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  1. Christmas Day parkrun at Nepean River Got new T shirt for Christmas Like to wish all trannies a Happy Christmas and safe new year with lots of PBs
  2. 1 Husky 2 UTA 50 3 IM UK in Bolton As I have learned the hard way life has a habit of messing up plans
  3. It was much worse in Lake Tahoe Looks kinda OK this morning after the rain last night
  4. I'm in Did Nepean as a practice run. I had forgotten how crap I am at swimming sans wetsuit. goggles fogged up couldn't see where I was going, swallowed half the lake. Not happy Jan, so I entered Hills sprint tri on Sunday. Swam much better. Built my own TT bike out of a roadie, mate gave me a wahoo kicker, signed up to Trainer Road and I'm ready to go
  5. Clappers

    Nepean 2019

    There’s no protest Nat Van Coevorden won
  6. Clappers

    Nepean 2019

    I had a good time met up with MJ the TA I want to do it again so I just signed up for the Hills sprint on Sun 10th
  7. Parkrun at super easy pace Nepean Tri tomorrow
  8. Clappers

    Nepean 2019

    I’m in just got back from rego and I’m excited race plan - swim as fast as I can ride as fast as I can run as fast as I can catch up with flannie
  9. There’s a parkrun at Lawson and it’s free
  10. Wow that was close I would of trained if I’d of known so it’s Nealo 3 Clappers1
  11. I entered UTA 50 I didn’t enter AAA I had already entered husky long course ( I got an early bird price )
  12. Your name is on the rock ANTHING is possible
  13. Time for a head to head 2019 clappers vs nealo in UTA 50 background both done 3 IM last one 2015 nealo just ran Blackmore Clappers ran Coastal Classic I came up with this while training for the Western Sydney half. Swimming is boring and makes you go mad well Nealo are you up for it? I don’t drink anymore so loser donates to charity of winners choice
  14. I hope and pray this happens
  15. I’m in for the 50 Hey Nealo PM’d you
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