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  1. This looks amazing. Loving the photos!
  2. Yep, and overdoing like all his other training.
  3. I'm glad it is too. I wanted to be able to do a half not too far out from Roth but travelling across the country was going to be prohibitively expensive. (What I mean is, Stikman said "no") Just hope we get to swim.
  4. Exactly what this woman said in her book. She learned to behave appropriately.
  5. I read a really interesting book written by a woman who is a diagnosed psychopath who does not engage in criminal conduct or other particularly bad stuff (though she is a lawyer, so.....*). But she did explain in loads of detail how she uses the relevant traits to get what she wants. It was fascinating. So yeah, just because doesn't mean they are bad or will necessarily do bad stuff, they mostly don't understand the reactions their conduct elicits from others. But then there are the other kinds also. The murderous ones and the like. * I am too, so I can say that
  6. So I bought this one https://www.wiggle.com.au/salomon-agile-6-set/ It arrived yesterday and I tried it out today. I am in love. 😍 It is really light, no structure to it really at all. Good shape, adjustment straps located well. Plenty of pockets and the main compartment is really big given the size of the bag. I got my lunch and a full change of clothes in it, wallet, phone. Highly recommend.
  7. Oh FP, that's awful. I am so sorry. Take care of you all.
  8. I had my screen and battery replace on an iphone recently. I went to a place which had a standalone shop, rather than a shopping centre kiosk and also had a number of outlets in Perth. I was definitely impressed.
  9. I'm pretty old already you know.......
  10. I've always bilateral breathed, but now I am learning to swim proper I am finding I don't need to breathe as often so end up breathing on every 4th stroke on the one side. Doesn't really matter which. Occasionally I try pushing it out to the 5th breath but I find I need to breath about half a stroke sooner than that.
  11. I was looking at these for a bit of water protection. https://www.wiggle.com.au/sealskinz-lightweight-overshoes/
  12. I might get some of those toe covers. I've been trying to find something which works for wet weather, but everything seems crap.
  13. Meh, they were ok. Must say they were cool by the time I got to work, as were my toes. I thought they said on the pack something about up to 8 hours warmth. I reckon I got about 20 mins. I'll try again tomorrow. Might have just been a dodgy pair or something.
  14. I picked some up today. Will try them out tomorrow and report my findings.
  15. Katz

    Magpies ?

    I've been intentionally trying to ensure I am familiar and non-threatening to the local magpies I encounter on my regular commute. I wish them all a good morning and happy day as I ride past. Will soon see if my efforts have been successful or in vain.
  16. Oh dear....what a mess! Hope she gets sorted soon.
  17. I hadn't, but have looked at it. I've got one similar. It's a bit big for what I need. This is what I use on the bike and have been using. https://www.evanscycles.com/deuter-race-x-backpack-EV139664 It's not quite right for running with for me at least.
  18. I won't be needing to use a bladder with it. I've got about all the different camelbak variants from the trail running days I can use if and when I get back to that kind of running. This is literally just to get to and from work. I do like the bottles though. Just in case for when the work commute gets a bit longer.
  19. Not sure. A google search isn't showing me anywhere in Perth, but that doesn't mean anything really.
  20. Has anyone used one of these? https://www.wiggle.com.au/salomon-agile-6-set/ The pack I use for the cycle commute is a bit big and bounces around when I am doing the run commute. I don't need to be able to pack much, just phone/wallet/lunch really as I can take my change of clothes the previous day on the bike. I like the idea of it sitting nice and high and no waist strap which I find just digs in an affects my breathing. Thoughts/comments?
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