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  1. 39 minutes ago, Gilliga said:

    Thats awesome the Zipp disc so light, my dimpled 808s are claimed under 1600g for a set, so the rear mus be about same weight as your disc. I have a Token brand disc, must be 1.3kg and flat. Im all for people riding discs I think they do handle well all conditions, but it looks like not all discs created equal?

    I'm guessing it's a spoked wheel with carbon cover like Flo, HED etc I think the Caden disc is even lighter at 830 grams!

  2. 1 hour ago, Peter said:



    Well that data above says that the 1600 or high 1500 we are not near that other than the one year (this year) it is way lower.

    300-350 less people at $900 an entry is a shit load of money.

    Lets not forget the athletes racing the 70.3 on the same day sonny Jim!

                IM    70.3

    2007  1619  611

    2019  1401  1232

    2200 people racing in 2007 vs 2600 people racing in 2019..... 600 more 70.3 athletes at $400 an entry is a shit load of money!


  3. 1 hour ago, Bored@work said:

    I haven’t been a member since 2009. One day memebership when is forced to. 

    There is no value in me joining tri Australia 

    Ditto. Haven't been a member for a a few years. As far as Ironman branded races in Australia go, numbers are on the rise or have at least stabilised. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Bored@work said:

    The sport seems to be doing ok. Are the numbers racing the full Ironman increasing or decreasing?

    For IMWA, pretty consistent

    2006 - 800

    2009 - 1124

    2011 - 1250

    2015 - 1200

    2017 - 1460

    2018 - 1150

    note for 2017/18 you had 700+ 70.3 athletes, so numbers racing that day were over 2000. I would say number steadily rose and have remained consistent.

  5. 1 hour ago, AP said:

    Last time we moved house a box went missing with two Blue Seventy long sleeve wetsuits in it - must have gone out to land fill with a lot of other stuff

    Next race I still couldn't find it so I borrowed one from a friend - I couldn't keep doing that so I had to buy another one 

    I thought I''m not paying the price for the latest model marketed at 3-4 times the price they get them for from China - so I got the cheapest sleeveless one on the market

    In Cairns on the weekend my daughter has the same wetsuit and had the 2nd fastest swim in her category and I had the fastest swim in my category

    I really think wetsuit salesmen are selling most athletes something they don't need - after all the flotation effect is mostly in the torso and legs - and the water is rarely cold enough to need arm protection 😏

    Prizna had fastest AG IMWA swim split with a sleeveless.

  6. 1 hour ago, Peter said:

     Its the sport is dying. T


    Lies, damn lies and statistics. 

    Disagree with you there chief. The sport is constantly changing. Numbers go up and down. It's easy to look at a few races that get canned and say the sport is dying. The small races are often run at a loss and they do it tough. Sufferfest have just dropped the Rottnest races which is a shame. Awesome place to race, just very poorly attended. But then they have a sprint on in Perth the following week and it's full. You could argue that IMWA numbers are low, 1200 in 2018, but then there's now a 70.3 same day, so you have 2000 people racing. Buss 70.3 in May has been hit hard, really bad luck, swim canned in 2017 for some waves, dec 2017 swim canned, may 2018 swim canned and this year weather was terrible.... putting off more people. Many had to be pulled out the water. They are now moving the race to March. 

    It's also a sport that has a high rate of attrition, I played rugby for 30 seasons straight, many of my mates did the same thing. 3 - 4 years seems to be the average time a triathlete spends in the sport. So numbers will always ebb and flow.Crossfit, F45, tough mudder took a few numbers, but they seem to be dead or dying now. Triathlon/Ironman will always be the holy grail when it comes to endurance sports.


  7. 4 hours ago, MissJess said:

    I am not entirely sure with those planned wave starts it is going to alleviate the drafting issue. There is only 5 mins gap between each start. 

    It may reduce it? But with 2500 athletes racing it will still be bad. Similar amount of athletes in South Africa last year and it was pretty bad. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Peter said:

    nope.  right in front of the pool that all the back packers have sex in of an evening.


    I was told there were 3 very large salties that resided there and before the swim, they would find them and chase them out to sea then do the swim. One year swim was cancelled or delayed because they couldn't find them.... f*ck that for a game of soldiers!

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