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  1. Open Water Swimming

    Hey there. I did the 2.5km at Sorrento too, I swim OK and that was tough, especially heading out to sea. Didn't look too bad from the beach, much worse out there! And that outer marker buoy was close to 1km out to sea I reckon. Swimming in big chop/swell is completely different to swimming in a calm ocean or pool, you'll go to breathe and get smashed in the face, so swallow water, you might end up breathing every 6 sometimes because of the waves and anxiety can quickly set in when you're deprived of oxygen, doesn't matter how strong a swimmer you are. And really races like today OWS experience really comes into it, doesn't matter how good a pool swimmer you are, if you haven't swam in heavy seas, you're going to struggle, at least initially. Persevere with the OWS series, but pick and choose your races depending in location and weather. Plus always come armed with your wetsuit, so if conditions aren't great you can swim with that. But don't become a slave to it! The more OWS you do, the better you'll become at that, there are a number of things you can do such as timing your stroke and breathing in time with the swell so you don't cop a face full of water. Racing in shit conditions is great for your confidence and experience as well as anxiety. It might be an idea to come down for a swim in the sharknet when it's choppy. Most people opt to only swim when it's flat, which is fine as long as you don't get conditions like you do today! There are a few OWS squads too, a new one starts on wed am with Stuart Denton, PM if you're keen I'll pass on your details. You might not feel it, but you gained a lot of swimming that race today. You will continue to feel anxious, that's normal, no-one likes sharks, but that will dissipate over time, the more you race. Check the forecast mid-week on seabreeze, I could tell conditions were crap on tuesday, you'll be better prepared and have time to register for a shorter race if you need to. A lot of DNFs today.
  2. Dyma disk covers

    Yeah strange they never took off, the performance gains have never been disputed. Poor marketing?
  3. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    I'm mates with him on FB so I can keep an eye on him . He's a sly little fox...
  4. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Yeah totally agree. A bit more to it than simply a guy wanting to win and look good. There would have been some serious delusion going on with this 100km, thinking he was going to be able to get away with it.
  5. Dyma disk covers

    I haven't seen disc covers for a few years now, never really seem to take off despite favourable data out there showing their efficency. Disc wheels can be picked up for $400 though, so maybe trawl the 2nd hand market, plenty of bargains.
  6. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Ha ha interesting point, I was pretty surprised it made the front page, but then again I made page 1 when I got attacked by a magpie. Nothing much happens over this side...
  7. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    There are plenty of mentally ill people who don't do this kind of shit. Excuse my French, but maybe he's just a cünt.
  8. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Maybe he wanted to get caught? He’s done enough races to know how timing chips work. As Triatx said, perhaps he simply enjoys the attention irrespective of whether it’s good or bad? Now that his swim coach has been dragged into and interviewed on radio, don’t think she has any choice but to cut him from her squad. Doesn’t leave him with much, very sad when he obviously had an affinity for endurance events. Even if he swam like a retard he was a multiple rotto swimmer which takes balls.
  9. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Can they do that?
  10. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

  11. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Yeah don't think there would be many/any persistent cheats in WA. It's too obvious. Everyone knows how quick the top 20 guys are, if a boper suddenly started podiuming people would be onto them. I'm surprised it took so long for people to figure out Robson. Obviously TWA needed proof, but what about his mates and training buddies. He went from gumby swimmer to elite swimmer in a year... why weren't they busting his balls? They would have known he cheated. And god knows what shit he has spun Shelley Taylor-Smith, he's the second coming as far as she's concerned.
  12. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    I emailed the race director when I found out he entered, querying his eligibility, but she didn't reply. Turns out he had hired her as a coach, so I guess she looked the other way when it came whether he was eligible or not.
  13. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    I wonder if he cheated at Ultraman Florida too? He did close to 4.30 for a 10km OWS in December in perfect conditions, finishing last, yet in Florida he swam 2.55 for 10km and had the 4th fastest swim split.
  14. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Not excusing him. Just saying he obviously has some deep seated issues, whatever they are. Narcacisstic personality disorder?
  15. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    When he cheated during IMWA he was wearing a superman cape (I'm not joking) so it would have been obvious to people he was cheating when they overtook twice in 1 lap. He did a similar thing, hid in the toilets. An innocuous post on his Facebook wall alludes to perhaps why he cheats. A few schoolmates were taking the piss about his tubbiness and lack of sporting prowess at school..... who knows. There's something seriously amiss though. He's obviously not well.
  16. Cam Wurf

    Macca - the Harvey Weinstein of triathlon?
  17. Cam Wurf

  18. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    No. Almost qualified though. He's raced worlds twice.
  19. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    So far he's cheated in road races, triathlons and ultra runs.Hes banned from a number of road races plus the ultra races. He's free to race triathlon and did Busso after his ban was up, but hasn't been seen since. He seems to do a few OWS, e.g Rotto. I keep an eye on the results. A recent 10km Rottnest qualifier, he came dead last, so he's no swimmer...
  20. TBH I think zone 2 is slightly too low. Well it just feels ridiculously slow. I tend to be in more zone 3. Also I don't know how accurate the standard max HR calculation is i.e subtract age from 220. My actual max HR is 15 bpm faster, which would skew my zones if I was using the standard calculation.
  21. Running easy, but higher volume though?
  22. Well done fellas!
  23. But running hard is also responsible for the majority of running injuries and running is one of the most injurious sports out there. Easy runs are a critical part of any decent run program. If you're doing all your running at moderate - high intensity if you don't pick up an injury you belong to a very small % of the population.
  24. Yup I agree with all of this. I think a lot of people do the easy too hard and hard too easy. Most of my running is done at easy - moderate pace, no injuries and running has improved after a few years of stagnating. I always have my GPS running, but don't really use pace or HR, but go on feel. So my easy pace might fluctuate by 10 - 15s per km depending on how many beers and winnie blues I had the night before.