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  1. 7 minutes ago, Jim Shortz said:

    Yeah... Or.... 


    There was a nasty one on the way South from Mullaloo along North shore Drive. Wasn't there yesterday..? But, there was a crow. I reckon they've been moved on by Crows not the rangers 😢😐

    I hope crows don't swoop as they're huge!

  2. 7 hours ago, Andrew #1 said:

    So we back to 7Watts/kg of sustained power again.  Who here is comfortable with that fact?


    I'm not super dialed in to the minutiae of the tours strategies, tactics etc like for example, Cousin riding at the front just to get his sponsors more coverage, unofficial agreements with the peleton to have an easy day etc But some of the riding was just unbelievable. Bad unbelievable, not good unbelievable. Breakway groups of 2 - 3 should be easily hauled in, solo riders even more so. But we had guys riding solo for hours, faster than the peleton. Either Mr solo was doping or the peleton had their thumbs up their asses.

  3. Crapload of money for only 20km of racing! Most of those TT bikes would be $15k+ with wheel sets. I wonder how much use they get per season? Love the Bianchi TT bike.

  4. 1 hour ago, Rob said:

    A road bike with aerobars is a compromise on both the flat and hilly sections.  Not as aero on the flat and still heavier on the climb.

    Also, having different bikes allows 2 completely different gearings and 2 completely different sets of wheels.  So Deep Dish front and Disc rear with big gears for the flat section.  On the hill you have climbing gears and lightweight wheels as well as a lighter frame and much easier to climb out of the saddle.

    Only problem I saw was that Roglic's tear drop helmet didn't seem to work well on the road bike.  Don't know if it wasn't done up properly, or just got knocked about with the different road bike position.

    Yeah good point re wheels. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    But how exciting was this stage? I loved it, and obviously so did Porte & Pogacar. Both 2 & 3 today are top ITT riders, and Pogacar obviously is too. It just gave a bit more advantage to those that can climb as well. Guys like Froome would have lapped it up as well.


    Yeah it was good. Best TDF in a while.

  6. 12 hours ago, Andrew #1 said:

    Curious about the choice of bikes. Many riders going with a TT bike - change to road bike at the base of the climb approach. Others are sticking to a TT bike all the way.

    Even before the final climb the TT course is pretty lumpy And I’m surprised that a few riders haven’t gone for a single bike - albeit a hybrid set up: an aero road frame, but seat position slightly forward. Something like a 808-404 wheel combination: road base bar and extended clip-on aero bars. Something that weighs under 7kg, but is still pretty clean and slippery. 

    Yeah I would have thought roadie with aerobars and deep dish wheels. Not good for an Ironman distance, but probably quicker option than swapping bikes. I don't know why they did a time trial on a hilly route. I though the aim was to have a stage that favoured time trialists?

  7. I wonder how much it would cost for TWA or even Busso tri club to run an Ironman at the same weekend. I know Busso tri club have done a few unofficial 70.3s as training sessions. 

  8. 44 minutes ago, KieranR said:

    Since this race got cancelled I’ve done the most exercise I’ve done all year 😂 - 4 days in a row

    We should go down and do an unofficial Ironman


  9. 45 minutes ago, Horowitz said:

    Crazy how strong these domestiques are....finishing within 60 seconds of the winner on a stage like this

    Yup. I'm blown away at the strength of the guys that make solo breakaways and can hold off chasing packs.. I would have thought a group of 5 or 6 would reel in a solo guy easily.

  10. Did Roglic's teammate cost  him the stage win? Can't remember his name, was it Dumolin? Broke away, forced Lopez to chase, then let Lopez go and dropped back to pick up Roglic by which time it was too late. 

  11. 1 hour ago, BNothling said:

    This stuff.

    Got the tip from my time in motorsport. All the karters and open wheelers use it on their visors and teams use it on the inside of windscreens.

    Pretty cheap and it's easy to use too. 


    Awesome thanks!

  12. 1 hour ago, BNothling said:

    That's what it was like. Great fun. Really grateful for the Aerohead helmet with the visor, and also RainX to help the water clear off it and prevent fogging.

    What is Rainx? When I raced Busso in the rain my visor was a PITA.

  13. 52 minutes ago, Youngy2 said:

    Now that this is cancelled -- what is everyone else doing that has registered?


    I was thinking of taking the credit -- but think it will then cost money to enter into another race - active fee?- can't seem to find any info about any hidden costs.

    As above Busso in October. Then Mullaloo OD 2 weeks later. I guess WA could still have a full race season despite COVID-19 minus IMWA. 

  14. 1 hour ago, wombattri said:

    It was ok, some swell but manageable. Long run into T1.

    Wishing I did some more swim training, was underdone in that department!

    Yeah I'm going into Busso in 4 weeks underdone on the bike and swim and it's the swim fitness I want! Nothing worse than jumping on the bike with your HR through the roof!

  15. 1 minute ago, lachie94 said:

    Gave the Addidas Adizero Pro a go. Carbon plate but not the stack height/softness of the Uber shoes (and their new Adios Adizero Pro that is released this week I think)


    Yeah I have the Next% now for racing and did a long run in my old 4%s, they're pretty good for training. I used to race in Asics Hyperspeeds, loved that shoes but man couldn't walk for a week! 

  16. 19 hours ago, lachie94 said:

    To be fair, the added beach run to T1 did me in.. last 12-13km was pretty much an Ironman shuffle. Actually, legs never felt that beat up in an Ironman 😂. 100k running total in last 8 weeks + picking ‘fast’ shoes over comfort/support never gonna help the cause but a smile on my face for at least banking one after a long hiatus (although never fun going 5th to 7th in last few km!)

    what are your fast shoes? Racing flats?

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