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  1. Bored@ killing ironman 19

    OMG!!!!! How good is Survivor Australia!?!?!?!
  2. Lachie's New Bike

    I want my paper on the doorstep and not the front lawn next time.
  3. Amy's Gran Fondo

    Great conditions, even with the headwinds on the GOR. I rode really well to the KOM, then burnt ALOT of matches between the KOM and the descent. Paid for it on the GOR. Time to focus on the Melb Marathon now and then back on the bike for the Giro della Donna.
  4. Amy's Gran Fondo

    I ran the GOR marathon at more like 12km/h so it was all a blur
  5. Amy's Gran Fondo

    It's not a super tough course Paul and the mix of standards can offer some challenges. But riding down that way on closed roads is always enjoyable. The old course used to start with the 40km run down to Apollo Bay then up Skenes Ck, that was pretty dangerous with big, fast bunches with inexperienced riders. Always plenty of crashes. Starting with the climb up Dean's Marsh Rd splits the field up and makes it much safer. The introduction of the gravel events looks like a good move, be interested to hear what you think of it Peter.
  6. Amy's Gran Fondo

    Anyone doing Amy's this year? I am a late entry, going to drive down in the morning.
  7. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Are you just talking tri-suits or are you thinking cycling and/or running kit as well? Perhaps après training casual wear or some kind of leisure suit? Safari suit? Sumo suit?
  8. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    Eltham lad Brendan Canty made the break and over the final climb with the chase group, unfortunately came off on the descent and finished 6th. That said, sixth place on a GT stage in his first GT is a massive achievement and some badly need points for my team.
  9. I am speechless, and that is rare......

    Nice work people.
  10. Orica Scott. The Movie

    I thought there were some good lessons in leadership and how to work in a team in there. To the degree that I am going to suggest our leadership team go take a look. Chaves and his folks were great. An example of a son living the life his Dad wanted, but you don't get the feeling that his Dad was one of those high pressure sporting Dads. I think it was great how Stephens clearly took a punt on Chaves and the impact he had on the life of the whole Chaves family.
  11. Orica Scott. The Movie

    Was pretty good, bit sketch at the start but then settles down to be a good watch. Worth making the effort to go see it.
  12. Orica Scott. The Movie

    Going tonight, looking forward to it.
  13. kurt kinetic inride or other products

    I have no idea what you could do to get fitter and drop weight.