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  1. Looks much better. Much more natural curve in the spine, and his shoulders aren’t up around his ears. Not sure if you moved the saddle up a bit, but the angle behind his knee looks good.
  2. Seat height looks pretty good. If he is going to be clipped in, you could move the saddle up a bit. If he is just rolling in runners and flats, seat height it good. Also, get rid of the spacers. It will naturally push the bars a little further out, plus it will give him a little more weight over the front of the bike for more stability. Agree with Willie - get his hands on the hoods first.
  3. Wow - I’m still amazed at the AG times. So many fast bike times now knocking on the Pro’s splits. followed up by high 1.18 - 1.23ish runs Bloody impressive people.
  4. Hoffman looked good on the run, the interesting race was 2 down to 5th. Pity the swim was cut super short, as it could have been a real gamer changer when it came to the bike, oh well. The womens race was pretty good. Lucy CB didn’t have it all her own way on the bike, but in the end the result was unsurprising given how good both her and Ryf are. The coverage was brilliant. Motos following the leaders of both men’s and womens field. Helicopters providing the good coverage. 8hrs is a long time to commentate but I found it a pretty easy watch.
  5. I had no idea the course changed. My last race was 2014 there when it was 35 degrees in the morning, and blowing 50km winds. The new course seems much much faster.
  6. Your going to have a great race. You sound prepared, and have a plan. Always bring some extra elastic bands in your bag race morning if your planning on having your shoes already clicked in. It's great karma to help those around you if you can. I also bring zip ties and cloth tape just in case. Don't be too cool to smile at people, say good morning to every one around you. Everyone will be a little skitzed out. Just be friendly and relaxed. Tell people your nervous if asked. You'd be surprised with how many people will agree with you, then you can both laugh together. Get down to the water, chuck your wettie on 30mins before the race, go for a swim, adjust the suit, then get back in and swim again. Do this a few times to get your wettie on properly. Then line up, take the swim at a relaxed, but firm pace, keep it long, not thrashy. Then settle into a nice long comfortable stroke. Just keep reminding yourself to relax. Let the race come to you. I'd love to hear how you get on post event.
  7. Agree. Not an issue anymore. I picked up a pair of Nimbus 19 for $140 bucks the other day. Asics are now in line with the other brands.
  8. Just wind the B screw in as far as it will go, add some links to the chain. I've done it with di2 ultegra short cage. Other tip would be to get a wolf tooth hanger extender. They cost about 30 bucks
  9. Can not emphasise this point enough. Take the bike easy. Your easy, the first 30km should almost feel like your warming up. Don't race anyone. If you go even slightly too hard on the bike, you are going to hate the run, and geelong is not a course you can hope to recover on for the run. It's a tough course to nail
  10. Hi everyone, Based on some great reading last week about picking a new long course shoe, and how Asics are behind the game a bit in running technology, I thought I would ask the brains trust about the Nimbus. I am a long time runner in the Nimbus (10years) and have wore this as my daily trainer, on concrete, averaging about 50km to 80km a week depending on events im training for. I have pretty much loved every model, and never had a reason to change, other then sometime wishing for a bit lighter shoe for some faster work. I don't weight much 77kg 6'2 and run a 37min 10km, but I don't think im a true Neutral, and need just that little bit of support. In the other thread, I read about the NB Beacon as a replacement (high cushioning) and was always interested in Hoka Hoka's, but I was wondering what other shoes are out there as an alternate? Rebel currently have a sale on through clickfrenzy and now seems like a good time to buy.
  11. This is great. Its way before my time in the sport, but wtching these guys and girls race looks epic. Kona looks at least 4 times harder
  12. Thats a good idea. I'll have a look at some questionable streaming sites I use
  13. Submit anything you have. I want some stuff from early 2000s onwards. Nothing like the Aussies owning the race for the decade. I can still find 15, 16 and 17 on youtube, but nothing other then short 5mins clips from earlier
  14. Hi everyone, I'm just trying to find the older kona videos that the NBC put together. I find them the perfect length for trainer sessions. Tried YouTube, but nothing further back then 2015/16 Anyone know where the old crowie/Rinnie/Wellington vids can be found?
  15. I reckon its both Money and Time poor. These races are really expensive to enter, train, service, nutrition etc etc. Work demands are higher being almost round the clock service. Also having friends who aren't into tri's, it kills the social scenes.....for me anyway.
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