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  1. Naut

    Garmin Edge 530

    So I had a death in the family this morning when I closed the car boot on my trusty Garmin Edge 510 and killed 1/3 of the screen. I get a pretty good discount on Garmin stuff through work and am looking at the new 530. Anyone had any experiences with them? There was an issue with a sticky back button, but I believe that has been resolved.
  2. Having a dog inside and free to move around the house is some of the best home security you can get.
  3. Naut

    Pro cycling hours

    I read the total elevation and thought "why is he measuring in imperial not metric?"
  4. I bet on Carapaz in roulerderby.com I just need him to win the entire thing now
  5. He strikes me as the kind of sprinter that is never going to be outright fastest, and so has to be fast and smart.
  6. Naut

    The 1% stuff

    Ignore my family and job so I can train and recover more consistently.
  7. Apparently Kale and Bilsy didn't know each other before the show, neither did Henry and Cade. How would Bilsy have felt looking at Kale as a partner when he could have got Henry or Cade?
  8. First show in a long time that we have sat down and watched as a family. It's the modern day version of Hey Hey it's Saturday or Countdown
  9. We should start a league in https://www.rouleurderby.com/ It's a bit of fun and you can jump in and out as time permits
  10. I am lazy and can't be bothered researching. Do pedal power meters have strain gauges in them or do they have another way of measuring power (or calculating or estimating)?
  11. Naut

    Another Cyclist Down

    I have unofficially heard that the driver may have experienced a medical episode that lead to the incident. It may be just one of those horrible incidents that life throws up every now and again.
  12. Seen a few photos and it looks pretty cool. I think it is a bit Baum dominated, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Naut

    Spring Classics

    Interesting, I read this morning that he slid on the white line, but the stills suggest he was already sliding!
  14. That is assuming it is a single person
  15. Did the 1:20 on the way to work this morning. Had to drop in Belgrave for coffee and pastries as Proserpina was closed. 75kms of bliss rather than a 37km mind numbing commute.
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