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  1. I agree. For some people this category inadvertently encourages them not to lose weight and not to get fitter. "Damn I'm 79kg, I was going to go for a run today, but race day tomorrow, I better skip the run and have a McDonalds......."
  2. zed

    Armadale sprint tri

    Really? That's ridiculous! But it means we should be Ok. It's not going to be 36 tomorrow morning 2 - 5 hours before the start of the race.
  3. zed

    Armadale sprint tri

    So at what point do they call it off? When it hits 36C or if it's predicted it will hit 36, they then cancel? Because the first waves will probably start in temps under the cutoff, but the later waves might not.
  4. zed

    Armadale sprint tri

    Yeah I'm down for that race. Will be close to getting cancelled. What is it 36C and then it's a cancellation? It will definitely be in the 30s by the start of the race, they'd be better off shifting the start times back 30/45 mins, i'm sure everyone won't mind getting up a bit earlier to ensure they get to race.
  5. Perhaps we could have an under 10% body fat Triathlon? Or would that be deemed discriminatory against fat people?
  6. zed

    bark bark bark bark bark bark bark....

    Download council form, fill in & deliver to neighbours. They may not be aware of dog barking, Talk to neighbours if form does no good I'm quite big on damaging neighbours/peoples property when they don't do the right thing, on a sliding scale. I posted a while ago about some very noisy neighbours who would not turn down their music despite numerous letters & visits from the council, the rangers, upset neighbours and the police. 6months plus of many sleepless nights for our street, resolved within a week or so with property/car damage and threats of violence proving very successful. It shouldn't have to come to that, but sometimes it's the only way. Now we have a very happy and quiet street.
  7. zed

    Something trannies might not know about you

    My bucks party made the news, papers and talkback radio.
  8. zed

    Revenge at last

    Old Dave is a troll. His contrived posts are designed to aggravate and irritate. He derives pleasure from controversy and seeing people get riled by his comments. Don't respond or just condescendingly agree with him. He'll either disappear or realise he needs to stop acting like a petulant teenager in order to elicit adult replies.
  9. zed

    New Years weigh in.

    79kg. Put on 5kg last Xmas, so this year have trained hard over chrissy to compensate for the booze/food consumed. All I can say any form of exercise sux when you're hungover..
  10. zed

    Wetsuit query... Sleeveless or fullsuit???

    Maybe go sleeveless, perhaps not as efficent, but if it feels more comfortable and you are more relaxed perhaps that is better from a psychological perspective.
  11. zed

    2014 goals

    Taking a year off from rugby to concentrate on triathlon. Aims are to do 5/6 sprints/OD over summer, Busso 70.3 in May, Mandurah 70.3 and IMWA in Dec. Hoping to break 5 hours for the 70.3.
  12. zed

    Kryptonite calf

    Is it your calf that's the problem or tight glutes/hammy? I kept on tearing my calf until I figured, tight back/glurtes/hammy were the problem.
  13. zed

    Tri Club for me

    It depends on the individual. I used to love club swimming as a kid and although I like swimming by myself , I think I will be pushed more in a group, so am joining up with a tri club for this reason. Same with riding - I find riding by myself piss boring, much prefer riding with a bunch of other people.
  14. zed

    Aussie 13yo - Next Usain Bolt

    Yeah interesting point. There could be quicker guys out there, but have been attracted to the NFL for example because of the extra $$. I know Carl Lewis came 4th in his prime running up against some NFL players. They all had to wear NFL gear though, but still emphasises there are some seriously quick guys out there not competing in athletics.
  15. zed

    Aussie 13yo - Next Usain Bolt

    Yeah just had a read of his wiki page. It looks like he had a lot of promise as a teenager, then had a couple of years when he was injured on & off plus a car accident before he really rose to prominence.
  16. zed

    Aussie 13yo - Next Usain Bolt

    That's pretty damn quick for a 13 year old, even if it was hand timed! Bolt was never super quick in his teens, it wasn't until hit his 20s that he started running quick times. Don't think we will seen another Bolt in our lifetime though.
  17. zed

    Christmas party etiquette

    Harsh, but fair.
  18. zed

    Christmas party etiquette

    Look her in the eye, grab her vagina and whisper slowly in her ear "you drive like a fücktard", walk away with your dignity intact.
  19. zed

    Indoor Ironman for charity.

    Good luck Sammo!
  20. zed

    IMWA 2014 Registration Open

    depends on your budget. There is a pretty good caravan park, that has chalets, heated pool & is close to Busso. People rent out houses, there are budget motels etc etc You don't have to stay in Busso, Dunsborough & Yalingup aren't too far away.
  21. zed

    Seat height on my TT bike (Giant Trinity)

    Your seat needs to come down if you can not ride without your body having to compensate because the seat is too high. i.e if you feel your hips and body are shifting slightly to allow you to pedal efficently, then it's too high. This is how I tore my hip flexor.