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  1. Not sure about the announcement today but my theory is that there will be another announcement for a new ironman and that is why they haven't allocated the venue for the Asia pacific champs, yet. Most races will now have .70.3 attached to them to save costs and therefore they can maximise profits. $$$$$$
  2. it's clearly them trying to get back the power they had a couple of years ago when events sold out instantly .
  3. Jetstar is great, just pay $45 for 30kgs .they just charge you for the weight and not extra because it is a bike . Very fair I think . Prams do not count towards any luggage weight Cheers
  4. What gets me thinking is that they have taken the location off the world map . Ironman japan is still on the map yet they haven't announced a date for that either . Mmmm ?
  5. Please does someone have anymore into ? I haven't signed up for any ironman races yet next year but this us my first choice
  6. Agree totally IP , they are very fair , cost about $55 each way and you don't have to list it , just pay for more baggage . Cheers
  7. ballinatri

    Newtons in Aus

    thanks mate , I got 3 pairs of my usuall noootons for the price of close to 1 Yeowwwww
  8. ballinatri

    TA auto renewal

    C'mon guys, $125 to support the sport we all love .FFS it is a small,amount based other sports. If we didn't have TA who would sanction the races making sure they are as safe and fair as can be. I think it's a bargain just for the public liability insurance alone. I for one ride comfortably thinking that if I knock over a pedestrian or damage something expensive I am covered.
  9. ballinatri


    Hi guys, I have a computrainer to sell. My coach at the time suggested to buy it. I purchased it direct from phil at computrainer for $2000 4 months ago as it was a demo model. It has the puck and all the pieces. Not being a technical person and my coach moving interstate after it bought it , I no longer want it . I have not set it up . I want $1500 plus postage for it (no offers). I live at ballina on nsw far north coast but am up in Gold Coast every 2- weeks cheers
  10. ballinatri

    TA auto renewal

    One day fees go to triathlon Australia not race owners
  11. ballinatri

    Neoprene shorts

    Get then dare to tri ones. Just as good as the others but half the price. X
  12. You make it sound like it was YOUR club , like you paid for Tri suits
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