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  1. Sorry, but doesnt this cut both ways. My wife is a teacher in a Catholic school. Her contract says the type of things she is and isn't allowed to say/ support - words about upholding Catholic world view and all that. We know gay teachers who have lost their jobs etc for not following the rules, and plenty more who simply don't have contracts renewed etc because they don't toe the line. One particular guy was pulled aside for the chat about how they would never progress him in the system (despite being excellent at his job) because of his 'lifestyle'. Where's all the outcry about 'free speech ' when the shoe is on the other foot? It seems religious people are hypocrits! Religious people: i should be able to say whatever i want at all times, regardless of what my employer thinks. Also religious people: i want to be able to tell people what they can and can't say when they work in an organisation we endorse.
  2. Almost exact same scenario as us but younger brats (mine are 2 and 5). I work a 9-5 now, short commute. Missus works as well. I do maybe 5 training sessions a week (cause im being slack at the moment) missus does about 5 - 7 per week. Use every opportunity amd schedule things. Wife is better at mornings than me so she'll do one or two mornings a week, which leaves me to get kids up and fed etc. I mostly do evenings. Some evening wife will do an early gym session (5 till 6.30) whilst i do kids dinner. Then ill run (6.30 till 7.30) and be home for bedtime stories. Other evenings wife does dinner and we eat together. Each day is varied depending on work, weather, training etc. Weekends we try to incorporate as much into the day as we can ... ie if we are going to the beach one of us will run to the beach and the other will drive. Sometimes one of us will run home.... We also have no training/rest days where we just do stuf with the kids.
  3. Trivia for today. The Saturn 5 rockets (Apollo moon missions) used a total of 83 engines....EIGHTY THREE ... This included small rockets to slow the 1st and 2nd stages down at separation so it wouldn't smack into the upper stages. Also small rockets to push the next stage ahead after separation in order to get the fuel to the bottom of the tank to light the main engine.... https://youtu.be/F2c9LPNRonQ
  4. The issue in our house is fitting training in for two of us (plus both working plus two kids under 5).... wife is a runner and all round gym junkie... I've recently changed jobs and essentially no commute so that opens up mirnings and most afternoons. kids means sometime has to be at home at all times - effectively halving training time - gone are the days when we could just finish work and both go to respective training sessions.... someone needs to be feeding, bathing, looking after the kidlets.
  5. Central Coast. 90 mins nth of Sydney. Open Water Swims at Toowoon Bay, Terrigal or Avoca. Groups swimming everyday or some easy to see marker buoys if you're solo) Ocean baths at The Entrance (50m pool) Pool Swim at Mingara or Woy Woy in case of bad ocean conditions (both with 50m indoor pools) Lots of accessible rides including mixed terrain - rolling hills north from The Entrance, flat rides around the lakes, more mountains if you go south of Terrigal or even old Pacific Hwy to Pie in the Sky/Berowra. Runs all over the place, including lots of flat running paths (ie The Entrance out past long jetty is 10-12km one way scenic path along Tuggerah Lake) heaps of trail runs because there's lots of national park etc).
  6. i thought the Mexicans were paying for the wall??
  7. Maybe this was the only place he could get power for his fan thingy?? If the power outlets are on the inside of the track then you don't want to dragging cords everywhere
  8. I've been around but had a lot going on. My dad passed away earlier in the year, other family stuff, and then having to sort out dads estate etc (i'm executor of will). plus 2 toddlers at home, work etc ... I stick my head in every now and then to see whats happening here ...
  9. I'm probably typical of this I've usually had the cricket on on the background on TV at work, especially the Tests, and watch the one dayers on TV at home.... but not religiously ... if there's other stuff on or family dinner its just on in the background. Each year myself and my brothers and nephews go to a one-dayer or two - we live all over the east coast so we go to either Syd, melb, canberra or brissy depending on dates. As the cricket merges away from free to air I can't see me continuing to be a regular spectator. Its not important enough for me to pay for so it will vanish from my house. My son (nearly 5 year old) will probably not grow up (like I did) with cricket in the background on TV ... This year is the first in a decade the none of my brothers of nephews have emailed to suggest our regular get-together. Well done Cricket Australia .... way to kill the game
  10. I've been away for 12 months and this thread still has a life of its own... I love the nuclear reactor in the middle of the desert idea, supported by diverting entire rivers westward across the Great Divide. Maybe that could be Tony Abbots new policy position: "We will provide cheap electricity by building a nuclear reactor at a cost of tens of billions of dollars supported by a diverted river system costing hundreds of billions of dollars ... " Sounds like a genius way of keeping power prices down if you ask me ....
  11. Thing is, all this 'expensive living' could be part of sponsorship deals.... Hotel companies might provide free accommodation to people they sponsor, on the basis that you use your instagram/social media presence to advertise the hotel. I don't know many pro athletes, but I know quite a few 'business' people who do various (sometimes weird/new age) jobs that have arrangments like this ... I know one guy who has a deal like this with a major airline. They give him flights for free, he uses his social media profile to market for them (photos from their first class lounge, boarding into business class etc). Its a win:win - he gets the travel he needs, they get exposure to his big following of crowds on the interweb!! I reckon thats how a lot of people 'appear' to be living the high life ....
  12. All across the country there may be lower house electorates who vote against same sex marriage. Even where the overwhelmkkng majority support it. Prob conservative country places, for example. Its easy for a politician to vote against the outcomes of a plebiscite if 60% of their own electorate voted against it.... those MP's only have to convince their own electorate to vote for them next election .... not anyone else. This is exactly what happened in the uk witn Brexit. If you where an MP, and 75% of Australian people vote to support same sex marriage, but the details from your electorate showed only 35% supported it, what would you do? Go with the overall majority of the nation? But annoy a heap of your own constituents? Its a pretty easy argument to make doing the oposite (ie, "i was elected to represent the views of X electorate, and the majority of people in my electorate dont want same sex marriage...") Aa
  13. The issue is that even if 80% of Australians endorse same sex marriage, you will have pollies looking for excuses to vote however they like. Bernardi, for example, said in interviews that he would have to see how his state voted. Dutton said he would examine his electorate etc. So they were already putting in place excuses to vote how they like. We saw this in the UK with the Brexit vote. Some MPs saying they wouldnt support it because the results from their individual electorates where different..... I can see a situation with people sayong "65% of australia voted to support same sex marriage, but in my electorate only 49% did and i will be voting in acccordance with the wishes of my electorate".... People like Bernardi would never vote for same sex marriage legislation, even if 99% of the population supported it in a plebiscite. And i dont think you could possibly mount any argument to suggest he would act differently? His entire support base is right wing christians, he couldnt give two hoots about plebiscite outcomes or what the majority want. The solution is to create a binding plebiscite.... ie have a piece of legislation that is endorsed by parliament, but only becomes active if 51% of plebiscite votes support it..... or similar.
  14. Not just linked to aboriginal kids. A deputy high school principal i know has lots of similar stories. He works in a school in a rough area. When kids want to leave school early tjey have an interview process with parents... i think mainly to try and get kids to stay in school. He said one of the most common responses from PARENTS is "as long as he can read and write well enough to fill in his centerlink forms he doesnt need school"....
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