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  1. Up 0.4kg for me. I don't know why. My training has been super consistent, my diet was good all but 1 dinner on Friday before a 2.5hr race simulation Saturday session. I have been busting my arse but can't seem to get under 80kgs. I used to get under it easily, but this year I'm struggling. I've reduced my volume by about 6 hours a week but increased the intensity x10 but it just won't shift. I am really down about it, not motivated to train at all after this weigh-in. I usually just accept the number and work hard at it, but this one is getting to me. its been about 2months of up and down, absolutely no trends. I went for a swim, trained hard, but questioned why the hell I'm trying for. Maybe I just need to reduce the intensity and work at lower HR's. Drop all the intervals and just work on burning fat, and not dipping into the glycogen stores. Dunno
  2. I agree that some squads are over the top with all the toys. I also think that 90min squads are bloody overkill as well. I use the buoy for front end drills, and I use fins for ankle flexibility work. Nevermore then 400mts in total. The rest of my swimming is freestyle, and freestyle only.
  3. 1kg drop. I tried a week of Light 'n' easy at 2300cals just to test it. That finished up last Tuesday. It was a good experience to see how much food it actually is, without me painstakingly weighing everything. To me, It was a shite load. I was never hungry. Really opened my eyes to how much I under eat, bordering on starving myself. I made some changes to my diet now, and to also be more accepting of fruit and the occasional treat. Happy with my weight result this week. I went large on Friday and Saturday with Beers, wine and 4 courses. Saturday was a big training day, and didn't run at all yesterday.
  4. Up for me, quite a bit. Post Noosa blowout and I have no regrets. I guess that's what a week of no training and maximum indulgence can do. I'm hoping its just a bit of water weight. Back to training and watching what I eat this week again.
  5. Yeah that's rough. I wonder how much a long course race would cost to put on? Say Bendigo, Shepp ect. I would love to do a river swim tri.
  6. Yeah fair point, but you may find yourself questioning the same thing in 5 or 6 years when you've done beach road a billion times, seen every blade of grass at Cartini gardens, or recall every tree you run past at the elwood race. We used to have a great selection of races across the season in different locations. Now we are stuck with little choice in Vic.
  7. Interested in the other states opinion, but here in Victoria, it feels as if triathlon is dying a very slow death. We now have 1 long course race in Geelong, 1 main tri series, that even that was on tender hooks mid year. No idea on club numbers, tri Australia memberships. What are the rest of Australia experiencing in their tri scene?
  8. Dunno about lost and found. I saw someones expensive down tube aero bottle on the road just before the turn up the hill. Whats Hastings St like today? You couldnt move, eat or drink anything last night.
  9. This is how you jam 4000 on the course. What a race! The bike is a brilliant mix of roundabouts, speed humps, climbs and descents. I saw lots of explosions on the run. Some people walking straight out of transition. I feel for all those people. This year though will be remembered for the swim. Piss bolt right down to the rocks, and let the ocean do the rest for you. Pop out and do a beach run back to the finish line. It was actually comical with all the people running down to the point. It made the 1st transition long though.
  10. Noosa is buzzing. Its my first time here and its living up to the hype. I did the swim last night, loved that. The expo is bloody awesome, all the brands, all priced to sell. I picked up a tri suit and a pair of googles already. Almost laid cash down for those new Noosa racers. They are wild. The missus got stuck into the shopping as well. The baby got given a free pair of googles. Its an expensive week but it’s totally worth it. The vollies are A++++
  11. I think it would be naive to think Triathlons, since the dawn of competition didn’t have athletes on the gear in the pro ranks. Only change now is they are easily accessible for the age groupers. Triathlon like cycling, is the perfect testing ground.
  12. My teething screaming child should get your attention 😂
  13. First time. I’m bloody excited. Heading up Thursday morning on Jetstar. Training has been shit, but I don’t care. It’s probably the closest to a Kona-ish vibe I’ll ever likely get. I’ll be the one at the gate with smooth legs and a baby praying for a smooth, quite flight
  14. Down another 600 grams. Now 81.2kgs Not too bad I suppose. Trying to eat the food in the fridge before heading to Noosa.
  15. I hope its a no wetsuit swim. Less weight to bring up. Every gram counts when you have a baby in-tow
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