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  1. 5 minutes ago, Triatx said:

    TC, As someone who has been through this same scenario while at board level in WA it is an incredibly stressful and in the end wasteful experience.

    ASADA sort of had a go on this particular one but because it was Age Groupers they didn't have a lot of appetite for it and it died a death despite the work we put into it.

    ASADA don't have the resources and unfortunately unless it is in the public intrest they shy away from it.

    Your friend would be better off going direct to IM particuarly as they will test in France.Whoever the person is needs to be put on the their radar so they can look at it.That worked for us with our seriel WA cheat when he went to Las Vegas a few years back.

    A WA Ager was doping?

  2. 18 minutes ago, The Customer said:

    Asking for a friend...

    A friend suspects someone in his training squad is doping. This person has a reputation for being a cheat, such as, cutting the course at the Barcelona marathon and blocking drink stations with their body to hinder another athlete grabbing a drink (they did this at a club race). They have suddenly gone from a 14+hr IM / 6hr 70.3 to someone who will soon break 5hrs for 70.3 and has an insane racing schedule this year - several full marathons, Hamburg IM and 70.3 world champs Nice a few weeks after that. Rumors are flying.


    Going from 6 hours to 5 hours isn't that suss. Loads of people start out, no idea and go 6 hours+. Within a year or so once they have more of a clue and if they have some (not a lot) athletic ability they should get close to sub 5. I'd be more suspicious of big improvements with the top guys. 

    Not saying he's not doping, but 6 - 5 isn't that unusual. 

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  3. Interesting you say that. I'm going to be a bit vague here as I don't want to identify and unfairly accuse someone, age group below me, have raced with them for 5+ years similar standard to me, blew everyone away in a 70.3 race last year. Knocking a decent chunk off his bike PB in shitty conditions and smashing his run PB by 12mins...

    You don't want to sound like you've got sour grapes and he gets the benefit of the doubt as far as I'm concerned, it could be he took time off work and trained his arse off. But it does make you think. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, willie said:


    I left my bike at a race not that long ago. Leant it up against the side of my car and drove off.... 

    Pretty sure GoEasy took it home for me. I have never, touch wood, driven over one or had it on the roof and smashed it up. It's only a matter of time I guess. 

    It makes a horrible noise. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, roxii said:

    Did you get photos?, or maybe get a stat dec from the bike shop stating the parts were damaged, unsafe, unusable and disposed of appropriately. 

    yeah bike shop did a report for insurance company and said frame, forks, front wheel and front brake were written off. Insurance company said they want to sell salvageable parts and I assumed they meant all working parts.... 

  6. By bike was totalled in an accident and I'm getting a new bike from my insurance. They said they wanted the bike for selling the salvageable parts. I stripped the bike and have given them all salvageable parts, the bike shop wrote off front wheel, forks, frame and front brake. They all went in the bin, the frame was almost bent in half. Now the insurance company is saying they need the broken bits too.... I'm guessing they are on the tip somewhere. Can they withheld payment if I don't produce the broken bits?

  7. 39 minutes ago, Gilliga said:

    Thats awesome the Zipp disc so light, my dimpled 808s are claimed under 1600g for a set, so the rear mus be about same weight as your disc. I have a Token brand disc, must be 1.3kg and flat. Im all for people riding discs I think they do handle well all conditions, but it looks like not all discs created equal?

    I'm guessing it's a spoked wheel with carbon cover like Flo, HED etc I think the Caden disc is even lighter at 830 grams!

  8. 1 hour ago, Peter said:



    Well that data above says that the 1600 or high 1500 we are not near that other than the one year (this year) it is way lower.

    300-350 less people at $900 an entry is a shit load of money.

    Lets not forget the athletes racing the 70.3 on the same day sonny Jim!

                IM    70.3

    2007  1619  611

    2019  1401  1232

    2200 people racing in 2007 vs 2600 people racing in 2019..... 600 more 70.3 athletes at $400 an entry is a shit load of money!


  9. 11 minutes ago, -H- said:

    I continue to join TA every year (automatically) because I have too much money and don't know what to do with it




    I probably should have used pink font.....

    Yeah we knew you were joshing. Ain't no triathletes with too much money! 

  10. 1 hour ago, Bored@work said:

    I haven’t been a member since 2009. One day memebership when is forced to. 

    There is no value in me joining tri Australia 

    Ditto. Haven't been a member for a a few years. As far as Ironman branded races in Australia go, numbers are on the rise or have at least stabilised. 

  11. 14 minutes ago, Bored@work said:

    The sport seems to be doing ok. Are the numbers racing the full Ironman increasing or decreasing?

    For IMWA, pretty consistent

    2006 - 800

    2009 - 1124

    2011 - 1250

    2015 - 1200

    2017 - 1460

    2018 - 1150

    note for 2017/18 you had 700+ 70.3 athletes, so numbers racing that day were over 2000. I would say number steadily rose and have remained consistent.

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