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  1. Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    just like to say YOU ARE SHITTING ME A 1st place for aus and this is all it gets?? 3 comments. Well done Ashleigh, so excited to finally be seeing some top results for Aus, with you and Birtwhistle, the balance is finally coming back around to the green and gold. Tokyo is looking like aus will again be in the mix.
  2. Hamburg and commonwealth games selection

    I thought that would been the finish of his race right there, that last 1700m must been bloody painful,
  3. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Just give it a rest. I have heard directly from athletes who actually know how it went down,and when athletes were approached and asked to race and sign contracts for multiple races quite a few women obviously couldn't. I have been told that once a few of the top guys signed then the others followed. They do talk to each other you know, and no-one wanted to be disadvantaged in case the races were around ITU racing if their competition weren't also. With women there was more hesitation, when quite a few of the top women couldn't sign early, others were much slower to follow. I do know some who did, but obviously there were not enough. Once the trial race proved successful it was a different story, all wanted in, and now we are going to witness these great races. so now please just STFU and let us enjoy.
  4. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Don't think so, was selected to race Hamburg (the last auto Commonwealth Games selection race) over other Aus athletes who would have no doubt been desperate for a start, then was a no show.
  5. Hamburg and commonwealth games selection

    Watched it, was awesome result, what a kick from Birtwhistle.
  6. Hamburg and commonwealth games selection

    just read his twitter, calf gone.
  7. Hamburg and commonwealth games selection

    Not since no, and how long since last one depends what you class as good, 9th in Rio?, last really good result was Leeds over 12 months ago. Hopefully can pull something out in next couple races. Bailey seemed be going ok, around top ten then suddenly disappeared and finished way back. He qualified for Rio even though tearing calf during race, so normally can fight through a lot.
  8. Anyone watch this, Ashleigh and Birtwhistle both claimed silver medals but already had their qualification wrapped up after Gold Coast. This left the spots open to the 2nd place Aus if they were inside the top 10, McShane grabbed 8th securing her selection. The mens race was another story with the next Aus man finishing way back, Hauser finishing in 20th was next best, Royle 25th and others further back. This will leave 2 mens spots still open, and up to selectors for the discretionary selection.
  9. Was thinking the same thing, total bullshit. Most cyclists would be lucky to be sitting on 40kmh unless on a descent, more or less that amount over the speed limit.
  10. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    The totally double standard f..... up way you guys preach, bag out Macca because for business reasons the Superleague trial race had no womens race.. "inequality blah blah".. then you same guys post and carry on about women cyclists/triathletes (basically hot female sportswomen) on instagramme.. now that shows inequality and disrespect at the highest of levels. So please don't even bother preaching about womens right in sport again. You are obviously only in it for the argument.
  11. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    I did a race that had an aid station operated by Hooters once, so anthing is possible. Move on guys, it has been explained numerous times by so many ppl why Hamilton island wasn't able to have a womens race, the next race, as has been announced, will have both men and women racing. I don't see anyone complaining about the pink races all over Australia that no men are allowed to race, or the womens tri only media web sites(there used even be a mag). It looks like this series is going to be up and running due to the interest and success of the trial race, which means that everyone has their time to shine now. Lets all be grateful we will have some more great races to watch.
  12. Top Money Earners

    and those bloody AFL drafted teenagers on lovely incomes as one of the top few hundred guys in aus in their sport earning more than the tiny number of top triathletes in the world.
  13. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    plus cold,
  14. I am pretty sure they are throwing a lot at paralympians already, they are the only athletes on the highest categorisation level on the web page. There are a few other athletes whose levels I find interesting though. Well that could be interesting as both Royle and Birtwhistle have moved to international coaching this year. Now I see your thoughts I understand why you find both these paragraphs interesting.
  15. What do you mean by that? what do you find interesting.