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  1. Clappers

    What training did you do today...

    easy 5 k recovery run then a easy 1.5km swim with pull bouy This is after sprint races on Sat and Sun
  2. Clappers

    The Mental Health thread

    Thanks it was really good to see you and GregB and I didn't finish last. Onwards and upwards and a bit more time on the bike I'm going to run SMC half marathon on Sunday, the last time I ran this race a bus came through and I had to stop and I got beaten by willie but managed to tag along with Paul Every. Onwards and Upwards - and I hope Willie is there for a rematch
  3. Clappers

    The Mental Health thread

    Thanks Mick I didn't realise you came to see me, I don't remember. I still had PTA post traumatic amnesia. It lasted two weeks I think,I remember waking up in Liverpool hospital and thinking I was on a cruise liner. In May I watched the you tube story about Tim Don The man in the halo, I was in the garage going to do an indoor bike session but just sat and cried. Anyway he's just a winging Pom he only broke his neck in one place I broke mine in seven(they were all stable and mended without issue) but it's a good story
  4. Clappers

    Races in Sydney - Hills Triathlon Club

    I might enter the November race It would be good to catch up
  5. Clappers

    The Mental Health thread

    This is very sad news, its made me reflect Nearly two years ago I had a bike accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I spent two months in hospital. I think I have dodged a bullet. I was a bit down last year. Wasn't working, didn't have a driving licence, legs ached and felt like I'd run a marathon after I had the flu. I wished I had done a proper job with the bike accident, the family would have been financially better off. After a traumatic brain injury you are 3X more likely to suffer mental health issues and 4X more likely to end your life.With the support of friends and trannies esp Flanman( read trannies helping trannies thread)was persuaded to enter park run. I started running again slowly at first, did the Coastal Classic.This was so important to me because of balance issues post TBI I had to relearn how to walk again and the hospital physios told me not to run on uneven ground. Ive meet Flanman at park run a couple of times, I rejoined local tri club. I did my first club sprint Triathlon a couple of weeks ago I came last but in my mind just entering I had won. All this made me realise how close I could have come to serous mental health issues and I am so thankful that I dodged that bullet, and thank you Tenpints and Flanman I know if ever I need to talk you'd have an ear, It's reassuring. Trannies helping Trannies
  6. Clappers

    Western Sydney 70.3 Tranny Team?

    M7 bike path, close to race you can't get lost and best of all you don't have to deal with Sydney drivers. I've done two laps of M7 as last long ride before IM Its lit up so you can ride in the dark if you want
  7. Clappers

    What training did you do today...

    Mon 1 hour bike trainer then run intervals 4X800 Wed 2 hours bike trainer Thurs M7 bike ride 75 km -I think Garmin ran out of battery then 2 km swim today 18 km run zone 2 swim this arvo and tomorrow park run then swim
  8. Clappers

    Trannie photos

    I don't know who the guy in the red top is but he photo bombed a picture with cranky as well
  9. Clappers

    Charity Beer Tasting - Tour de Cure Fundraising

    A Seminar about hydration and nutrition, excellent I'll join in for some Powerade
  10. Clappers

    Pretty Disappointing

    Mick don't be so hard on yourself I can be your training partner Swimming I'm not a member of your exclusive pool, but Camden Oylimpic pool opens Saturday Cycling I can bring my bike and dumb trainer round to yours or we could go on M7 Running I don't need to drive past your place anymore to get to park run, a new park run has started in Camden. Parkruns are a really good way to get your mojo back We could do park run then go for a swim - then a well earned coffee Just make training fun and the fitness goes up and the weight goes down
  11. Clappers

    Blackmore's Running Festival 2008 and 2018

    Good work Nealo, The New Guy, rory-dognz, Tall Paul You must of been glad it cooled down a bit from yesterday
  12. Clappers

    Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    Thanks willie but I'm not planning 6FT any time soon, heart says yes but quads say NO. I am thinking about going to running wild Kedumba half. I wore my tranny hat with pride( TenPints gave it to me in Westmead Hospital)
  13. Clappers

    Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    Finished Very happy, the goal was sub 4.20(six foot track minimum criteria) I ran 4.17 I had a bike crash last year and spent two months in hospital, I had to relearn how to walk. The physios told me not to run on uneven ground HA HA look at me now a coastal classic finisher. The DOMS feels so good today, I'm on my way back
  14. Clappers

    Tim Don

    I watched Tim Don Ironman Legend on you tube last night. I don't care if he wins Kona or not he is my hero. I was totally inspired today and trained like Tim Don-that's my new saying to train like Tim Don
  15. Clappers

    Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    I've just entered this year 2018,and done my first training run. It feels really good to be doing a training run and not just exercising