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  1. zed

    Not just another course cutter

    In reference to her potty mouth.
  2. zed

    Beginner rider - Alloy or carbon?

    Alloy. Won't notice the difference. 500gms difference.
  3. zed

    Not just another course cutter

    Hence the reason Julie Miller ended up in the New York Times! It was her own doing.
  4. zed

    Not just another course cutter

    Possibly. She seems to be making it worse for herself by insulting and threatening people though. She's no choirgirl. This was in response to polite posts from the marathon Investigation guy querying the results.
  5. zed

    New Fenix 5

    Bought this last week as an upgrade to the 920XT. Actually my 920 died and was replaced by Garmin so I just sold the new replacement, if it hadn't of died I probably would have kept it. First impressions, really nice watch, feels a bit more prestigious than the Forerunner, but not cheap at $700. The metal bezel and buttons give it a good solid feel and the extra weight isn't noticeable. Actually when in the shop I tinkered with the 735 which felt very lightweight and plasticky in comparison and the 935 is even lighter. Looks good as an everyday watch, something you could wear out. I loved my 920, but not a good looking watch Navigating the F5 seems pretty intuitive, I'm still finding out about the various new features and haven't had a good play with it yet. The screen is nice and large and clear, it was easy to quickly glance at it when swimming open water to check time and pace. I'm used to the square face of the 910 and 920, but the circular face of the F5 works well, even with 4 fields. There are a few cool features such as music control, but I can't see enough to warrant an upgrade from a 920/F3. The battery life is excellent. I bought it Thursday and have yet to charge it, 42% and that's after 1 x 2km OWS, 1 x 3km pool swim, 100km ride, 7km run, 12km treadmill run and a shitload of mucking about with it. One thing I noticed on my 7km run was my instant pace was jumping about a bit, mostly sitting consistently on 4.15, but then I would look down and it's at 6.30, then 5.30, then it would settle down to 4.15 again. My 920 never had this issue. Heart rate monitor seems relatively accurate, I haven't had a chance to look at the Garmin data yet, but every time I checked it on ride and run, it was reporting back roughly what I expected it to. Doesn't work in the water, but I don't think it's supposed to is it?
  6. zed

    Robson racing again...

    He's doing the Rottnest Channel swim on Feb 24th. After his triathlon ban I was OKish with him racing again, everyone deserves a 2nd chance, but now after his cheating in the Ultra 100km as well as Ultraman Florida and 2 x HBF run for a reason 14km, I really think enough is enough. I contacted the Rottnest Swim committee asking for them to ban him from the Rottnest Channel swim 2018 as well as all future Rottnest channels swim and contacted his swim coach, Shelly Taylor-Smith asking for him to be removed from her squad, but a big negative from both parties. I guess their hands are tied? Pretty disappointing he's still allowed to race.
  7. zed

    Robson racing again...

    Yeah weird geezer. He's done Ultraman, Rotto crossing multiple times and now the channel. No need to cheat..
  8. zed

    Not just another course cutter

    Her club - TriScottsdale have booted her out.
  9. zed

    Not just another course cutter

    "They can go to hell over there! I hope that place blows up in flames! F*ck you California!!"
  10. zed

    Robson racing again...

    Nah I'm pretty sure he did do it. Although on his FB he says the distance was 64km which he did in 16 hours...Pretty sure it's 34 km.
  11. zed

    Robson racing again...

    He's just swam the English Channel in 16 hours. Pretty decent achievement, assuming he actually did it.. I think they have to have officials on board to ratify results, so I guess he did.
  12. zed

    Winterfish 2018

    That sounds way off. I don't use a HRM for swimming, but I'd guess I'd be 140s if I was doing 1km, 160s for say 200m at 75%, 170s for hard 100s. Even if I ran at my slowest I don't think I could get it down to 115, I'd have to run/walk. But then everyone is different with HR? Are you wearing a wetsuit?
  13. zed

    Winterfish 2018

    haha that's awesome
  14. zed

    New Kickr Stuff

    Will the V3 be available and discounted?
  15. zed

    Winterfish 2018

    What's the water temp? Is it popular for swimming?
  16. zed

    Chainless Bike

  17. zed

    Winterfish 2018

    Awesome pool innit. Was it busy?
  18. zed

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    I wondered why no-one had mentioned it.
  19. zed

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

  20. zed

    Aerodynamics of Ironman Cycling

    rolling start for IMWA now, sayanara drafting. Well it should be greatly diminished. The 3 rolling starts I've had in 70.3s I've been by myself. A sad and lonely experience.
  21. zed

    Sore deltoids...

    Be careful with this as it can lead to rotator cuff tendonitis (Swimmer's shoulders) and it's a bitch to to fix. Generally sore deltoids are as a result of bad technique. Ex-Hasbeen is on the money. Thumb entry shouldn't be enough to overload the deltoids, but if you're overloading the shoulder with other flaws it will contribute to it. IMO it's poor catch and pull that's the issue. A lot of people let their arm sink, keeping it straight, then initiate a catch with little bend in the elbow. This massively overloads the shoulder. Stand next to a bench, keep your arm straight, push hard down with your palm flat on the surface, you'll feel it in your deltoids. This isn't that straight forward to fix, as essentially you will change the way you swim. It will probably feel sh!t and inefficient at first, but when you get it, you'll be quicker and have no shoulder issues (hopefully). Get some fins on or a PB, swim slowly and look forward, watch your arms, the lead arm will probably start sinking before you initiate the catch. It's important to keep a visual on your arms, because it won't feel like you're dropping your arm and initiating the catch late. You only realise when you get filmed. So work on keeping that arm high, floating almost and try bending the elbow and catching early. Look at Grant Hackett and note how close to the surface his elbow is vs the guy in the pic above. Also note how his elbow bends. This is a great drill as you see what your arm is doing
  22. "We do know, from studies, that sometimes the therapeutic dose of Ventolin (the asthma drug) can cause salbutamol levels that do exceed this 1000 ng/ml limit. In that case study (one individual), five out of 22 samples were above the limit." sportsscientist.com
  23. Perhaps like recreational drugs have different classes. EPO would be A, similar to smack, Tramadol would be C similar to weed. Length of bans would be determined by the class. Now that I think about it, it seems mad a professional athlete would risk their entire career and livelihood on a drug that only gives marginal (if at all) performance enhancements. 19/20 of Froome's samples during the season were clear only 1 had an anomaly, levels of salbutamol 15% higher than the accepted level.
  24. zed

    TriEvents WA

    TWA has already stated another company will be RD for the events that Trievents held. Even if it didn't there's a plethora of races already. You could almost race every weekend if you wanted to. I pulled out of a couple of races (correctly) anticipating a swim cancellation because of weather. A bit of wind you'd get a swim cancellation. I had 5 during the season. I got a bit f**ked off with Trievents and their willingness to can swims.
  25. It's something that never really gets a mention - the level of performance enhancement with particular drugs. Perhaps bans need to be adjusted accordingly. Phenylephrine is a decongestant which was supposed to have an effect on stimulating the heart. Performance enhancement is virtually negligible, hence the reason it's been taken off the banned list. But a number of athletes have tested positive for this and been banned. How many other banned drugs out there give only negligible performance enhancements? Compare that to EPO, what was the data for the age grouper in Icarus - 240w FTP to 380W after 6 months of EPO, something like that. At the moment it's black and white, if you test positive for a banned substance, you're just as guilty as LA, doesn't matter if it's EPO or something you too to help with the sniffles.