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  1. Hahaha honestly ASO and UCI are just as curupt as FIFA. The mere threat of the race getting a bad headline and they fold faster then a $5 note. Rule? What rule? We never said it was a rule.
  2. Yeah - I forgot for a moment who is governing the sport hahaha. Testing on the Wednesday next week then.
  3. So the 4 teams on the brink of being excluded due to positive cases in the support staff are Ineos, Mitchelton, Cofidis and AG2R. 1 more person in their team bubble tests positive, and the team are gonski from the tour yeah?
  4. Sam Bennett - what a bloody legend. So emotionally raw post race. That hit me in the feels big time
  5. Yeah - a mountain stage, people pop off 1 at a time, yeah thats cool, but a cross wind section requires all riders to be absolutely on it mentally and physically all day. 1 slight feather of the brake, or half a wheel too far behind, and boom, peleton islands!!!
  6. 1 week down, what is everyone’s thoughts? Ive struggled to get into the race because of 2 reasons. Team Skyy/Ineos really killed the excitement of the GC racing in the past decade, and my love for the ToF in particular took a hit. 2 because there was no build up this year, I haven’t gone full blown fan boy. Other then those, the racing has been pretty good so far. Can’t wait for tonight’s cross winds and then the Alps, oh and the final time trial, lots still to play for, especially the Time trial.
  7. I watched 2 rounds of the women. In my mind, I had them in a velodrome, not poolside. Agree with the previous comments, seeing a zwift avatar run didn’t do it for me. Also was it a race between each leg, why did you have to stop the clock on the swim?
  8. Noosa 2019. Bloody loved it other then having to take up half the plane with prams, cots, toys and then my gear hahaha.
  9. Im maybe typecasting here - but most elite squads, national or domestic, once you scratch a little deeper are full of stories like this. The Australian swim team, US Gymnastics, Russian programs, Chinese programs etc etc. The behaviour at that level, across both athletes and coaches can be very unhealthy. Ask any parent about high-level kids sport squads and programs. Nasty nasty shit.
  10. With seemingly more and more states locking down borders with Victoria. What happens to the people who have IM's coming up in the next few months?
  11. I switched from C02 to a pump after a bad experience in driving rain. I went through both c02's and fumbling with cold hands. I bought a lezeyne mid-size pump. Other than a couple more minutes road side, I never have to worry about it again. Also saved a few people having to do the stranded roadside call as well.
  12. I know times are tough, and it may be unpopular, but I'm paying $8.60 for a 40min swim in my local.council pool. I can't book online, I can't use any facilities and I get 40mins max.I think there needs to be an adjustment.
  13. I went swimming for the first time in the COVID-19 time. So so strange, Got to book in the day earlier, 1hr per session, but you can only swim 40mins of that to allow the change over for the next session. You cant use the change rooms, showers, you have to get changed poolside, and you have to leave the building through a fire exit. Hey, at least pools are open again.
  14. Done this about 8 weeks ago from a night out eating and drinking. Couldn't be arsed waiting 30mins for the train closest to my house, so I caught the one that meant a bigger run. 5km, 3am in skinny legs and nike air90. Avg pace around 5.45. Next morning ankles and knees were screwed hahaha
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