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  1. Hi redskins, I have a set of race wheels for sale. 35 mm full carbon Easton EC90 SLX tubular race wheel with 11 speed Ultegra Cassette. Front wheel has Vittoria Corsa CX tubular wheels (the ones with the latex inner tubes) and rear has Continental GP 4000 tubular. Weight 2060g with cassette and tyres. $500. Based in Eastern suburbs, Melbourne. I have an Arione saddle too and will chuck it in for free.
  2. The new Fly 6 has a velcro strap unlike the old model with the rubber band type elastics. The only problem I have is the aero spacer may not fit all tri aero seat posts. I lost it on a bumpy road but my Fly 6 stayed on as the velcro strap was tough as nails.
  3. Cool. I'm a bit sick of Boulebots. I have been attacked by snakes, chased by roos but have yet to encounter a live wombat. That's on my list! Seen plenty of dead ones along Dandy. All presumably died of natural causes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi everyone, Me and my mate have been riding along Yarra Boulevard for quite some time. Looking for a few suggestions as to where we can train with minimum road traffic and relatively flat terrain. Thanks. Slippery
  5. WTS Specialized Sitero Saddle (used for 6 months) up for grabs. $25 + $10 shipping. Had a tumble and somehow knicked the nose of the seat (click on the links below to see the pictures). Used it for 2 months since the fall without any issues. I have a new black Giant bike and the colour just doesn't match. I don't know if the cut will be an issue for another person, so I can't guarantee that your cycling shorts won't be affected. PM me if interested. https://www.dropbox.com/s/paz8fn7769pa04n/IMG_2880.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tndippbxtp4r72y/IMG_2881.jpg?dl=0 It comes with some sort of bracket as pictured, but I think it is part of the packaging.
  6. Hi TrinewB. It will fit me. Trying to PM you but just can't figure why it is blocked. Anyway, let me know if it is still up for grabs. Slippery
  7. Thanks Steno, No luck. They haven't got the Di2 wiring kit for the TT bar. It's as rare as an honest politician. Cheers.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion guys. I had a computer dude who is well adept at soldering mobile phone cables etc have a crack at soldering one of the cables together. No luck. On a different cable, the loose wire is in an inaccessible area where it joins the junction box. I might try my luck with an autoelectrician as suggested by George-Bob. Otherwise, I will have a very expensive fixie sitting in the shed forever.
  9. Good morning, Trying my luck on this forum to get this super rare item as Shimano Aust/NZ DO NOT support the 10 speeds anymore. The wire on my Giant Trinity TT bike is squashed and is very temperamental. Need a new or working second hand front wire kit and route the cables externally. eBay has one for $350 incl shipping from the States. By the time I get it installed, it will be like $400+. Shimano wants us all to upgrade to 11 speed. Boo hoo! Cheers
  10. Hey everyone, I have just upgraded my Tri bike. Time to flog my old bike. 2009 Cervelo P3 - Size M (54cm). Full Carbon. Shimano Dura - Ace groupo with near new front DA 7900 chainset (175mm) Mavic Ksyrium Helium Edition Speciale Anniversaire clincher wheels Vision TT carbon bars X-Lab Sonic bottle cage holders and with Sonic nut. Price:- $1,500.00 Pictures in my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qr87aqq5n1qrp9/10348291_10153252828119008_3475852069855392485_n.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhe4e12lahex53p/10703943_10153252827919008_2869525996351302258_n.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsyffui4x0rqdul/10424339_10153252828094008_246939177010398517_n.jpg?dl=0 Here are some reviews -http://www.bikeradar.com/au/gear/category/frames/time-trial-triathlon/product/review-cervelo-p3-frameset-10-37505/ http://autobus.cyclingnews.com/tech/?id=2006/reviews/mavic_ksyrium_es Pick up from North Balwyn, Victoria. Thanks for looking.
  11. Hi all, I bought this bike approximately 6 months ago. Have been riding it over winter along the single trails/XC. It is slightly too big for me (L size). Bought for $1,700. Happy to part with it to any Tranny for $850. Chain and cassette a bit rusty in spots as I forgot to dry it properly after one of those wintery rides. Fizik Arione saddle can be replaced with original unused Specialized saddle at buyer's request. Pick up only from my brother's place @ North Balwyn VIC 3104. Specs listed on website. http://www.specialized.com/au/en-au/bikes/archive/2013/camberfsr/camber29 (pm me for photos with your email address).
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