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  1. 3 factors for me - distance, cost, holiday destination. If it is local and cheap I can minimise the impact on my family. If it more than a day trip but still cheap, then I will probably still do it. If it is more than a day trip and expensive then I need to be able to convince the family it will be a good holiday. That said, the family had a great time at Mt Beauty when I did Peaks so they maybe more open to suggestions.
  2. Stringer Sports Sale

    Good shop, I buy all my running shoes off them. Usually go in-store as they are a few kms from work.
  3. How much caffeine do you use?

    I usually work back from roughly the end of the event and calculate to take a caffine gel to support me through to the end. Some good info from Slane on caffine and Time Trialling via the Lama's Youtube channel.
  4. Tranny kit poll

    Does the kit include a Gabba?
  5. ageing- from serious stick insect to mammil

    You can look at new challenges too. Easy to pb something you have never done before. Helps that we tend to have a bit more disposable cash to switch things up, as we get older.
  6. Dairy free Recovery

    I've been called a lot worse than a baby cow 🐮
  7. Bone spurs didn’t stop me winning Kona again

    That haircut would be more debilitating than any amount of bone spurs.
  8. What is a person who eats all 3 major foods called

    This is a really important question. How are people going to know what I am if I haven't incorporated it into my social media names?
  9. Where's Macca?

    and if internet forums have taught us anything, it's that no matter what you say, someone will find a way to: Disagree Misinterpret Extrapolate into something else entirely All of the above If you don't say anything, then you don't need to say a bunch more to deal with the above.
  10. Lances Tour Podcast.

    He is an arrogant SoB, but has become a more self-aware arrogant SoB. As a fellow arrogant SoB I enjoy his podcasts, doesn't mean I excuse his past behaviour. I just understand I live in an imperfect world full of imperfect people.
  11. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    I watched some youtube videos (probably got the link here somewhere) where a couple of American coaches pulled runners off the path and gave them basic tips. They always seemed to recommend high knee and heal flick type drills to reduce over-striding and contact time. I think my technique is pretty average and the drills are probably applicable to me. I just can't be arsed doing them. Would probably be a much better runner if I did a bit of work on technique and built the core strength to maintain it. Found one of the videos
  12. Melbourne Marathon

    For a full marathon? Mine started in the mid 140s but was consistently over 150 by the mid point. It also started to get a bit warmer by then.
  13. Melbourne Marathon

    I guess you have to look at how many wore HR monitors and the pace they were running. My HR tends to be a bit on the lower side (low max) and I averaged 153.
  14. Melbourne Marathon

    It's a big event with high participation, so you kind of expect a few challenges. But yeah, the merging with the half-marathoners and later the 10km bunch was a real problem. The 3:30 pacer I was with was yelling for them to move left, as the 3:30 bus was coming and it doesn't stop for anyone. Some people got the message, some were oblivious and a few got agro. With the timing of when the half-marathon starts, it means that the pace differential is huge. We were running 5 min/km past half-marathoners doing 6+ min/km. I clipped a few of them, just trying to get around. I get that they are just running their race, but some of their awareness was appalling. Not to mention that running on our section of road meant they had to run further when their course went off to the left. I remember this being a problem years ago and they shorted it out. Not sure whether it is the growing number of participants that has made it an issue again? Actually, the numbers are so big these days that in a few places the course was actually too narrow. The drink stations are ok, just stay wide and swing in at the last couple of tables. Everyone else goes to the first two tables and stops and props.