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  1. zed

    Bike Boxes

    Yeah good point re size of hard case. Mine wouldn't fit in half the taxis. Maybe a Scion with some reinforcing. Would be pretty easy to protect the vulnerable parts.
  2. zed

    Bike Boxes

    TBH it doesn't take too long, pedals, seatpost, wheels and stem off. I took rear derallieau off one way, but left it on for return journey as I found a better way of packing it. Also that's the only case I took, it fit everything in, helmet, wetsuit, pump, Maybe on the weekend take a trip out to the airport and watch the baggage handlers at work 😁- it will make your decision easier!
  3. zed

    Bike Boxes

    The FB page for the South Africa worlds last year was full of posts of people with broken bikes, carried in Scion bags along with plenty of missing bikes. I'm guessing decent airlines would be OK, but IMO not worth the risk. A hard case (which I had) can be a PITA, but it's going to take a decent knock to cause damage.
  4. yeah was just checking this thread to ask the same thing.
  5. zed

    Port 2019 - Eurgh.

    yeah exactly. in a sprint (and lesser extent OD) my HR is through the roof the entire race, horrible. IM is a long day, lower HR, less effort and time to make up for any cock-ups, flats etc 10.26 isn't exactly setting the world on fire, but (other than the last 10km of the run) IMWA felt like a long training day.
  6. zed

    Port 2019 - Eurgh.

    To be honest I find a full ironman easier than a 70.3. I'm only doing IMWA again this year, because the 70.3 fills me with dread.
  7. zed

    Carbon Hoka's

    I like my Hoka Clifton's for training. Bought some lightweight Hoka Tracers, but they are horrible to run in. Apparently the new model is better?
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7029543/Sunny-Garcia-continues-fight-life-unconscious-Oregon-home.html Still hanging in there, that was an hour ago. This long listed as critical, you'd think there would be long lasting damage?
  9. zed

    Ultraman Australia 2019

    Don't you have to qualify for UM?
  10. zed

    Port - Race Day

    Why are the roads so shit?
  11. haha I know. Rules out Australia.
  12. zed

    IRONMAN OZ Port Mac

    Well done mate, nice report
  13. I'll start a 12 week program for IM in september, if I was to take too much time off over winter, a good portion of that 12 week program would be spent getting back to a decent level of fitness. So probs a decent amount of training, just unstructured.
  14. needs to be somewhere that isn't too wet/cold in the morning for riding or too hot for running. Water temp needs to be over 20C and with nothing in the water that can eat you. Prefer somewhere with hills for riding.
  15. I guess the standard of cycling in triathlon is at such a point that unless a pro cyclist can swim and run he has little chance of success? Wurf was a decent swimmer in his time and ran.
  16. late in the season e.g Busso then yes
  17. 10 wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds. It would heat up quickly. Busso was 4 C a few years and that was shit. A few peeps including a pro were hospitalised because of hypothermia. Water temp could be interesting. I’ve surfed in cold, cold water, OW races in budgies in 14 C water, 5kms etc and it’s not pleasant. Busso last weekend was 15 C and I struggled with my breathing with the temp... so could be interesting if it’s chilly. How cold before it becomes a safety concern - hundreds of average swimmers not used to cold temps... if air temps are low that’s one thing, but low water temp + low air temp is gonna be a problem.
  18. Loads of Air B n B options along Geographe Bay Road which is right on the run course and part of bike course. Caravan park with chalets for a cheaper option 200m from transition. More options further out such as Dunsborough. It all depends how much you want to spend and how close you want to be to transition/race. The double story houses along Geographe Bay Road would be awesome, but aren't cheap.
  19. zed

    Port - Race Day

    In Busso anyone that wanted a spot got one. Someone got a spot and there were 35th or whatever. I'd imagine come December most peeps in Perth will take the Taupo spot though.
  20. The problem with toys is people end up overusing them, 500m wu with pull buoy drills with fins, cool down with kickboard and fins a 3km set can end up with only 1km of toy free work.
  21. They come in 3 different sizes. Any slight hint of pain, ditch them. But u need to use them properly. They're designed to help you get a feel for a decent catch.
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