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  1. My work colleague and mate has just been charged with possibly one of Australia's worst sex crimes. Feel pretty sick about it. Although you could argue innocent before proven guilty, but doubt they'd charge him and release his name without sufficient evidence. https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/court-justice/paedophile-probe-evil-8-investigators-charge-ninth-man-ng-b881099981z
  2. I found the Fenix 5 to be a step up in quality and reliability from my 920XT. No issues with battery, GPS signal etc And it's robust. Worth the extra $$. I had my 920 replaced twice under warranty.
  3. Yeah but then they're doing massive volume, 250km+ a week for a middle distance runner. I wonder if 80/20 is counter productive for someone doing significantly less mileage?
  4. I don't have one, but the valve hole is huge on those Flos so yeah wouldn't have thought a crack pipe was necessary.
  5. zed

    How to improve the run?

    Your HR is way high. I reckon you rode too hard. That 5min/km first km wouldn't have helped. I don't think it really matters how run fit you are, if you're drilled in T2, it's game over! It's only your first though. I did about 14 till I started realising my pacing was up sh!t creek!
  6. zed

    How to improve the run?

    Nutrition often gets the blame, but usually it's lack of fitness and/or shit pacing- overcooking the bike, running too hard off the bike. I can write a book on how not to pace a 70.3. I'm better now and even negatively split my last 70.3, but took me a while to get my head around it. It very quickly goes from easy to **** this shit. Figure out a realistic run pace, say 5.30 pace and don't deviate too much from that, maybe first 7km at 5.40 - 5.50 pace, uncomfortably easy, then build. If you can get to 13/14km OK, finishing off is so much easier mentally even if physically you're spent compared to the wheels falling off at 8, 9km. Figure out your pacings in training, use your HRM, get a race strategy together and stick to it. Don't run at 4.45 pace because you "feel good". What were you KM splits?
  7. zed

    Improved race times

    That is very true!
  8. ha ha you beat me to it.
  9. zed

    Jan Fredeno - Training

    And now he has a stress fracture... I know at least 10 people that have had stress fractures over the last few years, leg, back etc and the culprit is hard intervals.
  10. zed

    Advice for first 70.3

    Perhaps if you are mal-coordinated it could be perceived as being dangerous.. Check how many people are still pissing around 200m up the road trying to get their feet in their shoes... and not just noobs.
  11. I think I run too fast in my long runs. Although the Jack Daniels calc says 4.50 -5.15. But my HR zone would be 3 for that pace. It needs to be zone 2 yeah? I got mates that are top runners, pro triathletes that run a lot slower than me. Like 6 min pace.
  12. Doesn't your run form naturally improve the more you run? Also one small change (increasing cadence) can really help with your running efficiency, can it not? Dazaau - I'd be looking at your cadence instead of your VO. I'm not a run coach, but I just tinkered with my cadence using my watch and went from 168 to 176 in a few weeks and felt much more comfortable and efficient.
  13. Yup that would work well. The only option really.
  14. yeah as soon as my cadence increased from 168 to 178, VO went right down.
  15. Stunning swim. I was just up there windsurfing. That section of coast is probably the windiest location in WA. Wind was hitting 65 km/hr+
  16. zed

    Advice for first 70.3

    Have a rough race strategy and stick to it. Most people have a race strategy that goes out the window as soon as the hooter goes. And use your HRM. Vital tool for bike and run pacing. Don't get fixated on getting a specific bike split or averaging a certain time.
  17. zed

    Zwift Roll Call

    yeah am keen. Maybe fri arvo/evening?
  18. You referring to my post? She sat mm from her bf's wheel for the entire ride. They'd obviously orchestrated this from the start.
  19. My new coach has added me on TP and was looking at my past 4 months of training on TP. I've only just realised none of the Zwift stuff is on there. A lot of rides and runs. So all the data/stats are skewed. I've now added TP as a connection for Zwift, but is it possible to sync the old activities?
  20. Yeah well said. A top female AGer who can't ride for shit, got on the bike with her BF (rolling start) and sat on his wheel for 90km. I think she knocked 12 mins off her bike PB. That's cheating. Drifting into the draft zone for a few mins or being a few metres inside the 12m isn't cheating.
  21. I agree with that. Sitting 9/10m behind someone is very different.
  22. Nah I don't think it's acceptable, just don't regard it as cheating.
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