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  1. zed

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Ronnie Pickering
  2. zed

    Zwift New York

    Will be cool. I've been using zwift running, so will be able to run through central park.
  3. zed

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Why would Brownlee need a 2 year build? His volume is and always has been very high, higher volume than a lot of the long course top guys, close to 40 hours a week.
  4. zed

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Yeah he's never going to be a gun swimmer. I'd love the guy to win, but the only way he can is if a number of the top guys are out injured or have bad days or IM clamp down on the drafting. No idea how close together these trains are and for how long, but looking at some of the photos it's little more than 4 or 5m. If they're allowed to race like that, unfettered, there is zero chance of someone not part of the train catching them and hitting T2 relatively fresh. Candles will get burnt.
  5. zed

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Not sure he can ever win Kona. Lange is flying, Frodo will return, Gomez will get stronger, Brownlee etc He's 7 mins behind the lead pack out of T1, tough enough to bridge that gap, but when they're working together in a train, nigh on impossible. And come run time his run split is at least 10mins slower than the top runners.
  6. zed

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Strange he couldn't hold 230w.
  7. zed

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Yeah I was thinking the same. Watching some of his training videos and how he was flipping out after his poor race at Mount-Tremblant. He desperately needs a coach, nutritionist etc He seems to be flying by the seat of his pants, winging it half the time. Didn't he wear a camelbak at Kona a few years ago?
  8. zed

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    yeah. Total respect for the guy. I really hope he has a good 2019.
  9. zed

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    I've got Pegs and 2 pairs of Cliftons to train in, just need some race shoes for IMWA.
  10. zed

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Kinda like telling teacher someone called you names instead of waiting till recess!
  11. zed

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    Yeah it's hard to find good shoes. All you can go on is internet reviews or what mates tell you. I bought some Mizunos based on some rave reviews and they were horrible. I use them for gardening now! The Hoka Stinsons were shit to run in, the Clifton 3s are great, the Clifton 4s are heavier and shi!t. What would you recommend for a marathon/Ironman? I'm still thinking about running in my Hyperspeed racing flats, not sure how sore I'll get though. I've only ever run a HM in them.
  12. zed

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    Yeah not a very good review! For me they seem to tick a lot of boxes as a training shoe, lightweight, cushioned and pretty quick. I wasn't expecting to feel as good as I did after running 30km in them, was definitely expecting some muscle soreness. I usually run in Hoka Cliftons for my long runs. I wouldn't race in these, at least not for a 70.3 or below, but am considering using them for IMWA.
  13. zed

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    I agree. I'm sure Millward was deserving of a serve, but not a great to do it in the middle of the race. Have a chat in the pub afterwards.
  14. zed

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Probably not made up, but possibly exaggerated/embellished. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?