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  1. Horowitz

    Woman rides 184mph to break world speed record

    You got to love the top comment on the article..
  2. Horowitz

    Eliud Kipchoge

    Broke the Marathon world record a few days ago by 78 seconds in Berlin...this video is him training two weeks before the Berlin Marathon 15 x 1000m @ 2:45 pace with 1:45-2mins recovery @ 2,200m
  3. Horowitz

    Hot Cold hot cold water recovery? Worth it?

    You'd think they would have done some research for their literature review before commencing 😅
  4. Horowitz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    Glad i'm not the only one..
  5. Horowitz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    If you don't want to use technology, cool. Don't use it. But not embracing technological advance just so you can feel a sense of superiority to everyone else is absurd. How do you wash your clothes? By hand, so that you don't have to worry about your washing machine breaking? How do you light your house? Candlelight, so that you never have to fix a light bulb? And in summer you don't use a fan to keep cool at night do you? Because god forbid the possibility of it having an issue. You're kind of like the Vegan who can't shut up about it. You know they aren't vegan because they really care about animals, but because it's alternative. You'll also find those people are the ones wearing leather shoes.
  6. Horowitz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    Wow, thanks for all the replies! I'm using the Garmin one that came with the 910xt bundle a few years back. The plastic middle section protrudes quite a bit below and it isn't a flat edge..it actually looks quite similar to the Magellan (using google images as a basis) I guess the cheapest option is to buy a better heart rate strap and see if this problem subsides...as the watch is fully functional (unfortunately!!)
  7. Horowitz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    Hey guys, I use a 910xt...the heart rate strap cuts into me so badly that it draws blood on long runs (20km+) and long rides...I'm pretty sure I have a scar, but wouldn't know as I don't let it ever heal completely. I've been losing weight and the issue is getting better, but it's still relevant. If I loosen the strap, it just falls to my waist.. Thinking about investing in a newer Gaming watch with the wrist based heart rate monitor. Anyone have experiences with this? Is it accurate? Obviously i'm not training for the olympics or even to win my Age Group so i'm talking general accuracy. I saw that even the wrist based ones come with heart rate monitor bundles - makes me worried that it wouldn't be great if they are giving that as an option. As a second part to the question... - Can I buy a 'softer' heart rate strap (i'm using one I got 5 years ago with my 910xt) which could help this issue? Surprisingly my 910xt is still going super strong after all this time and I don't really need a new watch (but this might be a great excuse for a new toy!) - Fenix 5, or Forerunner 935? I've read all the reviews of differences and pro's and con's but if anyone has some first hand experience with things that work/don't work i'd love to hear it! Thanks
  8. Horowitz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    50 in 50 was too easy, she has upped it to 5,000 in 5,000 according to her fans on Strava comments
  9. Horowitz

    Zwift National Championships Announced

    How do they enforce the "No TT Bikes" rule?
  10. Horowitz

    Where to buy Swim boot

    Wiggle has a minimum $80 for free shipping - any other websites, or somewhere in Sydney I can go for some Swim Boots Would rather spend $20 more in person than waste $20 on shipping or adding crap into my cart to justify cracking $80 Thanks in advance
  11. Horowitz

    How to download Kona 2017 from Red Bull TV???

    If you have a Macbook you can just watch it and make a video of your screen through quicktime I think. You won't be able to click away as it will literally record what is on your screen. But you can just leave it on in a room by itself for the day... Other than that, no idea
  12. Horowitz

    5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50

    Hey! Welcome to the forum! I will be in Warsaw for two weeks on work in January. We can take a selfie then and post it on the forum so everyone knows you are legitimate. The only thing left to do then is to go under 13 hours in your Ironman Italy and you will have full access to the forum.
  13. Horowitz

    Women smashes 100 mile record

    Did someone touch a nerve?
  14. Horowitz

    Sydney ocean swimming logistics

    Get in touch with the Salties (https://www.instagram.com/bondi_salties/?hl=en) I've never swum with them although I am a local to Bondi, but from what i've understood they are the nicest people. There are also the Bondi Penguins which is essentially the same thing (maybe run by the same people??) https://www.instagram.com/bondi_penguins/?hl=en It's free and very inclusive for all levels and you can definitely ask to leave your stuff in someone's car
  15. Horowitz

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    This thread has been a very entertaining read, and I thought I would throw in my two cents. Back in 2012 I was eating a normal diet while living in Europe and was 5-6% body fat, ran a marathon close to 3 hours two days after my 20th birthday and was cycling 200+ km's a week without even blinking. I turned vegetarian at the start of 2013 (first no meat, then i quit fish as well) and since then I have gained over 25kg and stopped to exercise completely. For all of 2013 I was merely riding off my fitness that I had built up. I haven't been able to exercise properly since then, and my last triathlon was also back then. I went so deep into the hole just to finish that 70.3 that I haven't been able to sit on my bike since.. I have given myself a lot of excuses over the years, mainly that my studies are taking up my time and that when they finish I will get back in shape. I say the same thing to myself every month, and I still pay my pool membership in the hope I go. The reality for me is that I was unable to exercise because my body could not recover because I was not eating properly. And by that I don't mean that I ate unhealthy food. I did not eat sugar, or processed food. I had no chocolates, no soft drinks. I had a lot of vegetables and ate fresh at home as much as I could. Three days ago I had my first steak in years, and I have started running again and am going to the pool on Monday night! The turning point for me was seeing a photo my girlfriend took of me. I am definitely classified as very overweight, and I have no idea how I have let it come this far. I know it's a placebo, but I definitely feel stronger already. I tried so many times over the years to get back into a running routine but it kept on failing because my body just couldn't recover, and I would be exhausted all day and be so unproductive that I could not justify going for runs because it would interfere with my studies/work. I am sure there are many people that can live so well on a vegetarian diet, and do sport at a high level but I cannot. Everyone is different and my body can't do it. I really respect those people that can. I definitely don't see myself eating solely meat and water like Niseko advocates, but I am sure that for my body meat is going to help me get it back together.