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  1. Bike Transport Rotterdam -> Australia

    Hey, I have looked absolutely everywhere for shipping bikes from Europe - Australia as I had a couple I left in Italy when I moved back here. Cheapest option: Call a bike store, and ask them if they can ship them. A lot of bike stores have deals with DHL etc. where they can send bikes worldwide for 150euros flat. Obviously it's hard to find a bike store that would do this kind of service for you... Otherwise, as Lesmack has said - you will be paying $1000+ to ship them.
  2. Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    Goes live in 107 mins - 13:30pm SYD time
  3. disputed ebay sale - seller protection?

    *gets popcorn*
  4. Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    Breaking 2 hours is very simple: Nike puts up $2million take it all for whoever breaks it. If no-one breaks it no-one gets the money. Set the date for one year from now, so everyone has time to dope themselves to their eyeballs and back again, and it will be a case of whoever doesn't get caught or dies. Sub two hours guaranteed and Nike gets all the publicity they need
  5. Kayaks for sale

    Hey, I sent you a PM
  6. Rio Marathon Olympic Gold tests positive for EPO

    Genuine question: Is anyone surprised by this news? I am not trying to stir up a fight etc. I am just interested to know if anyone actually thinks people can be at this level for such a demanding sport and not be taking drugs? There will always be someone who is willing to take drugs to win. Even if 99% of them get caught at Amateur/Club/National/International level - there will always be some who slips through the cracks undetected, and how can someone who is clean compete against people who have taken drugs? I am sure that hard work, racing clean, and ridiculous genetics can get you super close to the very top level - but there is a big difference between Gold at the olympics and 10th place. Gold in Rio for Women's Marathon: 2:24:04 (3.24/km approx) 10th place Rio Women's Marathon: 2:28:36 (3.31/km approx)
  7. Ironcentury Update Thread

  8. Indian Pacific Wheel Race (IPWR)

    You'd have to be worried about contaminated drink bottles while snoozing off..
  9. Airline sports equipment

    You guys seriously book flights without checking allowance beforehand? If the purpose of your trip is to bring a bike/sporting equipment you would surely send some emails and make a call.. I have found that the expensive/good airlines don't charge extra as long as you let them know you are bringing a bike beforehand. Obviously the cheap airlines (RyanAir, Virgin etc.) need to make profits on all fronts as they are selling their seats cheaper. It's the same reason you will get unlimited food/drinks on a Qantas flight but have to pay $9 for a glass of water on the cheaper airlines. When I was living in Europe I found it was cheaper to buy an 'expensive' airline ticket (Alitalia etc.) where I had baggage included and could bring a bike, than to buy a cheap ticket with RyanAir and have to end up paying even more than the expensive ticket once I factored all the additional costs in.
  10. http://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/huffington-post-lifestyle-blogger-brags-about-finishing-2nd-in-florida-half-marathon-part-time-marathon-investigation-blogger-proves-she-cheated-and-gets-her-dqed/ Summary: She cut the course and came second. Some guy who busts cheating runners as a hobby (Derek Murphy), sprung her and found out she rode the entire course that afternoon on a bicycle at 6:15/mile pace and then uploaded it onto Strava as 'proof' of her time.
  11. Ironcentury Update Thread

    Amazing job for doing this and putting it on the line, but this seems to be a complete logistical fiasco. This is such an enormous once in a lifetime task you would think they would hire someone (a backpacker in exchange for somewhere to sleep for 100nights?) to hang around and look after all the 1%ers which just seem to be draining them.
  12. Ironcentury Update Thread

    Isn't a 10:30 extremely fast considering he has another 99 to do consecutively?
  13. Australia day training

  14. Doesn't count. Needs to do it again.
  15. Cheapest way to ship a bike from Europe

    If you're serious, yes. What airline? If you could pass on some details that would be amazing, as bringing it/picking it up from the airport isn't an issue. Tried their website but it's 500euro's a bike and I don't have any other things so not worth it