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  1. The only slipping issue I got on the P2 was the saddle. Agree with the clamping instructions. Tighten then left and right bolt a little bit at a time.
  2. well done @Greyman thats a hell of effort, and a shed loan of coin. The constant cancellations of swims is what kills me with this series. Something they cant control, but none the less a bloody expensive duathlon. They should have some sort of recognition for that loyalty.
  3. I have been burning the candle pretty hard with work, family and training recently. I got a cold, then recovered and went back to normal training, only to find I got sick again 2 weeks later. My learnings - its July, no need to rush back into, or push the training. When I feel good again, take another 2 days off, then do a couple of easy days to start the body up again.
  4. Why can’t he just JetSki? Are there rules actually around this. I’ve always thought about it for Melbourne
  5. ok, when I say shit swim, instead of being 10mins out of the water in front, she will be only 4 mins. Oh and also, Lucy will come out of the swim holding 2 jelly fish under her arms, and a small fish between her big toe on her left foot.
  6. AB will get his doors blown off from 110km into the ride, and loose 10mins to Frodo, Sebbie and Lange. Sanders will run through town, up Palani, but will pull out on the Highway. Cam Wurf will lead all the way to the energy lab, but will end up outside the top 5. Ryf will come off the bike with a 20 minute lead, run a high 3.10 and cruise to victory. Lucy Charles will have a shocker of a swim, and struggle on the bike. I also think we get 23 more Kona threads before start day
  7. Interesting indeed. With Garmin acquiring Tacx, now Wahoo and sufferfest. (Not to mention the other bike company acquisitions the past year) I wonder what this landscape will look like in another 2 years. Will companies like Trainerroad and Zwift want to share their back end systems with wahoo, now that they are a direct competitor with them.
  8. Belinda or Dirk - everyone would love a run split, not just the positions.
  9. The People: "The old Ironman app was the worst app in the history of all apps" Challenge: "Hold my beer'
  10. Is Cam out?? The commentators are confusing the shit out of me. Edit* Nope just missed Svenson pressing NOS button 😂
  11. Cams running style looks bloody good. He and Svenson look like they are flying. I think they have taken 2mins out of the leaders already. They are only 3.5km into it
  12. By what his training and race schedule have been over the past 2 months, it not surprising to hear this. The Red Head has used all his matches
  13. Yikes. Watching Bradon Currie ride a bike makes me feel good about myself 😉😉
  14. Nah, ladies and gentleman, we are on the precipice of 2 new frontiers. 1. Higher vertical compliance when your bars bounce around. Comfort improved. 2. As you bounce down, this allows your whole body to get over the dead spot of your spin, as your bounce upward, it opens the hip up in the power phase. It’s called ‘whole body spin dynamics’. 4% improvement in efficiency and time. Now throw a f#@k tonne of money at me
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