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  1. I reckon if he could go back in time, he still would have made the come back. And the bizarre thing, him admitting his doping has hardly seemed to have affected his hero status. Maybe in some ways even elevated it. Most athletes that have doped have become pariahs, please stand up Ben Johnson. Marion Jones was widely despised in the USA and did jail time, Michelle Smith, Tyson Gay etc And Sun Yang hasn't even failed a drug test and we wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. Yet Armstrong doped for 25 years and still charges $50k a go for motivational speaking....
  2. Crazy huh. He was in the clear, got away with it, 7 TDF titles, tons of sponsors and adoring fans, millions in the bank and he couldn't resist...
  3. Unfortunately the way the world works, narcissists are often beloved and lauded, especially successful, charismatic narcissists. It does not matter how much they cheat, lie and screw people over, they can do no wrong. The irony is that if a LA fanboy had a brother, partner, mate like LA they would despise them.I think most people still declaring LA is the messiah, are not well or are trolling or both.
  4. What criteria are you using to say he was the best of the best? He won a couple of road races in California back in the early 90s, that's it.
  5. He attacked on the bike, because he had better drugs.There's footage of him flying up l'Alpe d'Huez in 2001(?) chatting as though he's on a coffee ride, whilst his competitors are struggling up the mountain, breathing out their ring. That was the day that when people started pointing fingers at him. He did nothing in cycling until he got to 26 and by that stage he had been doping 5 years. You could argue that the playing field was level because they were all doping. They weren't all doping and many that were did not have access to the "medical expertise: offered by Ferrari. Additionally LA ensured he had the best team around him, doped up to the eyeballs too. Cycling is a team sport, how big a part does a team play in an individual's victory? I'm pretty sure Froome played a big part in Wiggin's first win and without Froome, he would not have won.
  6. That makes zero sense. He f*cked over lots of people, but that was his defence, which wasn't right, but he can do wrong?
  7. Not worth discussing him He's not even yesterdays news.
  8. Check out RGT, looks awesome https://www.rgtcycling.com/
  9. It's set to 100%. It's not harder, necessarily, there's a more noticeable resistance when you hit any kind of incline, no matter how small and it's a bit unnatural, like you've hit the brakes. Which kind of explains why the default is 50%. When you hit those small rollers in the crit, your speed should carry you over them, but at 100% you get too much resistance irrespective of how much speed you've picked up.
  10. Don't think many guys get pinged in B, don't think there is a heap of difference between B and A? Good B can keep up with A.
  11. Yeah don't know. The guys that got done in my race, it was game over, not sure what power they were putting out, but it would have been 100 - 130w. So they would have come last and got a DQ. They don't throttle you back to what a typical D grade would race at, they throttle you back so your race is over.
  12. Not sure what they got wound down to, I think it's a certain wattage. One of the guys jumped on the end of our group and stayed there for a bit, but then dropped off after 2 mins.
  13. That was my first race with people getting pinged for sand bagging. It was great! I tried to hang with the front 3 guys, but they were sitting on 5w/kg and didn't drop. We then passed them 10mins later as they were trundling along at 20km/hr lol The race went so much better. A large lead pack that got smaller and smaller each lap. Winner of D would have got 2nd last in C, winner of C would have got 3rd last in B. Previous races, winners of D and C would have been top 5 in A.
  14. ".but then sometimes it loses connection and switches to 4G logo" that's to do with your home wifi, nothing to do with the companion app. Does your modem have a 5GHZ option? As in you get two wifi points, one with 5G.
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