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  1. Its more then 5 years and even if it wasn't he still hasn't validated
  2. I picked up the jabra elite sport. Could get them to connect to the iPhone but not the MacBook or the mighty mini audio player. Anyone have these and have any thoughts why. These might be going be
  3. I prefer minimalism. Very subtle so no cables at all.
  4. For me fit is the most important. I like minimal so find the Sony, Bose and beats to be on the larger size. Some that I have seen include: Jabra Elite sport $350 Apple earbuds $250 Galaxy buds $200 Sanheiser Momentum $500 Cre8 sounds P1 $160 Jaybird xt $279 Pioneer C8 $229 Audiofly AFT1 $149 Jaybird Vista $299 SOL REPUBLIC amps air $200 BlueAnt pump air $168 JBL free $200
  5. Do you have earbuds? (true wireless in ear headphones) Which ones? Likes? dislikes? If you were buying a new pair would you get the ones you have or something else?
  6. What was crap about it?
  7. I did the series last year for the 20% discount into shepp.... So won't be doing that again. Might do one or two races though
  8. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    The commentators said she wouldn't remember. The question needs to be when the race organisers should intervene and if someone that isn't an official should make that decision.
  9. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Sounds like assumptions to me. I will wait to hear from Sarah and Ironman on the facts about what happened and what should happen
  10. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Shouldn't that be left to race organisers to make that call or the athlete?
  11. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Approx 7mins
  12. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Ironman should clarify the rules around this. In my opinion we shouldn't be allowed to touch another athlete and as AGers we certainly shouldn't interfere with the pros race. People can say it was hard to watch. So is boxing but its not for the viewer to decide if the athlete should be stopped from competing. The AG stopped her sure out of concern but resulted in her not qualifying for Kona and winning the race and earning about $50,000aud.
  13. My first Orca survived about 6 years or so. The next suit fell apart. I am now on a blue seventy helix which has been pretty good. The arms these days though are way to thin.
  14. All of the 70.3 medals also had the Ironman distances on them
  15. What if they decided to do Ironman Perth
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