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  1. Getting more fluid in

    So, after experimenting with a few nutrition systens with my infinit mix. Im heading back to the profile design bottle with the straw. Problem is, is there a way to get more fluid up in the straw, without feeling like i have to collapse a lung to take a decent slurp?
  2. Running shoes, how many KM per pair

    I've work my last pair of asics into the 1200km - I wanted to see how far I could get out of them. Now I've got an injury and out for a month haha. I guess I found the limit.
  3. Training wheels, any recommendations?

    Zipp 404 - life's to short to roll on un-sexy wheels
  4. TDF2015 - Stage 10 (Tuesday 14/7)

    Really......... Well this is embarrassing ?
  5. TDF2015 - Stage 10 (Tuesday 14/7)

    Nothing. Nothing will happen because the tour de tempo is boring. They will ride together up until the last km then go for it. Such a boring format. Prob off topic but the tour would be more interesting if time bonus'were brought back. Im sick of watching tour winners who never actually win a stage. Sorry ill sod off now and wait til the spring next season when the real racing is
  6. Could this be the dumbest question I've ever asked on Trannies?

    Goughy,the only thing that comes to mind is your seat height and position in relation to your BB. The more behind it naturally forces you to sit back.
  7. Martyn's Ashton back on bike

    Saw this last night. Amazing stuff. Could still pull off better jumps then i could now no doubt.
  8. Interesting article on Chinese knockoffs

    The Chinese brand I have bought from was Dengfu. Bloody awesome with good customer service. I only follow a simple rule. Wait a few months before buying the newest models, because like anything, the first ones can sometimes have issues (applies to cars, electronics etc)
  9. Interesting article on Chinese knockoffs

    Ive cracked 2 TCRs, a BMC and a Cervelo. All bought in a shop. Ive had chinese carbon wheels both training and racing for years and not one issue. Moral of the story, carbon can fck up no matter who makes it.
  10. Look changing tactics with 796

    Near, far is makes no difference. At the time people were going close, so they created data to show otherwise. Perfect example of marketing creating data. Sorta like sram and their no electronic shifting crap. Took my years to understand marketing bullshlt vs real world feel
  11. Best race wheels

    Forgive my ignorance but if Ben from Caden is saying that they are similar to what the big boys are doing with no compelling reason why his are better, then why would i pay a $600 premium over what i can buy, or build myself from Dengfu/Farsports/Yishun?
  12. Best race wheels

    Best aero bang for buck - something around the 56mm depth in clincher. Ive switched and it means I can use it on the roadie and the TT. I had a set of 80's for TT only, but IMO the new wider rim and profile can match many deeper rims and my times are pretty much the same. No crack pipes No tubulars No valve extenders This pretty much 'clinched' it for me.......see what i did there
  13. If Stages are that bad...

    Powertap - set into a 404 firecrest clincher wheelset, I race and train on these wheels for over a year.
  14. PBK - Have they improved

    PB Who? Nah they take ages to send stuff. Im lovin' Pushys and Bikebug at the moment.
  15. Rolling starts

    Dunno how i feel about them. IMM I felt the swim was harder because you a constantly swimming through people the whole way, even though I was was in the sub 1hr paddock. The year before I felt once you got out of the chop come the first 1km, it was an easier swim.