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  1. I think I went too hard in my swimming session this morning...I can't see where to PM you Could you send me a PM? I am potentially interested
  2. I just booked my partner to do her boat licence so you could say my training is officially under way!
  3. All the major bike insurers i've spoken to don't insure such old bikes I have a few 1980-1990 bikes that I would really love to insure as I ride them and they are basically collectors items but i've been turned down everywhere. Is home and contents my only option?
  4. I personally wouldn't say anything ...as long as there is one person who is above 18 (as the 'adult') then there shouldn't be any reason why you would need to tell them..? Also, they should take photos and videos of the condition when they enter and when they leave. The owners might blame some repairs on them and use that they are rowdy 17 year olds as an excuse. My best friend rented a hotel room for his 18th years ago and it was only because of the photos I took upon entering/leaving that he didn't have to pay to replace the entire carpet. Definite paranoia on my part but I just don't trust anyone..
  5. Got a wait list spot, which I absolutely didn't expect...have 48 hours to commit
  6. All jokes aside - do people actually think the traffic in Sydney is bad? Have you been to other parts of the world...Rome/Istanbul (!!!)
  7. Amazing from Lucy to get overtaken and pushed to 3rd place, and then come back and repass Sarah to take back 2nd. Absolutely mental.
  8. Someone just got dropped and the commentators can't notice
  9. No joke - someone in this top 5 group will get hit with a penalty soon
  10. It seemed like it was an observation not a criticism, jesus christ...do you feel attacked all the time outside of the computer world as well?
  11. Check the places that price match in their policy
  12. I haven't watched this but someone might find it interesting
  13. I know a guy who collects old vintage time trial bikes, and he has some pretty ugly bikes that makes the Shiv look like a supermodel. That one in the middle is a piece of sheet metal I think - no idea what is going on there to be honest. The Campagnolo wheels are incredible in my opinion, those Campagnolo Scirocco wheels are impossible to find for sale and when they do they cost thousands. Fingers crossed the photos work...
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