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  1. Thanks for the suggestion SomeTri, I had the usual struggle this evening then after a few big breaths through the nostrils it seemed to help. I could have some other underlying respiratory issues as my nostrils aren't clear all the time and the amount of fluid coming out my nose whilst cycling is impressive. Will have a talk with my GP. AJS it happens all year round, so I don't think it is pollen related. Could be other respiratory issues Prince, I did a lot of very thorough heart tests last year and he couldn't see any issues.
  2. Someone else mentioned that, but the evening ride is on bike paths on a creek away from traffic so don't think its pollution related.
  3. To ride in the evening I would either ride in the morning for a long ride (90kms) or commute (15kms) happens mostly after i've done the long morning ride but has happened in the evening after the short morning commute too.
  4. I will try to explain this as best as I can but its hard to accurately describe the discomfort. I often ride for 90kms before work, fairly moderate pace, not smashing myself but a good workout nonetheless. On my way back from work in the evening the first 10-15mins is really difficult, my throat feels constricted, which leads to shortness of breath, which then leads to loss of power in the legs. Its as if something is pushing on my throat preventing it from fully opening up. This usually clears after 15mins or so and everything goes back to normal. During these symptoms my heart rate is in the 130's and I can't push higher than 140 due to the breathing/loss of power in my legs. This consistently happens on the way home after work after i've had a long ride in the morning. I've ruled out a few things; its not related to the food I consume post morning ride as i've eaten a range of unhealthy to healthy foods and it makes no difference. Temperature doesn't impact on it either. Riding with or without a backpack doesn't change it. I've had the same symptoms when i'm in optimum shape and when i've been not so fit. I did a lot of heart tests last year and there are no issues there at all. It all seems to come down to fatigue from the morning ride, but just really strange - i guess the best way to describe it is all the symptoms of max heart rate but getting it when i'm only at 70% of that level. Its more of an annoyance than anything else, but just wondered if anyone else had something similar happen to them? Thanks
  5. Like others have said going to the canaries for training this time of year is pretty standard. At nearby Lanzarote Club la Santa used to be super popular for triathletes in the European winter/spring.
  6. At your height 27.5 might feel less twitchy but you'd need either a small or medium. For the majority of the you yangs trails (plantation) and some of the smaller stuff on the other side you could pretty much ride any priced bike. It's relatively flat with no major jumps/drop offs. Just fast smooth trails with plenty of trees to guide you. I rode a battered 26" hardtail with the forks locked out quite a few times there, and I would say that the biggest bang for your buck there would be to invest in some grippy tyres and work out an air pressure thtat will give you grip in the corners.
  7. This 29er has been used 3 times in the last year. Its in as new condition, no scratches so would suit a buyer looking for a new bike at a reduced price. Components are as below: Medium Carbon Frame Fork Fox Performance 32 Step Cast Remote Headset Cane Creek 40 Rear Derailleur SRAM GX, 11s Shifters SRAM GX Grip Shift, 11s Cassette SRAM XG-1150, 11s Wheelset DT Swiss X 1700 Spline TWO Cranks SRAM GX 1200, 11s Chainrings 32 Chain SRAM PC-1110 Bottom Bracket SRAM GXP Pressfit Grips Canyon Race Grip Upgrades: Brakes: Hope Stealth Race X2 Evo Seatpost: Easton Carbon EC70 Handlebar: Easton Carbon EC70 Stem: Easton Carbon EC70 Tyres: Set up tubeless Racing Ralph/Rocket Ron Comes with a spare rear hanger, and all the manuals/paperwork from Canyon. Also have tubes if you want to run them. Looking for $3k, based in Melbourne.
  8. Direct from p2max, who were very helpful & responded quickly to my questions. Think it was around $1k.
  9. Aus post are truly awful, 6 working days for express post from South to North Melbourne via Sydney apparently
  10. If you've got the specialized/s-works cranks then p2max is superb. Have one on my TT and Roadie and work perfectly.
  11. Selling my brand new Focus Spine Evo mtb. Its a medium with 27.5 wheels. I won this in a prize draw but already have my canyon mtb that i'm happy with, so rather than leave it sat in the garage i'm hoping to sell it. RRP is $4k, looking for $2800. Based in Melbourne but can box it up and send at buyers expense. Its never had pedals fitted and has literally been wheeled from the bike shop to my car and then sat in my garage. Specifications include: 120mm travel, 11 speed sram, dropper post. Would make a great trail bike. Any questions fire away. Cheers
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  13. Sagan's latest dream machine is over 8kg, so in le mond's world would he be up to no good as well
  14. Ha ha 'illustrious acting career', he's hardly Michael Caine
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