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  1. Clappers

    Tim Don

    I watched Tim Don Ironman Legend on you tube last night. I don't care if he wins Kona or not he is my hero. I was totally inspired today and trained like Tim Don-that's my new saying to train like Tim Don
  2. Clappers

    Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    I've just entered this year 2018,and done my first training run. It feels really good to be doing a training run and not just exercising
  3. Clappers

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    I hope the trannie rock is still there
  4. Clappers

    Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    I'm out, spent the day at the hospital. My son had an laparoscopic appendicectomy and he wants me there all night. Ah well there will be other races
  5. Clappers

    Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    Good work backing up tour de cure ride with the gong, are you just giving mere mortals like me a chance ?
  6. Clappers

    Starting Again

    My last race was the Penrith half in 2016 I just started in January. All runs have been easy I've been wearing Hokas while my hips and knees toughen up. On the bike mainly indoor trainer just sufferfest and you tube, I haven't got wahoo/trainer road. Swimming drills and long slow 400 no sprinting fast 50s yet
  7. Clappers

    Tour de Cure

    Good work mick your a legend you deserve a pint or two yourself, not one of these soft aussie scooners
  8. Clappers

    Knee clicking

    Lifestyle and Sports Physiotherapy I've never seen them but I have friends who are very happy , and it's where I would go. They used to be in Camden but have now moved to Narellan and Gregory Hills
  9. Clappers


    Good to hear from you Flanman, I was just by your place yesterday. I just started running a couple of weeks ago so would love to catch up for run or walk/jog.
  10. Clappers

    Tour de Cure

    I'll get online when I get home this weekend, I fact the last ride I remember before Christmas was near Mittagong via thirlmete, Buxton and hill top then back via yerrinbol,Bargo and Picton. Not that I'd be able or allowed to do that today was thinking of Northern Road up to Luddenham this sat, I just have to find a bike to ride so it may get cancelled Good luck Mick and I hope it cools down a bit before you ride
  11. Clappers

    Taking the Plunge

    Just got permission from she who must be obeyed and my physio Just a long list of conditions No wetsuit Swimming mainly breast stroke, obeying wieght limit restrictions placed on me by orthopods Riding a road bike, with all training done on the trainer. Wearing a non aero bike helmet My neurologist says it's important to get back to old ways of life, I haven't told her about triathlon yet
  12. Clappers

    Taking the Plunge

    Wow I'm really tempted, even though I'm still lying in a hospital bed after a bad bike crash, and I've just had crainiotomy ,thoracotomy , fractured ribs, clavicle surgery. I can still move my arm OK and have gotten into trouble for swimming by the physios . I've just got to convince my wife to drive me as I still can't drive yet. It is just 750/20/5 in April isn't it? It will be my Ironman ,just got to finish yea
  13. Clappers

    Triathlete critically hurt

    Please get better quickly, I was just intubated 3 days, my kids got the "say goodbye to your Dad talk" which I'll never forgive myself for. So please get better quickly no time for hanging around in this game!
  14. Clappers

    Clappers: serious bike crash

    Went home yesterday for the day and a trip to westfields Liverpool today yey it just gets better and better
  15. Clappers

    Clappers: serious bike crash

    Went home for the first time today, it was really exciting it's amazing what you take for granted. I found all the bags of running shoes and water belts - seems weird now And I went for a swim