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  1. Pegasus Turbo 2 for training and 4% for racing. Bought some Hoka CarbonXs, but pretty sure they are causing me calf issues.
  2. zed

    2020 Plans/Objectives

    Where to after sunny Karatha?
  3. zed

    DI2 change over cost

    You mean the labour or cost of purchasing Di2 groupset?
  4. zed

    More Kenyan Doping

    Not OK, but it's easier to understand why someone would cheat when they are facing much more difficult challenges than, someone like Lance Armstrong. Their motivation to cheat is so they can buy food, school books etc for their families, LA's motivation to cheat was so he could be called the greatest cyclist in the world and buy another Ferrari. I don't think anyone has ever shown anything but sympathy for our forefathers who stole food to feed their families back in ol' Blighty.
  5. zed


    Wow yeah, just read his webpage... why would you bother wasting so much time creating a page soley to run down some internet troll. Bizarre. Maybe Colpo is Harleys mate. No such thing as bad press...
  6. zed


    He looks like he walked into a door not suffered a vicious, prolonged assault. In the video, the guy is sitting astride him and would have been able to land multiple punches. Whoever he is, he needs to give up on his career as a street fighter, he obviously has no clue. And I can't imagine the hospital would have wanted to keep him in longer than 24 hours.... I was in hospital for 24 hours and then released and that was after being knocked out in a rugby tackle, broken eye socket, broken cheekbone, perforated eardrum. He's got 5 stitches. I'm leaning towards this has been staged.
  7. zed


    It's actually important to discuss his antics, I thought he had some credibility, so this thread has been quite enlightening. If people are aware he's a fraudulent, walter mitty, they won't give him the time of day.
  8. zed


    What a f**king chump. The guy sounds like he has some kind of personality disorder
  9. zed


    yup so that video is probably fake. I would imagine someone who had been seriously assaulted would have better things to do than troll online.... Was he just having a laugh or was he being a nasty f**cker?
  10. zed


    So he's saying that, 2 days after supposedly being hospitalised from an assault or was this before?
  11. zed


    That would be shit if he'd done that, but I wouldn't put it past him.
  12. yeah true, just my assumption. He could defo have a good crack with Ironman.
  13. Would be cool to see! I kind of think the goalposts have shifted a bit though. You need to be close to an elite swimmer, plus a very strong biker to be even in with a chance at Kona. Unless things change, the likes of Lionel Sanders have no chance in Kona and it's not like he's a gumby swimmer. I think in one of his blogs he said he was doing 100m repeats on 1.20, coming in on 1.10. Not exactly slow. I don't think a pro-cyclist can make up the 7, 8 min deficit after the swim without cooking himself. Other Ironman races or shorter races may be different, but IMO if you're not in the lead swim group in Kona, forget about it..
  14. Not sure how this can ever be policed, especially at amateur level. You get Zoomflys with and without carbon plates, they look identical. I guess at the top level, they could do something about it.
  15. My wife's school mate, Louise Hobbs has been married to Baldrick (Tony Robinson) for 9 years, age difference is 34 years. 39 - 73.
  16. Up 5 kg to 78 over chrissy, pretty impressive!
  17. on that 90km loop I reckon 30 great, 20 good, 10 average, 30 shit. Unless you're mark Robson and it would be 30 great.
  18. nah, not out the back. But roads leading into Tuart forest are smoother than my arse.
  19. Roads in Perth I would run 110. Busso you would run 120 and then drop to 90 (if you could) on the rough roads.
  20. it was just in a sprint. It would be interesting to see some kind of scientific data/experiment. Not sure if it was the tyres or me. Road surfaces were good.
  21. yeah it could have been. I felt fine, it was a sprint and I was fit, yet getting passed my everyman and his dog. Easy to blame tyre pressure, maybe it was the engine!
  22. Which is exactly what I experienced, I kept on jacking up the psi as it felt fast until I did a race and my bike split was shit.
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