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    Challenge Roth 2019

    Yes Cam is looking good. I make it a 45s gain in the first 8km
  2. I think they're still cleaning up the finish line after Starky crossed it
  3. Coverage has started on Facebook, race to start soonish https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1314485852049941&id=1342909355839879 I'm hoping those motorway surveillance cameras have been turned on like last year.
  4. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    Tim Don would not have been happy with the moto placement
  5. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    Just saw that too, crazy stuff.
  6. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    Hey! That's like a solo TT in Texas
  7. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    This is going to be interesting run leg. There'll be 11 guys coming into T2 within 1-2 minutes of each other. Burgs and Berks (B&B) in the mix
  8. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    Burgs looking good at the moment sitting in behind Hoffman off the front but a big group (7) lined up behind them. It looks like everyone is waiting for the run.
  9. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    I make it out to be about 3ft max haha. Lumpy swell with a chop but what do they expect holding the swim in the ocean? Burgs must be disappointed
  10. Sunday session, Week 4 of every month includes a 250km ride and 30km run off the bike - Must Get It Green!
  11. Waza

    Wurf watch

    Tim Kerrison?
  12. Waza

    Pump and run

    So should we all try and lighten the load some how to run pbs?
  13. Waza

    Jonathan Cantwell

    He was on Brad Beers podcast not long ago http://www.bradbeer.com.au/podcast-episode-127-jonathan-cantwell/
  14. So he beat Kim Jong-un then? Amazing
  15. Part 2 feed jamming up big time for me
  16. Switch to part 2 for Facebook viewers
  17. Some solid draft packs and lines in the background of shot now
  18. Wurf has already made up 1 minute in the first 7kms
  19. Looks like Sanders missed the second pack +6m out of the water and importantly +3m behind Wurf and Kienle
  20. Professional cycling has had power ups for years, especially US Postal. Of course virtual cycling should have them in some form
  21. Yes I'd ignore it. The arm is not meant to be angled in across your body during the pull phase
  22. Possible that the altimeter has become blocked/clogged. Try cleaning the watch (immersing) especially the altimeter's hole between the front buttons. Otherwise blowing air at it seemed to work with mine last night. Otherwise it could be a software issue and a reset maybe be needed, soft or hard.
  23. Ok I'll have a stab at a prediction, it's always hard. Assuming no mechanicals or penalties on the bike: Burgs to lead off hard in the swim again and gap everyone. Frodo decides to take it easy in the main pack. Same with Potts if racing. Wurf, Kienle and Sanders to swim second pack, come out close together, bike up hard and ride through the field to gap them. Frodo to let this trio go and stays within the main bike pack but still pushes hard to keep the gap small. Wurf to fade on run, Kienle and Sanders to run together. Frodo trailing minutes behind out of T2, runs up and overtakes Kienle and Sanders. Lange bikes within the 3rd/4th pack, runs through the field with a low/sub 2:40 but the gap is too large coming off the bike and places 4th. Results: 1st Frodo 2nd Sanders 3rd Kienle 4th Lange Women's Ryf Daylight Everyone else
  24. It's because he doesn't have his customary banana down his pants to loosen him up a bit
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