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  1. Movie Icarus 9/10

    SPOILER ALERT I found it fascinating. It was originally about an amateur wanting to test out the effects of testosterone on performance and it ended up with a guy in the witness protection program because there was a chance the KGB wanted to assassinate him! Plus the Russians getting kicked out of the Olympics and the revelation that doping was state sponsored.
  2. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    I'm doing a lot more easy training which is making it easier to get in Ok volume, 10 - 12 hours during winter. I'm finding it easier to get 80kms easy running than I was 40kms hard running. I think if you flog yourself day in day out, your time in this sport will be limited. Hopefully ramp up to 14 - 16 for Busso 70.3. My eldest daughter, 8, now squad swims twice a week, so I swim when she does which doesn't officially count as my training time.
  3. Bunch rides canberra and etiquitte

    You pull slightly to the right to let them pass on the inside. You'd probably get a few headshakes though, especially if it's an A group.
  4. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    I've switched to tubs and latex just to try something different, not necessarily looking to improve performance.
  5. KQ questions

    Running slower but more volume.
  6. KQ questions

    Interesting to compare the average pace I run at now (quite a bit slower) compared to a year ago, when I was running quicker, but my 3KM tt pace was 4.10
  7. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    Yeah I'm trying tubs for the first time and they have latex tubes. They do deflate much quicker than butyl tubes, but considering I used to pump up bike before every use, it's no hassle for me. I think about 40% of Kona top 15 use tubs and latex, the others on clinchers.
  8. KQ questions

    I just need to be able to hold that pace for 10km.... a long way off I think!
  9. KQ questions

    Starting to make a bit of progress with my running. Did a 3km TT in 11.50, splits: 3.52, 4.01(hill) 3.52. Felt hard, but manageable. Hopefully sub 20/5km soon!
  10. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    Oh! #canofworms
  11. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    pretty impressive!
  12. Uber v Cabbies

    This. Swan Taxis had a monopoly in Perth for years and the service was 3rd world. Abysmal. And as a result, Perth public has very little sympathy for Swan taxis.
  13. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    Nice work What was his mechanical issue?
  14. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Yeah I could possibly do away with the Hokas, although the Cliftons run more like a "normal" running shoe than the stinsons, they were were shit to run in. When I first started running in the hyperspeeds I couldn't make it past 3 or 4 kms without getting sore and my first 10km run in them I had bad DOMS for 2 weeks, so it's pretty unreal I can do halves in them now without any issues. There's a tri version called hyper-tri, but they're not for sale in Oz. Since switching to more 80/20 running, I've found I have very little muscle soreness, injuries, DOMS etc despite almost doubling my mileage - 35 - 40 to 75 - 80. I can run double days whereas before I'd have to alternate run days. I rarely stretch or roll now as well, although I probably should still do this. I guess I forget because I'm not sore. I normally just stretch my calves and hammies in the shower and that's it. I've tried to encourage mates that are plagued with injuries to slow it down, but I don't think they get it. Hopefully if my run times improve, I'll be given a bit more credibility!