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  1. Clappers

    BIG Husky 2020

    I'll shout you a lemonade before you drive back to the shire I'll shout you a beer at huskisson pub after you smash the LC
  2. Clappers

    BIG Husky 2020

    C'mon Roxxi enter the ocean swim I've just gotta convince tenpints to enter so I can sleep in his tent ⛺️
  3. Clappers

    BIG Husky 2020

    I've just entered Big Husky 2020 for the bargain price of $265, this price only available until 5pm today so come on what are you waiting for
  4. Did trainer road ramp test this morning FTP has gone up from 202W to 259W in 6 weeks, and that's after 7 parkruns on Sunday. I've been on the SST base low intensity program. I'm so excited that I'm going to enter Western Sydney 70.3. I start the trainer road 70.3 base program tomorrow
  5. Just checked mines on 16% and they date back to 2014 Was get in touch Flanman to see if you wanted to do some training now your nearly retired
  6. Wow this is good to hear I bought a 2XU A:1 sleeveless wetsuit for $225 from the online outlet shop I got it because I read somewhere on here that all the features of an expensive suit are in the shoulders I'm totally stoked with it and It fits perfectly now I just have to enter a triathlon
  7. Started in East Richmond in cold fog traveled east got to Mona Vale in glorious sunshine then finished in Mosman in the dark I ran Curl Curl 6th parkrun of the day in 25.20 but could only manage 34 mins at Mosman Goeasy I put some extra salt on my chips just in case
  8. I'm up for Longest run Australia we're starting at East Richmond finishing in Mosman. with lunch in the Terrey hill tavern and dinner in Hotel Mosman. Is anyone else up for 7 park runs ?
  9. Hey MJ what about a Sydney trannie catch up/lunch after the Hills Duathlon See if we can lure Ten Pints out of retirement then take monkie out in the Riff
  10. Wow good work Turts
  11. Go Easy - Finisher - you legend you absolute F##king legend Hope you enjoyed the minute noodles
  12. Mike l invite you to come along to the campbelltown joggers. I'm only a new member but they're a great bunch. I've entered Nepean as well but I need to learn how to swim before I enter WS70.3
  13. Sat - rode 60km with bike club coffee then 10km run Sun 28 km run zone 2 Mon 5 km recovery run Tues Trainer Road 1 hour then in evening track session with running club Wed swim 1 hour just drills Thurs Trainer Road sweet spot then 10km Tempo run HR 160-170 Today Rest day Tomorrow planning parkrun
  14. Following this thread -thanks katz just watched Ironman Port Mac, started using wahoo kicker and rejoined aquafit - local gym with 25m indoor pool. I'm excited about IM comeback
  15. I'm new to trainer road I'm just on second week of sweet spot base module. So I'm here to learn, my FTP has fallen from 292 to 206 and I've gained a couple Kg so a lot of work to do over winter. But it gives you a lot of data - power, IF, TSS I have no interest in 'speed' or 'distance' . I was given a wahoo kicker V1 all I've bought is Bluetooth cadence and HR, was the first time I'd been in a bike shop in over 2 years. I got a pair of bike shoes from Roxxi and I'm right back into cycling again
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