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  1. This made me look up the qualifying time for the Olympics as I remembered it was around the 2:20 mark and found this That's a pretty big jump for qualifying times isn't it? How can every country find someone that can run 2:11...
  2. Horowitz

    Garmin 935

    My partner is tiny and had the same issue, Apple watch was the only thing that worked (they come in different sizes I believe) but she didn't want it so we didn't get it. But we definitely found one that didn't look ridiculous on her and fit so might be worth looking into
  3. I'm having seizures looking at these Garmin prices. What's my best bet if I need something I can click onto my bike that tells me how fast i'm going and how many KM i've done?
  4. My commuter is a 1980's Bianchi LoPro Track ....I think we need a new thread with pictures
  5. Too committed to back off
  6. Hey looking after 1 or 2 Kayak Paddles in Sydney (or Newcastle) One piece, not two piece
  7. I was vegan for a few years. I gained 25kgs and had no energy and it was just shit. After that I went high fat no carb, and lost almost everything back and cannot be happier with my health and energy. In hindsight I was young and dumb and didn't take the meal prep seriously. I think if I did it again, it would be better because I wouldn't just cook pasta every night with tomato sauce. I did it for ethical reasons, but **** it was hard. I'd be really worried about focussing at school for a 14 year old. I guess if you have the resources to spend a lot on food, and make sure she gets everything she needs it could work. My best friend owns a lot of vegan restaurants in Sydney - if you are in Sydney you can PM me and i'm sure my friend would love to have a chat to you/your daughter. I think the only thing you can't get in a Vegan diet without some form of supplements is B12. Best to talk to a doctor and make sure she's not going to miss out on anything in her development years
  8. I want to buy a pair of rollers with resistance control, but before I do i'd like to try to see if i'm actually capable for a few weeks If anyone has one lying around that won't cost too much send me a PM Thanks in advance
  9. That's the equivalent of someone saying: "You have to pay for a triathlon program from AP? Doesn't everyone write triathlon programs, and they can be found anywhere on the internet? It can't be that specialised that what he is offering is worth paying for.."
  10. Can anyone who has done this race in recent years weigh in on how it is? I'm throwing up this or Ironman Italy at the moment for a European Ironman next year
  11. I've told myself if I can lose 5kg's by Jan 14th i'm retiring the 910xt and buying this. Will check in here with my progress then
  12. Jesus, talk about a NSFW image!
  13. Is the Fenix 5 that much better for $100 more? (comparing Rebel prices and the JB link above) Almost every comparison review online says they are basically identical
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