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  1. 52 minutes ago, vo2max said:

    I have just watched the vegan documentary that showed numerous athletes doing very well on a vegan diet.  Are there any vegans or vegetarians on here and if so I would be keen to hear your experiences of your transition to vegan eating.

    There was a big ruckus a few years ago on here and Roxi ended up banning all the Vegans. Not sure if that ban still exists?

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  2. 1 hour ago, Bored@work said:


    Exactly what's happening with me. I got emailed a segment for a guy who has been targeting my KOMs (he set his account to private) 

    I went out & smashed it today. Then I uploaded & it doesn't show me on the leader board.  The map shows me as having ridden the road by no segment is recorded. 

    I equalled his other KOM he got today. He set it at 3:45 & I had to go out after work when the wind had died off. 

    For all my flat fast segments, he sends his mate after them. He takes it so series I find it funny. I like it because it pushes me to improve. 

    When I started taking his KOM he deleted me on facebook & blocked me on Strava, Zwift etc...  I find it funny as 


    Maybe it was you guys who I read about!?

  3. 8 minutes ago, Bored@work said:

    Can you block people from segments you have created? 


    I wouldn't have thought so. There was some big public spat on social media a while ago, some guy was travelling around the UK beating all this guys KOMs, segments he created and he went mental.

  4. 47 minutes ago, prizna said:

    Don't give me your pity, I'm still a dick.

    Apologies for the lack of responses I've been off driving bright red convertible vw beetles, drinking beers, swimming with turtles and being a genuine legend.

    Thanks for the critique Peter, sorry to read you're full of shit as usual. Fortunately for me I'm in a pretty sweet position where the money wasn't too much of concern. My wife cried for me when I told her I got the DQ. A moment where I realised how much of not just my life went in to the race and everything prior, it's truly not a solo adventure.

    Racing IMWA again this year?

  5. 13 hours ago, Kenneth said:

    Geez you’d be spewing if you were the one scapegoat done for drafting. 


    I’m with Peter, there’s no way they’ll overturn a DQ. Worth a try, as they took down wrong description so there’s something to stand behind.

    I think Prizna would have said if it was drafting though. Maybe he didn’t make it to the porta potty in time and pooed on the bike?

    If they are taking down bike descriptions, then surely he has enough evidence to overturn the DQ? Did they TOs have cameras, it's the world champs. They had them in South Africa for the 70.3 worlds and Busso. I've even seen them in local races. 

  6. 20 hours ago, Paul Every said:

    I only did IMWA in the inaugural year and we didn't go around the jetty, so I'm still to do that. And like Turtle says, it looks to be fun weekend.

    I did Rotto a couple of years ago and while I really enjoyed it, organising a boat and crew is a hassle (although I did get very lucky with those who offered to generously offered their help). Also my work situation in Sydney at the time afforded plenty of opportunity to train in the ocean with the B&B group. If I were to do it now, I think much my training would be restricted to the pool, which doesn't appeal.

    Nah I meant the rotto swim through, I think it's 2.5/5km OWS on Rotto island.

  7. 14 hours ago, Paul Every said:

    A friend suggested running the Busso Half Marathon next February, but I was surprised to discover it's already sold out. Likewise for the 3.6km Jetty Swim the following day. Even the 10km run, team swims and 1.6km swim are sold out.

    Has anyone done either event before? Is it unusual for these events to fill so early? I noticed the HM only had 650 finishers last year. Not exactly a large field for an event with a relatively high demand.

    There are wait-lists for all the swims and runs. Are those wait-listed often offered places, particularly for the longer events?

    Yeah it's a bit odd the jetty swim sells out, it's been really popular for years, lot of people that do it, hate swimming and hate OWS. I swam it once during IMWA and that's enough. It's just another OWS! Might enjoy the rotto swim through more?

  8. 4 minutes ago, prizna said:

    Sure did get a DQ. 

    Long story of my day as short as possible.

    Went in full bravado after sunny coast 4:13, was ready to be cocky as and crush it. I got dealt a crushing blow, swim and rode within plan and walked to a 5+ hour marathon and spent more time on the toilets than I did running.

    The DQ, crossed finish line got medal, bead necklace thing and towel. Old dude pulled me aside told me he was head ref and asked explained I'd received a penalty and not stopped. Briefly discussion lead to a few things, my number was clearly written down but bike description was wrong. He was head ref not marshal who did it, we discussed some more he said I could go get the rest of my finisher stuff and go have a feed. Having just done an 11hour + Ironman feeling like a piece of shit I didn't care too much so I said thanks DQ me I'll deal with it after.

    I'll flick them an email with my bike photos after i finish holidaying and question then. 


    Well done mate sounded like a tough day out there! Had a few WA mates not go so well, hopefully you should get the DQ sorted!

  9. 2 hours ago, Andrew #1 said:


    The dude went sub 8 in his first ironman- cairns: which is an honest course.

    His 11th in Kona last year was about 6 minutes off 6th ...

    This year he successfully transitioned down to ITU racing and is a likely lock on the 3rd slot on the Spanish team for next year’s Olympics. He also won the ITU long course title and backed up after the ITU grandfinal for a top 6 finish at the nice 70.3 world champs (with the same run split as Brownlee as well).

    so sure, he has no chance of podiuming in Kona. Ever. ... Even though the top 4 from yesterday will all likely be retired or past their best in 2 years time, when I reckon Gomez will have his best chance ...



    I also said Brownlee would win Kona in 2019, so....

  10. 1 hour ago, BarryBevan said:

    He's a two time winner of kona with a 239 marathon, he doesn't need to prove himself to anyone let alone the keyboard internet captains (always wondered what it felt to do that)

    Keyboard captains aren't alone in slagging him off, most of the pros are chipping in as well. I think most of them have suggested that he does need to prove himself i.e do what Frodo did, swim hard, bike hard, run hard. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Prince said:

    he has as much chance of winning it as PJ does getting his second.....

    I agree. Gomez will never podium at Kona. I think AB will. Will be interesting to see what he has to say about his race. 8.25 isn't too shabby and would have got him top 10 in previous years (not including 2018). 

    From the effort on his face, very early on in the bike, he looked like he was already pushing too hard. The camera pans to Frodo and he looks like he's riding his pushie to the servo. How much did the early push by AB on the bike hurt him, the slow flat plus time taken to catch back up? I still think he would have struggled to crack the top 10 even without the flat and with a more conservative ride. 

  12. 9 minutes ago, Andrew #1 said:


    AB should have done a turn before the climb and told Frodo that he was going to swap out his wheel at the turnaround mechanical station and ask Frodo to soft peddle until he got back on if that’s what he expected the Frodo group to wait

    Surely AB would have been pulling the piss when he said "thanks for waiting". Even if they had some kind of unwritten agreement re how they would bike, at the end of the day it's a race, a solo race, every man for himself. 

    That said would you say that coming from ITU racing AB is used to working with others, working as a group, especially on the bike. Organising breakaways etc So perhaps he was serious.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    Have you watched cycle racing?

    Frodo would know that AB would chase hard to catch up, lessening any chance he would be a factor at the very end of the race. He was out there to win the race.

    Yeah the shape Frodo is in, he didn't need AB, Tim OD or anyone else. 

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