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  1. Today, I not only rode the whole way to work in the big ring, I also got out of the saddle on the hills.
  2. I replaced my garmin strap with a polar strap on account of the connectivity issues and huge HR spikes etc. That was ages ago though, not sure if you still can.
  3. LOL. No DI2 for me. No, I am pretty soft and actively avoid anything that hurts. The low grade long term discomfort of an IM for example is far preferable to short sharp pain. I've decided to change that though and toughen up.
  4. Today I rode the whole way to work in the big ring.
  5. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    That's exactly how it happened. I had time blocked out in my calendar at work and strict instructions to everyone around me to stay away. I just sat and hit refresh over and over till the web form appeared. Had the email address cut and ready to be pasted from a word document. The rest of the information I figured could have been wrong or mistyped, but the email address was the most important. Stikman had essentially the same strategy but he missed out at first, and was offered a spot later.
  6. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Trust me it was a close one. I got my offer of an entry on the spot. Stikman missed out at first but overnight got an email saying he was being offered one. Credit cards were promptly whipped out to secure them. Riding in the hills is going to be much more of a regular thing than it has been to date. We live just where the hills start becoming hills so there is no excuse really. Other than it's easier to just roll down onto the flat. lol Time for me to toughen up. Glad to hear it was enough to get you around the course at Roth though. Clearly experts then.
  7. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Wiki says 2001
  8. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Personally, I prefer Hungry Jacks, cause you know, the burgers are better. $950 including entry protection. Allows withdrawal right up to the day before. Sold out in less than a minute.
  9. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Gee, I hope you're right!
  10. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    He told me it's only little and won't hurt a bit.
  11. Katz

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Any Trannies get entries?
  12. We're catching up with Ratty and Mrs Ratty and having this.... http:// www.franksbarbq.com
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