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  1. Katz

    What training did you do today...

    Yesterday I had a little 6k trot on the trails before work. Was chilly, but lovely.
  2. Katz

    The good news thread

    So, as many of you know, the last 4 years have been tumultuous for me to say the least. As you probably also know, the last year and a half has seen a massive turnaround for me, firstly by getting comfortable again in my own skin and then later hooking up with Stikman and the adventure that has followed there. More recently I've started giving some thought to going back to my former career. I did some job hunting earlier in the year and didn't have much success, though to be honest, I just kind of threw my resume around a bit and didn't try terribly hard. Work wise I've continued plodding along in my brain-dead job, enjoying it much of the time, hating it other times and more recently resenting the shiftwork which sees me having very few weekend days off, let alone entire weekends. Tough to maintain a relationship with someone who works M-F and don't even get me started on getting into some kind of training routine (I know many people make it work, but I suck at it). Yesterday morning I was out in the garden pulling weeds and a notification appeared on my watch regarding an email received. The name of the sender was familiar, but not one I had heard in about 7 years, when he was the head of one of the business units I looked after in my former life. I replied to the email and he called me back shortly after. Had a chat about what he's been doing, who he is working with now, what they do and where they are planning on heading and what they might need to get there. We talked a bit about the industry, what happened to it and how it is again changing and how opportunities are once again becoming available to those who might be interested. After a reasonable chat he then asked if I might be free soon to catch up for a coffee and have a chat about how I might be able to be lured away from my current job. That coffee is happening this morning and I am beyond excited. Wish me luck!
  3. Katz

    What training did you do today...

    I've taken some time during the last few days to do a little evaluation of stuff and I've realised I've been neglecting my physical and emotional health for a fair while now. So, this morning, in order to address both of these things, I went out for an 8k trot. Was definitely too far, but I enjoyed it in spite of the touch of lateral knee pain I hobbled on and off with for the last couple of ks.
  4. Katz

    Crowd funding gone crazy!

  5. Katz

    What training did you do today...

    Had a roughly 4 k trot plus walk home on Friday then an hour and a half on the bike yesterday.
  6. Katz

    Home Security Cameras

    I paid about $1k from an online store. No ongoing costs unless you want longer than 7 day cloud storage.
  7. Katz

    Home Security Cameras

    Mine go on and off based on my location. Once I leave the home zone they go on and off when I’m home. They are also on a schedule which has them go on at 8pm and Off at 6am whether I home or not. They only record when they detect sound or motion. They need recharging beteeen 3-6 monthly depending on how often they get activated. I have one at front and back doors and one at the side of the house where there is a path. Basically covering the possible entry areas. You can two way talk through them and the base station has a siren which can be activated automatically or remotely manually. Cloud storage with local backup available.
  8. Katz

    Real Fridges of Trannies

  9. Katz

    Home Security Cameras

    https://www.arlo.com/en-us/landing/arlo-pro-2/ They are rechargeable so no addded battery cost. Email and app notifications.
  10. Katz

    Home Security Cameras

    Ive got Arlo wireless ones. Totally awesome. I’ll post a link later. Late for work as usual.
  11. Katz

    Mobile plans - which one?

    An expensive one. It was unlimited calls and text plus 5gb plus a bonus 5gb. Not sure why they didn’t just call it 10gb.
  12. Katz

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    You’re dead.
  13. Katz

    Mobile plans - which one?

    Ported over to Belong from Telstra yesterday. Took 8 min from start to finish. Very impressed. All going well so far. Will be saving myself $75 a month on a similar plan. Thanks Trannies.
  14. Katz

    What training did you do today...

    After a long absence due to the damn house renovation taking up all the time, Stikman and I went for a trot this afternoon. I'd be embarrassed to call it a run.
  15. Katz

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Ah, I see. The article seemed to suggest to did Cairns half and was going to do her first full at Busso. Or I read it horribly wrong. Still.......fark....