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  1. Yeah much later than I should. Sleep is important and certainly something I need to work on. I'm currently 33years young. Thanks for the support
  2. I have done triathlon since 2000 and my goal when I was 16 was to be a pro. Self doubt and self sabotage has been a real problem for me and I gave up on my dream. Earlier this year I started thinking about my life and what I want to achieve. This year my only goal is working towards becoming a professional athlete. For me it is about me going on that journey everyday, learning more about myself and breaking those limiting beliefs I created. If I reach my goals this year I will have the opportunity to go to Kona as an age grouper or to apply for a pro licence. For me I want to race as a professional. Racing Kona isn't a focus so not racing Kona wouldn't be failure to me. Failure is what we choose to define it as. Failure for me would be giving up and not giving it my all. Even if I never achieve the qualification of that licence I can at least be proud knowing I gave it everything. Failure for one person might be neglecting the friends and family in pursuit of qualifying for Kona. For someone else failure might be not crossing that line before the time cut off. In the end we each define what success and failure is to us. The only persons opinion of my success and failure that matters is my own. Everyone else's opinion of my success and failures are none of my business.
  3. looking for the mono plug in version
  4. For those of you with a Trek Speed Concept and have changed the standard set up to the mono plug in... Where did you source your mono plug in from? How much did it cost you? So far I have only seen it for $400 which I think is a lot considering will still need the poles and new pads https://www.trekbikes.com/au/en_AU/equipment/cycling-components/bike-handlebars-accessories/bike-handlebars/aero-bike-handlebars/bontrager-speed-concept-mono-bar-extension/p/11862/
  5. What would you say is the best training location in the world? Feel free to choose where you live and explain why Where would you love to go for a training camp and why? If there are any videos highlighting the location you would love to train at, feel free to add these as well GTN to get us started
  6. My view is that trainers last between 800-1200km depends on the workload that is put on them Racing flats I would say approx 600km depending on the workload and if focused on distance or speed (10-42k racing vs 5-10K)
  7. I don't believe Pete Jacobs is Vegan. I think he tried it for a few months like he has everything else. Frodo, Patrick Lange and Sanders I believe are all veg
  8. I see Trek doing an update of the speed concept in the near future. I personally would either wait or look on the second hand marketplace. You can get a speed concept for about 3k with ultegra mechanical.
  9. SRM is the best in my experience. I have a quarq now and at times will decide I am superman. (needs regular calibration which the SRM does now) IF I was looking I would look at either the Garmin vector 3 pedals or the new SRM pedals that I don't believe have been released yet
  10. Yes in October. I had a friend fly out on the 29th Sept and they said no.
  11. I don't think the website has changed. I went to Port Mac and there was no issue with my sci con bike bag which certainly is outside their set dimensions. This came about due to this trip being a work trip. The concern is that they can stop us at any point at the airport and say here is what it says on our website. Qantas needs to change their dimensions. Jetstar and Virgin have no issues with any bike bags or boxes
  12. IT is what Qantas has told me. We could turn up to the airport and have no problems. However we could turn up and they say it doesn't fit what is stated on their website and then there is a problem
  13. I have been chatting to them on facebook messenger. I also share because as triathletes so many of us have integrated bikes which is why we use bike bags that allow us to keep our handlebars on. The bike bag like the scicon aero comfort. Qantas required the handlebars to be removed as well as the peddles which required tools, a sound knowledge on how to dismantle and refit your bike, also pay excess baggage for the tools. My scicon bag which is designed for integrated triathlon bikes does not fit Qantas dimensions. These strict dimensions are based on boxes no bike bags that are designed for the integrated bikes and those who don't know how to pull apart and reassemble their bike.
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