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  1. Waza

    Lance Armstrong ban lifted.

    Hopefully the settlement puts a line under all the drug controversy and lawsuits and Lance can now just get on and race Kona.
  2. Waza

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    Wow, Bussleton looks lovely.
  3. Waza

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    Simple mistake of making the "western" of western Sydney font size 2
  4. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    Wurf looks to be holding in that third 5km. Same split advantage
  5. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    The pack of four is gaining on both Burgs and Wurf, about 4 minutes in 10km, Burgs gained ~2 minutes Top 6 pro men run km 10.5:1 Cameron WURF (#6) 05:55:47 2 Josh AMBERGER (#3) 06:02:36 +06:493 Kyle BUCKINGHAM (#2) 06:03:36 +07:48 4 Maurice CLAVEL (#17) 06:04:20 +08:335 Eneko LLANOS (#7) 06:05:53 +10:05 6 Giulio MOLINARI (#27) 06:10:39 +14:52 Hoffman gooone, he looked pretty bad in T2
  6. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    I'm loving the volunteers at the transition near the chairs, so pepped up. I'm wondering if they've gone to hard too early? and whether theyll be able to maintain this intensity for the next 11+ hours
  7. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    7 minute lead off the bike to Burgs, 9:45 to the pack including Hoffman. Looks like he's running smoothly. Anyone want to predict the podium at this stage?
  8. Waza

    Ironman South Africa

    Thanks for the link. Looks like cracking conditions. Wurf off the front by about 2-3 minutes @ 90km to Burgs. He's been talking up his run training so let's see what he can do
  9. Waza

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    Haha yeah I saw him in a photo over there and I was surprised. He could argue that he is run fit for a half but hasn't done enough work since injury to be back to his 10km top end run speed. He was running fairly decently at Gold coast in the mixed teams but was not going to match it with the speed of the guys in peak form
  10. Waza

    Port - New swim start

    F that! Why do they need to make it so hard? Surely they can move the swim to the local pool to avoid the HC climbs and massive current? Or include a shark sighting or two like Busso to avoid it completely
  11. Waza

    Active Breach

    Don't worry too much, supposedly Active were still able to charge the hackers a 10% processing fee for the data transaction
  12. Waza

    When professionals brand is used

    Haha funny
  13. Waza

    New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    Very similar but without the intense stair climb, is meant to be a breather not a bloody Everest ascent
  14. Waza

    New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    Hmm what about an alternate course that runs closer to the shore so those that get a little tired mid-swim can wade or stand for a breather?
  15. Waza

    Robson racing again...

    Is there any truth to the rumour that Robson is bringing a portable toilet on his Rotto support boat?