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  1. DYMA

    Dyma disk covers

    DYMA is still around. Surprisingly gaining momentum again after a hiatus. It's a one man show and with a death in the family, a newborn in the mix, this was a side business that I couldn't maintain, until recently. Timing wasn't ideal as we landed a raving review in Aus. Triathlete magazine with our new model. Long story short. I've been working with local young professional riders with our latest model, but still receiving requests for the original SL (tarmac clip-in) and SLi (custom branded clip-in) options. Funnily enough, a lot of inquiries related back to my original Transitions post offering 10% off orders. So when the original is re-released, I can absolutely offer that to you if you are interested in supporting local small business. Updates to follow! Cal
  2. DYMA

    Dyma disc covers?

    Awesome, glad to hear they arrived safely. Yes the SLi's have a 10 business day handling time as a pose to the 3 business day handling of the SL's. This is because of the custom nature of the SLi's, my vinyl guy has been spot on with timings so far, he does an awesome job! By the way anyone sign up to the Melburn Roobaix today? Cal
  3. DYMA

    Dyma disc covers?

    Hey Steve, cheers for the question mate. There are a few benefits to having a part line in the discs. 1) Material expansion and contraction - All materials expand and contract to a degree. The part line you see on the left hand side of the image in question is the overlapping part line (fixed in the opposing direction to oncoming wind). When the material of the discs expands/contracts depending on the climate, you will still get a consistent surface finish with no bulging. 2) Easy installation and removal - You do not need to remove your rear wheel or any other components to install and remove the discs. This is obviously a benefit if you turn up to a meet where conditions have changed and you are required to remove the discs. 3) Lens depth variance - All wheels have a different lens depth on both drive side and non drive side. All DYMA Discs are designed to universally fit all lens shapes due to the curve that forms as soon as you fit the disc. With the SLi and CL model you will receive a part line seal with purchase. This is a separate long rectangular sticker (that matches the print that you want), which joins the part to make one piece. I personally don't actually use the seal sticker simply because I like to be able to take them on and off without having to remove the sticker; guys that run a more permanent set up have had great success with it so far. I've attached a picture of Blake's pizza print that Joost mentioned. Definitely see that in the transition! Any other queries feel free to ask, Cal
  4. DYMA

    Dyma disc covers?

    Appreciate the kind words. Glad to hear everyone is happy with the products and service. I've added a gallery section to the dyma.com.au website under Products > Gallery, be great to feature a few of your bikes online if your interested. Great to hear of the success from Joostoz and MM too, top job. See attached recently released CL version fastened to the Core Carbon 58's.
  5. Thanks Swanny - go for it! What's the address for your club page? I'll Like it.
  6. For those interested, took a few photos today at the 3rd round of the XOSIZE Tri series. Well run event, starttofinish seem to be doing a great job. Bumped into a few members from this forum, Ratdog; good to meet you.
  7. DYMA

    Dyma disc covers?

    Quick update on the SLi model to be release mid-December. 30% lighter than the SL model, keep an eye out if your riding the EastLink Ride For Home event this weekend, come and say g'day. Pictured on the Zipp 404 wheel with the 'DYMA Carbon' laminate. Will be custom made to fit each wheel ordered. Thanks, Cal
  8. DYMA

    Dyma disc covers?

    Absolutely, happy to do a 10% off discount for users of this forum - just PM me with your paypal email so I can send you order details. Few reasons for the part line on the DYMA SLs: 1) All plastics expand and contract to a degree - if you have a formed product (like our competitor's) fastened to a object that does not expand/contract, the discs will become looser in warm weather due to the thermal instability. 2) The part line allows for flat packing during freight. This reduces freight costs and lens shape damage. 3) You can remove the DYMA SL discs without actually removing your wheel from your bike. So as a user scenario; you turn up to a tri race, find that the track marshals are not allowing discs due to weather conditions, you can pop the clips off and remove the discs without having to go to any trouble with wheel removal and change-over. In terms of the part line causing flapping; the part lines overlap each other and are both fastened tight to stop and movement. Some user prefer a cleaner look so they run a piece of electric tape along the part line. See attached sample image of Nick's DYMA SLi disc set. Cheers, Cal
  9. DYMA

    Dyma disc covers?

    Cheers for the feedback! Happy to assist in any questions in the future on this message board. As for the above queries; 1) Rattle - the material used in the DYMAs has a higher rubber content than it's competitors. The fasteners are also located in a position closer to the hub to generate a higher tension across the lens shape. I will be shooting a short video to illustrate this in future but can confirm the rattle during riding is non-existent. If you tap it with your finger when stationary - there is a slight 'ting', but this is hard to avoid due to the non-carbon composite construction. 2) Texture - Some may not like the aesthetics of the textured finish, you can flip this over to get a gloss finish if you prefer. We've had some really great reviews so far from a few individuals. Namely Frank Turner from Germany who has a son (Philipp) who is a previous German Track TT Champion (500m) and is competing with this product on a national standard. See attached mock-up of the Tri Series disc to be released very soon. Keep an eye out for Nick Barrett during the first round of the Gatorade Triathlon Series opener on Sunday 25th November at the Catani Gardens, St Kilda. Any and all feedback appreciated.
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