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  1. Oh the poor girl. I really feel for the animals when there are storms. My cats are generally pretty good, but when they do get scared, it's really awful not being able to properly console them.
  2. Must remember to do spin down on the kickr before I start stage 3 this afternoon. Apparently I was pushing 135w up an 8% climb.
  3. I suddenly feel very vain regarding my reasons to exercise. LOL
  4. I am going to say the reality is probably somewhere in between the reports. I ride 8 hours of commuting a week and it usually dies about half way home on the last leg if I've forgotten to give it a charge during the week. I do have a couple of busy stretches where it's going off constantly, and the rest it's going off regularly, but not constantly. So, in summary, how long it lasts will depend on how much it's going off. And also, just as an aside, it doesn't fit my aero post on the TT. Rubber thingies aren't long enough and the rubber mount bit for the TT isn't the right shape for my bike.
  5. I didn't know who he was but just looked him up on the tube. One look at his mug and I wanted to punch him in the head.
  6. That's funny. He would only make the joke once if he were my husband as he would be dead shortly after, but it's still funny.
  7. Katz

    Bucket list races

    That looks awesome!
  8. We do run Sat and ride Sun. We alternate one of us running down to PR and home with the other taking the car either direction if we have the kid, or don't have a really long one planned or whatever. It's about 6ks each way so can make up to 17 if we run both ways.
  9. Stikman and I both got 50 by the end of last year. We are aiming for 100 by the end of this year. I am a handful ahead of him so have a small buffer for CBFs in the program if I need them.
  10. Stage one done. That was unpleasant.
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