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  1. I have had very similar trouble. I appear to have gad some success during our last exchange by simply stating "I don't know why you are so angry, but I feel sorry for you". I also redeposit his waste nicely just inside his boundary. Good luck. It's hard to deal with irrational people because they are often just generally angry. It's probably got nothing to do with you.
  2. How do you figure that? I think: Shorter stem for tri bike, so weight distribution doesn't end up way over 50% front wheel. Steeper seat tube, so further forward. Saddle position often also additionally forward. Angle of torso moves shoulders additionally forward. I thought it common practice to move the hips forward over the BB as your lower the torso, to maintain an open hip angle. All of these factors quickly eat into a couple of cm's of top tube length.
  3. I think that if you go from quite an upright position on the road bike, to an aero tuck on the tri bike, then you will probably require the next size up. Fudge the figures till the budget dictates a new one.
  4. Plug the 500 in to USB. Navigate to activities folder, Garmin/Activities I think. In there you will see all the fit files. Copy and paste them somewhere on your PC. I save all my fit files in an Activities folder in my documents.
  5. Copy the activities off the Garmin to your PC/MAC. Manually import to Garmin.
  6. Obviously in academia it is one of the greatest sins you can commit to take credit for the work of another, taking another's work and presenting it as ones own.
  7. I heard the baby had to skip the bike leg because the doctor cut her tube, but went on to finish with a solid run. Edit: I know for a fact that she won the swim.
  8. $340, so worth some of my time. It was a person from Customs who said I would require an EDN for a drawback. I was later pointed to Dept of Immigration & Border Protection, because I was told that now Customs only deals with the duties, and if I was also claiming for GST then I should be dealing with them. I have been advised that the relevant form is a B653, however there is no provision on that form for products that are not of merchantable quality. I have emailed D.I.B.P with an explanation providing the details and I'm waiting for their response. If you are privy to how this can be actioned as easily as it was back in 2012, when it last happened, then please let me in the loop.
  9. Not stopping is a good start, but did you go?
  10. I've cut mine down. Never been a problem.
  11. Yup. Results may vary with brand. Some people consider the Sunto more stable than the Garmin. You might require a USB extension cable if you get dropouts, in which case you'll be wanting to get the ANT stick closer to your gear. If you get a passive cable get the shortest one practical, otherwise get an active extension, or a hub.
  12. Yeah, my bad. ..ANT for Zwift currently only works on PC & Mac
  13. Not yet. ANT currently only works with PC. However any BT signals can be relayed through your iPhone to Zwift. As for ANT for PC, the cheap copies on fleabay work just fine, approx $15.
  14. So you have 52/36 110 BCD Chainrings. You can see it written near the bottom. They will not fit 130 BCD power2max
  15. Aero rings? Not sure if tongue in cheek or not, this is a triathlon forum after all Basically any ring that does not have material cut away to save weight, so it will just have a round hole internally. wont fit around the triangle p.s Not first hand information, just what I have read. However if you do actually have the Rotor tool it might fit on if you remove the cranks to do it?
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