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  1. Supamau

    New Specialized Shiv

    I didn't even noticed what bike Lucy was on....
  2. Supamau

    New Specialized Shiv

  3. Supamau

    Pick your 1st and 2nd men and women in Kona 2018

    Men - 1.Gomez 2.Lange Women - 1. Ryf 3. Haug
  4. Supamau

    New Specialized Shiv

    Goodness, having own a Shiv, I was expecting a super Shiv next... i just flushed those expectations down the loo, this THING looks FUGLY IMO... It's like they took ideas from the latest bikes which came out the past few years and just smash them together on a bigger scale....
  5. Interesting invention which might appeal to many (wealthy) triathletes and cyclist... https://redsharkbikes.com/en/
  6. Supamau

    Boston Marathon

    Saw this from Runner's World, talent + hard work = results Yuki Kawauchi, surprise winner of the Boston Marathon earlier this week lives in a two-story suburban home with his mother and younger brother in Saitama Prefecture, about 34 miles north of Tokyo. Since graduating from college, he's worked 40 hours a week (1pm-9pm Monday to Friday) in an office for the Saitama Prefectural government. He answers phones, enters data, and collects tuition and meal payments. As a government employee, he gets about 25 days off and uses most of them for racing and traveling. Straitlaced and serious, Kawauchi spends most of his spare time running. Four mornings a week, he'll log 18 to 20 kilometers (11 to 12 miles) over about two hours in a park near his house. At night, he'll strength-train in his room with homemade equipment, using an old bike tube as an exercise band and a 33-pound weight bar from which he hangs his retired running shoes. He does speedwork on Wednesdays and uses the weekend to make up some mileage. He might hit mountain trails for anywhere from three to seven hours, but often, he competes. Kawauchi targets monthly “main” races before which he'll run various distances in preparation. Since 2010, Kawauchi has run an average of 12 Marathons and 10 Half Marathons per year. Add to that, about 15-20 other races (5k's, 10k's, 20k's, 50k's etc). Kawauchi tries to find a race most weeks and uses them for training. [information from: Runner's World]
  7. Supamau

    Boston Marathon

    Congrats both of you!!! Really good times too despite the conditions. It was reported to be one of the slowest pro marathon times in Boston history.
  8. Supamau

    Boston Marathon

    All the best mate!!! Keep warm!!! Maybe get some hugs (and kisses) from the Wellesly College gals at the Wellesly scream tunnel
  9. Supamau

    New TT/TRI bike from Wilier

    Not really keen on disc brakes on triathlon bikes, it just adds another element to worry about on the bike for me. Besides, who brakes in a triathlon.
  10. Supamau

    Arthroscopy of the knee

    I like the sound of that
  11. Supamau

    Arthroscopy of the knee

    Yeah, been surfing for it, only found a place in QLD which claims it does the replacement... New shock absorbers for the knees... hahaha
  12. Supamau

    Roth pro field

    Roth initial pro field is out http://www.challenge-roth.com/newsdetails-en/leading-athletes-at-datev-challenge-roth.html Hopefully more big names will join as this field looks rather thin...
  13. Supamau

    Running shorts

    this one? http://www.wiggle.com.au/dhb-5-run-short/
  14. Supamau

    Arthroscopy of the knee

    My missus showed this to me yesterday, never knew the meniscus can be replaced. Probably should sit down with the doctor to discuss all the options available, would really want a way to avoid surgery. Not sure if there is a way to manipulate the folded flap back?
  15. Supamau

    Arthroscopy of the knee

    OMG, that is the same thing i have, doctor says apparently this is very common and can happen to just about anyone. Some just don't realized it until get too painful. But getting back on the bike in 1-2 weeks sounds promising.