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  1. chappy019

    Kona qualifier 15+

    I completely understand as athletes the "feel" of the devaluation of the qualification process. but doesn't an organisation who by it's own admission offers spots that can be auctioned off to the highest bidder to attend, devalue its own world championship / brand? Surely if they as the owners of the event don't have a problem with its commercialisation / devaluation do any of us really think that they have an issue with the qualifying times of its attendees? To me it's kind of like the active fee conversation - you know the rules and either opt in and play by them or you don't. Opting in and then complaining about them after the fact is pointless.
  2. chappy019

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Well there you go! Apologies if that opens a hornets nest! It seems that regardless of how much of society today is geared towards anti bullying, inclusion and the like, almost all facets still suffer from some degree of wanting to devalue other people's achievements. Can't we all just get along? *insert multiple giant sized sarcastic emoji's
  3. chappy019

    Kona qualifier 15+

    So i guess if we are changing the Kona qualification to the best 50 across any age group we should do the same for the ITU world champs as well? I am an average 70.3 and olympic distance athlete so either are of no bearing to me personally. I just don't understand how there doesn't seem to be the same conversation about athletes who "qualify" to represent Australia in years where the event is held overseas where qualification is essentially pay to go and few if any age groups take the maximum allocation per age group. Are they any less worthy of calling themselves an australian representative then this girl is of a Kona qualifier? It's not like the qualification process for Kona isn't known before the event - no one can complain that the goal posts are moved on them after the fact.
  4. chappy019

    Cairns 2018

    im not sure mate - I dont recall seeing a TO come past - as above at that time the Pros would have been making there way to Port Douglas on lap 1 - Id hasten a guess that with maybe 4/5 bikes on course they concentrate on the palm cove to port and back laps for the IM rather than the last 40 mins of 2.45 70.3 bike leg!
  5. chappy019

    Cairns 2018

    I did the 70.3 last year on what was a pretty good day weather wise for cairns. the initial road out of palm cove is bumpy as all hell and has a couple of speed bumps from memory - definitely worth securing your nutrition! The ride in general is pretty nice - being able to have a peek across the road and into the ocean is a good mental break. The rolling start means that there were people everywhere - I wouldn't say its dedicated trains of drafters, just clumps of people at the same point on the course at the same time. There is a bit of shade and coverage on the way out to the turn - Rex's is talked about like MFD - reality is if you have done any training other than windtrainer or flat timetrialling you should be able to spin up it without to many dramas! As above there is a couple of good decents that you get a little chop out from. Turn around and then work back into Palm Cove is reasonably uneventful - Look for the leading men to be heading out to Port Douglas at a rate of knots with the tailwind. The last 30km I found hard mentally - you are exposed on the road back to cairns and with traffic flowing alongside, it can make it difficult to get around some of the larger groups. You go from having the whole road to having a shoulder which can be a little frustrating. The turn off to then go out around the back of the fields before getting back on the road to transition played with my mind as it seemed pointless - I like the idea of riding to and from somewhere - doing a detour to make up kms to effectively end up back in the same spot felt like a bit of a drag. (we hadn't driven this part of the course so it was probably more of the fact I didn't know where and what to expect then it being completely pointless!) Back past the airport and then head into transition - couple of roundabouts to negotiate and your done. I think its a course where you have a good opportunity to get what you deserve - if you have done the work you will enjoy it.
  6. chappy019

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Pieman I don't swim with them so I can't comment on that part of the coaching - but OP asked about online coaches, so the relevance of stroke correction in that environment is zero really isn't it 🤔 If runs on the board is measured purely only by kona qualifiers then you are probably right - I must have missed that in the initial post
  7. chappy019

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Have had experience with both Tzero and SBR and can speak highly of both. my girlfriend works FIFO and has a program set up through Emma Quinn at Tzero thats set up week to week and participates in group stuff with SBR when back in Bris. Head Coach Rich won Ultra Man last year so knows a thing or 2 about Long Course! Alternatively my experience with SBR has been great as a club that is very welcoming and with Michelle Cooper and David Tabernacle has some pretty knowledgeable coaches.
  8. chappy019

    Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    its effectively the same ride course as far as I can tell as the previous luke harrop set up (out of transition to the left up to queen street lights). strange that the swim only details the sprint course with bike and run making note that its 2 laps of designated course. would imagine an up and back on same course. They will have had plenty of opportunity to experiment with it over the last cpl of years with 2 luke harrops, ITU and comm games!
  9. chappy019

    Mooloolaba Start Waves

    cat apologies my post wasn't clear - I don't think you can race (as in participate) without being a TA member either from having to buy a one day membership or annual. Your point about points eligibility is correct. yeah I also would prefer to keep my 7.02 start time! 2 qualifying races changed to Duathlons and now wave startgate - TA are probably thinking "just when we thought all the stars aligned with a home based world champs"! expect the unexpected!
  10. chappy019

    Mooloolaba Start Waves

    ex I think you only need to nominate and pay the nomination fee before team is announced but would need to be TA member either through one day or annual to race anyway.
  11. chappy019

    Mooloolaba Start Waves

    can appreciate the concerns regarding conditions and age up gaps etc. as a rough estimate what % of entrants would it be assumed are competing for points? Last year there were 166 men competing in 30-34, 208 in 35-39, 218 in 40-44 - obviously an increase in total competitor numbers would be expected this year given it is double points. But I can't help but think that maybe only a 3rd of all of those were genuinely FOP and the MOP and BOP actually don't care what the time difference between the waves is and just dont wanna be stuggling down the esplanade at 11-12 in the heat. be interesting to see how it plays out - what interest does "Ironman" as an organization have on setting up a preference for an itu qualification process vs potentially the interests of the larger % of there customers who might be MOP/BOP/ bucket listers.
  12. chappy019

    Guilty by association?

    The peris case in itself is interesting given her somewhat sudden elevation to the pointy end. The ignorance defense is somewhat diluted in my eyes given the correlation with such a spike in performance. I don't think the fact that she tried to extort SKD and the Roosters does her any favours either.
  13. chappy019

    beep Test - What level can you do?

    from a group environment its an interesting observation from a coach's perspective. you used to see some people frequently "accidently" turn in front of the line - there's some people who miss one beep and then push up and hang tough for another level, there was people who had to be told "sorry you have now missed 2 in a row you are out" and then there were the people who were coasting and just stopped because they couldn't be bothered anymore. Interesting snapshot into different people's psychology. my 2 cents is that it's relevance of it from a general training tool is that provided you can control and reproduce the same environment to do the testing regularly then it provides relativity of fitness improvements. As a specific triathlon related training tool - probably not overly effective unless some crazy creates a tri where the course is so cramped that its a 40 metre out and back shuttle to get to the total run distance!!
  14. chappy019

    beep Test - What level can you do?

    interesting topic for discussion - there is a few websites out there that break down the pyramid of it from a distance perspective. here is one: http://www.topendsports.com/testing/beep-table.htm I have found netball courts the best to do it on and your turn lines are 2 of the thirds - biggest differentiator is how accurate your 20 metre measurement is -I have also used the speed column to replicate it on a treadmill for something different as well. As above I think all of our emergency services have a requirement of at least 8 as an entry requirement. Most AFL clubs would have someone who can "finish" the tape - its interesting to note that the total distance of it us under 5km though. Interesting that a lot of the sports science early adaptors are using the yoyo test mentioned before along side a 2 or 3km TT as a measure of fitness as opposed to the old school beep - how good is innovation!? Not to many guys running around ovals carrying bricks anymore trying to get that strength, endurance and mental toughness 3 in 1 combo either!!
  15. chappy019

    Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Have heard similar about DYMA - anyone got a recommendation for a cover manufacturer?