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  1. https://triathlonmagazine.ca/feature/will-the-ironman-world-championship-take-place-next-february/ https://www.archyde.com/is-ironman-hawaii-2020-taking-place-in-february-2021/
  2. First choice would be the Look 795 blade Second Willier Cento 10 NDR Third choice not on that list would be the Cannonade supersix (understated and classy) Fourth choice also not on that list would be the Scott addict I know the last 2 aren't full aero bike but if you want light with aero characteristics then they are also worth a look
  3. I ride a speed concept but to be honest I think Trek over charges for their madone and the emonda needs an update.
  4. Its highly likely that international travel won't happen this year. We are in a better position than most countries so I could see that Australia and New Zealand could still have a 20/21 season however would Ironman still run these events without any internationals? Currently I'm entered in 70.3 Port Mac and 70.3 Melbourne and thing these can only be run as Domestic events. I don't see Kona or 70.3 worlds happening this year. I have entered Roth for 2021 and thats still wishful thinking.
  5. Have you done Ironman Mont Tremblant? I am looking to do the race next year and interested to hear your thoughts on the race but mostly on travel logistics. Did you fly to Montreal? How did you organise accommodation? Location and distance from transition? Any advice and tips you can provide is much appreciated
  6. I think its difficult to say one thing is the cause... I believe in aligned action. By this I mean taking actions that align with my values which also helps me feel good. I love animals so I don't want to support animal abuse in any way. I care about the environment so an example of this I am taking steps now by trying to do no rubbish and keep any plastics and limit the amount of fuel I use each month. I care about health and wellbeing so research about what I consume is one of those actions but so is reading in general, exercise, meditation, connecting with people and nature, rest, limiting technology etc. Not sure if that answers your question but there is a bit more on how I try and turn up my light when I feel things are going dark.
  7. I am and I do know some pretty decent athletes in our sport who are also vegan/plantbased. Just to be clear though being vegan tells you what we don't consume. It doesn't tell you what they do consume. You can be vegan on a high processed junk food diet or you can be vegan on a whole food plant based diet. My opinion though is to view food as the way to consume the nutrients we need. Generally we consume for taste/pleasure and cultural normality/conditioning or for an escape, eg emotional eating. I moved to being vegan after being diagnosed with clinical depression for the second time and I wanted to try and find what steps I could make so what I was experiencing wouldn't continue to be my life. I found some research that linked meat and dairy consumption with those who suffer mental health issues. I also feel refined sugar and trans fat also play a major role. Basically I have noticed that the more we consume not processed foods the better. Changing any habit takes some planning and can be difficult when surrounded by people who pass judgement and make jokes for your efforts to try and grow and evolve as a person. As someone who ate mostly meat and dairy I found it a real challenge at first. I first tried meat free Monday. I started with red meat, then white meat, then eggs, then dairy. I had blood tests done to monitor the changes. I have been vegan for almost 3 years. When I'm eating clean whole food plant based I feel great. When I start consuming more processed foods I start to feel average. It can impact my sleep, my thoughts etc. I haven't had depression since though. I found the move empowering but like I said earlier, probably the hardest part is the rest of society, in particular family because this impacts family get togethers as almost all social occasions has food as the centrepiece.
  8. Its more then 5 years and even if it wasn't he still hasn't validated
  9. I picked up the jabra elite sport. Could get them to connect to the iPhone but not the MacBook or the mighty mini audio player. Anyone have these and have any thoughts why. These might be going be
  10. I prefer minimalism. Very subtle so no cables at all.
  11. For me fit is the most important. I like minimal so find the Sony, Bose and beats to be on the larger size. Some that I have seen include: Jabra Elite sport $350 Apple earbuds $250 Galaxy buds $200 Sanheiser Momentum $500 Cre8 sounds P1 $160 Jaybird xt $279 Pioneer C8 $229 Audiofly AFT1 $149 Jaybird Vista $299 SOL REPUBLIC amps air $200 BlueAnt pump air $168 JBL free $200
  12. Do you have earbuds? (true wireless in ear headphones) Which ones? Likes? dislikes? If you were buying a new pair would you get the ones you have or something else?
  13. What was crap about it?
  14. I did the series last year for the 20% discount into shepp.... So won't be doing that again. Might do one or two races though
  15. MackaEvo2

    Ironman Frankfurt

    The commentators said she wouldn't remember. The question needs to be when the race organisers should intervene and if someone that isn't an official should make that decision.
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