has a Moots in that bare metal grey, with white bar tape and white saddle. Looks awesome, but he is diligent on ensuring the tape is changed regularly.
  12. I think these people should be taking drugs so they don't care about their results as much. Different type of drugs though.
  13. I have the toe thingys, not convinced they do much.
  14. How often do they hold the Fortnite World Cup? If it is once every 4 years then it's more reasonable. If it is 4 times a year then it's out of control!
  15. I got given a short sleeve Gabba this year. Greatest thing I have ever owned.
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