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  1. Nah not really. 7km doesn't feel like much of a run though, and it's been all super easy. Perhaps I would have seen better results if my diet was better, but I'd argue what's better then a big slice of 4 cheese lasagne, washed down with a bag of liquorice for breakfast Hahahaha
  2. I have moments where I think he knows the damage he has caused, and is willing to accept the backlash from it, and be self aware, but there is that thing in the back on my mind that cant shake the lies of 15 years, the careers he has ruined, and the personal vandettas he has had. He could have been a beacon for all the fans of cycling, coming completely clean, and helping the sport wash the sins of past, but he doesnt, and all his mates around him must be equally toxic for the sport.
  3. Just clocked in my 30 day running in a row. Average has been just over 40km a week so nothing groundbreaking, but im just happy to have completed that small feat.
  4. After a 5 week break in the bike, I signed up for sufferfest. I am a very very long time Trainer road user, but i needed a change from blue blocks. I found the sufferfest half monty test pretty good. Struggled finding the right restistence level. I settled on 0.5%. I love the ability to customise the display, also the test feels a little more rounded, looking at HR and power. I'm doing a workout later today based on the new results so that will be interesting.
  5. One thing about the map view on Zwift, is there a way to make the terrain map larger? When I am riding i cant tell what side I should be reading, or how far up the climb I am.
  6. Another run for me today. 16 days in a row. Now up to 7km and all very easy. Im looking at starting to ride my bike again. 30min minimum time wise, and any thing beyond that will be how Im feeling. The wins for me are a urge to start riding my bike again, I haven't felt like that in about 4 weeks.
  7. Id have a hard time leaving the Garmin environment. I’ve got over 10 years of data in there. It’s good to see there are companies stepping into the ring though.
  8. Day 9 of 100 running. 5km 27mins at a very very easy pace, just above recovery. Nothing exciting, but 10days of consistent training will be a big thing for me. I haven't done that since November.
  9. Good luck with that Feb date. I think until there is a vaccine created, international travel anywhere will not be advised by governments. Same as the tour, Olympics etc were you have a sport with large populations coming from all over the world. Personally sport without fans isn't worth it. The footy was bloody awful without the crowd. It was hard to watch. For the NRL, S'ppose they are used to that hahaha.
  10. Day 4 of 100. Ran 30mins before the rain hit Melbourne. Really really easy. So far it's good. Get it all done before work and I don't dread it waking up
  11. So after 9 years, my beautiful Plasma died over the weekend. A snap, crackle, and red fireworks kinda around the bezel of the screen, and of course the smell of burnt electronics. I chose a plasma way back in 2011 because i loved the blacks and motion for sports - AFL, motorsports, cycling etc etc. Now, the game has changed, now its OLED, QLED or LED. I’m getting my head around the tech terms, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to QLED due to ultimate peak brightness and the TV being in a very bright room that I cant control the light sources. By all the reading, it seems the Samsung Q90 is the shit, but its a kings ransom. What have people got? My budget is $2k max, and I’m tossing up between a 55 or 65. Viewing is about 3meters away not wall mounted.
  12. Im absolutely in a funk with trainng. I dont want to get up to do early AM rides before work, I am lacking complete motivation to get after it at all. Trainng consistencey is all over the place. Im in a rut that I cant seem to shake, so I have decided to do a few things this week. 1. Do not follow a plan. No zones, no laps, just moving at whatever pace I feel like. 2. Garmins have lost all power fields, pace fields and virtual partner. I now have time of day and distance. Thats it. 3. Mini goal set - move at least 30mins a day for 100 days straight. What else do people do to get themselves going again?
  13. Alright - Ive been a long time Trainer Road user, completed a lot of road programs, and also a few tri programs with that software, but at the moment, in a funk that I cant get out of. Zwift does absolutley nothing for me. I have tried it over and over again, and it is absolutley mind numbing boring. Id rather chuck on some racing videos, and have a simple graph to follow at the bottom of the screen. Im thinking of changing it up. I want to know what the sufferfest programs are like? Is anybody on them, or tried them before?
  14. Shit just looked up a kickr climb. $800 Buckeroonies to take indoor training to the next level. I think I'll stick to my flat horizontal pretend climbing position
  15. Jeez. That's a hell of a treadmill. $29k. I've never seen a treadmill worth that much before
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