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  1. Hey Willie messaged you with some details for my daughters XX shoes
  2. Hey Willie do you have any xc/ waffles size 7 , chasing some for my daughter
  3. Yeah me too, who did you see. I had trouble getting into see anyone as they are all on holidays and want it fixed asap
  4. Dr Pun at St Andrews
  5. Hey Goughy how's the knee going. I am off to get my knee done Toowoomba Thursday after a couple of frustrating months. Ended with a MRI showing a horizontal tear in the meniscus.
  6. As topic says: any report or feedback on the bike?
  7. matto1

    Bike Trainers

    Still no regrets going from the kicker to the snap Rog?
  8. matto1

    How much difference does a quality bike make?

    Come on AP tell us what you are racing on now???
  9. matto1

    Help me get the most out of my Kickr

    Hey Rog what made you go with the snap over other wheel on trainers? Can you give us a review and thoughts on it.
  10. matto1

    Computer controlled trainer

    Where are you getting the wahoo snap at $650
  11. matto1

    Computer controlled trainer

    Where are you getting the wahoo snap at $650
  12. matto1

    Computer controlled trainer

    Can the taxc vortex be connected to a PC and be programmed for set courses,
  13. matto1

    Computer controlled trainer

    Just chasing recommendations on the best value computer controlled trainer available. I do a lot of my training rides on the trainer and now want the option to ride different courses ect. What's out there?
  14. matto1

    Which power meter option

    I am looking to progress to racing with a PM. I have a power tap PM on my training wheel in which I use, but the wheel is only a mavic rim and not what I would race on. However I have some race wheels I am confortable with, so what is the best option for a PM purchase. Do I go a crank based meter, pedal based version or purchase a new rear race wheel with a PM. Best options based on reliability and price?
  15. matto1

    Compressport sleeved tri top

    Just chasing any feedback as to what the compressport top is like to swim in. Non wetsuit swim, thinking about wearing mine at gundi next week.