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  1. yeah true. Not exactly clearing his conscience.
  2. worse. At least with doping you've done the course, trained hard, raced hard as opposed to hiding in the toilets for 20mins a la Mark Robson. I reckon it also depends on the doping, what they were ingesting, EPO vs Ostarine?
  3. That's what I've read. But not sure I agree. For me it comes down to your own set of beliefs. You do something bad, it stays with you, haunts you. Hence the reason Floyd Lanids came forward and spilled the beans - "I want to clear my conscience," Landis told ESPN. "I don't want to be part of the problem any more." If there was no chance of getting caught, there would be a certain % of people that would cheat, but I don't believe that number would be high. And you can't cheat your conscience. Perhaps no-one saw you cut the course, but your conscience knows you did. And that little f**ker will be there for the rest of your life tapping you on the shoulder, reminding you.
  4. The cyclist with health problems?
  5. Very true. I did a shitload of drugs back in 2015/2016 and actually got slower!
  6. You haven't seen how short the skirt is!
  7. Going from 6 hours to 5 hours isn't that suss. Loads of people start out, no idea and go 6 hours+. Within a year or so once they have more of a clue and if they have some (not a lot) athletic ability they should get close to sub 5. I'd be more suspicious of big improvements with the top guys. Not saying he's not doping, but 6 - 5 isn't that unusual.
  8. Interesting you say that. I'm going to be a bit vague here as I don't want to identify and unfairly accuse someone, age group below me, have raced with them for 5+ years similar standard to me, blew everyone away in a 70.3 race last year. Knocking a decent chunk off his bike PB in shitty conditions and smashing his run PB by 12mins... You don't want to sound like you've got sour grapes and he gets the benefit of the doubt as far as I'm concerned, it could be he took time off work and trained his arse off. But it does make you think.
  9. Sorry to hear that Kerian. IMWA 2019? Keen? I have a new outfit for the beer mile...
  10. some idiot rested it up against the back of his ute, ran back inside to get a bag, forgot he hadn't loaded his bike and reversed over it.
  11. Yeah I wasn't on the bike at the time. Luckily! Happened a month ago.
  12. yeah bike shop did a report for insurance company and said frame, forks, front wheel and front brake were written off. Insurance company said they want to sell salvageable parts and I assumed they meant all working parts....
  13. I didn't crash it, it was hit by a car.
  14. By bike was totalled in an accident and I'm getting a new bike from my insurance. They said they wanted the bike for selling the salvageable parts. I stripped the bike and have given them all salvageable parts, the bike shop wrote off front wheel, forks, frame and front brake. They all went in the bin, the frame was almost bent in half. Now the insurance company is saying they need the broken bits too.... I'm guessing they are on the tip somewhere. Can they withheld payment if I don't produce the broken bits?
  15. zed

    IM Cairns 2019

    great race and great report!
  16. that injury is career ending. I would guess never running again? Or not for a very long time.
  17. AFAIK he's only selling them low volume, to order? Not sure though. I think Ironpro has one. I think RRP was $1800, so not super cheap.
  18. I'm guessing it's a spoked wheel with carbon cover like Flo, HED etc I think the Caden disc is even lighter at 830 grams!
  19. what disc have you got? There's no weight saving if you something like a Super 9. My Zipp disc is 900 grams, Firecrest 808 rear is 1000gm, pre-fircrest are heavier. There are some discs, like HEDs that weigh a bit more though, 1300gms. Never had any issues with disc in high, storm winds.
  20. Lets call it a draw?
  21. Lets not forget the athletes racing the 70.3 on the same day sonny Jim! IM 70.3 2007 1619 611 2019 1401 1232 2200 people racing in 2007 vs 2600 people racing in 2019..... 600 more 70.3 athletes at $400 an entry is a shit load of money!
  22. Yeah we knew you were joshing. Ain't no triathletes with too much money!
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