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  1. zed

    PBK Shipping

    Yeah Wiggle has been lightening quick lately. I've never ordered from PBK because of their bad rep, but also have generally found it for a similar price elsewhere. What are you buying?
  2. zed

    Another sad story to come from Nike

    Yeah I saw a documentary about them and other large companies, pretty abysmal.
  3. zed

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    Iron-war is a fascinating book. Dave Scott is/was an odd fish for sure. Considering the lack of knowledge and lack of bike technology back then, the times those guys got were insane. Mark Allen would still hold the run split record if they'd had timing mats back then.
  4. zed

    Single Sided Power?

    It was power from a smart trainer. Perhaps it wasn't calibrated properly? Or a Zwift issue? He only recently got a bike PM and had a bit of a reality check!
  5. zed

    Single Sided Power?

    yeah this. It's only an issue when you're talking to others about numbers. My mate had a ridiculously high FTP, like elite level which I was curious about, because he's no gun on the bike, he then upgraded his PM and his FTP dropped 150W!
  6. zed

    Single Sided Power?

    What site?
  7. zed

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    Ha ha yeah he was pretty focussed.
  8. zed

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    Warts and all. Luke Mckenzie doing lines off strippers backs post Kona, Sunny Garcia punching on in T1, shi!t like that.
  9. zed

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    Yeah it was a pretty routine triathlon doco.
  10. zed

    Wheels Question

    No just the cassette.
  11. zed

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    Yeah saw it last night. It was good.
  12. zed

    Let it go or no?

  13. zed

    Let it go or no?

    Very bizarre thing to do.
  14. zed

    Individual 70.3 races lack history in OZ

    Yeah I don't know why, but that little out and back did my head in.