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  1. What’s ironic is they alienate people like myself ( and at least 2 other athlete/coaches I know) by f#%king around with our coaching qualification after the fact, so now when we do busso instead of coaching a few of our friends along the way - we don’t. There’s a few athletes gone there. And from stickmans triwa has a financial dependencey on busso for its budget. go elite triathlon, gone lite triathlon coach pathway, go you good thing
  2. Busselton fatigue ? Dec: busso full. Jan? : Busselton Jetty swim festival feb/mar: state Olympic champs (at least it was for a while) may: busso 70.3
  3. I like the long season hated the Sunday event like busso
  4. Don’t find the tss, atl,ctl useful. i did it for a few years, and not all 100tss is created equal. old school here - time in zones. Avoid no mans land (typical area people use to drive up tss)
  5. Hope it stays around - I’d do it even if it wasn’t branded im
  6. Do you know when this changed as I did the level 1. To was told pre course; during course and after course that I could coach individual. I was even able to register as a ‘professional coach’ .
  7. Did the coach recommended the ride, has the coach performed a safety assessment of the ride group, has the coach ensured the route is safe?? when I did the coaching course it was recommend to say perform a 2hr ride, for example but not give a specific route
  8. So the solution to Paying woman less than men is simply not to be sneaky about it? If the job add says up front 185,000 for woman and 218,000 for men then it’s all cool. Woman who don’t like it should just not apply??? Should be equal and participant should not have to check for equality before racing
  9. Why are the numbers so low? Getting sms every week asking me to enter
  10. What’s worse is that this seems to be a restriction added to the insurance polices as a specific request from triathlon Australia and not the insurance provider. Athletics seem to have the same insurance provider but not have such ‘group/participant’ policy for equivalent coaching level.
  11. Then I guess it’s pitty the fool with a development coaching qualification if someone decides to sue them for it seems they will be up the creek without a paddle. people seem to forget that they can be sued even if they have followed all guidelines and procedures and not been negligent at all.
  12. Interesting response stickkman. The upcoming bussleton half Ironman has a competitors book (as do many other events) with everyone’s name in it. I guess this means development coaches are not qualified to coach anyone doing Busselton half or any other event with competitor books or competitor results. what do clubs like stadium tri club in Perth do who seem to have many development coaches (including the head coach unless this has changed since I last looked) do? Do they have there own insurance instead??
  13. I use a blueseventy react sleeveless. It’s been fine for me. most wetsuits sizes have a fit range.
  14. I dress up as an athlete .....
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