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  1. 50 minutes ago, Ironnerd said:

    I am going via the frequent flyer program - Legacy. No brag here 😀

    I am a slow swimmer and do not have access to a pool for the 4 weeks that I am at work.

    In that case I definitely wouldn’t bother. 

  2. 57 minutes ago, IronmanFoz said:

    Pro or Age grouper?

    From memory he was a top level amateur. You'll be pleased to know he's from Perth :)

    There is more to the story, he had struggled since he was a child with health issues that went undiagnosed till he was in his 20s when he was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. He was prescribed the banned substances by Dr Anish Singh. His health improved significantly with the drugs (as did his cycling), but when it came to light that he had been prescribed the banned meds, the Dr was struck off and Fitzgerald was banned by Cycling Australia. 

    It's hard to know how much blame to apportion Fitzgerald. He was sick and the drugs he was taking were prescribed by a Doctor, but he would have known most of what he was taking would be considered a PED and would be banned by all cycling bodies. Could he have got a TUE for all those drugs? 





  3. 2 hours ago, Cat Lady said:

    I love the Mona fartleks!  Maybe I'm not doing them right.....

    I do them on a treadmill, I dread them! I feel like I'm drowning. I guess there's lots of variations? My coach's Mona is:


    15s/15s (15seconds on 15 recovery)









    that's the short one, the longer one is back up again and stop at 90/90. 


  4. 1 hour ago, PhiltriDAD said:


    I am relatively new to the triathlon scene and quickly become obsessed. My new goal is to train for the Busselton 70.3 Ironman and looking for some advice on some upgrades. 

    I bought an entry level road bike, which I am actually quite comfortable on, however want to start to make some upgrade to give the bike a better edge. 

    Does anyone have some advice on wheel and crank/cassette upgrades on a budget? I have spent enough already this year on my new passion and with an overseas holiday coming up, bike upgrades aren't completely in the budget :)


    If anyone has some brands, models or suggestions that would be great





    Have a look on gumtree, and the various FB marketplace groups, there are around 4/5 in Perth e.g Perth bicycle market, Perth triathlon buy and sell etc Don't spend a fortune trying to convert a roadie into a TT bike, because most people eventually end up buying a TT bike anyway. I would leave the cassette and crank unless it;'s really old and broken. What cassette is on there at the moment, 10 speed, 11 - 23 is fine. Weight difference between 105 and Ultegra is negligible, upgrading would be a waste of money. 

    - get some deeper dish rims, 50mm+, 2nd hand. Have a look at tubulars, much cheaper than clinchers. 

    - get some aero bars, you could always opt for the small ITU ones

    - decent tyres

    - to save money do your bike fit yourself using youtube or get a mate to help 


    You can pick up decent Cervelo P2s for under $1k, this one is $600, so really you don't want to whack too much $$ on an entry level roadie.









  5. 8 minutes ago, Peter said:

    For example

    1865 First Man to climb the Matterhorn.
    1895 Annie Smith Peck is the first woman to climb the Matterhorn.
    Guessing they said a woman would never do it.

    1875 Mathew webb was the first man to swim the English Channel.
    1926 Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim the English Channel.
    Guessing they said a woman would never do it.

    I'm surprised Turts can't believe a woman will finish it one day.

    I fully believe a woman will finish it.

    Women aren't far off being on a par with men for ultra distance races.

  6. On 31/03/2019 at 7:50 AM, Steno said:

    Yep.... but that ain’t a paint chip caused by a stone, etc. Something has been dropped on it and to me, it looks like something of size. The previous owner will know exactly what.....


    It does look like it's taken a bit of a knock. Chat to the owner though. It could have been something sharp instead of something heavy. I took a chunk out of my bike when it clipped a corner of the bike rack, no structural damage. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, more said:

    Thanks, its about the size of your little finger nail so will need some bog or something to level it out-or would you just fill it with paint? If anyone knows of a bike shop that would do this type of stuff please let me know

    Most cities have places that spray carbon bikes. A total respray costs $600+. I'd imagine they would charge $100? Guesstimate. Have a crack yourself. A chip that large I would get the paint colour matched, Bunnings do it,  no need for bog, multiple layers of paint will be fine, plus clearcoat. 

    How did you do it? Unusual for a chip that size, not a defect with the paint?


  8. Depends how big it is and how fussy you are. Not so fussy and a small chip nail varnish will be fine. Or get a paint shop to match the colour using their camera thingy, touch it up yourself.  You might want to use wet and dry sand paper and clear coat, should be as good as gold. Small scratches can be buffed out using something like Meguirs ultimate compound. Any professional work will cost u. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Bored@work said:

    The tiger is almost extinct, the antelope is roaming the the plains with out fear & eating everything he can get. Looking over his shoulder giving zero fks.



    This is getting very deep for a Friday!

  10. 19 hours ago, monkie said:

    It's just a hobby mate. It's meant to be fun ;)

    Never understood that. I chuckle when people, say before a race, just make sure you enjoy it! Fun and enjoyment is sitting in a spa with a bunch of cheerleaders chugging icy cold beers! I love triathlon, but fun isn't a word that instantly springs to mind when I think of it. :) But I know what you mean, there are too many people that are in the sport for the wrong reasons, using it as an escape, a crutch or perhaps it's an addiction. You need to have a healthy relationship with the sport. 

  11. 34 minutes ago, goughy said:

    So say they hold another referendum and it's a clear vote to stay?  How much money would have been wasted over the last few years on this?

    crazy innit

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