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  1. Sounds like a great day Kieran!
  2. My ex told me my training for IM was the reason he decided to have an affair. I now have a partner who will not let me race without him lest I get a medal he doesn't have.
  3. And even then, it would mean you failed at getting to Kona. Not that you are a failure.
  4. I'm going to suggest it is also the most printed book.
  5. I saw on the Garmin FB page they have stock. Does that mean you have stock too Willie??
  6. The interview process weeds many of those ones out.
  7. This was me, except for the 'lazy' part. I enrolled in the Master of Physio after doing a handful of other degrees in a different field. I was hoping for a move into what I thought would be a more fulfilling career. I chose the Masters, I could have done UG as I'd applied for both and was offered both, but chose it because it was a shorter course, and the time of graduation (April rather than the end of the year with the UGs) meant there would be less competition for jobs. I almost finished it, but decided it wasn't a good fit for me. Sadly costing me a bomb in the process. I agree it's a massive cash grab. There was barely anything different between the Masters students and UGs. We were in the same classes almost all of the time, with the exception of the intensive program we started with in January before the UGs came back into second year. The main difference was the compressed program. While they were on holidays mid-semester and end of year, we were on placement. The demographics were international students, many SIngaporean, little rich kids who discovered their Exercise Science degree wasn't going to let them be a physo for [insert sporting team], and me, pretty much.
  8. I paid off my monstrous HECS debt a few years back, then promptly started a non-commonwealth supported post-graduate degree in another field, which I didn't end up finishing and obviously don't work in the area of. Sadly in a very short period of time I totalled up about the same amount in debt as I had previously paid off and will now likely be paying for an incomplete qualification for the remainder of my days. That I regret. The original debt which allows me the income I enjoy did not.
  9. I agree it's an imperfect solution and there will always be exceptions.
  10. Or change that. You can get HECS if you're likely to get a job. You can't if it's an 'interest' degree.
  11. This is my way of thinking to a large extent. Professional degrees (those with almost certainty of employment) are free/heavily subsidised. Other degrees which might be nice to do, but may or may not readily lead to employment, much pricier. And for heavens sake, stop forcing kids who haven't got a clue what they want to do to go to uni, just because........get a job, do national service, whatever (except laze around mooching off your parents), but don't go and take up space and money at uni.
  12. Sold. Thanks Roxii.
  13. Before you all say it, yes it sounds like I need a new bike. It's coming. Just not quite fast enough. Now, my left shifter is busted. Stikman is trying to figure it out, but it might just need to be replaced. We are having a struggle actually finding a replacement. Does anyone happen to have one, or something that would work, floating around so I can keep riding till I get the new bike? This bike will then become a dedicated trainer bike, But I can't do without it for now.
  14. Across the Universe. No other movie is in the same class of "Favourite" so it must stand alone.
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