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  1. Well you can't help not notice his run form, it stands out like tits on a bull. You can still go quick with issues with your form and despite being quick, you can still get quicker by improving issues with your form e.g Michael Phelps. I don't think there's anything wrong with pointing out he runs like he is wearing polio shoes or something.

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  2. 40 minutes ago, Katz said:

    There was a beer tent?

    Yeah run course was changed, so you ran through the park past the big Marquee with a beer tent right next to it. Never saw anyone it it, I'm guessing they didn't manage to get a license for the event? Don't want to sound like a wino, but perhaps giving competitors the option of a post race beer isn't such a bad idea?

  3. 33 minutes ago, Horowitz said:


    Maybe the sociopath is the person who writes an email about someone having passed away and doesn't realise they should say who it is?


    *sarcasm font*

    Probably not a fair/nice thing to do, it was contrived. I was curious to see if she would ask who it was, so worded it that way. It helps to know what kind of person you are dealing with. 

  4. My ex is probably a sociopath. You would never know it. There are just really subtle little things that happen. I emailed her a few months ago to say a friend of ours had died from cancer at 38. She emailed back saying how sad etc Never asked who it was, she still has no idea who died from cancer. A lot of sociopaths understand they don't have empathy and understand they have to show it, so fake it. Her emailing me with a sympathetic email was her way of showing empathy, but critically forgot to ask who the f**k it was!


    Perhaps there is another reason for it? But surely the first thing from your lips, when told, would be "who"?

  5. 3 minutes ago, goughy said:

    Probably a lot of high achievers would Rick a lot of the boxes.  Not every psychopath is gonna be an axe murderer.  My daughter is doing psychology next year and has been fascinated with it for years now, and does lots of reading on it all.  The "evil" traits she sees everyday in people..... they're just pay off a personality, doesn't mean a person's bad.

    Not bad, but most lack empathy which inevitably means they do bad stuff.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, roxii said:

    He is the ultimate narcissist, and no doubt a complete arsehole. 

    There's some interesting articles online about LA, Pyschs dusciussing whether he's a narcissist, psychopath, sociopath etc bit scary when they list all the traits of a sociopath and he ticks all the boxes....

  7. 1 hour ago, more said:

    ...shit I still have guilt ridden moments about stuff I said or did to others in high school...

    haha same. I said something about a girl I liked that got misconstrued, she got really upset when she heard it, I moved to Australia shortly after and never got the chance to apologise and explain myself. I tried to find her on FB, she's probably forgotten all about it and probably has no clue who I am!

  8. 16 minutes ago, Peter said:

    How can he tell a kid to not take PED's when he has made SO MUCH MONEY from it.  He has got so many opportunities. Met people most can only dream of meeting. See places that so many will never see.


    7 Tour de France Titles.


    He's probably been asked this, but would he do things differently if he could? Undoubtedly the PEDS contributed to his cancer, brought about his fall from grace and have left a permanent blemish on the sport. He's a pariah in some cycling circles and will permanently be etched in people's minds as the symbol of doping....

    But that doping gave him enormous success, fame, wealth and respect. Out of that came his foundation which has raised over $500 million for cancer research. He still now is in demand as a public speaker, commentator and charities even pay him to do charity rides.


  9. 5 hours ago, willie said:

    As long as you're not wearing the 4% with elastic laces - win. They lose their edge with elastic... For some people they just don't work at all though. So if you're one of those 20% sucks to be you :P

    yeah I seem to have to adjust my running slightly when I run in them. An odd shoe to run in, but quick.

  10. 15 hours ago, willie said:

    The zipper is the problem. It's weird. They're kind of a "dead" feeling shoe and no good for racing. Peg Turbo is ok (I don't like em, toe box is way too shallow). The normal peg is a great everyday shoe as well. 

    Assuming it's a triathlete that wants em. 

    I had the old model turbos, just got the new ones, great shoes to train in, good for long course racing as well although I have 4%s for racing.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Bored@work said:

    How are the wheels? 

    yeah they're good. I can run them tubeless, but clinchers at the moment. I did a hills ride last week and I hit 90km/hr and it felt solid as. My old roadie was all over the place at 75km/hr and was scary as .

    Is yours the same frame? Would be same weight probably.

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