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  1. interesting timing of the post - got a call from the organisers this morning asking about why i hadnt entered seeing I had the last 3 years - personally its purely a timing thing going to NZ but found the call interesting. Guess you could either take it as a)good local run race grassroots or b)struggling for numbers and calling previous entrants hoping to jag some last minute entries or c) a bit of both. Tough timing around QTS, HOTW, IMNZ etc but have always found the event really well done - the addition of the sprint distance in the first year made the swim difficult as the timing of the tides didnt work but its a pretty honest course. Aid station vollies are awesome at all events - but I particularly remember those on the run leg at the top of the path being great value. My only advice - get your alarm set properlyand not on "automatically adjust to time zone" - daylight saving will still be in effect. First year i did it was my first 70.3 and we stayed at salt resort - put a solid 12 weeks together to step up from OD distance. In the lounge room the iphone picked up NSW time but the bedroom was QLD time - I didnt realise until the next morning when after waking to my alarm im having breakfast watching the news on tv to see it was an hour later then I had wanted to get up - can imagine the anxiety levels that ensued and would not suggest hyperventilation as an effective pre race strategy!!
  2. chappy019

    Cycle kit

    I find the camino kits pretty sweet - thing I like about the jerseys is they have a flatter fit at the zip as opposed to a curved fit like the black sheep and others that I constantly seemed to be pulling down - Quality bibs. Currently have 30% off as a black friday sale. Aussie Company as well - do yourself a favour!
  3. does anyone know why he appears to never ride the kickr in his aero position? for someone who seems to talk a lot about what power he pushes and for how long - wouldnt it have a greater relevance on his ability to hold that power in aero position. The work he has been doing on his bike fit suggests he should be suitably dialled in to hold the position during work outs - just strikes me as something a little off when ive seen any of his bike work out vids.
  4. chappy019

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Congrats to all who finished - tough day out there in the heat. I cant recall in seeing so many people either pulled out of swim or needing an ambulance on the run. The swim was choppy but had nothing on the sunny coast 70.3 swim! Bit of an anomaly for Noosa to kick up like that, but I think in general some events need to temper the way they promote the conditions - events like kingscliff and tweed who openly promote "downhill or tide assisted swim" are asking for trouble if people turn up undertrained and don't get the conditions as expected. On a side note - is anyone actually a fan of the SIS electrolytes - have to be one of the worse tasting stuff on the market in my opinion!
  5. chappy019

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Pretty smart marketing I would have thought. Willing to guarantee that Foher sell more singlets and race suits by offering hair braiding than Canyon do Speedmax's by having Lange's bike there!
  6. yeah Ive gotta admit I have somewhat of a deep seated hatred for the brownlee's - I can only assume comes from the inherent aussie vs england in my dna! That said...... it was great to see him try and shake things up on the ride and be really aggressive - for me that's what makes the likes of Josh, Wolf, Sanders exciting to watch. As much as I admire Lange's ability to hang tough for 5hrs and then run an insane marathon and pick blokes off, there is something about those guys that stretch the rubber band to breaking point to then try and hold on I love watching. As much as it is a generalisation - Gomez to me races 70.3 and IM like an ITU - appears to do as little as possible and then try and cash in on having the most in the tank - sure its smart racing - but it doesn't inspire me to want to watch him.
  7. at least its not as bad as the chick who lost her job at sports illustrated over the michael phelps cover photo stuff up - under armour would still be scared from that!
  8. talking about the mind games - did anyone else see that Jan did the same thing he did to Josh at Frankfurt in t2 to appo? grabs his bag and sits right next to them - its the ultimate headf*ck - he must have so much confidence in his t2 and the aura that he has over these guys - even that split second distraction of "why is he sitting next to me he could sit anywhere". probably a bit fan boyish - but I love the subtle mental warfare of it. How stoked would Isuzu be? spent x amount on event naming right sponsorship and a guy sporting a mercedes headband is going to be the recognisable image of the event for years to come!
  9. I think "we" as society question more such a dominant performance like Ryf. In the men's we have seen over IM distance that Jan, Sanders, Kienle, Lange are all pretty much within 1% of each other. Then we have Cam, Josh, Currie etc that are probably in the 1% off that. Who knows - they all could be on the good stuff! interestingly enough about the Ryf top, someone commented on a inst post that the rules changed last year that torso's must be covered for both men and women. The sports bra 2 piece has been a staple of Crowley - almost the trademark! Pretty sure it was what she won Cairns and competed in Kona with. On Gomez - he looked to adopt the same tactics as he did at Cairns - sit back wheel of lead group and do no work - Kona will be interesting if Josh and Cam go hard off the front - cant see Jan, Lange, Sanders wanting to tow him along to bring him into the race. Have to be questions after blowing up at 30k in cairns and then last night as to how he will handle Kona. Commentators gushing all over his love of heat and humidity yet looks to have brought him undone in both events.
  10. Be interesting to see someone challenge a penalty to an event organiser - most likely over an olympic or 70.3 multiple lap course. I dare say that some events would have so many competitors on course at the same time that it was almost mathematically impossible to not be considered drafting at some point given the required distances between riders.
  11. cheers for all of the replies - some great feedback on the assiomas here and online. They look like the way to go. in contact with Willie to sort out.
  12. Awesome thank you. I did do a Garmin vector keyword search but didn’t find above. Ill have a look through and add the assiomas into the mix!
  13. Evening All, looking to spend some of my tax return on Garmin vector pedals. Couple of questions for those in the know (of which I am clearly not!) single sided vs dual sided: as great as dual sided data would be, is it worth the extra $3-400 for accuracy vector 2 vs vector 3: anyone with the 2 have any major gripes? Anyone with the 3’s want to sell me on how much better they are! obviously depending on the above it’s a 700 spend for single vector 2 through to a 1400 spend for dual sided vector 3 so any advice/user feedback would be appreciated! additionally from what I can tell the 920xt and 520 Garmin head mount should play nice with both - again any feedback or user feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  14. It seemed that it was the 8th km that put it out of whack on the run for me - up until then it was about right. Bike extension worked from a spectator perspective but not sure the cpl of guys that hit the fencing as the road narrowed at the lights down the hill would agree! i did think the transition set up was better then last year (probably helped it wasn’t a sell out due to WC70.3 and itu worlds). Have spoken to a few people that have heard that there were tacks on road which caused a few flats - anyone else heard or experience anything like that?
  15. Yeah it was on his story - only lasts 24hrs so must have expired. Very funny stuff - looks like in a good headspace for sunnycoast this weekend. Course record in danger with burgs at full flight?
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