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  1. Clappers

    Experience with Prostrate Cancer

    Go easy the next step is go see a urologist, then there is another investigation a TRUS trans rectal ultra sound and biopsy. The renal ultra sound and 24 hour BP monitors are not routine for high PSA, you must have high blood pressure The PSA level relates to size of prostate, it being high could possibly be due to large prostate. May just be a case of keeping an eye on it, maybe down the track may need channel widening TURP trans urethral resection prostate. I had my PSA level checked before Christmas, I didn't ride a bike for over a week beforehand. My level was above the middle of normal for my age, so I've been advised to recheck in 5 years. Thinking about you mate and hoping everything turns out OK
  2. Clappers

    Shoes ASICS and Brooks

    Got them yesterday (auto correct changes asics to aspics but I haven't been sent you any ass pics - honest) Cheers
  3. Clappers

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Brad Kahlefeldt won parkrun today with a time 15.47 I have to disagree with Wikipedia, They claim he is Waggas greatest athlete obviously not met Goeasy
  4. Clappers

    The Mental Health thread

    I've been at bit down since I went to BBQ on Saturday and heard what someone was saying about me "you can't come back to work after you've had to wear a nappy" The truth is (as you can see from photos from earlier post) I kept taking nappy off even when I was still in intensive care. I was two months in hospital and had to relearn how to walk again coordination and balance were the issue I fell out of a wheel chair once. The physios told me only to walk on level ground and not to run. So I ran the Coastal Classic (see MTB/off-road ) I found the story of Tricia Meilli the Central Park jogger truely inspiring " the confidence gained from a physical achievement can be transferred to other parts of life" Recovering from a traumatic brain injury is a long hard road some days I don't even want to get out of bed yesterday was one of those days until I went on trannies and read Flanman's post about his cousins cycling achievements. Thank you for giving me a needed boost.
  5. Clappers

    Being Proud and Humble

    Wow this is truely inspirational, I've been a bit down the last couple of days, But Gabbies story has inspired me
  6. Clappers

    What training did you do today...

    It was perfect temp, back in chorine pool today - 😞
  7. Clappers

    2019 Goal - What are they?

    Add to my entry buy Go Easy a beer in Bondi Pub after the city to surf
  8. Clappers

    Training Camp - 3h from Sydney

    Just spent a week staying in The Entrance swam in ocean pool nearly every day(see what training did you do today thread) ran double park run Entrance and Mt Penang, 3 hr trail run Bouddi park, 2 hr beach run to Norah Head and a 10k easy run on Tuggerah lake path If it wasn't for all the burgers from Carl's Junior I might even be fit
  9. Clappers

    What training did you do today...

    2.5 k swim at Entrance ocean pool, training for Australia Day Aquathon
  10. Clappers

    Official Parkrun thread.

    I did the double parkrun as well, up at the entrance .Met a guy training for UTA who shares home parkrun with me.
  11. Clappers

    2019 Goal - What are they?

    Life - get back to work after two years off recovering from bike accident sporting- get back to triathlon -sub 20 parkrun -sub 1.40 HM Continue rebuilding life and getting things back to normal after accident and traumatic brain injury
  12. Clappers

    What training did you do today...

    easy 5 k recovery run then a easy 1.5km swim with pull bouy This is after sprint races on Sat and Sun
  13. Clappers

    The Mental Health thread

    Thanks it was really good to see you and GregB and I didn't finish last. Onwards and upwards and a bit more time on the bike I'm going to run SMC half marathon on Sunday, the last time I ran this race a bus came through and I had to stop and I got beaten by willie but managed to tag along with Paul Every. Onwards and Upwards - and I hope Willie is there for a rematch
  14. Clappers

    The Mental Health thread

    Thanks Mick I didn't realise you came to see me, I don't remember. I still had PTA post traumatic amnesia. It lasted two weeks I think,I remember waking up in Liverpool hospital and thinking I was on a cruise liner. In May I watched the you tube story about Tim Don The man in the halo, I was in the garage going to do an indoor bike session but just sat and cried. Anyway he's just a winging Pom he only broke his neck in one place I broke mine in seven(they were all stable and mended without issue) but it's a good story
  15. Clappers

    Races in Sydney - Hills Triathlon Club

    I might enter the November race It would be good to catch up