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  1. zed

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    Yeah he looked to be struggled a bit. But surely if he's training for 70.3 and IM it's going to affect his short course racing. Commentators were talking about him during the games like he was a spent force. I don't think there's any runners/triathletes out there that have distances 1500m to 42km covered.
  2. zed

    Boston Marathon

    Total hipster Brett
  3. zed

    New Wetsuit Time

    Did a sprint today, overall race wasn't as good as I hoped, was looking to podium, ended up 8th. They extended the sprint from a 750/20/5 to a 1/28/8, but they fvcked up the swim measurement. It ended up being 730m, so all advantage got handed to the bikers/runners. I raced in my sleeveless for the first time in a year and I ended up 1st out the water, but 3rd once we crossed the timing mats, 23/450 compared to my previous sprint where I was 5th and 154th overall (same course, similar opponents). In some ways a swim result I didn't want to have. I have a sleeved wetsuit that cost $700 and a $100 sleeveless that should be slower, but it isn't .Note I spent the whole swim with the two other guys that exited 2nd and 3rd, drafted off them, then overtook them in the final 100m. Was planning on wearing my full for Busso 70.3 in 3 weeks, but now I'm in a conundrum. Full = more flotation, sleeveless = faster stroke rate. I felt when I needed to sprint, start and end, the sleeveless was no doubt quicker. If it was 3.8km, the sleeved for sure. I wouldn't have been able to keep up the fast stroke rate for that distance, I was pretty much 3/4 catch up for the sprint.
  4. zed

    Under 1 minute. Impressive

    Yeah I'm not sure how realistic that video is. Can't say I've seen anyone just stick a tyre lever in and slide it round so easily.
  5. zed

    Cairns 70.3 - any good?

    I'm down for this race this year. Anything I need to know? What's the bike course like, road surface, wind etc And the run's flat? So pretty quick? How about the swim? Is it significantly slower than Busselton?
  6. zed

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    Are the full results out?
  7. zed

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    yeah not sure. Her iron levels were 0, so I guess it was pretty high? But yeah I'd imagine she could have got a TUE. Can you get a TUE after the fact? Get busted, then get the TUE?
  8. zed

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Yeah it does seem unfair, but if you then create more categories, you're going to end up with finals with 2 people. It would be simple if it were people missing limbs, put all the guys with one arm up against each other, but things like cerebral palsy, there's such a range.
  9. zed

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    Yeah my wife just did her first triathlon, 2 weeks after having an iron infusion. And they are apparently banned, so if tested she would have been busted for "doping".
  10. zed

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    I reckon 1 in 7 is bullshit. Close to 300 competitors at a big race doping? If there are that many looking to gain an advantage by cheating, you would have a lot more Julie Miller and Mark Robson's out there. As it stands they are very much in the minority. There are lots of ways of cheating in a race without having to resort to doping which costs money and fvcks up your body. If I was going to cheat that would be the last option, not the first. Having a fully functioning penis is quite important to me.
  11. zed

    Garmin Edge 810 trouble

    Have you tried resetting to factory defaults?
  12. zed

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Thanks So many things can go wrong on the day though... I'd be stoked to go sub 4.30, but what you want and what you get can be very different things!
  13. zed

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Hoping for sub 4.30 at Busso in 4 weeks. Realistically low 4.30s, sub 4.30 is theoretically possible, but need all the stars to align i.e no heat, no wind and a properly measured swim course! I think last year it was 2.1km. Would love to podium, but some seriously quick guys in my AG that will be doing low 4.20s which is out of reach. should swim 27/28 ride should be 2.23/24 run should be 1.33 - 1.34 T1/T2 3/4
  14. zed

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    It may look like they're gliding, but it's no more than a fraction of a second. Sun Yang looks like he glides, but his "glide" has been timed at 0.2s i.e negligible
  15. zed

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    Do this while sitting or standing, extend your arm out in front, elbow will be pointing to the side, now rotate shoulder internally so the elbow is pointing up. If you do that correctly when swimming, it will be impossible to have a dropped elbow and you'll also get a better catch.
  16. zed

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    You're going to get hyper-mobile swimmers where you'll get the elbow marginally lower perhaps, but not to the point where it's going to have a negative impact on their swimming. This would be bad, lots of drag.
  17. zed

    Texas 70.3 (Carfrae)

    What did she run. Results on IM's site aren't up
  18. zed

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    Don't think so.
  19. zed

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    I love this footage of CW, on her base model P2, road helmet, going past the top female pros like they're gumby age groupers
  20. zed

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    Ha ha bad example. She could have worn my daughters Dora the Explorer helmet and still won Kona. I think she won the ITU worlds on an old $200 road bike with aero bars. But it does make you think about some of the bullsh!t stats that get thrown about re bike kit, 20w saving with this helmet, 30w saved with these tyres etc.. Invest in decent gear, for sure, but don't get too caught up in it.
  21. zed

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    A few people have asked me this, Busso 70.3 in December was high 30s and no issue. It doesn't look well ventilated, but I've had no problems with heat.
  22. zed

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Yeah. I mean how long to get a pair of shoes on, Birtwhistle did it in about 4sec
  23. zed

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    Good helmets, I've lost 2 visors though, the 2nd one was luckily found. Probably one of the better aero helmets out there. Bit pricey, but I got both mine 2nd hand.
  24. zed

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    I thought it was because he lost his nutrition?
  25. zed

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    what a PITA, how did it snap? Have you had a crash previously?