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  1. hender

    Stolen Bike Bits

    If you see a set of park tools and associated bike bits(chains etc) going super cheap anywhere let me know. Some pricks went through our garage last night, my fault as i left it open. Also pinched was a lamar snowboard but not my bikes thank christ. Will put up a detailed list later on tonight. Oh and Ive also just been diagnosed with appendicitis, things come in 3 right?
  2. hender


    Strava auto hides them sometimes. Check at the bottom of the list of segments, It could also be GPS drift/dodgey segments. Phone tracking is notorious fo that...
  3. Ill play... 18.25 in a 50m which is a PB. Pretty happy considering my overallvolume has been down in the pool.
  4. It sucks, I've been down since Friday But Im learning, normally I try and train through it.
  5. So I've almost convinced a mate to do one of the olympic distance races that supersprint offer. Its been a while since I've competed but they used to have a tri top as part of your entry, is this still the case? I can't work it out from the website.
  6. MY 310XT bricked it self so I'm upgrading... Anyone seen some good deals?
  7. hender

    SBS Diet Programs

    That byline is a little misleading. It actually dived into the fact that individually they are okay but a combination of the two makes it impossible for the body to stop eating.
  8. There is a Perth to Albany aduax course. Which way do they suggest?
  9. No they won't keep you warm, any benefit is likely to be 'mental'.
  10. This has me curious, what does TA cover? Just 3rd party? Bad luck on the crash, what's the story?
  11. Someone questions the value of his training. I point out he has results to back up what he does and apparently now I support unsafe riding... Starting to remember why I didnt post and just used to lerk...
  12. Not saying that at all. To be honest I don't even know why you drew that connection. There was a bit of flak directed at his training and whether he was any good, thought it was relevant to mention that he actually might know what his doing. Sure he came off arrogant in the interview, but maybe it was nerves...
  13. To be fair, Brad did win his category at Challenge Melbourne. Make of that what you will...
  14. Just to add. I'd be pissed if i had to pay 3k for a power meter every 2 years...
  15. Given you purchased it in the UK I'm not sure the ACCC can help. But worth a shot. I'd expect more than 2years use out of Th powermeter.
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