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  1. There was a big ruckus a few years ago on here and Roxi ended up banning all the Vegans. Not sure if that ban still exists?
  2. zed

    Sträva segments

    Maybe it was you guys who I read about!?
  3. Yeah his time would have been good for top 10 most years bar 2018.
  4. zed

    Sträva segments

    I wouldn't have thought so. There was some big public spat on social media a while ago, some guy was travelling around the UK beating all this guys KOMs, segments he created and he went mental.
  5. He looks f*cked! Stark contrast to Lange last year going through the aid station all thug life.
  6. Racing IMWA again this year?
  7. If they are taking down bike descriptions, then surely he has enough evidence to overturn the DQ? Did they TOs have cameras, it's the world champs. They had them in South Africa for the 70.3 worlds and Busso. I've even seen them in local races.
  8. He accidentally bumped Frodo as he staggered through a crowded finish line. ST was in uproar..
  9. Nah I meant the rotto swim through, I think it's 2.5/5km OWS on Rotto island.
  10. Odd isn't it. I've seen TOs with iphones before filming. Which is good.
  11. zed

    Wurf watch

    That's pretty out there if it is!
  12. I'm assuming Lange stopped to help him up?
  13. Yeah it's a bit odd the jetty swim sells out, it's been really popular for years, lot of people that do it, hate swimming and hate OWS. I swam it once during IMWA and that's enough. It's just another OWS! Might enjoy the rotto swim through more?
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