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  1. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 who always seem to have had some girls injured and not racing, continually.
  2. She has to keep progressing her run now, Mooloolaba had Kasper not at her best, too close to abudhabi for her to be at 100%. Jeffcoat now has to step it up and achieve the results at the WTS level which is a whole new level again to world cups. She has had a few now so should be getting used to the massiveness of these events and hopefully we will see some good results there soon. Unfortunately I am not seeing her name on the Leeds start list, she should be doing all the Olympic distance races she can, no experience like doing, turned or turning 24 this year means the experience time is now. No use chasing points and glory in the softer world cups and sprints when in 2 years time we might need her in Tokyo over the Olympic distance. Get her in there and let her have her good and bad, she seems a tough chick who wants to achieve and would only grow quicker from a few tougher races.
  3. I read an article about this and it stated that women have a testosterone level of 0.5 to 1.9. males range from 10 to 58. Some DSD ppl can have levels higher than the 58, so higher than men. The rules will require females to be under 5.0 so this still allows them to be from over 2x higher than the highest women and up to 10x higher than some women. I believe other than creating a new category for transgender and DSD athletes this is the only other option. All elite athletes should be having regular blood screening by their national ADA, and WADA once at an international level anyway, so it isn't really anymore of an imposition unless the levels aren't within the allowed levels.
  4. I am a fan, but Noosa has always had such great fields, it won't be the same for me.
  5. noosa weekend now out for for the Superleague Aussies, our best athletes that's a shame.
  6. Cycling, athletics and yes that. A lot of shit appears to have been going on under UKAD watch.
  7. It isn't just the track cycling that UK have dominated in the past but now appear to be a shadow of themselves in. Lottery funding is still there, but the ongoing investigations and pressure from WADA and the number of UK athletes (from various sports) with shadows now over their heads would have them really watching themselves. They are no longer the protected ones.
  8. beaten


    Southern Highlands Triathlon club would be able to point you in the right direction. There is an Elite u/23 squad coached by Brendan Sexton based in Wollongong which he may be able to join a few sessions with a few times a week. Maybe contact him, If he is interested in itu racing, at worst Brendan may have knowledge and be able to recommend a coach closer to home. brendan.sexton@triathlon.org.au
  9. Any way... Nova was also an Australian Olympic and Commonwealth games sprinter. One article stated her daughter is coached by the same coach as Nova. A statement has been released by ASADA stating Jessica Perris urine sample tested positive for 3 prohibited metabolites.
  10. Nova's daughter is actually coached by Nova's old coach. That in itself adds a little more to the hmmm theory.
  11. Shorter striding athletes have less disadvantage racing indoor tracks, Gwen has a long stride so I would expect an outdoor 5k would be quite noticeably faster for her. Remember a few years back when Gwen's training group raced the Aus 10k road champs as a hard training session, Gwen won that. I can't remember which Aus female was 2nd.
  12. FFS, I am so over weak arse organisations allowing this shit to go on. WADA need to tighten up the allowed list of drugs and causes for allowing TUE to prevent sport from becoming a total farce. This shit must be so disheartening for the athletes who compete clean, to see that the organisations they thought were on their side just bend over for the cheats. There needs to be no grey areas, if you need a drug you don't race, simple, if you need it in training continually, you aren't elite athlete material, get over it and find another career. The only exception being maybe Insulin for diabetics as I assume those health test results can't be faked like so many others.
  13. UCI sick of covering for him?
  14. beaten

    Comm Games Team

    Do you follow the WTS races? if so you would have seen Aus have had a man on the 2nd step of the podium twice this season over this distance, with a Spanish guy on the top step. Spain are not Commonwealth, so yeah we do have a very good shot.
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