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  1. Happy to provide more info via PM but the high level question is, is there any legal mechanism to compel an unwilling party to deal in property when owned as tenants in common?
  2. Katz

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Please take that back. No heat, no wind.
  3. Oh fark that. LOL That is making me feel nauseous just looking at it.🤢
  4. Still no. I struggle riding my bike over a freeway overpass on a windy day for fear of falling off. Climbing that thing, safety gear or not, would not understand any circumstances be what I would consider 'fun'. You people who aren't terrified of heights are a mystery to me.
  5. Katz

    Kids and gyms?

    ^^ I also like the idea of the HIIT classes and the like as your daughter has been doing for kids/teens. He might find it a bit girly though perhaps? Could definitely be a nice father/son bonding exercise too with the added benefit of keeping an eye on what and how he's doing things and making sure he's not going to do himself an injury.
  6. LOL! Well, I still think it looks lovely. What is the plan for it?
  7. Only 400 more grams and I'll be back where I started. Go me!
  8. Katz

    Busso 2019

    *dusts off book of excuses* Not that I need it. There are no expectations on my performance. Went to see the physio on Friday morning. Proximal hamstring tendinopathy and glute max strain. Plus a few other bits and shits which have a basis in general right side instability. Walked parkrun, downgraded from the 10k to the 5k of the race we were doing yesterday and then walked it too, except the downs as I could run those comfortably. Will be interesting to see what happens when I try to ride to work tomorrow. Early start to the taper it seems. Will be focusing on weight reduction and fixing the sore bits between now and race day. A few low key little races between now and then also, but nothing much. Though as compared to last year I am going into the day off a much more consistent base, I definitely feel far less prepared than last year. Hopefully the good base will see me through.
  9. Just don’t hang there too long.
  10. You're probably (definitely) right. I've not been strict, other than adopting an intermittent fasting approach which gave me really good (easy) results at the outset. That initial success doesn't appear to have continued in spite of doing the same which I think is what is really bugging me. Me and calorie restriction just doesn't go well. I always end up bingeing when I feel restricted which was why I was so happy the time restriction seemed to be so effective. Now that's not even working and I am struggling to figure out what the hell I am supposed to do next. Other than just suck it up and feel deprived until I am no longer a fatty. That said, the diet isn't generally bad. It's just not perfect I suppose you could say.
  11. Yeah, I know. It's just really grinding my gears. I got so excited when I saw the 74.1. Was really looking forward to getting into the 73's and below. And now I'm back in the 76's. So little loss since this thing bloody started. Getting me down is all.
  12. And somehow I am up another kilo. I have not consumed 1000 more calories than I have burned every day for the last two weeks. So stuffed if I know what is going on.
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