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  1. Guilty by association?

    Any way... Nova was also an Australian Olympic and Commonwealth games sprinter. One article stated her daughter is coached by the same coach as Nova. A statement has been released by ASADA stating Jessica Perris urine sample tested positive for 3 prohibited metabolites.
  2. Guilty by association?

    Holy shit !!!!
  3. Guilty by association?

    Nova's daughter is actually coached by Nova's old coach. That in itself adds a little more to the hmmm theory.
  4. Gwen running okay. New 5k PB.

    Shorter striding athletes have less disadvantage racing indoor tracks, Gwen has a long stride so I would expect an outdoor 5k would be quite noticeably faster for her. Remember a few years back when Gwen's training group raced the Aus 10k road champs as a hard training session, Gwen won that. I can't remember which Aus female was 2nd.
  5. So froome is a drug cheat

    FFS, I am so over weak arse organisations allowing this shit to go on. WADA need to tighten up the allowed list of drugs and causes for allowing TUE to prevent sport from becoming a total farce. This shit must be so disheartening for the athletes who compete clean, to see that the organisations they thought were on their side just bend over for the cheats. There needs to be no grey areas, if you need a drug you don't race, simple, if you need it in training continually, you aren't elite athlete material, get over it and find another career. The only exception being maybe Insulin for diabetics as I assume those health test results can't be faked like so many others.
  6. So froome is a drug cheat

    UCI sick of covering for him?
  7. Comm Games Team

    Do you follow the WTS races? if so you would have seen Aus have had a man on the 2nd step of the podium twice this season over this distance, with a Spanish guy on the top step. Spain are not Commonwealth, so yeah we do have a very good shot.
  8. Comm Games Team

    Hmm, interesting.
  9. Super league is back

    She obviously chose not to, maybe wanted more $$. She was talking about trying to qualify for the mountain bike at Comm Games also, might need to get a few races there under her belt, girl can't do everything.
  10. Super league is back

    It looks like most of the top guys chose to sign and race, females not so much. This doesn't mean they weren't selected and approached, just chose, or were not available, to race. In saying that there are some dam good athletes there though.
  11. Super league is back

    It appears they aren't actually stopping anyone racing a month prior or post, maybe they just wanted notification, incase somebody started an event in direct competition to superleague format. Most athletes are flying in from Rotterdam, having raced only a few days ago. Also Gold coast wts was only a couple of weeks post Hamilton Island.
  12. Meat and Water Diet Study

    excess protein the body converts to something similar to carbs
  13. Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    just like to say YOU ARE SHITTING ME A 1st place for aus and this is all it gets?? 3 comments. Well done Ashleigh, so excited to finally be seeing some top results for Aus, with you and Birtwhistle, the balance is finally coming back around to the green and gold. Tokyo is looking like aus will again be in the mix.
  14. Hamburg and commonwealth games selection

    I thought that would been the finish of his race right there, that last 1700m must been bloody painful,
  15. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Just give it a rest. I have heard directly from athletes who actually know how it went down,and when athletes were approached and asked to race and sign contracts for multiple races quite a few women obviously couldn't. I have been told that once a few of the top guys signed then the others followed. They do talk to each other you know, and no-one wanted to be disadvantaged in case the races were around ITU racing if their competition weren't also. With women there was more hesitation, when quite a few of the top women couldn't sign early, others were much slower to follow. I do know some who did, but obviously there were not enough. Once the trial race proved successful it was a different story, all wanted in, and now we are going to witness these great races. so now please just STFU and let us enjoy.