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  1. "Make America hot again!"
  2. Berlin Marathon officially not going ahead
  3. Hey, Does anyone know where I can get a proper assessment/fit done for running shoes in Sydney?
  4. Swim the Gold Coast has been cancelled, so there goes the motivation to swim across winter!
  5. The question I'd like to ask is - what are you using to get such an accurate GPS reading? This is "kayak-level" accuracy for me!
  6. I have Bose Soundsports The right earphone has a button for accepting calls/changing songs/volume The left earphone has a button solely for bluetooth. If I hold it down for 2 seconds it disconnects from the one I'm using and starts searching for another connection. *Note: It has to already have been paired once to the *new* connection, so it knows what it's looking for. It basically runs through it's "saved" connections until it finds something on and nearby. The Bose are quite smart and they save them in order of what you used, so you'll always have your top 2 in order and it doesn't take long.
  7. Horowitz


    Sorry! You're right my apologies
  8. Horowitz


    You have to understand that anything that this guy does is to create discussion and get people talking about him. Whether he runs a marathon at sun 4min pace or whether he ran a 10k in NY in 34mins is irrelevant because we are talking about it. That's his goal and he achieved it. He spouts a ton of BS like the time pretended he was preparing for the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, and didn't front up at the start line, but had heaps of exposure as being a Vegan "training" for it (personally I doubt he ever had intentions of starting it). He is very similar to Trump in this regard, and I have contributed to this thread above and I regret it. I think the less people speak about him the better. In regard to his net worth and youtube views - there seems to be a bit of foul play. Very consistent video views, almost in line with botting, and you'd think someone with 218k subscribers would have a change in subs at some stage? Very strange he doesn't get ANY additional subs, or people unsubbing him (this is normal from what I've understood for such big channels). Compare this to Triathlon Taren who only has 107k subs, but who's view count is vastly more spread out, and you can see on a weekly basis he is growing (although his daily average is lower than DR's, and has half the Subscriber count!!). I think they speak for themselves. I just said not to speak about him and look what I've done *facepalm*
  9. I'm doing Open water in Sydney every day in speedos and don't feel a thing (got a bit of quarantine blubber though)
  10. Yeah was just looking at one this morning from a swim I did yesterday. 200m segment - 30second record, and the entire top 15 is >40 seconds. When you click on their workouts where it was set it's 1.5km / 54mins with the GPS going all over the land and clearly erring
  11. Horowitz


    Timing of this thread - this morning he spammed a CyclingTips article with troll comments https://cyclingtips.com/2020/05/gaimon-sets-fastest-everesting-record/
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