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  1. Who really makes the frames

    Exactly. And it's not just bikes, we (as in Australians) are getting screwed when it comes to price on any number of things. Cars for example, a Porsche Carrera S costs $88,800 in the US - the same price as but in Australia, the Porsche costs us $282,800! I watched a Porsche spokesman on TV trying to justify the $200k discrepancy, mumbling something about shipping and luxury goods tax… Australia is now one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in, the problem lies with us consumers, as long as we continue to pay silly money for bikes, cars, beer etc companies will continue to sell their products for silly money.
  2. Who really makes the frames

    Yup I see your point.
  3. Who really makes the frames

    And don't forget there are plenty of genuine carbon frames from big bike companies that snap, which really is abysmal, considering in windsurfing we have carbon masts, booms and boards surviving waves like this. A road or TT bike would never come under anywhere close to this amount of force, yet still snap? And you're looking at thousands of dollars worth of carbon? That's pisspoor.
  4. Who really makes the frames

    I don't think you would have too many issues with someone like yishunbikes - they've been in the industry 6 years now and are quite a reputable company. There are a lot of serious riders buying from them. As far as ethics goes, whilst these large companies continue to take the piss as far as price goes, I won’t have a problem buying from counterfeiters. We’re being completely shafted. http://www.yishunbike.com/
  5. Magpies put cyclists in hospital

    Ha ha might have to try that. There was one occasion when a young man appeared with his petrol engined radio controlled helicopter which ruffled Goebbel’s feathers and he looked like he was about to swoop, but backed out at the last minute. That would definitely have spelled the end for him.
  6. Joining a Club

    I'm in WA too and I don't train with a club, although i have just started riding with a group, mostly because I find riding by myself bores me to tears. As far as benefits go for joining a club, I suppose it depends on what you want out of triathlons, how fit you are, how competent you are with the various disciplines etc I was already doing open water races and road races before tris so didn’t really feel the need to join a club. I have benefited from joining the cycling group though and that’s something I’ll persist with. I would suggest finding a riding group in your area (there should be one) and there will probably be a masters swim group nearby too, most pools have them.
  7. Who really makes the frames

    Yeah but look at MTBs - carbon frames, full suspension, disk brakes etc etc and half the cost of an equivalent road bike which is pretty low tech in comparison e.g calliper brakes whose technology predates Queen Victoria. I don't have a problem paying more for a genuine product, but at 10X the cost of a copy - that's taking the piss, even if you take into consideration stuff like mould making and R&D.
  8. Magpies put cyclists in hospital

    i do interval training some lunches at work and I have a a little friend (nicknamed Goebbels) who likes to sit ontop of a 40ft high stadium light, he spies me & then freefalls to pick up speed before leveling off and attacking my face and eyes. At least it makes me work on my sprinting and side stepping, great rugby training.
  9. Who really makes the frames

    I would imagine that the materials, manufacturing processes etc are fairly similar and the factories of the copied frames and genuine frames are probably in the same street, I guess the differences would lie with how strict the testing is, quality control, things like that. But I've read quite a bit online about the copied frames and there are a lot of happy customers. It's a bit of a joke really, you can pick up a decent copied frame & forks for $400, but if you want the genuine thing, it's 10X the price. We are getting completely shafted. i think the thing is, people are willing to pay silly money for road & TT bikes, so companies can get away with extortionate prices. You look at the technology involved in high end mountain bikes vs road bikes, MTBs should be twice the price, instead they are half the price because people simply won't pay $5k for a MTB. It's the same thing with cars in this country, we pay as much as double the amount for cars in this country compared to the US. We have cars built in Australia, shipped over to the UK & the USA and they get them much cheaper! If I do get a new bike, I will definitely be going down the copied route.
  10. Magpies put cyclists in hospital

    I probably got swooped about 40 times last year, our season has just started, swooped 5 times this week running and riding. I wouldn't say I'm used to it, but I don't freak out as much as I used to. Just put my head down and carry on!
  11. Predict Gordon Ramsay Kona Time (2013)

    How did he get into Kona anyway? I'm guessing he didn't qualify with his times, did he buy a charity slot?
  12. Predict Gordon Ramsay Kona Time (2013)

    If he did the IM in the UK perhaps 15 hours, I think he'll struggle in the heat. What's the cut off - 17 hours? I think he'll come very close to not making it, but I'll give him 16.52.
  13. Gordon Ramsey (Kona 2013)

    Kona is hot & humid right? Like 35C+? I would imagine he would really struggle to complete an IM in that heat unless he's done a serious amount of traning in similar conditions.
  14. NRL grand final

    Chooks with SBW they can't lose.
  15. Rush movie

    Actually no reading more about Senna's crash, seems it could have been a flat, possibly with some issues with the steering, but a flat at 310 km/hr as he approached a hard corner I'm guessing would be sufficent to cause him to crash.
  16. Rush movie

    It was a poorly designed and modifed steering colum I think and it snapped just as he was approaching the corner hence the reason the car just carrie on going straight.
  17. Advice on buying a bike

    I don't go that fast anyway, I like to take in the scenery.
  18. Advice on buying a bike

    What are the carbon frames from China like? http://www.shop-yishunbike.com/frame-fork/road-frames/ys-fm037road-bike-frame-set-carbon-road-racing-frameset I windsurf and a few of the components are made from carbon-fibre and I know in the past people have bought stuff from China and it's been completely sh*t. You really don't want your mast snapping 3kms out to sea, so for windsurfing gear, there's no way I'd buy from China and there's no way any other windsurfer with half a brain would. But I guess with a bike, it's not under as much load as a mast or boom so the quality/strength isn't as important? Appreciate your thoughts!
  19. Help. Stolen Mac book air

    Register your serial with Apple and let them know it's stolen.
  20. What's the most you've ever spent on a bike?

    Single people with no kids!
  21. Romance

    Roofies! Always gets you laid..
  22. McDonalds Chicken Nuggets (Ingredients)

    Joe Public aren't as aware of companies like BAT (I used to work for them in London ) as they are Macdonalds and I guess companies like Kellogs, although high profile, they're not as obviously morally corrupt as Macdonalds. Perhaps if Macdonalds had managed to conduct itself a little bit more ethically then they'd cop a bit less flak. I think there was a case a few years ago of an elderly person, badly scalded when she split a Maccas coffee on her, all she wanted was some assistance with her medical bills. Macdonalds refused multiple times and used every trick in the book to get our of paying her a cent (we're tallking a couple of thousand). Eventually it ended up in court and she was awarded $3 million, the majority of that was puntive damages due to the way Macdonalds had conducted themselves.
  23. Chiro V's Physio

    I had an unusual injury that was hard to detect and ended up going to see a Sports Doctor, not 100% sure what his qualifications were, but he was excellent in finally picking up my injury and treating it.
  24. GoPro hero 3 black edition

    Go Pro 4 is coming out, hold off and get one of these bad boys.
  25. TV Shows

    Just finished Top of the lake. Brilliant.