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  1. JDAF

    Ironman IVs

    IVs should be like those finisher / participation medals. If you finish you are eligible....you choose to take it or not.
  2. JDAF

    Sanders v Frodo at Oceanside 70.3

    Hydration & lack of electrolyte compromised his ROM & function. Have a listen to his post race interview @ 7mins 45sec. http://babbittville.com/lionel-sanders-2017-bwbkona-postrace/
  3. JDAF

    Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    if you scramble the letters of his first and last name you end up with Kevin Moats
  4. JDAF

    What nutrition do you use

    a Big Mac in the special needs bag.
  5. JDAF

    Hawaii Ironman betting

    Not $26 only $17. Even then they wouldn't let me put on too many $$ on though. Clearly not a big betting pool. He's at $3.50 or thereabouts now....
  6. JDAF

    Hawaii Ironman betting

    a $100 on L Sanders
  7. JDAF

    Brownlee 70.3

    He was in cruise control on the run. He only had to win the race, no bonus for having the 3x fastest splits. He will win the 70.3 title this year.
  8. JDAF

    Beth Gerdes tests positive at IMAUS

    A: on par with bodybuilding, track & field and dance parties.....
  9. JDAF

    Craig Mottram marathon debut tonight LONDON

    What year did you win the Allan's Flat? No mean feat in my book. Akin to winning the Yack open IMO!
  10. JDAF

    The end of disc brakes??

    like fascinators at the races...
  11. JDAF

    Pick Burgs Ironman time.

    on the podium - 8:42:22
  12. JDAF

    3 Peaks ticket

    1x ticket for sale for Falls Creek 2016. Selling for $300.
  13. JDAF

    You know you are a long course tard when...

    When you think winning Kona is more impressive than an Olympic Gold
  14. JDAF

    Collingwood players positive - clenbuterol

    Clenbuterol - the Double Bay drug - used by generations of Eastern suburbs princesses to help maintain their svelte curves....as I understand it, was/is in most asthma puffers. Now why do a lot of these pro cyclists have asthma?