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  1. Tubular tyres

    Being chased by a large, angry dog?
  2. Tubular tyres

    Yeah that's what I've heard. only using them for races though
  3. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    I thought the opposite was true. Young kids are still learning and won't fully become efficient runners until much older, presuming they continue to run.
  4. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    I'm very sceptical about some of the wattage savings stats that get floated about. Disc + 808 definitely made a difference for me when switching from training wheels, but some of the claims with stuff like helmets... I'm not buying it
  5. Aero Helmet

    They're fine in the heat. The ears aren't covered and the visor is mid size so only covers half the face. It's the most comfy helmet I've owned. I'm surprised they're not more popular.
  6. Run technique/ dynamics, any videos?

    Plenty of elite runners out there with sub-optimal technique. I don't know why this is, but a lot of beginner runners heel-strike, then as they run more they find they change to more of a mid or forefoot strike. I don't think people need run coaches to learn how to run, just run more.
  7. Tubular tyres

    Just picked up my Vittoria Corsa Speeds - shit these things look/feel fragile! They are light as.
  8. The Mental Health thread

    Very sad. I'm not sure he'd appreciate you talking to him? But it would be good if you could do something to help?
  9. Aero Helmet

    I use the Giro Air Attack when training, they're pretty good. $300, but Chain Reactions have them for $149 http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/giro-air-attack-helmet-as-nzs/rp-prod149530?gs=1&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Chain+Reaction-AU-PLA-PLA-All-All-SE-Shopping+QLB+Product&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|snhuAVC55_dc|pcrid|125706178720|pkw||pmt||prd|565409AU Tell them Zed sent you.
  10. Aero Helmet

    Most of the cheap Aero helmets are shit, at least the ones I've used i.e visor flopped about, plastic bits fell off. Latest generation Kask Bambino is brilliant. Shop around and get yourself a 2nd hand one. I got for $245. Get the latest gen one as it has better magnets for the visor. Plus you don't look like a complete twat when wearing one.
  11. Where's Macca?

    Yup. If he supposedly beat her up and raped her I would have thought they'd be more than just a tweet from a has been surfer. The police weren't interested.
  12. Maggie season 2017

    I think he ate it? Like some kind of revenge act?
  13. Where's Macca?

    If I'd been accused of beating up someone and raping them I'd sure as shit be telling the world I was innocent as opposed to keeping schtum. He needs a new lawyer, I would have though he'd have been all over Sonny Garcia especially after his tweets. Bizarre that he he's said nothing.
  14. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    I'm not sure, it's just a theory I'm working on
  15. The Mental Health thread

    Good to see you're doing well if you want to catch up for a coffee/ride/swim let me know