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  1. Cool! PM me your address and I'll stick it in the post.
  2. Would anyone like any of these? We finally got our books unpacked and consolidated and these are duplicates.
  3. Incredible, beautiful place. So glad I got to see it a few years back. I can barely imagine what it would be like for Parisians to watch it burn.
  4. I wonder if my monsters would use it? I always thought you needed to teach them as kittens, well, teenagers at least and that adults wouldn't take to it. I'd love to just flush a couple of times a day rather than having the litter tray which we change completely daily given the number of bums using it.
  5. Will & Grace, Coupling, Sex and the City. That was 3rd year law school. Not my greatest results that year.
  6. Didn't we previously do that anyway? 2013/14 at IMWA I supplied my own. Last year I was admittedly supplied two, but definitely not $4 worth. And I assumed it was only because they were colour-coded to the leg they were allocated to, rather than the free for all of colours and sizes people brought themselves.
  7. Katz

    Barkely Marathons

    I had heard about this many times, but had never looked at the details. All I can say is, that looks insane. 60,000 feet of climbing over 5 laps. GET.OUT.
  8. That isn't just good news, that is excellent news! Congratulations!
  9. Lordy, I almost thought I was going to 'need' another watch. Phew, I don't need the trickle down options so I am lucky.
  10. This? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2017/05/26/no-more-rolling-coal-on-maryland-roads/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a3355d981c2a
  11. Don't get me started on how I wasn't allowed to travel from Newcastle to Sydney to see Queen because Dad thought I was too young....... My Dad said at the time, "they will be back, you'll see them next time...." They weren't. I didn't.
  12. On another forum somewhere....... "You know what I don't get? Triathalon, especially that Ironman triathalon. They swim and ride and run all day and end up in the same place they started."
  13. Ah, good old lawyer bashing. Never gets old, does it?
  14. Whenever I say to @Stikman I could do with some swim coaching he always wanders off muttering, saying things like "un-coachable"......I'm not sure what he's trying to say.....
  15. Yeah, I'm kinda erring on the side of caution now. I think the difference between the helmet and shoe analogy is I can feel when my shoes are getting to the point where they are going to start hurting me. The helmet I'm not going to know if it's going to protect me until it either does or it doesn't. This looks good. I like the removable slots idea. Thanks all.
  16. What is it about Kask that people like?
  17. It was recently pointed out to me that my roadie helmet in particular is about due to be replaced having been manufactured in 2011 and my TT will need replacing soon, but not right away. I've got a few web pages open at the moment, trying to see what's what and I have not the slightest clue what I should be looking for, other than I want white. Trannies brains trust, please help guide me. What do I need and don't need? For clarity, where I started coming unstuck was when they said things like MIPS.........
  18. I'm like you FP. I will look something up I see/hear about, but I don't listen/watch/read any news services. Stikman often teases me about how little I know of what is going on in the world, and is also often surprised when I do know about something as he doesn't expect it. I am happier for it though.
  19. No, but I did just google it and saw two results from 2 and 3 days ago which when you follow them say "404 page not found".
  20. Katz

    Roadie to TT sizing

    @Stikman being the 'other' kind of giant may be able to help here.
  21. And today it became the formal offer with the reams and reams of paperwork to complete and return. I start on Monday. The relief is palpable. Such a shame I now only have 6 days to get all the stuff done I would have loved to get done while not working but couldn't manage cause I was too bloody stressed! lol
  22. While I like the concept, I don't even like my partner touching my stuff, let alone having it out of my sight with a stranger.
  23. As a daisy by the time they finished.
  24. Stikman and I did the Gingin "long course" tri today. He says he can't believe I beat him on the run. But he says that's only because he ran with his kid to make sure she didn't stop running. Apparently. She beat him in a sprint finish too. I only got 4th in my age group this race. No podium for me this time. Was rather amusing right at the end. The woman who beat me for 3rd by 10 seconds and I had kind of tag teamed for third spot most of the race (though I had no idea about that till after the race as I had no idea where I was in the field let alone even if she was in my age group or not). The end of the run course was up a decent hill which I was fast walking up. She was running and passed me about half way up and then about 15m ahead of me she started walking. As we reached close to the top and the gradient started petering out I started running again. The moment I reached her she looked over at me and started running again. I jokingly said, "oh, are we racing now?" She was not amused. I got a most shirty "no, I'm not racing anyone but myself" and she ran off. She got too big a start on me though and try as I might, once I had decided I might just race her after all whether she liked it or not, I couldn't catch her.
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