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  1. I've just installed a new cassette, going from a 10 speed 5700, 105 11-25 to 10 speed 5700 105 11-28 and it's not happy. Changing gears is fine, but it's fricking noisy, like it's not right. Cassette is on fine, not lose or anything.. ideas? Chain is newish.
  2. zed

    When cassette installs...... go bad!

    lol I was on Bike Exchange..
  3. zed

    When cassette installs...... go bad!

    yeah new cassette, I installed it from the box, so should be in order.
  4. That's what we saw. No idea if they work though.
  5. in South Africa at the outer marker buoys 800m out they had scuba divers with these large sonar devices to ward off the sharkies.
  6. zed

    When cassette installs...... go bad!

    cheers that's awesome. So there's two spacers, 13 and 2? Maybe I'm missing a spacer, although when I've missed a spacer before the thing has been loose as.
  7. zed

    When cassette installs...... go bad!

    I did some to find an extra spacer... but I had shit everywhere, so not sure which cassette it came from. I'll take it off and have another tinkle.
  8. zed

    New Fenix 5

    Bought this last week as an upgrade to the 920XT. Actually my 920 died and was replaced by Garmin so I just sold the new replacement, if it hadn't of died I probably would have kept it. First impressions, really nice watch, feels a bit more prestigious than the Forerunner, but not cheap at $700. The metal bezel and buttons give it a good solid feel and the extra weight isn't noticeable. Actually when in the shop I tinkered with the 735 which felt very lightweight and plasticky in comparison and the 935 is even lighter. Looks good as an everyday watch, something you could wear out. I loved my 920, but not a good looking watch Navigating the F5 seems pretty intuitive, I'm still finding out about the various new features and haven't had a good play with it yet. The screen is nice and large and clear, it was easy to quickly glance at it when swimming open water to check time and pace. I'm used to the square face of the 910 and 920, but the circular face of the F5 works well, even with 4 fields. There are a few cool features such as music control, but I can't see enough to warrant an upgrade from a 920/F3. The battery life is excellent. I bought it Thursday and have yet to charge it, 42% and that's after 1 x 2km OWS, 1 x 3km pool swim, 100km ride, 7km run, 12km treadmill run and a shitload of mucking about with it. One thing I noticed on my 7km run was my instant pace was jumping about a bit, mostly sitting consistently on 4.15, but then I would look down and it's at 6.30, then 5.30, then it would settle down to 4.15 again. My 920 never had this issue. Heart rate monitor seems relatively accurate, I haven't had a chance to look at the Garmin data yet, but every time I checked it on ride and run, it was reporting back roughly what I expected it to. Doesn't work in the water, but I don't think it's supposed to is it?
  9. zed

    Cutting wetsuit question

    Nah don't mark it or make small adjustments, just go for it! Live life on the edge!
  10. zed

    Cutting wetsuit question

    New wetsuits have a bit of a fancy angle I think. Mine, I just went at it with some scissors, level, about 6 inches from the ankle.
  11. Callum Millward? Lange and Ryf
  12. zed

    Whats the deal with AP

    Sounds like some kind of STD..
  13. zed

    Busso 2018

    Do you reckon numbers will be down for Busso due to swim cancellations?
  14. zed

    Busso 2018

    Had 5 days off post South Africa where I just gorged on steak and beer, the only exercise was climbing table mountain Back into it now though.
  15. zed

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    Going to be $$. Austria back in 2015 was basically anyone wants a spot gets one, same with Canada. Closer to home, more competitive. Taupo would be popular.
  16. zed

    Eliud Kipchoge

    Impressive. But he doesn't drink, do rec drugs or indulge loose women...so...
  17. zed

    Busso 2018

    What kind of hours (and how they split) you guys doing for Busso?
  18. zed

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    That sucks. Seems like China is a bit whack at the moment, quite a few races, some lasting no more than a year... BTW if your mates want to go to Nice and are based in Perth, they'll get a spot. It's not going to be popular, none of the Northern Hemisphere races are for West Aussies.
  19. zed

    Now you can ride in the... water too

    Not sure you could call that an invention??
  20. zed

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    Yeah it's a big urban myth. No idea why it's still perpetuated and why they're still banned in Kona. Busso in May we had storms/squalls and strong winds, swim was canned and RD advised people not to use discs, but permitted them. Loads of people withdrew because they only had discs and/or were concerned about the conditions. People posting on FB saying you'd be mad using a disc. The irony is, what I've read and experienced, is that discs can have a stabilizing effect in high winds. I did get some movement with the 808 front, but nothing crazy. WInd was around 60 - 70km/hr with gusts up to 100 km/hr and I was fine as was everyone else who rode a disc.
  21. zed

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Is Busso any different to other races? Worlds in SA was a joke, 3000+ guys on the course, Cairns there are no TOs for the last 20kms for safety reasons which everyone is very aware of, they are the two races outside of WA I've done and were worse than Busso.
  22. zed

    Frodo out?

    Sanders got this in the bag.
  23. zed

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    So she'll catch and overtake some of the male pros in the swim! If she "works" 🤨 with the guys and gets a decent lead, who knows.