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  1. I'm not in the UK, so perhaps FatPom can enlighten us, but I'd be interested to know how much media interest there is in triathlon in the UK. I know Chrissie Wellington and the Brownlees are practically household names, Lucy Charles most likely too? AB racing Kona will also be great for the sport in the UK.
  2. zed

    1989 The Full Story

    Well it depends. Some of the stuff written, especially abut Dave Scott, wasn't particularly flattering, alluding to the fact he had clinical depression and some kind of personality disorder.. Reading the book, I did kind of get the impression that Dave Scott didn't quite have his shit together. It was a while ago that I read it, so can't remember, but doesn't the book go into their childhoods, relationships with parents, partners, marriage breakups etc. That kind of stuff the author has to get 100% right and have evidence that it's right. Considering the amount of personal information, I had just assumed that the author had written it in-conjunction with DS and MA. They both are highly respected with successful coaching programs, so I can see how the book could potentially affect that.
  3. zed

    1989 The Full Story

    cheers mate. Read the Ironwar book, fascinating read.
  4. yeah exactly. I can't think of many sports where you can buy your way into a qualifying race. When I said many, I meant any...
  5. Does it almost guarantee u a Kona spot or do you go into a draw or something? It is pretty f**ked up to be honest. That said she is from Saudi Arabia, women do it tough over there, they were only allowed to drive as of last year, so a Saudi woman going to Kona makes for a pretty good story and would do a lot of good.
  6. zed

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    Well you can't help not notice his run form, it stands out like tits on a bull. You can still go quick with issues with your form and despite being quick, you can still get quicker by improving issues with your form e.g Michael Phelps. I don't think there's anything wrong with pointing out he runs like he is wearing polio shoes or something.
  7. zed

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    I'm sure he's not, but Lionel looks like he's running 6 min kms
  8. zed

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    defo. Stoked he got a spot.
  9. zed

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    anyone got a link to the live feed?
  10. zed

    Ironman Mt Tremblant

    jesus that was close. How is Lionel Richie doing?
  11. Yeah run course was changed, so you ran through the park past the big Marquee with a beer tent right next to it. Never saw anyone it it, I'm guessing they didn't manage to get a license for the event? Don't want to sound like a wino, but perhaps giving competitors the option of a post race beer isn't such a bad idea?
  12. A lot of people have Busso fatigue and are looking elsewhere for races. Hope it is supported, but needs some changed to keep the event alive. Anyone know what happened to the beer tent in May? Apparently it had no beer?
  13. Good its still there. Same weekend as Port still.... I can't see numbers increasing significantly for 2020. Would be better moving it to earlier in the season. But I'll be there, Busso 70.3 number 9!
  14. FS seems crap. TP was very intuitive and the look and feel is much better especially in the full (non mobile) version.
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