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  1. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    The commentators said she wouldn't remember. The question needs to be when the race organisers should intervene and if someone that isn't an official should make that decision.
  2. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Sounds like assumptions to me. I will wait to hear from Sarah and Ironman on the facts about what happened and what should happen
  3. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Shouldn't that be left to race organisers to make that call or the athlete?
  4. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Approx 7mins
  5. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Ironman should clarify the rules around this. In my opinion we shouldn't be allowed to touch another athlete and as AGers we certainly shouldn't interfere with the pros race. People can say it was hard to watch. So is boxing but its not for the viewer to decide if the athlete should be stopped from competing. The AG stopped her sure out of concern but resulted in her not qualifying for Kona and winning the race and earning about $50,000aud.
  6. My first Orca survived about 6 years or so. The next suit fell apart. I am now on a blue seventy helix which has been pretty good. The arms these days though are way to thin.
  7. All of the 70.3 medals also had the Ironman distances on them
  8. What if they decided to do Ironman Perth
  9. Why not bring back the full Ironman at the same time
  10. Interesting Gomez is now back on the WTS circuit racing and getting ready for the Olympics while Brownlee decides to do Ironman. Do we think Either will make the podium at the Olympics or at Kona?
  11. Has anyone else had issues with their Wahoo Kirck18 unit? The power bank is showing the green light which says there is power going to the unit The ANT+ and bluetooth lights should be flashing but nothing The app won't pick up a signal nor does the Apple TV How have you gone with issues with your units??
  12. Thank you everyone who has posted. I am still considering options. I do love training in Melbourne (November - May) My plan is to do a race or two overseas next year. Possibly one at end of June and one late September early October Between that time do a training block overseas during the Australian winter
  13. Thanks anyway. Appreciate for letting me know
  14. Yeah much later than I should. Sleep is important and certainly something I need to work on. I'm currently 33years young. Thanks for the support
  15. I have done triathlon since 2000 and my goal when I was 16 was to be a pro. Self doubt and self sabotage has been a real problem for me and I gave up on my dream. Earlier this year I started thinking about my life and what I want to achieve. This year my only goal is working towards becoming a professional athlete. For me it is about me going on that journey everyday, learning more about myself and breaking those limiting beliefs I created. If I reach my goals this year I will have the opportunity to go to Kona as an age grouper or to apply for a pro licence. For me I want to race as a professional. Racing Kona isn't a focus so not racing Kona wouldn't be failure to me. Failure is what we choose to define it as. Failure for me would be giving up and not giving it my all. Even if I never achieve the qualification of that licence I can at least be proud knowing I gave it everything. Failure for one person might be neglecting the friends and family in pursuit of qualifying for Kona. For someone else failure might be not crossing that line before the time cut off. In the end we each define what success and failure is to us. The only persons opinion of my success and failure that matters is my own. Everyone else's opinion of my success and failures are none of my business.
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