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  1. Lost in transition

    Asics Nimbus - Is it time for a change?

    Hi everyone, Based on some great reading last week about picking a new long course shoe, and how Asics are behind the game a bit in running technology, I thought I would ask the brains trust about the Nimbus. I am a long time runner in the Nimbus (10years) and have wore this as my daily trainer, on concrete, averaging about 50km to 80km a week depending on events im training for. I have pretty much loved every model, and never had a reason to change, other then sometime wishing for a bit lighter shoe for some faster work. I don't weight much 77kg 6'2 and run a 37min 10km, but I don't think im a true Neutral, and need just that little bit of support. In the other thread, I read about the NB Beacon as a replacement (high cushioning) and was always interested in Hoka Hoka's, but I was wondering what other shoes are out there as an alternate? Rebel currently have a sale on through clickfrenzy and now seems like a good time to buy.
  2. Lost in transition

    Where do I find old Kona videos?

    This is great. Its way before my time in the sport, but wtching these guys and girls race looks epic. Kona looks at least 4 times harder
  3. Lost in transition

    Where do I find old Kona videos?

    Thats a good idea. I'll have a look at some questionable streaming sites I use
  4. Lost in transition

    Where do I find old Kona videos?

    Submit anything you have. I want some stuff from early 2000s onwards. Nothing like the Aussies owning the race for the decade. I can still find 15, 16 and 17 on youtube, but nothing other then short 5mins clips from earlier
  5. Lost in transition

    Where do I find old Kona videos?

    Hi everyone, I'm just trying to find the older kona videos that the NBC put together. I find them the perfect length for trainer sessions. Tried YouTube, but nothing further back then 2015/16 Anyone know where the old crowie/Rinnie/Wellington vids can be found?
  6. Lost in transition

    Challenge Wanaka Full just got canned

    I reckon its both Money and Time poor. These races are really expensive to enter, train, service, nutrition etc etc. Work demands are higher being almost round the clock service. Also having friends who aren't into tri's, it kills the social scenes.....for me anyway.
  7. Lost in transition

    Major League Triathlon

    You know, i watch the Surf Lifesaving on Telly, and think, why couldn't Tri community do something similar. At its current format, a triathlon alone is bloody boring, but different style events, lengths, and the such would be awesome. Reignite our own little world series style.
  8. Lost in transition

    What's more dangerous? Having no clue, or thinking you have a clue?

    Just when I think I have a clue, I soon realise that I have no clue at all 😂😂. ....this is the story of my life
  9. Lost in transition

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    So is it going to be like AG slot allocation? If so, I've got no issue with it. Should make the competition a bit closer. I also believe top 5 mens and women in Kona should be an automatic lock for next years race.
  10. Lost in transition

    Ok so who shutdown the main forum?

    Im with ya. Cant see it 🤓🤓
  11. Lost in transition

    My Fitness PAL

    Awesome. Keep in mind that i only do this for a short period of time, because in my personal circumstances, i was seriously low calorie wise with 2 sessions per day, I could drop a 1kg and more week by week. The lowest i got was 71kg, but i was farked and my bike leg suffered big time. Ran like the wind though hahaha. Don't try to sustain it, cutting this extreme puts a lot of stress on hormones
  12. Lost in transition

    Which bike should I buy and why?

    Something aero road then. Im biased for the Propel, but they are a PITA to tool on, all of them. So much integration. Are you planning on swapping wheels in and out all the time? Do you care about the weight. 7kg (ish) standard road vs 8kg (ish) for aero bikes
  13. Lost in transition

    My Fitness PAL

    Used it for all race preps, set my cals to roughly 2000 per day, i stick to the number every day, and never worry about trying to balance In vs Out. I can get into shape real quick (8 weeks) following this method. Ive been doing it for about 6 years now. Im 6"2 and naturally i float at 82kg, but can get to 74kg being vigilant and stubborn 😂😂😂
  14. Lost in transition

    Getting more fluid in

    So, after experimenting with a few nutrition systens with my infinit mix. Im heading back to the profile design bottle with the straw. Problem is, is there a way to get more fluid up in the straw, without feeling like i have to collapse a lung to take a decent slurp?
  15. Lost in transition

    Running shoes, how many KM per pair

    I've work my last pair of asics into the 1200km - I wanted to see how far I could get out of them. Now I've got an injury and out for a month haha. I guess I found the limit.