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  1. Katz


    Loads from remote communities up north get it. Presumably it's similar in other countries with similar community structures and levels of health care (within those communities).
  2. Katz


    After seeing all the groups milling around at the playground and coffee shop near the park, I commented to Stikman while we were out for a run this morning that we have become so complacent about social distancing that it will go through us like wildfire if it does get back in to WA.
  3. Congratulations! I love the bed. She is just beautiful.
  4. She's home now. By the heater, with two of her sisters.
  5. Katz


    Yikes. I hope this second period of lockdown gets it under control for them. Poor buggers.
  6. We don't expect everyone to volunteer, except those people who are getting something from the club. So, if you are taking advantage of our free coached training sessions, using the club tent at races blah blah, please volunteer a couple of times. If you're just a member to save fees, we say thank you for your $45 and leave it at that.
  7. That is just horrific. Those poor families. Good grief, what a ****ing mess.
  8. Wonderful news. Congratulations!
  9. Katz


    Not sure about breaking, it was reported a couple of days ago. https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/security-firm-had-guards-at-hotels-and-locked-down-housing-estates-20200706-p559jm.html
  10. Katz


    I wonder what the numbers look like comparatively in countries which haven't contained COVID in the same way we have.
  11. Katz

    Port Mac

    I suppose you'll just have to settle for a smug feeling of vindication.
  12. Katz

    Port Mac

    Didn't say you would necessarily get it, just asked what it was.
  13. Katz

    Port Mac

    What do you want?
  14. Katz

    Port Mac

    If IMWA goes ahead in December 2020, you come out of retirement and race.
  15. Katz

    Port Mac

    I offered a wager. You declined.
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