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  1. zed

    Garmin 530/830

    New Wahoo watch as well?
  2. My Hoka Clifton 3s lasted way past 1500km My Asics Hyperspeeds died after 350km
  3. zed

    Garmin 530/830

    Yeah I quite like the look of the Wahoo Element
  4. zed

    Garmin 530/830

    Struggling to think what more features a bike computer needs. The 520 seems to do everything.. I'd like something with a bigger screen though.
  5. Xterra Vengenance Prizna wore one (I think) for IMWA. Fastest AG swim. I
  6. In that case I definitely wouldn’t bother.
  7. Yup I agree with Pistol Pete. I wouldn’t bother. I’ve worn mine once in 3 years. Quicker to get my wetsuit off as well. Just get a decent trisuit.
  8. I don't think it's about innocent/guilty. He took illegal substances knowingly. but you can't not mention the fact he spent his whole childhood/teenage years sick as a dog.
  9. From memory he was a top level amateur. You'll be pleased to know he's from Perth There is more to the story, he had struggled since he was a child with health issues that went undiagnosed till he was in his 20s when he was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. He was prescribed the banned substances by Dr Anish Singh. His health improved significantly with the drugs (as did his cycling), but when it came to light that he had been prescribed the banned meds, the Dr was struck off and Fitzgerald was banned by Cycling Australia. It's hard to know how much blame to apportion Fitzgerald. He was sick and the drugs he was taking were prescribed by a Doctor, but he would have known most of what he was taking would be considered a PED and would be banned by all cycling bodies. Could he have got a TUE for all those drugs?
  10. I can never make the last 90s....
  11. I do them on a treadmill, I dread them! I feel like I'm drowning. I guess there's lots of variations? My coach's Mona is: WU 15s/15s (15seconds on 15 recovery) 30/30 45/45 60/60 90/90 60/60 45/45 30/30 15/15 that's the short one, the longer one is back up again and stop at 90/90.
  12. zed

    IM Kona

    Need wave starts or male/females on separate days, just too much traffic.
  13. zed

    Barkely Marathons

    I felt sick just watching it! They all looked like extras from the Walking Dead.
  14. zed

    Barkely Marathons

    I did think Chrissie Wellington was closing the gap though, Challenge Roth she was 2mins off 3rd overall and 3 mins slower on the run than Andreas Raelart.
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