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  1. Anyone done or doing 70.3 Cebu?

    Who did you fly with and how much did it cost?
  2. Anyone done or doing 70.3 Cebu?

    Are disk wheels allowed? Thank you for those who have responded. I really appreciate it
  3. Anyone done or doing 70.3 Cebu?

    Anyone done or doing 70.3 Cebu? Experience? How was the race? Who did you fly with? Did you travel or just do the race?
  4. Bike insurance

    I will need to go with specific bike insurance. Does anyone know if the bikes are covered if stolen from the roof racks?
  5. Bike insurance

    Do you have your gear insured? who with and what has been your experience? why did you choose to insure with them?
  6. right fit with the right saddle

    The Dash saddles thought are about 2-3 times the price which is hard to justify. Why did you decide to spend that sort of money?
  7. right fit with the right saddle

    I won't be sitting up much as it will be for the Tri bike Thanks for your thoughts
  8. Currently riding a speed concept with the Bontrager Hilo I have found this saddle too narror still cutting off blood flow I have tried the fizik 6.5 but found that uncomfortable and found numbness at the bottom of the glutes going towards the groin I am looking for a new saddle and the 3 on my list include Dash TT9.0 (not sure if worth considering due to the cost) Cobb fifty five ISM PN 3.0 Anyone have these saddles? Your experience?
  9. New Busso 70.3 swim course (Dec)

    Agree we could all lend a hand and volunteer at events but i'm not sure it has any connection to the ridiculous 8% active fees that are charged. Unless my understanding is wrong the 8% active fee is purely for collecting some details and taking payment.
  10. BMC TMR01 frame set

    Price reduced to $2500
  11. What nutrition do you use

    What vegan protein powder do you use?
  12. What nutrition do you use

    For me currently Hydration scratch labs Gels - Torq Bars - pure fit (as they are vegan)
  13. Hydration, bars, gels.... What ever you use what brand do you use and why? What have you found to be great and what sucked?
  14. Trek Speed Concept 7.5

    Sorry Wheels not included. They have been sold
  15. New Wetsuit Time

    I had my sleeves removed after holes started happening in the arm pit area I have found the removal of the suit to result in slower times however faster in transition I don't overheat now Less lactic and heart rate lower coming out onto the bike If speed is the aim of the game I would say go full suit With all the above and sleeveless suits being almost half the price of the same suit with sleeves its certainly worth considering going with sleeveless. I have had some issues with one of my shoulders so have no sleeves has also helped in that area