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  1. And I guess that also means no Cairns or SC...
  2. Cool thanks for that. I would imagine our borders will still be closed come December, so no race.
  3. Busso in October, yup. Who knows with December......
  4. If you've been using an old wireless bike computer, a $400 bike computer is probably going to be overkill. I like my 520 because of all the data ir provides, but if you're not interested in average speed, power, cadence etc then go with something basic.
  5. Not too bad. The coldest I rode in was around 0C. We don't tend to get too much wind when it's that cold. Typically in winter it would be about 8 - 10C,. Still too cold for me!
  6. I'm not sure what to do with Busso in October. I don;t want to train for it and then have the race canned 4 weeks out.... Will do the swim/run training and just go in underdone on the bike. I'm not doing 3 hour training rides in the cold without some kind of guarantee!
  7. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-02/government-removes-support-for-clive-palmers-push-to-open-border/12515948
  8. Don't think that will ever happen. Clive Palmer's legal action started way before Melbourne's current state of disaster and that changes things. A 6 week lock down is going to be a financial disaster for Victoria, costing over $10 billion, it's then going to take many months of restrictions costing much more. So that pretty much ruins his argument that by not opening their borders, WA is going to destroy the economy.
  9. Have they announced anything?
  10. zed


    It is strange, in my ignorance I assumed all decisions re the virus would be made at a national level, not state. However now it seems as though having some major decisions made at state level is probably more important than having a one size fits all. Also when you have people with hidden agenda's that have no allegiance to particular states, there is no motivation on their part to protect that state e.g Clive Palmer vs WA. Victoria is a mess and he is taking legal action to force us to open our borders.
  11. School, in many ways, is a lot easier than the 9 - 5 grind and some people struggle with the transition. I wonder, Goughy, if with your son, it may be the other way around. There are a lot of pressures in school, a lot of variables to do with and in some ways it's much more complex than adulting. I have mates that despised school, they struggled academically, they struggled on the sports field, they struggled with the the inevitable bullying because of their perceived inadequacies, but when they left school, eventually they began to believe in themselves and began to thrive. School is not a good place if you don't fit the norm. Perhaps he will cope better once he's left school?
  12. zed


    Yeah there's no way the FDA would approve anything in that short space of time.
  13. zed

    IMWA 2020

    It is isn't it! Most people would want an Iphone or dinner for 2 not an entry into a race where you have to train 3 months for!
  14. zed


    Wow. That's crazy. I was thinking a few months ago that we would be able to travel domestically by June/July, with the outbreaks in Vic, NSW and now QLD, what are people's thoughts on when that will happen? 2021?
  15. zed


    Yup! A lot of experts said and still maintain, a vaccine for any type of corona virus will be very difficult if not impossible to develop. If there is one, it won't be available for years. The media has been a bit cute in how they have dealt with these and other reports that would be deemed "negative", giving them little credence and little publicity. Similarly with reports that we will have to learn to live with the virus, international travel won't be happening for years etc etc If you have a look at the DailyFail, it seems we've been on the cusp of discovering a vaccine since March... Our lives will be quite different for the next 2 - 3 years+.
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