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  1. Port Race Reports

    Here's mine.........should make everyone feel better - plus its short If you are going to fail, ensure you fail gloriously. Ironman Australia, always a day that takes all that you have and I can safely say that yesterday It took it all, literally. A serious struggle that had me crook from 5km into the run. Steven Newman told me not to quit (actually I believe it was "don't you ****en quit on me Derek). I told him that they would have to drag me off the course. As it turns out they did. 24km in and after waiving off various attempts at assistance I finally collapsed against a barrier, was caught by a random old dude - thanks - and Mel, who by that stage I believe had sensed I was about to go - big thanks. Doctors called, ambo called and straight to the Med tent. 2 hours later, a bucket load of IV and being used as a pin cushion by the local med students I was back on my feet(ish). A huge shout out to Mel for all her support in the lead up to the race and for putting up with my antics yesterday. Thanks also for Newman and Dani who kept the chat up whenever they saw me - both Ironman Legends. And to Jo - big day yesterday you are now an Ironman - still can't believe you didn't walk the Shute. I am not disappointed, I wanted to test myself and see how far I could push my mind and body, and I did. If you are going to fail, choose how you fail, fail gloriously.
  2. Ironman Australia Roll Down to placings

    So no one has details on the female roll downs then
  3. Ironman Australia Roll Down to placings

    what about the females? or did htey not roll down
  4. Outrun Cancer - 24 hours on a treadmill

    Yep Dani was Dani Andres. his second leg was 12:30am - 1:30am so we were all concerned that he would fall asleep somewhere and not turn up.....timeliness not being one of his strong suites. But kudos to him, he was there and smashnig out 3:25 pace in the wee small hours of the morning
  5. Outrun Cancer - 24 hours on a treadmill

    I think the GW record limits you to 12 people
  6. Forced change to swim days 6 weeks from race

    Doesn't matter - swim isn't load bearing, so in reality fit it in when you can
  7. Outrun Cancer - 24 hours on a treadmill

    Yep Luca is reasonably insane, I remember him running the grand canyon rim to rim to rim a couple of years ago in a day......and that was 3 days after he did that ultra in mexico with the Tarahumara (spell check). I will head down with a beer and some cheesecake on saturday night and check it out
  8. Ironman AG Champ Gets 4yr Doping Ban

    don't know if this is an epilogue or the ban was a prologue........anyway this story just keeps giving http://303triathlon.com/us-age-group-triathlete-banned-doping-competing-ultras-maiden-name/
  9. Swissside wheels

    I have a set of the aluminium rimmed Hadrons. very good wheels - at least as fast as my HED 6's with the 20% discount the carbon are good value as well - but as weight is not an issue I would stick with the aluminium. and both owners are always willing to chat
  10. Ironman AG Champ Gets 4yr Doping Ban

    someone on the slowtwitch forum pointed out this from 2014....... ah the irony https://www.change.org/p/world-triathlon-corporation-wtc-stop-illegal-drafting-at-all-ironman-events
  11. Ironman Australia - Carbo/Preso changes

    Not complaining about this move. Yes it is potentially a bit of a bummer for the first timers, however I have found that recently these dinners have been getting very tired. I was in the IMWA one two years ago and my god it was like pulling teeth. good to be able to give back to the community a bit. bet they save a few $$ on the tent hire though.....
  12. Ironman 70.3 Hawaii

    Yep - stayed at the Fairmont for three days before and after race. they organised a bus to T1 and Start and brought stuff T1 stuff back to the finish. they provided a set of sheets and towels to clean and store your bike and they put on a dinner the evening before the race. there was also a post race buffet - i think for all competitors.
  13. Ironman 70.3 Hawaii

    Suburban Kid - This is an awesome race to do. Swim is absolutely fantastic. T1 is a bitch - all up hill. Ride is hard, especially if the winds come up, but through the lava fields and then up to Hawi - awesome experience. Run is mixed path and grass, can get pretty hot a sticky and lots of turns. Train for a PR, but seriously don't be dissapointed if you fall short - it is such a great race to suck up the experience. If you can stretch the budget to stay at the resort for a couple of days before and after then do it - they really look after the racers.